tagHumor & SatireCUNI: Assignment Cockinpussy Ch. 02

CUNI: Assignment Cockinpussy Ch. 02


Day 4, Tuesday

It's amazing what a good night's sleep can do to a persons psyche. 36D woke early the next morning feeling bright and perky, and went out for her usual morning run. After returning to the house she showered and dressed. But that morning nothing 32B could say could persuade the buxom blonde to skip the bra.

Things went relatively well at school, at least compared to the day before. She managed to find out another thing or two of interest, including the fact that the Petersen place was an old deserted farm house out in the middle of nowhere, but nothing of any real significance. And so it was that Miss Maxine Mombas, dressed in a brown skirt and white blouse, departed the school at 4:10 and proceeded to the Petersen place, where she parked her car just down the deserted street and waited.

As Rod had suggested, things started happening at exactly 4:30 when two cars driving in opposite directions pulled into the driveway. As soon as the occupants - two from one car, one from the other - exited their vehicles and started for the barn, 36D slid out of her car and hurried after.

She reached the side of the barn quickly and eased her head around. No one was there. She slid stealthily along the back of the barn, pausing when she reached a low-set window. But before she could look inside, a door a few yards further down opened abruptly and a young woman stepped out, turning immediately towards her.

"Well, well," the girl said in a syrupy sweet voice, "I do believe you're the new guidance counsellor. Miss Mombas, isn't it?"

36D felt a brief twinge of panic, which subsided quickly as her in-depth training took hold. She nodded her head, even as she took a more defensive stance. "And you are?" she answered, looking over the girl that looked vaguely familiar from the hallways at school.

But the girl ignored the question, sliding the door closed as she stepped away from the barn, a piercing look in her eyes. And for several moments the two women eyed each other, each seeming to scope out the other. It was the younger woman who finally broke the silence, taking a half step towards the older intruder.

"You shouldn't be here," she sad bluntly.

"And why is that?" 36D challenged.

"Because I said so," came the response as the responder took yet another step closer, closing the distance between them to barely three feet.

"That doesn't seem like much of . . ." the agent started to reply before being cut off in mid-sentence when the student reached out and pushed her hard on the shoulders, sending her stumbling backwards several steps.

She steadied herself, poised to counter the other's aggressiveness as she quickly analyzed the situation. It was clear that the young, misguided girl was not in a mood to talk. It was also clear that 36D had to get a look inside that barn. And it was with some misgivings that the agent realized that, ultimately, she'd have little choice but to bring her superior skills and strength into play against her over-matched opponent. And with low expectations, she tried diplomacy one more time.

"It's not too late to walk away from this. All you have to do is step aside and let me in that door."

"And if I don't choose to step aside?"

36D took a deep breath. "Well then," and she reached out her hands and lunged at the girl, only to find empty air when she reached the spot where her foe had just stood.

A wicked grin crept across the girl's face as she chuckled softly. "I certainly hope that's not the best you've got, Miss Mombas," she teased.

There was more than a bit of redness on 36D's embarrassed face as she regathered and turned back to the young girl, quickly launching a second attack.

This time her attack was closer to the mark; close enough, in fact, that her hand caught a handful of the young lady's blouse as she once again side-stepped the attack, the ripping sound quite audible as 36D stumbled lamely by.

But this time, when she regained her footing and turned to face her opponent, she found an opponent seething with anger, hands clenched tightly in front of her chest, the left cup of her bra partially exposed.

"Now you've done it," she said in terse, angry words. "My mother gave me this blouse for my birthday." And she stepped slowly towards the temporarily unsettled, retreating agent.

36D backpedaled 3 or 4 steps before she gathered herself for another attack. This time, to the agents surprise, her foe did not step aside, instead holding her ground, grabbing hold of Maxie's shoulders and using her own momentum against her as she tossed her to the side. And this time, Maxie Mombas was not able to gather herself, instead tripping over her own tangled feet and falling flat on her face - SPLAT - in a large puddle of mud.

She lay there in stunned silence, her entire front-side buried in mud, unable to regather herself until the boisterous laughing of her opponent worked its way through her fog. Then, with great effort, she was able to climb to her knees, before lifting her hands from the mud. But just as she was lifting her left knee in an attempt to regain her footing, her young oppressor grabbed hold of her hair and twisted, eliciting a yelp of pain from the agent before tossing her once again into the mud, this time flat on her back. And once again the laughter rang out as the young student looked down on the bigger, older counsellor, now covered head to toe, front and back, with mud.

36D was in total shock, laying motionless in the mud as she stared up at her conqueror. She watched as if in a dream as the younger girl stopped her laughing and stepped over her mud-caked body. And there was horror in her eyes when her tormentor leaned over and grabbed hold of her blouse.

"So, you think you can rip my favorite blouse without any repercussions, do you?" she said. And without another word she ripped open the blouse, sending buttons flying as the front of the silky white garment came completely free.

But it wasn't until 36D found herself once again face down in the mud with her blouse being ripped down her arms that she finally found the strength to fight back. But even as she struggled to her knees, it was too late to save the blouse that now sat several feet away in the mud, completely ruined.

As before, things went from bad to worse the moment the agent lifted her knee from the mud to regain her feet. Only this time, instead of finding herself once again cast to the mud, she felt the girl's hands take hold of the back of her bra, drag her to her feet and start twirling her around her in a circle. And despite her valiant effort to remain on her feet and break free of the grip, mid-way through the third circle her bra was released with a loud SNAP!, and she found herself struggling to stay upright, stumbling nearly ten feet before finally catching her feet and falling once again to the mud.

This time 36D just lay there, sobbing helplessly face down in the mud as the young lady unsnapped first her bra and then her skirt, before dragging her skirt and panties over her hips and down her legs.

"Please don't," she heard herself whimper, just as her tormentor took hold of her bra and pulled, rolling the agent onto her back in the mud as the bra came free, leaving her totally and completely naked.

She looked up at the girl, slowly pushed her backside out of the mud and began pushing herself slowly away. But even as she struggled to gain a few inches of extra separation, the girls laughter filled the air. Finally, in a move of pure desperation, she turned onto her hands and knees and started crawling away, only to feel the girl grab hold of her hair and twist, pulling her backwards before pushing her head back to the mud, leaving her naked, mud-covered fanny perched neatly above her legs. And a moment after that she was crying out in pain as blow after blow after blow landed on her derriere, the onslaught continuing until the agent was completely and totally vanquished, at which pint she found herself once again lying on her back in the mud.

For a moment the girl stood over her victim, allowing her to fully absorb the depth of her defeat. But after the moment passed, without regard for the mud, she stepped over the prone, unmoving body and lowered herself until she was sitting on her belly, her former opponents arms trapped against her sides. And then she took hold of the nipples that topped those large, mud-covered tits and pinched them, pulling hard as the woman trapped beneath her yelled out.


"No yelling," the girl ordered as she slapped her face.

"Please," 36D managed between sobs and whimpers. "Please don't hurt me."

But the girl only snickered as she reached for the panties laying covered in mud a few feet away, balled them up and stuffed them into 36D's mouth. And then she lowered her hands back to the tits below her, this time sliding them onto the meat of the breasts and squeezing -- hard -- earning a muffled gasp from her conquest as the body between her legs went rigid.

Only then did she remove her right hand from the breast it had possessed, reach behind her and slide it between the outstretched legs of her newest toy, slipping her fingers easily into the muddy pussy. And as the eyes below her went suddenly as big as saucers, she began slowly working her fingers in and out, in and out, over and over and over, even as her left hand mauled first one breast, then the other.

And after what little struggle there was subsided, replaced by that telltale writhing and squirming, she began slamming her fingers home, crashing into her pussy as her conquest's body went rigid and exploded in orgasm.

That was when she heard the sirens off in the distance.

"Cops!" the girl yelled as she leaped from the agent's body and rushed for the barn's back door. But even before she reached it a guy and girl were pushing it open and rushing out.

"Hurry, get to the cars," the boy yelled out.

"What about her?" her tormentor cried. "She recognizes us from school."

"No time for her now," the boy retorted as he flew for the car. "We'll deal with her later."

And through it all 36D just lay there, gasping. She was still gasping when she heard two cars fire up and peel out of the driveway, only moments before the siren went chasing them down the road. She was still gasping, in fact, when Rod Youngblood walked around the far corner of the barn, heading directly towards the mud-covered naked counsellor that was splayed out in the mud.

He covered the ground between them quickly, before stooping down and looking at the woman and shaking his head. "I see you met Rhonda," he said after a bit. "She's quite a little fire-plug, isn't she?"

When no answer was forthcoming he continued. "I must say, I don't think I've ever seen one person as thoroughly dominated and humiliated by another as you were by Rhonda." And when 36D turned her head away in shame, he grabbed her mud-caked chin and turned it back, before taking hold of the panties in her mouth and pulling them out.

"You don't mind if I keep these, do you?" he asked. "They'll go with the other pair I have."

This time, he got an answer. "Take them," she spat contemptuously. And then she eased herself onto her elbows. "I need to get into that barn," she said finally, her mission slowly coming back into focus.

"In there?" Rod shrugged. "Why? It's just an old empty barn where kids come to get drunk, do drugs and fool around. There's nothing in there but hay and dirt."

"But," the agent stuttered, "you said the cockinpussy lab was in there."

"The lab?" the young man replied, laughing. "Who said anything about the lab? I thought you just wanted to score some cockinpussy and get fucked."

36D opened her mouth to retort before stopping, letting out her breath with a sigh and dropping her head as the realization hit home that, despite everything she'd given and endured for the sake of the mission, she was now squarely back at square one.

But then, from the middle of darkness, a ray of light flickered.

"Now if I'd known you wanted the lab, I'd have never sent you here," young Mr. Youngblood said.

Maxine's ears perked up at the words. "You mean you know where the lab is?"

A shit-eating grin slid across Rod's face. "No, but I know how to find out."

Several seconds of silence passed before 36D prodded forward. "And you'd be willing to find out for me?"

The shit-eating grin still covering his face, the young man shrugged his shoulders. "Depends."

"Depends?" an exasperated 36D responded. "On what?" And as soon as the words left her mouth, she realized the price. And she looked at Mr. Youngblood as he rose to his feet before reluctantly taking his offered hand, allowing him to help her to her feet and lead her to an old picnic table just outside the mud patch. And then he turned to face her.

"On your knees," he ordered. Reluctantly, 36D did as she was told. And without need of further instruction, she reached forward and began undoing his jeans, sliding both them and his briefs over his hips and down to his knees, before reaching forward to caress his cock. But even as her hands were taking hold of his manhood, he brushed them aside, grabbing his erect member with his right hand even as his left was grabbing her mud thatched hair. And without further fanfare he pressed his cock against her lips, then released the cock, grabbed an additional clump of hair and eased her mouth onto him. A moment later he was sliding his meat in and out of her gagging mouth, fucking it like it was his own private fuck toy. And barely a minute later he pulled his cock out, grabbed it with his right hand and began spraying his cum all over her face.

He kept hold of her hair with his left hand for several seconds, staring down at her forcibly upturned face. Finally, he pulled her gasping to her feet before turning her towards the picnic table and forcing her upper body down to the table. And then he took a half step backwards, pulled back his hand and delivered a well-placed slap to the meat of her right butt-cheek, eliciting a loud scream as his reward.

"I've got to tell you, seeing your head buried helplessly in the mud while Rhonda wailed away on your naked fanny was one of the hottest things I've ever seen," he said, moments before delivering another well-placed blow; this one to her left cheek as yet another yelp flew from 36D's lips.

Before he finally ceased his assault, 18 additional blows had found their mark and his manhood was once again at full staff. Without hesitation he slid behind her, pressed his cock against her pussy lips and slid it home. This time the sounds that escaped the agent's lips were not the sound of pain as she clutched the edges of the picnic table and held on as the young student slammed himself into her, relentlessly assaulting her womanhood until she exploded in orgasm mere seconds before the young man began pumping his seed into her.

When the cobwebs finally cleared, Rod eased out of her, bent over and pulled up his pants. When he started walking away 36D managed to push her head from the table. "What about the lab?"

"I'll get back to you," he answered without turning around. A moment later he rounded the far corner of the back of the barn. A moment after that a motorcycle's engine fired up and young Mr. Youngblood was flying across the back fields.

36D watched until the young man disappeared into the woods at the back of the field, before finally jerking herself back to the present and looking around to survey the scene, searching for what remained of her clothes.

She found what was left of her shirt beside the mud field, a tattered, useless piece of nothing. One shoe was sticking up in the middle of the mud. Of her other shoe, there was no sign. Nor were her bra and skirt anywhere to be found.

Then, just when things couldn't get any worse, she turned around to find a deputy sheriff standing twenty feet away, staring directly at her.

Instinctively Maxine crouched over and threw her arms across her body in a vain attempt to cover herself as she stared nervously at the peace officer.

There were several seconds of silence before the officer finally spoke. "You can explain it to me now, or we can talk about it down at the station. It's your choice. Oh, and you might as well relax a bit, you're not really hiding anything anyway."

36D looked down at herself before sighing, dropping her arms to her sides and standing up. "What the hell," she said. And then she took a deep breath and started her story.

At first she tried to convince the deputy that she'd just slipped in the mud and lost her clothing trying to get free.

"I know I'm just a small town deputy," the officer said, "but I weren't born yesterday and I damn sure ain't buying that story. Now why don't you start all over again; the truth, this time. Or would you rather go down to the station?"

Once again the agent took stock of her situation and surmised that telling the deputy the truth -- to a point -- was the now the only viable option. Accordingly, she started at the beginning, conveniently omitting yesterday's encounter with Rod Youngblood, but otherwise being quite forthcoming regarding the mission.

When she tried to gloss over the events that had left her standing naked and soiled in a mud field, however, the deputy would have no part of it. And even though she tried to skirt the most embarrassing points, the deputy proved much shrewder than he looked, eventually getting the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth from her, interrupting several times with comments like "No shit! You work for CUNI? Now don't that beat all?" or "How many times did she spank you?" And when he asked her about pressing charges she swallowed hard and turned away. The truth was, she'd didn't think she could stand the embarrassment or humiliation that would result if the afternoon's events were ever made public.

Ultimately, the only good things to come out of her confession was the deputy's agreement to keep everything confidential until after the investigation was complete; that and his offer of a ride back to her house -- "you can't go driving around town without any clothes on, ya know." But when he opened the back door for her he pulled out his handcuffs. "Department policy," he explained. "Any non-department employees must be handcuffed when in an official sheriff's cruiser. No exceptions."

"But I'm a federal agent," 36D countered.

"No exceptions," he said, smiling. "Or would you rather walk?"

* * *

Fifteen minutes later the cruiser pulled into the driveway of the CUNI house. Pulling as far down the driveway as he could, the deputy stepped out of the car and headed for the back door, leaving Maxine still handcuffed in the back of the vehicle.

"Are you Miss Minnie Mounds?" he said to the woman that answered the door.

"Yes, sir."

"Do you now a Maxine Mombas?"

"Maxine is my roommate," the agent said, keeping to the official story.

"So I hear," he smiled. "Anyway, I found her . . ." And the deputy spent the next fifteen minutes explaining the circumstances behind the young woman's roommate being handcuffed and naked in the back of his cruiser, including the part where she'd told him the truth about the cockinpussy mission.

"Do you have any questions?" he asked when he finally finished?

"Just one," Minnie said. "Can I borrow your handcuffs? I think my roommate needs to learn a lesson or two. I promise to return them tomorrow."

"Lady, you can keep them. Call it professional courtesy. I only wish I could be there for the lessons," he said with a smile and a wink. And with that the deputy handed the young woman the keys before returning to the cruiser, where he removed Miss Maxine Mombas from the back seat and led the embarrassed agent as quickly and discreetly as possible to the back door.

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