Cunt Addiction: A Black Euphoria


Professional seeking pillow princess for after-hours w4w (downtown)

I'm a discreet femme who is a working professional...long brown hair... pretty body and a nice mouth looking to please. All day I work in a man's world where I have to be strong and firm... somewhat losing my femininity.

Thus when I leave work I want to let go and explore my feminine sexuality.

I am seeking a discreet femme pillow princess with a nice clean peach. I eat really well and will make you cum with my mouth and wicked tongue

I'm craving feminine honey ASAP

You don't have to do anything, just relax and let me have a late dinner.

Looks, age and status don't matter... I just want to dine on your delicacy.

Again really hot, again the opposite of what I was looking for.

White Pillow Princess wanted w4w (anywhere)

How long can you ride my tongue?

How many orgasms can you have in a row?

Let's find out together.

I'm looking for a pillow princess to suck her titties and taste her pussy until her legs can't keep still.

I'm 26, in great shape, clean and black.

Respond ASAP. I'm waiting for you.

Like the others, it was hot and made me wet and the idea of being with a black woman was intriguing... yet I still wanted to be the one doing the licking... although I bookmarked this one too with the vague future possibility that I might want my own pet.

Pillow Princess Looking for Plaything w4w (your house)

I'm a discreet professional AA slim/curvy dd free clean shaved pillow princess.

I'm looking for an eager married woman who can host me during the day when I sneak out of work to have my pussy licked.

Let me come to you, spread my legs open and you can lick me for as long as you like.

Prefer married women who are craving some sweet pussy!

I have pics to trade if you want to see each other first.

This too was appealing in many ways, but I still wasn't comfortable to host. Frustrated, I watched a new scene called 'Who's the Boss' where a female boss seduces her employee over the phone.

Once I reached orgasm I shook my head at my dirty fantasy and shut down my laptop.

Yet, the next day, horny again, I was back on Craigslist and one finally stood out:

AA Domme for white w4w


I'm 24

Chubby with huge tits



Huge tits

Trimmed cunt to trap my distinct, enticing, addictive cunt aroma

A cunt made to worship


Age: irrelevant

Body: irrelevant

Sexual orientation: irrelevant

Profession: irrelevant (although married soccer mom types, and teachers are definitely A++)

Submissive: I expect complete obedience

White female preferred (although Asians, Mexicans, Puerto Ricans and Muslims are all fun to see on their knees serving their black goddess)

Cunt: shaved or hairy doesn't matter... this is a one way street: you lick me or take one of my many strap-ons... I don't return the favour.

So if you are between legal age of consent to still breathing (I have found some seniors in their eighties to be the best pussy worshippers in the world) and can be OBEDIENT (I won't do anything you are uncomfortable with if you specify it first... I'm not into bondage, torture or any of that kinky shit... although giving a golden shower to an eager white slut is fun sometimes). I simply want white sluts who want to munch on heavenly black pussy and take a strap-on (preferably both holes ... well, all three if you include your mouth... are available for any number of my strap-ons).

If interested, please respond with the subject: Submissive eager to Serve Black Goddess.

Give me your stats and why you are emailing. The more details you give the more likely I will reward you with a reply.

Note: Do not send pictures... I want to get to know the slut within without image prejudice (imagine this as The Voice, but instead of getting a chair to turn around you're trying to get a pair of black legs in stockings to spread open (I always wear stockings and expect the same from you... I'm a classy Domme and I want classy women).

Note 2: You come to me. I don't travel for white sluts, they travel for me.

Go on slut... respond... convince me you are worthy... DO IT NOW!!

This one intrigued me. Although there'd been a few good ones yesterday, each had a flaw and most others I read tended to be short and lacking effort. But this one was very clear in what her expectations were.

I liked the idea of going to them... I was quite uncomfortable at the idea of someone coming to my house. I didn't want to spark any gossip in my gated community.

I didn't know though what AA meant. So I did what all people do nowadays when you don't know what something means... I googled it. I learned that AA meant African American.

And although I had never been with a black woman, the idea was intriguing... especially someone who had such confidence... I found sexual confidence so sexy, possibly because I didn't have any.

The ad making my pussy burn, I decided there was no risk in responding, even though I wasn't sure I would actually do anything if the opportunity arose.

Black Goddess

I'm going to be honest. I am new to this. I have not been with a woman since I was in college where I was a submissive pet to my dominant roommate. I was at her beck and call at all times, often serving her for hours at a time.

Once college was over, I got married, had two kids and became a housewife for 22 years. But now the kids are at college, my husband is at work and I am lonely.

This loneliness has rekindled a long hidden desire to sexually submit to a woman again. And after reading your thoughtful, intriguing and truthfully pussy dampening ad, I have decided to go out on a whim and respond to you... after days of reading ads, getting horny, getting off and then cursing myself for my weakness.

I am white, 44, in great shape, with small tits, a great ass and legs.

I am completely obedient and looking for someone who is willing to allow me to serve them on weekdays during the daytime.

I would love to worship your black pussy... curious to see if it is as heavenly appetizing as you claim... I have only eaten one pussy ever (although it was almost daily for four years).

I am available from early morning until around four every weekday and am hopeful that my details are sincere enough to earn a reply from you. I also hope to earn the privilege to serve your pussy and become your white submissive.

PS: I was a literal soccer mom for years!!

PPS: I'm not into bondage, I learned the one time I was bound that I am slightly claustrophobic. I also am not sure about golden showers... although slightly curious... and if chosen by you, I'll be your pet to do with as you please.

Eagerly waiting your response and hopefully serving between your legs soon.

Your Hopeful pet-to-be Kiera

Once I'd pressed the irrevocable Send, a rush of excitement rushed through me.

That was immediately followed by an 'oh no what have I done'.

That was followed by a 'stop being silly' self-scolding as all I'd done was send an e-mail. I wasn't going there, I hadn't sent her any pictures, and she had no idea who I was.

I went about my day, every twenty minutes checking the new secret e-mail I'd created for this purpose: Lonleysubmom.

And each time I was disappointed when there was no response.

It wasn't until I was getting ready for bed that I did one last minute desperation check and I saw I had a new message. Since I had sent only one email from this address, it had to be her!

Instantly I clicked on it with an eagerness that I can't even begin to explain as a chill went up my spine and a warmth soiled my panties.

My Potential Pet

U intrigue me.

I think you will make a great white pet. To make sure you are real, I do have one request. I want you to send me a picture of your feet in nylons... black if you have any.

Do this ASAP and send it back to me.

If you obey, and I can confirm you are a real female, I will give you my address to come tomorrow at 11am for a pussy brunch.

Hope to see you respond next half an hour or I'll have to offer tomorrow's slot to someone else... but TRUST ME... you are my first choice.

Your Black Goddess

PS: Here is a picture of what you will be dining on tomorrow if you respond.

My panties were soaked and another gush flooded out of me when I read her words and then saw the picture... a close up of a black cunt (I loved the word cunt... unlike most women... as a submissive... the dirtier the word, the more it turned me on).

The pussy was so wet and pink, surrounded by flawless skin that was the blackest of black. The picture was the Rembrandt of pussies... her pink lips framed perfectly by her dark chocolate. Just like a sweet, juicy cherry cordial.

I didn't think... I didn't ponder my options... I scurried into my bedroom, happy my husband was still downstairs watching sports highlights, grabbed a pair of thigh highs, I didn't have any pantyhose, and quickly put them on.

I just as urgently took a picture of my feet in the hosiery and attached it to my reply.

Black Goddess

I hope this is quick enough.

I hurried up to my room while my husband was downstairs and quickly put these on.

I am very serious about serving you... although I must stress I haven't licked a pussy in over twenty years... I hope I still know how to please.

Your hopeful pet-to-be Kiera

I quickly pressed Send before I could change my mind. My excitement to please and taste that black pussy consumed me as I wasn't considering the risk to my marriage, but only the lust in my loins and the hunger inside.

I then sat on the edge of my bed and stared at my phone like a teenage girl waiting for a text from a boy.

I was staring at my phone when my husband came in and asked, "What are you doing, honey?"

"Just playing trivia crack," I lied, slyly clicking onto my favourite game. I was level 432.

"In a bra and nylons?" she asked.

Deciding the easiest way to deal with this was to distract him with sex as his fetish was nylons, plus I could use a nice hard fuck, I smiled, "I put these on for you."

"You did, did you?" he said surprised, but clearly excited.

"It's been a while since we fucked," I said bluntly.

"Kiera," he gasped, shocked by my language... he was a very conservative man.

I moved to him, dropped to my knees and asked, "Do you want me to suck your cock?"

"Kiera, what's gotten into you?" he asked, as I tugged his sweatpants down... which I saw already had a couple of wet stains.

"Not this thing, not forever," I quipped, with just a hint of sarcasm and blame, before I took it in my mouth.

"Ohhhh," he groaned, as I started bobbing on his cock.

As I sucked his cock, I heard my phone ping indicating I had a message. Was it from Black Goddess? Wanting to read it more than I wanted to fuck my husband, I bobbed faster, something I never did, and I wasn't surprised when he groaned and came in my mouth in under two minutes.

Once I finished swallowing his load, he apologized, "Sorry, honey that was just so good."

"No worries," I shrugged, standing up and going to grab my phone, hoping my urgency to check it wasn't too obvious. "But you owe me."

"Yes, honey," he nodded, as he went to the bathroom to clean his cock meticulously with soap and water like he always did.

I shook my head at his predictability as I checked my message which was indeed from the Black Goddess.

Pet Kiera

Thank you very much for obeying and sending the picture I requested so fast.

I EXPECT you at my home at exactly 11AM.

Please just knock three times and come in.

Walk straight past the living room, down the hallway and go to the last door on the right.

Once in the room, drop to your knees and crawl to the bed.

If you accept these instructions... reply back: I WILL OBEY BLACK GODDESS!!

I will then send the address to you in the morning.

Good night and sweet dreams


PS: Here is one more picture for you. This is what I will be fucking you with tomorrow.

I looked at the picture and my sopping wet cunt leaked even more.

The picture was of large black legs in pantyhose, with the hugest tits I had ever seen which I could suck on all day, and a big black cock jutting out from between her legs. She was definitely a BBW... a full figured woman with amazing curves everywhere.

Seeing her huge tits... my weakness... Amber having huge tits I could suck on for hours as if I was nursing on them. Especially since my breasts are so small... my biggest insecurity.

The picture was cropped so I couldn't see her face at all... but the parts I could see were delicious... she seemed like a live BBW Beyoncé... great tits, great legs and it looked like a great booty.

I again didn't hesitate as I responded exactly the way she'd ordered:


Pet Kiera

I then sent the message, having purposely changed my digital signature from pet-to-be to pet.

I then replaced my cleaned-up husband in the bathroom as he wandered off to bed, sat on the closed toilet seat, spread my legs and furiously rubbed myself... coming in seconds at the idea of finally licking a pussy... a black pussy.

And to my surprise... even after my glorious orgasm... I didn't feel a rush of guilt... but rather tranquility.

Tomorrow I would munch cunt.

Tomorrow I would lick snatch.

Tomorrow I would eat box.

Tomorrow I would smell pussy.

Tomorrow I would savour heaven.



The next morning, I woke up and instantly checked my messages.


After I showered I checked my messages.


After I shaved my armpits, legs and pussy I checked my messages.


After I put on my make-up and did my hair, spending more time than I had since my daughter's graduation, I checked my messages.


I considered emailing her, but I didn't want to be a nuisance.

Instead, I pondered what to wear.

Although she made it clear my age didn't matter, nor did my looks, I wanted to look as amazing as I could.

I put on a lace black bra and a thong.

I put on black thigh highs... I loved wearing sexy lingerie underneath my conservative attire... it made me feel sexy.

I put on a black skirt that was just long enough to hide the lace top of the thigh highs, but not if I was on my knees.

I put on a red blouse that was a bit tight across my breasts.

As I looked in the mirror, I unbuttoned one more button on my blouse to showcase my cleavage and give just a glimpse of my lace bra.

I looked better than I had in years.

I grabbed a pair of four inch heels, the tallest I had, which I hadn't worn in at least three years, and slipped them on as I looked at the clock.


I checked my phone again, and as I did my phone vibrated in my hand.

It was from her.

It was just a picture of her legs spread, the back of a blonde girl in a ponytail between them, with a brief message and an address.

Ready to replace her?

1234 Elm Place

My cunt gushed as I imagined that indeed being me between her legs... my long red hair rolling down my back.

I didn't know the address, so I googled it and found it was about fifteen minutes away... in the oldest residential area in the city. It was the area where you wouldn't want to be caught in the middle of the night.

This made me slightly nervous...

I had no idea what she looked like.

I just knew she had big breasts, an inviting pussy and a big ass.

Did I really want to do this?

Cheat on my husband?

Revert to my old submissive self?

Risk getting addicted and allowing it to consume my life like it had in college?

Just walk into a stranger's house on the other side of town to serve a woman I didn't know at all?

That, of course, was a big part of the excitement.

Go to her house.

Eat her pussy.

Satisfy my hunger.


If I liked it, perhaps go back.

If I didn't, I wouldn't.

But I would still be in control of my decisions.

All dressed up...



Completely excited...

...with someplace to go!

I again pushed away any doubt and headed out to my car.

I drove to the address, planning to be there early. I should arrive with half an hour to spare.

After a traffic accident (not mine, thank God) and hitting every red light, I actually arrived only five minutes early.

I parked a few doors down, I don't know why, and took a deep breath as I looked at the rather rundown street... including the house I was supposed to go into.

This was my last chance to change my mind and there were many reasons I should change my mind:

The sketchy neighborhood.

Walking into a complete stranger's house.

What if she was a psychopath?

Was I really willing to cheat on my husband of over two decades?

Did I really want to fall back into that addictive trap?

These were all great questions... yet the inner lust inside, amplified by a gush of wetness out of my pussy, the inner cravings of years of suppression and denial and the insatiable desire to obey and please were all that were guiding my actions.

I looked around to make sure no one was out who might see me walking into a house dressed as I was, realizing that my elegant outfit would definitely make me stand out like a sore thumb in this rundown neighborhood.

Seeing no one around, I quickly got out of my car, instantly regretting the high heels I was no longer used to walking in, especially at a fast pace... as I stumbled and almost face planted after just a few steps.

Regaining my balance, I slowed my pace and wished I would have parked closer, as walking past four houses seemed a great distance when I was in heels and felt eyes were peering out of every window at the white slut walking into a woman's house to please her.

I was only two doors away when I heard a door slam.

I began walking slightly faster but had only walked a few steps when a black girl in shorts and a t-shirt looking like she was going for a run started towards me.

I quickly put my head down and kept walking, praying she was going to just jog past me.

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