Cunt Be Tamed


In the bedroom that stayed dark save for dozens of flickering candles situated on a dresser, Miley stood before the full-length mirror, the familiar flames of excitement coursing through her body. She had been horny all day, but now had a long private moment to satisfy her desires the way she knew how.

She stripped her tanktop over her head with practiced grace, revealing her breasts clad in a bra of such wipsy material she may as well have been naked. Her perfectly pink nipples seemed to glow through the soft fabric.

Miley smiled in the self-satisfaction her tits were so firm, years away from sagging, even with their size that made guys and girls drool with lust. Knowing she could turn on so many people turned her on like nothing else.

She reached to unclasp her bra, loudly sighing at the soft material grazing her tits as it slid away. She moaned at their roundness reflected in the mirror and stepped forward.

"Nice tits," Miley whispered aloud, the thrill of the near-forbidden word making her mouth smirk again and pussy lips tingle with warmth. Her matching wispy panties were going to be so wet by the time she took them off- but first things first. She laid her hands on the wall that supported the mirror and moved closer still until her nipples grazed the cool glass. She gave a soft gasp at the sensation, mouth widening orgasmically. "Unh..." She looked to her chest, her reflection making it appear another girl was with her and sharing her ecstasy. Well, she knew of a friend or two she could try that with sometime (and damn if that idea didn't make her wet), but for now she smoothly rubbed her tits against the mirror.

Miley looked her reflection in the eye with a sultry expression, addressing it like it really was a lesbian lover. "You like this, don't you?" she whispered haughtily. "You like rubbing big tits, you dirty slut? You like watching your nipples stiffen and ache?" As if spurred on by the words, Miley's nipples hardened into pink peaks, and she stepped away from the mirror to admire them. "Mmm," she circled her fingers over the nubs, purring with erotic delight.

Oh, to feel every sensation on her luscious tits...she cupped one in her hands, admiring the firmness and heft. Experimentally, she lifted the breast up while leaning her head down, tongue just able to flick over the peak. An unusual feeling, but very satisfying. Miley looked her reflection in the eye again and kept sucking and flicking her tongue on the pink nub of flesh that never softened.

"Such a whore," she purred, and to give the other nipple some attention as well, rolled it between her fingers to keep it hard. A piercing would look good there one of these days...

"Ooh!" Miley released her breasts as the heated sensation in her quim grew stronger. Quickly she pulled away her skirt to confirm any suspicion about dampness on her panties. The moisture had made the silk even more transparent than usual, exposing a pussy perfectly pink and naked, save for a faint patch of dark auburn hair. As fiery as her sexual desires.

Miley let her panties drop to the floor to give her pussy freedom. The center of all her sensations. She wanted to touch it, stroke it, tease it, fuck it, ache and soak her body with its hot juices. Every orgasm was another naughty piece of heaven.

Speaking of naughty...she grinned at her reflection once more. "See anything you like?" she drawled and stepped to the glass again, taking a deep breath before pressing her mound against it. "Oh, yes!" she cried out, the coolness of the glass still making her pussy hot. And given that once again it looked like she wasn't alone... Miley began humping her reflection in delirious desire. "Yes, you love my pussy grinding on you, don't you? You love how hot and wet it is...mmm, fuck...I'm gonna fuck you til you come screaming!"

Miley grunted with effort as she kept slamming her bare cunt against the mirror, the wetness it left lubricating her movements. She gasped and her voice became breathy. "Oooh, yes, my little pussy's so hot..." Her breathing quickened as she felt her clit tighten and throb. Miley kept up tribbing her mirror image and when orgasm struck, she rolled her head and released a keening wail as she felt her pussy explode. Juices seeped onto the mirror and down her toned thighs.

"Unh!" Miley held tight to the mirror to keep from collapsing under her suddenly-weakened legs. After a long moment of heavy breathing, she stepped back to see the results, cunt cream smeared on the glass and her body.

"Mmm, fuck..." Still aching at her core, it was time for round two. Miley massaged her firm tits with one hand while the other traveled down to her pussy; she moaned as she spread her wet lips to reveal her engorged clit. Even the lightest of strokes sent shocks through her body again. "Yeah..." She closed her eyes and rocked her hips outwards to press the fingers back and forth inside her.

Breathy sighs filled the air as Miley continued the more gentle ministrations on her pussy. The dull throbbing was an erotic contrast to her quickening heartbeat. Her slippery fingers touched every sensitive nerve, and it wasn't long before she could feel her cunt begging for release again. "Make me come," she whispered aloud, and the hand on her tits moved to slip two fingers inside her while she rolled at her clit, giving it soft pinches before she felt another climax. "Unh!..." Miley scissored her fingers and rolled her eyes to watch her body shake and tits jiggle with her orgasm.

Finally with a shuddering sigh, she pulled her fingers away when the climax ended, amazed at how wet they were. She licked her fingertips, savoring the soft, warm, and oddly sweet tang of her own quim. Just like eating pussy. Miley gave a rueful smile that she wasn't limber enough to do that on herself. Another future task to employ a friend for. "Slut," she hissed, resisting the urge to touch herself again until the feelings subsided completely. She wanted this ultimate climax to build.

Miley stepped to the dresser and pulled out what had become her favorite accessory, not that she could exactly endorse it in public: a smooth, red vibrator. About seven inches long and three around, it had no special textures or bells and whistles, just something simple she could pick up with pocket change in disguise at the backroom of a store in a small town, the kind where shopkeepers don't even blink. Simple, but did the trick. And then some.

Once more in front of the mirror, Miley sighed and let the anticipation and desire overwhelm her. Without turning it on, she started by gliding the toy in and out of her generous cleavage. "Yeah, fuck my tits," Miley near-pleaded, shivering at the warming surface of the vibe. She moved her body to watch her firm breasts sway and once again become aroused from the action. The vibe's tip rubbed over her still-hard nipples before being enveloped by her mouth.

Messily, Miley lapped her tongue and made satisfied slurps as she sucked the tip, admiring how her cheeks hollowed and lips made the perfect suction. Mmm, you cock-sucking whore. The thought sent a fresh jolt of arousal to her cunt. Not just cock-sucking...pussy-fucking.

She popped the vibrator from her mouth, knowing her saliva and sex juices would be plenty of lubrication. She arched her hips out again and spread her lower lips. Oh, yeah. Miley turned the toy on to medium speed- slow just wasn't a good enough starter for her- and placed it on her swollen clit. She cried out at the instant sensation and struggled to stay on her feet while watching her reflection.

Her breasts shook and thigh muscles clenched as the toy worked its magic, and Miley could feel more juices seeping from her pussy; she could hardly remember herself being this wet before. Her clit throbbed in satisfaction, but her pussy wanted more and more.

"Unhhh...fuck, yeah..." Now everything was throbbing, and she shut her eyes to concentrate on the sensation. Couldn't hold back, had to do it now...with a deep breath she slid the vibe to push right inside her, all her natural juices making it slip in with ease. Wanton grunts left her as the thickness filled her still ever-so-tight cunt.

"Aaaaah...fuck me, yes, yes!" Miley clenched her muscles over the shaft so she was completely filled, and her free hand rubbed over her deeply pink pussy lips and desperately aching clit. The vibrations inside tingled all the way up-up-up her perfect body for an unmatched erotic thrill...

Well, almost unmatched. Miley shuddered as she began moving the vibrator in and out of her with the motions of a thrusting cock. "Mmm...oh..." Her imagination worked overtime and she murmured her desires aloud. "Mmm, yeah, fuck me right there with that big, hot love fucking my little wet pussy, don't you? Making it cum over and over while you spurt all that hot jizz inside it? Mmm, I'm cumming soon for you, yes..." Her moans were punctuated by wet sounds as the toy thrust in and out. Fuck, she needed to cum now.

With a flick of her wrist, she turned the vibrator's speed to its maximum setting.

"Aaaah!" With a loud cry, her eyes flew open and she sunk to her knees to watch her reflection as her orgasm ran rampant through her body. Her hips thrust forward with every jolt and she watched her creamy cum seep out to coat the thick red toy. Jaw slack, Miley grunted with the last few efforts she had in her, and her hand dropped away from the vibrator with a final "Unh!" The toy didn't stay lodged in her pussy for long, the slickness of her juices made it slip to the floor with a muted thunk, still buzzing away.

"Ohhh..." Miley sighed and cupped a hand over her mound one final time, not for stimulation but just to feel. There was the familiar throbbing of pure satisfaction, one she'd be feeling throughout the night.

"Fuck yeah, nobody hotter than me," she said in a husky whisper, hooded her eyes, and licked her lips at her reflection with a wanton smile.

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