tagBDSMCunt Caning Carnival

Cunt Caning Carnival


As soon as Master told her that they were going to hold a cunt caning carnival Sheila knew that she was to be the cunt. There was no other possibility. she had no idea what the carnival would involve and there was no way that she could ask, but caning was clear enough.

There was no doubt that she was to be caned. How much? By whom? A carnival sounded more than just Master. How would she be caned? Was it just that she was the cunt to be caned or was her cunt going to be the object of the caning? Sheila shuddered as she considered it. The shudder was fear, excitement, anticipation, even dread.

"You will make yourself ready for seven thirty tomorrow evening. All body hair below the neck will be removed without trace and you will wear these."

"Yes Master. Thank you Master."

Master took a pair of high heeled red shoes from his bag. He handed them to her and followed them with a packet of black stockings and some elasticated straps.

He explained that she would not wear a garter belt and that the stockings were not self supporting. There were four short elastic straps with a stocking grip at one end and a stiff plastic clamp at the other. She was to attach a strap to the front and back of each stocking. The top of the left leg straps would be clamped to the left lips of her cunt and the right ones to the right lips. When her legs were spread, the tender, pink interior of her cunt would be held open.

Tingles shot up and down Sheila's legs as she heard the instructions.

"Do you understand?"

"Yes Master."

"Do you have any questions?"

Sheila desperately wanted to ask what was to happen to her, but she knew that this was not the purpose of the question. That was something that she would not be permitted to know. All that she should ask was for information about how she might properly prepare herself for whatever her Master planned for her.

"Yes Master. Should I wear anything other than these things?"

"Yes. You will wear lipstick the same colour as your shoes."

"Yes Master. Thank you Master."

She shuddered again and momentarily looked up into Master's eyes with a half formed question on her lips. She Immediately corrected herself and cast her eyes back down to crotch level.

"Down" He commanded sharply.

Sheila immediately dropped to her knees before her Master and clasped her hands behind her back.

"Sorry Master. I didn't mean to be impuden......"

"Quiet. I do not want to hear your excuses. You know what submission means and you will submit. Do you understand"

"Yes Master. I am sorry. Please punish me."

Sheila was naked, as she always was to receive her Master when he returned in the evenings. "please whip me so that I should not forget my place again"

"No" He replied. "I want you unmarked tomorrow"

As he was saying this Tom was removing his belt and, despite what he had said, Sheila pulled her shoulders back ready to receive the slash of the leather belt across her breasts. It didn't come. Tom cast aside his clothes and strode into the shower.

Sheila stayed quite still. Her knees ached as she waited. The time weighed heavily; her mind jumping from imaginings of the Cunt Caning Carnival to what her punishment might be for her insubordination. After fifteen minutes or more, Master Tom returned without a word. The sweet, fresh smell of his body filled her senses as he stood before her with his back to her and his ass in her face.

Tom spread his cheeks. Keeping her hands firmly clasped behind her back, Sheila pressed her face into him and pushed her soft warm tongue to his sphincter. She expertly licked all round the sensitive asshole pressing her tongue more and more firmly against it as he relaxed to allow it to enter fully. Alternately she pumped her tongue in and out of her Master's asshole and then swirled her tongue around the nerve filled entrance.

Sheila knew that this intimate service was an alternative to a flogging because her Master had his own reasons for leaving her unmarked today. She was not surprised that Tom stayed in place with his ass held wide open until her jaw and tongue were aching almost beyond endurance. After what seemed hours of vigorous licking and probing until she felt sure that her jaw would seize, Master Tom let go his ass cheeks and turned around. Grabbing her hair and the front of her neck he thrust his rigid prick straight to the back of her throat in one go. She swallowed quickly to allow the large member in to the hilt and Tom shot a full load directly into her stomach.

Tom held her firmly against his pubic bone as his prick softened and she sucked and licked him clean.

Absolute Service

At seven twenty five Sheila stood in the hallway, her hands clasped behind her back and her feet two feet apart. Her long hair was drawn tightly into a single plait and her whole body was perfectly smooth and hairless after a long session with her beautician.

The high heeled shoes forced her to push her bottom out and her breasts thrust forward from the clasped hand posture. Sheila's cunt lips were pulled wide open by the clamps holding up her stockings. These were black fishnet and she had spent a long time trying to ensure that hey were aligned perfectly. When she first applied the round plastic clamps to her labia they had been painful, but now they had gone numb. Her main sensation was one of great exposure as she anticipated who would enter with her Master to see her nakedness and what would happen next.

Before he left that morning, Master Tom instructed her to set out three armchairs with side tables around her whipping bench in the lounge. She was also required to prepare a buffet with champagne. From this she knew that he would be having two guests to take part in the cunt caning carnival and there was no doubt that she would be the centre piece of the event, on the whipping bench that formed such a large part of her life.

As she reflected on the possibilities, Sheila heard a key in the front door just at her side and she tensed. Pulling her shoulders back and casting her gaze to crotch level, she was aware of several people entering the house.

"Welcome to my home and facilities." Said Tom. "Everything here will be at your full disposal."

As he said this, Tom thrust two fingers roughly into Sheila's cunt and then slid them out past her clitoris and up over the perfectly smooth pubic mound.

"The entertainment is ready" he said as he pushed the cunt wet fingers into Sheila's mouth. She licked her Masters fingers clean of her own sweet smelling juices, while Tom told Richard and Henry where the lounge was. Sheila could see that these two men were accompanied by female partners, but as soon as the room was indicated they went with their companions into the lounge. This was a puzzle. To be used by two male guests of the Master was what she had expected, but she could not imagine why they had come with their own women. A momentary pang of jealousy shot through her as she imagined that Master Tom might be using these women tonight as well as her.

There was little time for thought, however. A few moments after the guests had entered, Tom led Sheila into the lounge and instructed her to lie on her back on the whipping bench. She allowed her head to fall back into the angled, padded head rest which left her throat straight for throat fucking, while holding her in place when her partner's prick was driven hard into her mouth.

Tom tightly buckled the wide leather retaining belt around her waist and secured her arms in place beside her. Sheila raised her legs for him to attach her spreader bar. He fitted the short bar to her ankles and drew them down to attach by a one foot long rod to the buckle of her waist strap. In this position, Sheila's widespread cunt and asshole were available for use and her buttocks and upper thighs were perfectly presented for any form of chastisement that might be chosen. The final preparation was completed when Tom grasped her breasts and placed a tight rubber band about one inch wide around the base of each. This meant that although she was on her back, her large breasts were forced strongly upward from her body, where they quickly deepened in colour.

With Sheila prepared, Tom called Richard and Henry across and invited them each to select a cane from the implements arrayed on the sides of the whipping bench. Richard chose a conventional bamboo cane about three feet in length and Henry selected a short, thin, whippy plastic device about two feet long. Both canes were fitted with rubber dildo shaped handles rather larger than a normal sized prick. Tom smeared KY on Sheila's cunt and ass before asking his guests to put their canes into her holes. Henry slipped his implement easily into her oozing, widespread cunt and then Richard worked nine inches of unrelenting rubber into her tight asshole as she writhed and moaned quietly in a mixture of discomfort and excitement.

Sheila was now no more than an alluring tool rack, waiting for however her Master might choose to use her for his own pleasure or the entertainment of his guests.

The three men sat in the armchairs and sipped the champagne being poured for them by another naked beauty as they relaxed to begin their evening.

After refreshing themselves with their first glass of champagne, the men were eager to move on and Henry called his woman to his side. Like the other two, she was now naked.

"Allow me to introduce you to your urinal for this evening."

The woman blushed brightly, which only served to draw attention to her pretty face and the bright red glossy lipstick highlighting the part of her that they were all now looking at.

"This is Urina. It is her great desire to be the most beautiful and best urinal you have ever used. She longs to serve you flawlessly and to the best of her ability. She expects your bathroom experience to be perfect, but she has brought some repair tools with her just in case that should not be so. Master Tom, please show us to the bathroom."

In the spacious, luxury bathroom Urina was directed to kneel close to the lavatory. Henry produced a many tailed short leather whip with which he gave each of her tits a quick flick before hanging it on the toilet roll dispenser. Even from these light swipes, red marks instantly appeared on the beautiful breasts.

" If this urinal should leak or fail to function, which I do not expect, it may be easily serviced with a few sound strokes on the tits administered immediately. In the unlikely event that more extensive maintenance is required, please call for my help and major repairs will be carried out without delay."

Tom asked his two eager colleagues if they were happy with the arrangements. As host, he than asked Tom if he would like to test the facility. Urina clasped her hands behind her back, tilted back her head and opened her beautiful mouth invitingly.

Tom wasted no time in opening his trousers and flipping out his prick. He stood for a moment or two stroking his semi erect dick at the open mouth as Urina looked up. She was nervous, but she desperately wanted to serve her master and she silently begged Tom to start. The tension was broken with a sudden spurt that hit the back of Urina's throat and splashed a little on her face. Tom pissed until her mouth was a yellow pool and then he stopped, as he would when using Sheila in the same way. Urina swallowed every drop and immediately opened her mouth for more.

"That will do for now." said Tom "She is a real beauty and seems to work well. Let's get on with things and have plenty to drink so that we can make full use of the facility. Thank you Henry."

Henry assured Tom that he was only too pleased to provide his contribution to their carnival and assured him that Urina had been very thoroughly trained for her duties. They left the bathroom with Urina remaining on her knees and with a few small droplets of piss glistening on her pretty cheeks.

Back in the lounge, their champagne glasses had been refilled. Richard said that he would now introduce their maid for the evening. Serva, as she was known tonight was in the same kneeling position with hands clasped behind her back as they had just left Urina. She looked down demurely as they examined her full breasts with pierced nipples and admired her bald cunt with lips protruding from the weight that they had at times been forced to carry. Richard produced a riding crop and instructed Serva to stand with legs spread. He gave her a hard upward stroke with the crop to her cunt.

"Correction for any defect of service is invited." He said. Giving her two more sharp blows on the tits. Serva made no sound, but small tears could be seen welling in her eyes as bright marks from the crop rose on her tits. "In the event that this instrument is inadequate, I will assist with more extensive corrective treatment." He said as he laid the crop in the hearth.

After explaining that Serva would provide them with drink and food throughout the evening, but would also be available for anything else that they wanted, Richard pushed a butt plug into her ass. The plug had two silver coloured studs on its side placed about two inches apart. He then handed a remote control to the two other men and kept one for himself. He explained that whenever they pressed the red button on the control, Serva would receive a shock in her ass that would tell her that her services were required immediately. Wherever she was and whatever she was doing she would come to provide service. To tell her who to go to, Richard would press once, Henry twice and Tom three times. To test the system, Richard invited Tom to operate his control. Being the host, Tom was already getting into enjoying the services on offer, He had not zipped himself up after using Urina and now he took a further large swig of champagne and removed his trousers and underwear completely before pressing his red button three times. Serva's ass cheeks clenched as she received the command and she stepped instantly the couple of paces to be before Tom and then dropped to her knees. He turned his back to her and said "lick my ass". Serva spread his buttocks with her delicate hands and thrust her tongue into his crack without a second of hesitation. She worked her face into him, licking and probing her tongue as far into his ass as she could get it. Tom smiled and said to Richard that he was very pleased with the maid. He allowed her to keep going for a couple of minutes while they discussed plans for the evening.

The men decided that now was the time to remove all of their own clothing and get on with the main events. Tom told Serva to stop and she went to replenishing the glasses and snacks.

Having got naked and relaxed, they decided to kick off the entertainment by throwing dice to find the first to use Sheila. Highest roller was Henry with a six and a five. He now had eleven minutes with Sheila.

During their chat at the beginning of the evening, Tom had said what a good throat fuck Sheila was so Henry began by thrusting his full length into her mouth and down her throat. She never gagged at all and he was quickly entranced by watching the shape of his prick going in and out of her throat. Despite this wonderful stimulation, his mind was still occupied with the image of Serva licking Tom's ass so he pressed his red button twice. Within a second or two he heard Serva drop to her knees behind him and without stopping his throat fucking rhythm he commanded her to lick his ass.

Henry was in paradise already while Serva synchronised her movements to keep close contact with his ass as he fucked Sheila's throat. After only four of his eleven minutes, Henry came violently to orgasm and shot load after load into Sheila's stomach. He stayed in her mouth until his prick went soft and then he turned round and offered his prick to Serva for her to lick clean.

He then removed his cane from Sheila's cunt. First he gave her a couple of sharp swipes across the belly where they left some very pleasing lines. Her prominent tits had become almost purple from the constriction of the bands holding them in place. He gave each of them a swipe on the top and bottom where a bluish welt emerged on the darkened skin Sheila let out a small cry as the last stroke on the breast found its home. One more stroke on each of her inner thighs brought up some very strong marks and caused Sheila to yelp. This was eight strokes and Henry decided that it would be appropriate to stick to eleven in accordance with his dice score. There could be only one place for that. This was a cunt caning carnival and the three hard blows on Sheila's cunt that he now delivered made her scream and wriggle.

Going to inspect his handiwork, Henry removed Richard's cane from her ass. He pressed his red button and when Serva arrived he passed her the two canes to hold. His prick was now rigid once again and he drove it fully home in her red and swollen cunt. After a few thrusts in the sopping, punished cunt he withdrew and penetrated the ass that was distended from the dildo handled cane. He had no difficulty pressing his slippery prick fully home. As he fucked, he felt the heat from her punished cunt on his belly every time he pressed hard into her.

Tom announced that there was one minute left. Henry withdrew with a plopping sound. He instructed Serva to replace the canes in their holes and he returned to fuck Sheila's throat again. He had Serva lick his ass once more and he managed to cum into Sheila's mouth just as Tom called time.

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