tagBDSMCunt Caning Carnival Ch. 02

Cunt Caning Carnival Ch. 02


Henry's head was swirling from a mixture of champagne and the heady delights of cumming twice into Sheila's throat with Serva's tongue up his ass. Tom called to him to throw the dice for Richard. Taking the dice from Tom, Henry threw them onto his side table. A four and a three. Richard looked a little disappointed as Tom called out.

"Seven minutes."

He was determined at once to get as much out of the cunt in seven minutes as his friend had done in eleven. Why should he lose out on the fun just because of the roll of the dice? Pulling his cane from cunt's ass, he took aim and delivered a hard stroke to her right cunt lips. Sheila screamed at the pain of the caning and also because it tore her stocking clamps free so there was a sudden, painful rush of blood to her labia. Pleased with his achievement, Richard took aim for the second time and succeeded in striking the left cunt lips. One clamp flew free as Sheila yelled in pain once more. A third stroke on the purple left lips removed the final stocking clamp and the cunt writhed in her bonds sobbing loudly after her screams subsided.

Richard pressed the buzzer remote and Serva hastened to kneel before him. He put his prick in her mouth and took cunt's left nipple between his thumb and index finger. Stretching the tit out from its tight elastic support, he gave her a hard cane stroke to the top of her breast. It hurt a lot, but after the severe pain in her cunt, Sheila only grunted through her tears when her dark red tit received its new stripe. Re-positioning himself, Richard momentarily dragged Serva's hair to keep his dick in her throat before caning the underside of cunt's left tit.

Moving to the other side and dragging Serva with him, Richard completed his tit torture and smiled at the neat lines he had made on the top and bottom of each breast. Knowing that allowing the blood to flow freely would give another burst of pain and would make his marks show up more clearly, Richard pulled off the elastic. He was not disappointed. Cunt gasped then the reddish purple breasts lightened in colour to display Richard's swollen welts to his great satisfaction.

Placing the cane on Sheila's body Richard removed his prick from Serva's mouth and told her to get astride the cunt. Sheila's ass was still dilated from the cane dildo having been inside it. Richard told Serva to lick and dribble in the hole then he pushed his prick home into her bowels. While he fucked cunt's ass as hard as he could, Richard held Serva by the hair so her face was down by the bruised cunt lips being regularly hit by Richard's hairy belly.

"One minute." Called Tom.

Speeding his thrusts Richard started to grunt then withdrew from cunt to put his dick straight into Serva's mouth. The fat and rigid prick was rammed full length down her throat where he immediately began to pump a huge load. Despite great experience of having her throat fucked Serva threw up. Whether it was the size of the prick, the force of its penetration, the quantity of cum or the smell of the ass it had come from she did not know and she had no time to think. Richard's cum, along with a load more liquid shot out of her mouth.

Before anything else could happen Tom called time. Richard looked down at his puke covered balls and said "Bitch."

Richard dragged Serva off cunt saying that she was to be punished for ruining his climax then he went off to the bathroom to clean himself. Henry picked up the cane from between Sheila's punished breasts and pushed it back into her asshole. Tom said "I need a piss. Come on Henry you must be ready to let go of some as well by now."

Serva was left on her knees while the two men went to join Richard in the bathroom.


Richard had completely forgotten about Urina and he was quite startled when he was washing his balls at the basin and he started to look around. He saw her in the corner next to the WC. He quickly dried himself off and was walking towards her as the door opened.

"Hey I was hoping to take a leak in there first." Said Tom.

"Be my guest." Said Richard. "Although I have suddenly got the feeling of a very full bladder."

"Only joking." Said Tom. "You and Henry are the guests today and as it is Henry's urinal I think you should be the first to try it out. After all I did the test run and Henry probably uses it every day."

Richard didn't need any more encouragement. He had now completely forgotten his displeasure at scoring lower than Henry with the dice. Urina's pretty face looked so appealing. Urina opened her mouth as Richard lined up in front of her. He tried for a few seconds, but despite a bladder full of processed champagne he could not get started with his two friends watching and such unusual circumstances. Urina put out her tongue and licked his pisshole gently. The beautiful, warm tickling sensation was the encouragement that Richard needed. Within a few seconds a strong stream of golden liquid flowed into Urina's mouth. When he had formed a yellow pool filling her mouth he stopped and she gulped it down. Releasing his dick the stream resumed and he filled her mouth another three times before shaking the last few drops into her. Urina took it all without difficulty and swallowed the lot.

Henry gestured to Tom who replaced Richard straight away. He looked on with some pride as their host let go five complete mouthfuls of hot piss into Urina. Once again she managed to take it all without any spillage or coughs. When Henry took up his own place and started to piss he was looking around to his two colleagues and chatting as he did it. Inevitably his aim wandered. Urina followed the stream as best she could, but she got one spurt straight up her nose and spluttered a mouthful onto the floor. Henry slapped her face hard before finishing pissing into her mouth. As soon as he was finished he took the crop from its hanger and gave her two quick cuts to her right and left breasts before saying "Come with me for a caning."

Back in the lounge, Serva and Urina knelt beside each other. After a brief discussion the men decided that in the spirit of a cunt caning carnival both women would have a cunt caning to punish them for their failure to provide perfect service. Again their fate would depend on luck, but this time Tom would throw only one of the dice for each woman. Serva had been the first to offend so hers was the first throw.

"Three." Called Tom.

She was told to lie on her back. Tom and Henry took an ankle each and lifted them so that her legs were spread wide and her cunt raised to a suitable height for thrashing. Richard pulled his cane from Sheila and told Serva to call the strokes. For a man who had drunk quite a lot of champagne his aim was good. The first stroke landed diagonally across her cunt from the right hand side. Crossing to the left he did the same from that side and then placed himself directly in front of her for the last one. Telling the men to spread her wide he told Serva to reach up and hold her cunt lips apart. The final stroke of the cane cracked down on her clitoris and the soft, pink flesh of her open cunt.

The men let her go and it was several seconds before the screams subsided and she rolled around clutching both hands to her crotch.

Tom rolled again and it was a six. Urina had just seen the suffering of Serva and she immediately burst into tears at the prospect of double the punishment she had received. The men had another short discussion. Urina was told to lie on her back on the dining table. Tom collected a length of washing line from the kitchen. First he secured Urina's wrists to two legs so that her arms were out of the way. He told her to raise her legs above her head and then went on to tie her ankles to the same table legs as her wrists. The result was that her cunt was splayed wide at a height that was good for observation, but not for caning. He pulled a chair into place and invited Henry to climb up. He pulled his cane out of Sheila and stepped up onto the chair. Following the lead given by Richard, Henry instructed Urina to call the strokes.

After three cane strokes had fallen on her gaping cunt Urina was crying, moaning and writhing so much that rivulets of sweat ran down her body. Tom put up a hand for Henry to stop. He leant over and licked the welted cunt. It was hot and she was streaming with sweat and sex. Tom flicked his tongue around her clitoris then thrust three fingers into her. Urina groaned. She no longer knew whether the agony was one of pain or desire. She could not tell if she was punished or indulged. Richard brought his face in close and Tom drew back as Richards tongue lapped. Tom eased in another finger while Richard quickened his sucking and licking of Urina's clit. Tom felt her dilate and pushed hard to get his full fist in before she convulsed in orgasm.

Tom pulled his hand from the gasping Urina feeling the heat of excitement and the thrashing as he did so. Without delay Henry raised his cane and delivered the next blow.

There was a delay of several seconds and Henry began to raise his arm for the next stroke before Urina suddenly remembered and called out


"Lucky girl. I guess I will accept that. You just avoided getting seven and I don't know how well that pretty little cunt of yours would take it."

His words had hardly finished when he brought the cane down with a swish and heavy crack on her engorged pussy. The damage from her beating and the tenderness after orgasm brought about the most exquisite pain. Urina squealed and only just managed to call out the count of five. With no delay the last stroke was landed. Tom untied the trembling woman and lifted her from the table.

Making sure that Serva still had her butt plug in place, Tom gave her a buzz from his remote. She immediately presented herself on her knees before him.

"More champagne in the lounge."

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by Anonymous

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No Anonymous

My stories have always involved consenting adults who agree to acts which do not cause any permanent damage.

They certainly involve activities which are not for everybody, but they have never been completelymore...

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Mentions of caution, consideration and limits? Hey AB, you've been hacked. Some poser is on your account.

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Thanks anonymous

Good to have your comment. You can do it in real life provided you have a willing partner. You will not cause permanent damage if you make sure to start off slowly ensuring that you are not going beyondmore...

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Love it in real life

I love tit and cunt caning stories, just wish I could do it it real life, probably as well I don't or I may cause serious injuries.

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by Anonymous08/21/17

Thank you for the reply.

I really appreciate your reply for my comment. I have read this cunt caning story more than four times. I always come to your page and check for new stories since 2014. I dont want to disturb you by chatting.more...

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