tagCelebrities & Fan FictionMiranda Joins In - Cuntry Sluts

Miranda Joins In - Cuntry Sluts


"Well, what do we have here?"

Taylor and Carrie both looked up in shock to see the beautiful and fellow country music star Miranda Lambert standing there.

"Miranda! I...I...I...," Taylor stammered her face still covered in Carrie's juices. "I thought you were arriving tomorrow."

"Blake is busy doing The Voice so I took an earlier flight, now I can see why you didn't want me here."

"No no Miranda that is not true. I mean I just wanted you to see the farm I wanted to show you around. Carrie arrived today and...and...and..." Taylor's voice trailed off.

"And you just all of a sudden ended up fucking in the barn."

"No Miranda," Taylor responded, " I swear it just...kinda...you know...happened."

Miranda looked over at Carrie who just had a shy and little embarrassed look on her face."I'm sorry Miranda," Carrie shyly said looking down.

"Look," Taylor started and her and Carrie both got up and started to dress,, "I can show you and Carrie at the same time. You girls will love this place."

Taylor showed Carrie and Miranda around. They already saw the barn and she showed them her animals she had horses, cows, goats and a chicken coop full of chickens. She had a big pasture where she rode her horses and sometimes just walked and wandered to relax. Then they all went inside as it was hot and they could all use a drink. Taylor poured all three of them a glass of lemonade.

"Show us around your place here," Miranda asked.

"Ummm okay," Taylor replied. "As you can see we are in the kitchen over here," she lead them to the living room and combined dining which was full of boxes, "is the living room and dining room. Excuse the mess I haven't had time to unpack everything. Over there is the bathroom, now let me show you the upstairs." She lead both Carrie and Miranda upstairs. "Over there," Taylor said pointing down the hall, "is the other bathroom. And this here is bedroom." She lead them into the room where there were no boxes the bedroom was spacious and entirely set up already unpacked and everything. "This was the first room I set up I didn't want to sleep on the floor or anything."

Miranda then leaned back and closed the door behind her. "Let's get started," she said and she ripped open her push button shirt revealing she had no bra. She didn't need one her breasts weren't that big but not small either they were very firm with light pink nipples, they stood on her chest perfectly with so sag at all. "I saw you guys in the barn I can tell this is gonna be fun."

Both Taylor and Carrie just stood looking at her with their mouths open unable to speak a word. Then they both sat on the bed as Miranda unbuckled an pulled down her jeans revealing a cute pair of yellow panties. She slowly walked towards Taylor and Carrie on the bed with a sly smile on her face. "What are you girls waiting for, get naked."

Taylor and Carrie didn't need telling twice and before long all three were naked and ended up in an amazing daisy chain on the bed. Taylor was eating Miranda, Miranda was eating Carrie and of course Carrie eating Taylor. Miranda then crawled on top of Taylor slipping her tongue in her mouth while her hand gently caressed Taylor's breasts and lightly pinching her nipples with her cute little ass perched up the air.

Carrie then knelt behind her and began licking out Miranda form behind. The she licked two fingers and slowly slid them in her ass. "Ungh," Miranda groaned in sheer pleasure then Carrie knew she was enjoying this as she picked up the pace jamming her fingers in Miranda's tight ass all the while licking her pussy from behind.

Taylor then pulled herself upwards and she leaned her back against the headboard of the bed so her moist pussy was directly in front of Miranda's face. Miranda could smell her sweet aroma and she spread her lips with her fingers and dove in sliding her tongue deep inside Taylor's pussy.

"Oh my," Taylor cooed and her hands went directly to Miranda's hair holding her to her pussy she knew there was no way this was her first time. Miranda all of sudden felt the licking behind her stop and Carrie's fingers leave her ass. She didn't mind she just kept feasting on Taylor's tasty pussy.

Within 30 seconds Miranda felt her pussy being penetrated as she quickly looked behind her to see Carrie sliding in a strap-on deep inside her. "KEEP LICKING ME YOU CUNT," Taylor yelled as she roughly grabbed Miranda's head holding her tightly to her pussy. Carrie began to build up speed with her hands on Miranda's hips rocking back in forth sliding the fake cock that was attached to her midsection in and out and Miranda's tight pussy. Miranda started moaning into Taylor's cunt and Taylor didn't care just held her tight. "Take it you horny bitch," Taylor told her "take Carrie's fucking like a good little slut."

Carrie started to pick up speed ramming Miranda's pussy harder and faster. "Let's change positions, I want you to do the work," Carrie said as she pulled out of Miranda's pussy and laid on her back on the bed. Miranda just smiled and straddled the strap-on slowly sliding down. After she rested on it for a while she started to bounce up and down riding Carrie slow at first but then built up speed and soon was riding Carrie like a mad woman. Miranda's head was thrown back and her breasts jiggled ever so slightly. Taylor sat on Carries face and had Carrie ate her out while she leaned forwards and started to french kiss Miranda on the mouth while caressing her breasts and pinching her nipples.

"Oh God, oh shit," Miranda started to cry out and she slowed her pace but started to grind hard on Carries strap-on. She was close to cumming and both Taylor and Carrie knew it. Taylor grabbed her hard on her sides and shoved her tongue in Miranda's mouth as deep as she could licking all around meanwhile Carrie's hands went to Miranda's waist roughly pulling her up and down hard on her strap-on also thrusting her hips upwards. "FUCK YES," Miranda screamed as she released her cum coating Carrie's strap-on that was still buried deep inside her pussy. "Holy shit, ahhhhh, ahhhh ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, yessssss." She collapsed and was only held up by Taylor who she was now holding on to for support. "Mmmmm that was amazing," she said as she dismounted the strap-on that was coated her juices.

All three girls were covered in sweat.

"If it's gonna be like this all the time I will have to invite you girls over more often." Taylor said. They all giggled and laid down and drifted off to sleep on the giant bed with smiles on their faces.

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