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Cupid’s Christmas


Thanks again to TRCIII for all of his help. He really made me think long and hard on this piece. I hope you find his dedication to making me a better writer, pleasurable. Please take the time to read and vote.


Valentine's Day, Cupid's Christmas. The one day a year, where 'love at first sight' is at Cupid's discretion. Cupid was pacing back and forth in his heart-shaped bedroom, with the heart-shaped bed, thinking aloud. "Fate. Who am I going to step in and intervene with? So many unhappy souls, and I only have the power to help two people in my sector. I have been eyeing that tall blonde and the body builder. Naw, too clichéd. The short, fat redhead and the body builder? Now, that would be very interesting. Nope, I want to do something special this year. But what?" As Cupid continued to pace, he was becoming frustrated over whom he was going to match-up this year. The Best Cupid Award was going to be his this year.

Grabbing his heart-shaped bow and arrow, Cupid headed out for his long day. He flew by Chris having an early morning breakfast meeting. Cupid, thought to himself, 'I did a good job with him and Tess (The Cottage); such a loving, inquisitive couple. If only I could work that kind of magic this year.' Then like a lightning bolt, it hit him. John, the man Chris was having breakfast with this morning. He was such a good man. He was a single father trying to raise three children. His wife Sally had left him about three years ago with a note saying, "Gone shopping. Do not wait-up for me." Her wedding band held the note to the table.

Sally was an evil woman; Cupid was kicking himself for letting those two connect. Now, he had to fix what he had done. Cupid continued thinking about who was right for John. He continued to scrutinize his city for suitable mates.

Helen was a few streets away. She was not a cover model, but she also was not bad looking. Her best asset was her face. Olive tan with small, dark-brown, almost black eyes. Her hair color changed depending on her mood. One week it might be red, the next week dirty blonde. She had a few personality quirks; she enjoyed spending money—especially her ex-husband's.

Rick, he was a character. He enjoyed other men's women and never respected his own. Helen took his international playboy lifestyle to the cleaners. Cupid, himself, did not feel at all compelled to fix his predecessor's mistake. Nevertheless, Cupid liked Helen and thought that she would be a good match for John and the children.

'John and Helen…' Cupid kept running their names over in his head. Both were in their mid-thirties. John was a successful upper-level manager at a large film manufacturing company. Helen had her ex-husband's eight-figure divorce settlement, which she had reinvested, so if she never worked a day in her life she would be fine. The children—because of a twist of fate, Helen was never able to have any, though she wanted them very badly.

Cupid had a little over twelve hours to figure out how to get these two in the same location. How was he going to do it? As quick as his wings would let him, he flew home. Rifling through his desk drawers, papers flying everywhere, he was looking for it. He knew it was in there. Then he found it.


John returned from his early breakfast meeting, satisfied with himself. Sitting down at his desk, he saw the plain white envelope leaning up against his favorite picture, one of his children taken a few months ago. Carefully he took the letter opener and ripped the seam. Inside was a sheet of paper folded in half, which read, "Social Mixer Tonight at Periwinkle Bar and Grill, 6:00 p.m. Come Find Your Soul Mate." Setting the flyer aside, he laughed.

"Find my soul mate. Isn't that funny. I believe I have other things I have to do tonight."

Cupid heard this reaction and was not amused. Taking his special Persuasion Dust, he blew it towards John.

"Then again, what else do I have to do. Jane?" He pressed the intercom button, paging his secretary. Jane answered. "Jane, I need you to do me a favor. I am going to a social mixer tonight. I know it's late notice, and it is Friday…I don't know if you have plans, but would you mind watching the children for the evening?"

Jane was in her mid-fifties and treated John like her own son. She was a very sweet grandmother-surrogate to his children.

"Sure, honey. I hope you meet someone nice. I will be at your house around five-thirty or so. And I don't have any plans this weekend," she added, hopefully.


Helen had just finished paying the cashier at Victoria's Secret. Thinking to herself, 'I need to find a decent, honest relationship, not just a boy toy that likes the idea of an older woman with money. Where do I even begin, to learn how to date again?' As she was walking toward the food court, she noticed a flyer hanging in a store window.

Social Mixer Tonight.

It's Valentine's Day! No need to be lonely.

All are welcome at the Periwinkle Bar and Grill.

Festivities Start at 6 p.m.

"Oh, why not? It might actually be fun." Helen said aloud. Cupid was proud of himself.


Six o'clock at the Periwinkle Bar and Grill, a large crowd was gathered. Cupid searched the place; he was happy to find John at the bar and Helen was just coming through the door. Good. Now all he had to do was figure out how to make these two connect.

"Oh Darn, I forgot my Persuasion Dust. I have to hope these two get close enough tonight to shoot them," Cupid muttered to himself. If he pulled this one off, he would be the envy of every Cupid. Who could resist the story of the Cupid that helped the single dad find true happiness? At least he hoped. In the last few decades, too many couples called it quits, too soon. If couples could just find the tenacity to work through their problems, the divorce rate would be a fraction of what it is.

Interrupting his thoughts, he saw Helen walking towards the bar. 'Oh! Lucky day!' Cupid thought. Helen leaned over John, trying to get the bartender's attention.

John looked at Helen and said, "May I buy you a drink?"

Flattered by his offer, she replied, "Yes, that would be nice. I would like a Whiskey Sour, please."

John, remembering his days as a bartender while he worked his way through college, thought to himself, 'Any woman that orders a mixed drink usually knows what they want and how they want it.'

"Tell you what, why don't you get a table and I will bring over your drink," John said, trying to muster as much courage as he could.

"That would be nice," Helen said with a wink. She was thinking he was a cutie in that tall, dark, handsome kind of way. She was an 'eyes' kind of gal. The eyes were the gateway to the soul. His eyes were soft and caring. She found a table over in the corner.

John drank his beer down fast and ordered another with her Whiskey Sour. He needed the courage. What had come over him? He usually stayed away from the opposite sex. Sally had left him hurt. What she had done to the children was incomprehensible to him. How could a mother just up and walk away? He had spent all of his free time with his kids; they were his whole world, now. Why was he even entertaining the company of another woman? Although, he had to admit she was a fine-looking one. She was so voluptuous and that face—there was a dark mesmerizing aura around it.

Scanning the booths with their drinks in his hand, he saw her over in the corner. The seductive look on her face created a stir in his jeans. John had not felt this feeling in such a long time. Maybe he really did need the company of a woman. Even if it was only for a night. The kids were with Jane…for the night, if need be. He was very lucky to have someone in his life as kind as her. His own parents lived so far away.

Helen waved at him. As he was walking towards her, she could feel the wetness develop. What was it about him that had her so horny? She could have her pick of the litter, so to speak. He was handsome, but in a very ordinary way. Nevertheless, the effect he had on her body. As she watched him strut through the room, she decided tonight he was going to be hers.

Cupid watched, nearby. He was very proud of his handiwork. If they never developed a relationship, it was okay with him. Although he knew they would. At that moment, Cupid did not care about the contest. He just wanted to see them enjoy themselves, and watch. Keeping his eye on them, he looked about the room. He was dying to shoot a couple with his bow and arrow. John and Helen, he figured, did not need any more help from him.

John and Helen talked and talked. They had talked about past relationships, his children, their hobbies and passions. They discovered they had so much in common. The bar tender hollered, "Last Call!"

"Oh my, it is already two in the morning? Can you believe we have spent the whole night talking and laughing? This may be very forward of me, but do you want to continue this at my house? I only live two blocks away," Helen stammered out. She was hoping she was not being too pushy.

"I would love to. But let me warn you…I snore," John said, laughing.

"Who said we were going to sleep?" The vixen was coming out in her.

"I was planning on sleeping at some point tonight." He was not sure if it was alcohol letting him be so free, or the intoxicating effect she had on him. She really took him. She was a very deeply complex woman, which he would enjoy getting to know further.

"Sleep when you're dead. Let's continue to get to know one another, tonight." A seductress would be proud. Helen found herself staring at his crotch. She wanted to know more about him, intellectually, but that could wait. Right now, she wanted to feel him.

Leaving the bar, John placed his arm around her waist. He missed the feel of a woman. She was more than welcoming to his touch. Stepping out on to the sidewalk, the February night air was cool. She huddled up closer to John. Not that she was cold, but she wanted to breathe him in.

The walk to her condo was quick. They continued their conversation. Helen found herself wanting to meet his children. He was so proud of them. For the tenth time tonight, she was asking herself, 'What kind of woman leaves this type of man, and her children?' She really felt sorry for all of them. She was finding herself wanting to take on the role of mother.

Inside her condo, John was speechless. Helen had said she received a large divorce settlement, but…'Man, was she loaded!' John nearly said aloud. He had only seen this kind of décor on Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous. Awestruck was a gross understatement.

Helen sensed his uneasiness concerning her condo. Trying to defuse the tension she said, "It is not as expensive as you might think. A lot of the furniture is a cheap knock-off of the real thing." Although it was a boldface lie, she felt that was the best course of action. She heard him let out an audible sigh. 'Relief?' she wondered. Not that it really mattered; she liked him anyway. They had a great evening, and she had picked up no signals that he was after her money.

John was not sure how to handle this. He was really taken with her, the person. 'I'm financially comfortable, myself. So what if she's loaded? That's just a fringe benefit,' he reasoned. Trying to take his mind off his surroundings, he walked up behind her. Placing his hands around her waist, he gently nibbled on her neck. He was half expecting her to pull away. Instead, a low sigh escaped from her lips. He felt her lean back into him. That was all the encouragement he needed.

Helen felt him gently kiss up and down her neck. The feeling was driving her crazy. He has such a talented mouth, she thought to herself. I wonder just how talented? As she was melting with each flick on her neck, she reached behind her. She rubbed lightly, at first, on the crotch of his jeans. Then she increased the pressure as his mouth pressed harder on to her neck. She felt him grow harder under her touch. Slowly, she inched her hand up to his belt, as he continued his magic on her neck.

She was fumbling with his belt. 'Is this really happening to me?' John asked himself. Releasing his mouth from her neck, he helped her slide his jeans and briefs off his hips. He peeled his socks and shoes off as he grasped her hips, taking a few steps forward, clearing free of the clothing on the floor.

He regained his hold of her sweet neck flesh. She felt his hands starting to unbutton her blouse. Delicately, he undid each button until he revealed her black lace bra. Helen was glad she'd bought it today. He sucked on her neck a few inches below her earlobe, as his hands massaged her perky, lush breasts. He felt her nipples protrude through the delicate lace. He wanted to suck those delicate pebbles into his mouth.

She was rubbing up and down on his cock. The material of her clothing was stifling his own pleasure. He undid the button and zipper of her skirt. The skirt fell to the floor. Her shirt and bra quickly followed. Helen was leaning up against him in only her soaked black thong. As John's cock pressed hard against her ass, she moaned even louder. Running her hands in his hair, she pulled his lips even harder against her neck.

Helen spun around, breaking his hold on her neck. Looking deep into his eyes, she undid the buttons of his shirt, pulling his shirt haphazardly off his well-defined shoulders, exposing the dark curls of his chest hairs. She leaned down and sucked his left nipple into her mouth. He gasped. Encouraged by the sound, she sucked the other nipple in. Letting her tongue roll around, she savored the encouraging sounds coming from his mouth. She was feeling her own desire grow more urgent.

John ran his hands down her back, to her ass. He kneaded her soft flesh. Her lips met his. They melted into each other's arms. John's hard cock was pressed up against her tight abs. Running her hands down his back, she traced around his sides and found his cock. She ran her fingers gingerly up the vein, feeling the thickness of the head in-between her fingers. John sighed at the delicate, teasing touch she offered.

John tried to wiggle his fingers in-between her legs, but with little success. Helen, with her mouth as her guide, led him to the couch. With Helen directing the movement, she stood in front of him, gently pushing him down to the couch. She knelt down on the plush carpet in front of him. She wanted to taste him, to savor him. This was the first time in a long while since she had actually looked forward to licking a man.

She looked at the purple head staring at her. It jerked, almost trying to tell her, 'come here'. She licked his head in a slow, controlled roll of her tongue. He gasped. For John, this was heaven. This was a first for him; he had never had a woman blow him. The sensation was amazing. As Helen teasingly licked his head, her hand was gently stroking his base. John transcended to a new threshold of pleasure. As Helen sucked him deep into her mouth, he had a hard time maintaining control; absolute bliss washed over him.

With each down-stroke, deeper into her mouth, Helen felt herself becoming more aroused. The feeling of total control over this man's pleasure was propelling her farther. She wanted him to fill her senses. Licking his head in earnest, the salty pre-cum was making her wetter. Augment his taste, with his loud pleasurable noises; all she wanted was for him to explode in her mouth. She wanted to savor the salty, thick fluid. She wanted the flavor to roll around on her tongue.

She felt his balls tighten in her grasp; the first jerk of his cock hit the roof of her mouth. Knowing he was about to release a torrent of flavor in her mouth, she sucked him deep into her throat, intentionally pushing him over the edge. John felt the tightness and heat from her mouth. He knew there was no stopping. As his balls tightened, he felt exhilaration as his cock released his steamy, hot seed deep into her mouth. He let out a loud cry as Helen moaned, with the taste flooding her mouth. She swallowed all he gave her. John was exhausted; that had taken so much from him, and he felt bad.

As Helen continued to lick her lips, savoring his taste, she needed more. The look on his face was disconcerting to Helen. He looked happy and too satisfied.

"That was amazing. I have a confession: that was a first for me," John said with embarrassment.

"No way! Had I known that, I would have teased you a lot longer. Do you think you will want more?" A voice of concern and admiration said.

"I really need just a few minutes. How about another drink?" Helen got up to retrieve two beers from the fridge. John watched avidly as her tight, black-satin-clad ass swung when she left the room. Cupid sat by, watching all of this, thinking to himself, 'Come on, John. You cannot leave her like this. I went to a lot of trouble to hook you two up. Please don't disappoint me.' Cupid thought and thought, and then he had an idea. Cupid's Aphrodisiac, it always works.

As Helen walked back into the room, now completely nude, she saw John's cock spring back to life. Maybe it was her voluptuous curves, or the swing in her hips, accentuating her lovely ass, not that it mattered. She was aching to feel that mighty cock deep in her. The thought of a man turning hard because of her naked beauty made her so very wet.

John could not take his eyes off her; the way her full, perky breasts jiggled when she walked made his cock harden even more. As his gaze left those precious breasts, he saw she had removed her panties. Oh, what a remarkable sight—a neatly-trimmed little triangle pointing the way to the promised land, for this out-of-practice man.

A beautiful, naked woman walking towards him with a beer in each hand—he could get used to this. She was a beautiful creature, which he wanted to taste and savor. With each step closer to the couch, he could feel a burning desire growing in his loins. He wanted her. He wanted those lean, tan legs, showing muscle definition with each step, wrapped around him. John was suddenly very close, just watching her walk towards him.

When she was standing directly in front of him, he reached for the cold beer. Instead of sipping it, he rubbed it up against her tit, and watched in awe as her deep pink nipple contracted from the sudden chill. She let out a soft cry. Surprised by her reaction, he repeated it on the other tit. He could see the excitement in her face.

After taking a long sip of her beer, she placed the bottle on the coffee table. She lowered her face to his. Taking the bottle out of his hands, she set it aside. Straddling him, but not letting his cock inside, her lips met his. Thrusting her breasts hard up against his chest, she felt the roughness of his hairs against her very sensitive, protruding nipples. With fluid, grinding motions, she let his cock rub up against her clit. They both were moaning, feeding off one another.

He pulled her up off him. "Let's find a bedroom," he whispered in her ear, making her crazy. They both stood up; she led him by the hand to her bedroom. He picked her up and sat her down on the bed. With her hips on the edge of the bed, he knelt down. Carefully running his fingers down her, he let her wetness coat his fingers.

Sucking his own fingers into his mouth he muttered, "You taste divine." She moaned at his simplistic compliment.

He breathed in her aroma, the smell of her arousal filling his senses. He felt his cock twitch in anticipation. Softly he let his fingers spread her open. The moistness kissed his fingertips as his tongue savored her sweet musky taste.

He thinks to himself, 'I believe I have missed this taste the most.' He ran his one hand up her side to her tit. Gently he rolled it in-between his fingers as his tongue licked and savored every inch of her.

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