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Serena opened the door and blinked monetarily in the bright glare of snow. She shivered and pulled the collar up around here neck as she pulled the door closed. A gust of wind caught the edge of her ankle length skirt and teased it as she pushed her way through the whiteness. She tossed her suitcase into the back of her little Dodge and slid into the driver's seat. She sighed feeling a bit warmer being out of the wind and looked up at the building that had been her home for the last 29 years. Her mother was standing in the window looking anxious as Serena started the car and pulled out into the street. She switched on the radio and reflected over her life as she drove.

It had started on her birthday two months back. The feeling that she was missing out, that life had overlooked her. Serena had worked hard through high school so she could get a scholarship to college, but then her mother had become ill. Serena was the youngest and the only child of their parents that was still at home so she had taken on the responsibility of helping her mom until she was well again. Before she knew it, the years had slipped by. She was working as a librarian to help out with the bills, and it had turned into a career. She sighed again and turned off onto the ice packed side road that would take her to the interstate.

The radio announcer gave the weather forecast (more snow) and then dropped into a spot for a local flower shop.

"Can't decide what you want to give the love of your life?" the simpering woman's voice asked. "Valentine's Day is tomorrow guys, and Glenda's Gift Shop has roses by the dozen for…"

Serena stabbed at the tuner button. It just served as another reminder that she was 29, unmarried, and a virgin without any hopes on the horizon for her situation to change. She raged for a moment and then sighed again. It was her own fault her life was so dull. After all her mother had only been sick from the first few years after she graduated. Fear had held her back after that, fear that she would fall on her face, fear that she wouldn't fit in at college because she was older than the other students were.

A love song was the next stop as the radio scanned through the available stations. It was familiar and it swung her thoughts back to the night of her senior prom. The sounds of taffeta rustling and swishing about and all the boys looking debonair in their tuxedos flashed before her eyes. Then she centered of Roger. Tall, handsome, and kind Roger who had asked her out on a whim and swept her into a new world of sensations.

They had danced until they were breathless and then he had taken her into his arms and kissed her virgin lips until they felt as if on fire. She remembered the taste of him still, and more. The searing places where his hands had held her tightly to him as they moved out of the gymnasium into the darkened corridors of their high school. Then how he had kissed her with desire flaming in his eyes and how his hands had roamed to cup her breasts driving a peculiar tingling sensation through her abdomen and into the regions of her womanhood. She had kissed him back craving for something she didn't understand but wanted desperately. Just thinking about it made her clitoris swell.

Serena fidgeted on the seat, clenching her thighs and rocking her hips to alleviate the pressure but all it was doing was making her hornier. Moaning softly, she pulled the glove loose from her hand and slid her long skirt up one thigh. She lifted her leg up and out against the door and slid her hips forward. He face was flushed and she thought about pulling over but knew if she did, she would be late of the library convention. She slid her naked hand between her thighs and pulled her panties to the side. She momentarily closed her eyes as her fingers grazed her engorged clit. She brought her index and middle fingers to her lips and moistened her fingers before placing them to either side of her clit and beginning to rub in small circles.

Serena was soon barreling to her orgasm and she let herself moan as loud as she liked since there were no ears for miles to hear. The tips of her fingers pressed harder and circled faster and her hips began to buck. She screamed aloud as the wave of ecstasy washed through her body. As she started to come around, she realized she wasn't on the road. Within seconds, her car careened down the riverbank into the icy water. The impact threw her forward and into the steering wheel knocking her unconscious.

Serena moaned as she woke and felt her head throb. She reached up and touched it wincing and drawing back her hand with blood on it. She then felt the car shift and realized that she was being pulled deeper into the water. It was already seeping in around the door soaking her up to her knees.

"Damn stupid thing to do Rena!" she muttered at herself and tried to shove the door open. The force of the current was too strong so she rolled down the window and climbed out. Standing now mid thigh deep in the icy water, she slogged her way to the shoreline tripping and falling twice. She was shivering and, soaked to the skin, she crawled up the embankment tot eh roadside. She then released she had left her suitcase with dry clothes in the car and returned to fetch it out. She collapsed at the top of the riverbank after climbing it a second time.

Finally, Serena stood and looked back down at her car. "How am I going to explain this." she whined and shivered. She looked down the road and then back behind herself trying to found a farm or another car that might help her out. Her shoulders sagged and she felt afraid for the first time, she was in the middle of nowhere. She climbed to the roadside and sat down on the bridge guardrail trying to decide what to do next. Her teeth were chattering and she knew she would become hypothermic soon if she didn't change out of her wet clothes. She looked back at the forest edge, which would at least provide some shelter from the wind as she changed into her dry clothes and headed back down the slope to them.

Serena stepped behind a set of bushes and began to peel her wet clothes off layer by layer. As she removed her bra and panties, she suddenly felt as if someone were watching her. She shook her head dismissing the feeling and berating herself for being paranoid, but quickly pulled on some jeans and a sweater. As she pulling on a pair of sneakers, she smelled smoke.

Serena stood and smelled again peering through the trees in hopes of seeing the fire that the smoke came from. She had no luck but the smoke seemed to be filtering through the trees from a certain direction. Figuring it would be her best chance she headed for its origin. It was a good half an hour hike before she thought she saw the fire. As she neared, she realized it was a bonfire and that she could hear voices. She pushed on through until at least she made it to a clearing.

The first thing Serena noticed was that the air around her had seemed to warm to that of a mild spring day. Secondly, she noticed the women dancing around the large bonfire. They were naked as the day they were born. Serena hesitated just staring at the scene not sure what to do. There was a cabin behind them that had seen better days but it still looked sound. Serena looked back to the women who were giggling and spinning wildly. Then in turn each threw something into the fire raising their voices and repeating the same phrase.

"Eros! We call to thee! Come to your supplicants and grant our heart's desire!"

Serena paused again, she had heard of groups like this, but now was not the time to balk she needed to have someone take her to the nearest town and get her car towed out of the river. She stepped timidly into view.

"E…excuse me." Serena called. All nine women turned around to look at the intruder. "I…my car…I need a ride into town." she finally spit out.

A tall brunette with piercing storm gray eyes walked forward, suspicion clouded her beautiful face but she smiled. "I'm Karo. Please, come to the cabin."

Karo walked behind here and Serena felt the woman's eyes on her back when she turned back all the woman had robed and were following. "Thank you. I'm Serena. I ran off the road back there and my car is in the river."

A petite dark blonde came to her side and took her hand with a worried look. "You poor thing!" she cooed in a thick east coast accent and then received a dark look from Karo.

"I'm sure Serena has been through enough without your pawing, Layell." The brunette chastised and Serena heard the other women snicker. Then she turned to Serena opening the door of the cabin.

The room was amazing for all its shabby outside the inside was a virtual palace of silk and softness. It had a definite Asian feel to the design with low tables and pillows everywhere. "I'm afraid we have no phone and our transportation will not return until the fifteenth." Karo offered pouring a glass of wine and offering it to Serena.

Something else she never did, Serena thought, looking at the wine glass.

"It'll help to warm you a bit." Karo smiled and extended her arm again. Serena took it this time.

"Is there any place close to here that I might be able to get to today? I have people expecting me in the city today." Serena asked frowning over the rim of her glass. Warmth had begun to spread from her stomach.

"Afraid not sweetie," a sandy headed woman replied. "There isn't a soul for miles, that's why we chose this place. You, of course, are welcome to stay. There is plenty of room."

"No one has a cell phone?" Serena asked realizing her voice was beginning to sound whiney.

"Even if we did there's no signal out this far." A tall curvaceous redhead supplied.

"That's enough all of you, we have a ceremony to finish. Make yourself at home Serena. Looks like you'll be spending the weekend with us."

Serena sighed and wandered around the cabin as the women filled back outside. An entire weekend with a group of woman that preferred to run around a fire naked in the middle of nowhere. She wondered about it and found herself somewhat envious of their conformability with their bodies. The door opened and Layell came back in. She was naked again and Serena blushed realizing she was staring.

"Forgot my offering." Layell smiled waving a small pouch.

"If you don't mind my asking what are you doing?" Serena asked timidly.

Layell grinned and moved to sit on a pile of pillows. "Every year in the days just before Valentine's Day we gather and call on Eros, god of love, to grant us our heart's desire. For some of us that's to have all the relationships we want go the way we wish, others it's that their husbands stay true and satisfy all their needs, and for some of us, like me it's to become the most desirable woman anyone has laid eyes on."

Serena stared at the woman trying to decide if she was joking or not while she continued. "You see we call and Eros comes to us and on Valentine's Day he grants us our wish if he feels our offering is worthy." her eyes lit up. "I think it's just worth the effort to spend three days in his company."

"Layell!" one of the other women called from outside.

"Oh, I have to go!" the blonde jumped up and ran out the door, turning back at the last minute. "You should join us, don't you have anything that your heart desires more than anything else?"

Serena reddened even further as her favored fantasy popped into her mind. She shook her head.

"Suit yourself." Layell shrugged and disappeared down the stairs. Absently Serena wished her breasts were as perky and full as the blonde's were.

She stood and looked around for a bathroom. She was sure she was a muddy mess and a shower whatever temperature sounded good. Maybe being stuck here for the weekend wouldn't be so bad. It wasn't as if she knew these women and if she had to be stuck somewhere, she thought as she opened the door to the bathroom, this was the place to be. A large tub stood like an island in the middle of the room and there was as shower on the far side if that was what you could call the huge glassed in area.

Serena stripped quickly turning on the water in the shower. She was pleased to find that there was hot water. Stepping under the spray, she let it sluice over her body and warm her to the core. She washed her hair and then sat on the bench on the far side breathing in the steam and turning on the showerhead above her to pound into her shoulders. She thought about the day that she had had so far knowing that people would be worried about her. Then she thought about the group of women that were at this moment dancing naked outside, their breasts bouncing free. She didn't realize she was fingering her clit until the first twitch of an orgasm washed over her. Twice in one day, she was becoming as wanton as those women outside she thought. Then she didn't care and turned to let the water stimulate her clit as she slid her middle finger in up to the second knuckle. She stifled her scream and leaned against the shower wall.

Climbing out of the shower, she dried off thinking that she really had to put more effort into finding a man to fill her life and most importantly to fill her pussy. She looked own at the clothing she had discarded on the floor and grimaced. It was as dirty as she had been and the idea of slipping back into it was too repealing. She had left her suitcase in the other room. Then a moment of pure rebellion struck her. She hung up the wet towel and walked naked to the door catching a glance of herself in the mirror. With her hair hanging wet about her head she definitely looked the wanton. She viewed her body in the mirror deciding hers was as in good a shape as the women outside. Then she walked out of the bathroom into the room of silk and pillows to find that she was no longer alone in the cabin.

"And who is this charming creature that she does not greet me?" A deep resonate and very masculine voice asked laced with humor.

"She is a stranger Eros, she was stranded on the roadside and found her way to us." Karo answered.

Serena turned to look at the group trying to swallow back the embarrassment she knew was flushing her checks and neck. She looked up into the golden green eyes of a god. His hair was long and tied back in a tail and it could only be described as the color of freshly minted gold. His skin was bronze and seemed to be painted over a vast array of hardened muscles. The most amazing was the snow-white wings that graced his back and looked strangely natural being there. He wore sandals and a small skirt like garment around his hips. His large arms were wrapped in silver decorative bands. It was as if a Grecian statue had sprung to life before her eyes. He pierced her core with his jewel like eyes and radiant smile. Just the sound of his voice sent shivers through her body. Serena barely dared to breath.

"A stranger no more, Serena," he whispered and stepped up before her towering about her head by a half dozen inches. "but a supplicant with her own heart's desire." Then he tipped up her chin and placed his lips upon hers, kissing her deeply.

Every ounce of strength drained from her body. No fear, no shame, no doubt existed as Eros kissed her only love and the desire to mesh herself with him. She melted up against his frame and clung there as if her life depended on it. She couldn't bring herself to take her eyes from his face.

Karo stepped forward looking a bit more than jealous. "Eros, we have prepared for everything you wished for and we are eager to serve."

"Yes, Karo, I trust that you are." The god of love answered not taking his eyes away from the face of the woman in his arms. "Please make a place for Serena among our celebrations." Eros led Serena into a room she hadn't seen before. This room was definitely more masculine in its feel. "Come tell me of yourself young Serena" he asked pulling her across his lap. "Would you care to ask me for your heart's desire?"

Serena, who had been quiet all this time, smiled softly and found her voice. "Love." she whispered.

Eros laughed, "Is that all?" he asked nuzzling her neck, "You had that the moment I saw you. But I think you desire more, my love and I will give it all to you."

Serena felt full already and couldn't imagine anything more until Eros slid his hand between her thighs and began to stroke her. She clung to Eros as he stoked a blazing fire in her belly, throwing her head back and closing her eyes. When he slid first one long finger then another inside her quivering womanhood, she stiffened, but then melted under his touch.

"No worries, Serena, you are mine and you will feel nothing but pleasure from this moment on." he whispered in her ear kissing her as the most intense orgasm she had ever felt tore through her body.

Moments later Layell was in the room offering wine and fruits and winking at the now blushing Serena. She couldn't imagine how she had ever survived her life before this day. Nothing would ever be the same again and she was sure only more great things were to come.

Karo had gathered all of the women in the silk and pillow room. Each wore fantastic silken costumes that appeared to be made of scarves and showed everything that they covered. All of the women but Karo looked up at her with respect as she stood leaning back against Eros' strong frame. She felt a breeze and then the slide of fabric against her skin. Surprised she looked down and found that she too was now dressed in scarves from head to toe, but unlike the others, she was also adorned in jewelry at her ankles, neck, and wrists.

A noise at the doorway brought her attention up where she found others joining them. Animals of every imaginable description and color were moving into the cabin. Serena had to look more than once as she swore that these creatures had human features. Eros spoke and drew her complete attention again.

"Welcome all to our annual festivities. As the hour draws close, I remind you pf the rules. We are here for the heart, we are here for the body, and most of all we are here for the pleasure of both. We have one among us this night that is fresh as the spring and she belongs to me. Her heart and body are mine as mine are hers. No one shall have what she will not willing give and all will please her as if she is me."

Serena's head was spinning. She wasn't sure what the God of Love was implying but her heart skipped as he spoke of his heart being hers alone. As she leaned back against his body, she became aware that his cock was pushing between her thighs. That awareness brought with it a yearning to feel it buried inside her cunt and she moaned rocking back into him.

"All in good time, love." he laughed and picked her up in his arms moving to a table that hadn't been in the room before. Eros laid her down upon it kissing her lips and then working a fiery trail down her neck to her collarbone were she moaned loudly. Suddenly aware that she must be on display she turned her head and opened her eyes, gone were the animals and in their place were men and woman that appeared to be costumed in their skins. Animalistic by very human and very naked. She needn't have worried that anyone was playing strict attention to her because each was engrossed in a partner or partners of their own. It excited her to see so many people naked, touching and kissing.

"Yes, my love all for our enjoyment. " he whispered reading her thoughts as he moved from one breast to the other pulling the nipples into his mouth and sucking them until she thought she might cry from the great pleasure it created. She loosened his hair and ran her fingers through it, the golden tresses feeling softer than the silk she lay upon. Eros moved lower still dropping kisses here and there until he reached the juncture of her thighs. He raised her legs, pulled her to the end of the table, and then lowered his lips to her pussy.

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