tagRomanceCupids Bow: Making Ben Angry

Cupids Bow: Making Ben Angry


Ben and Melinda met online, using a website that is not exactly known for its love matches. As they initiated communications they were both tentative and reluctant to believe this might actually be "it". Ben's friend, Seth, actually completed his profile as a joke on his 28th birthday, when his relationship du jour crashed and burned. But as the emails came pouring in he took the site more seriously and started looking online for a "match".

When he spotted Mel's profile it was kismet, he knew the moment he saw her she was the physical equivalent of his ideal. Knowing that a sexy, hot, Latina with green eyes, gorgeous curves, in her second year of law school, would be anyone's definition of perfection, he pursued her with the stealth mastery of the alpha male that he was. Never going too far, or pushing too hard, but maintaining a confident, sensuous style that had her gasping and heated from the first time they interacted. After a couple of e-mails and online chat's he was captivated; by the time they had spoken on the phone and had their first meeting, he was convinced she was destined to be his.

From Mel's perspective, it was hard to believe a guy like Ben actually existed in the "real" world. He was like a Roman warrior that had been plucked from a different era, self possessed, immensely strong, intelligent, sardonic yet with a sweet, sensitivity that made her think of wrapping him inside of her legs and bearing his children. Was it truly possible that a handsome, successful, guy, 6'3", with ice blue eyes, thick, silky, black wavy hair and the cocky, witty, humor and sexy banter that kept her tingling and anxious lived in her universe? Their first phone conversation resulted in accidental phone sex and ended in her cumming harder than she had during her last relationships best sex.

It was the combination of his sexy, husky voice, his words detailing and promising exactly what he would do to her, how he would touch and stroke her and dominate her as if he could read her mind and clearly see her secret passions and desires. She had never been pursued with such single minded purpose by anyone. By the time she realized she loved him with a passion that left her fascinated and terrified it was too late; her heart belonged to him.

Their first meeting had been over a year ago, it was then they learned they were both more real than they could have previously imagined with passionate chemistry so strong and undeniable; they actually made love within the first 15 minutes of their first face to face meeting. That single moment of first sight was utterly intense. Mel had driven to Lancaster, PA, cautioning herself the entire way to be open to anything, like him weighing up to 100 pounds more than his pictures, being 48 instead of 28 or living at home with his mom and two illegitimate children while he brewed up meth in his dilapidated backyard shed.

Even that depressing possibility was not enough to prevent her from taking the chance that he just might be real. After parking the car, and softly touching the small gold crucifix against the hollow of her throat, whispering a gentle prayer that some part of him might be what she longed for, what she needed to feel whole. As she got out of the car, looking at his beautiful home, and watched him open the door, something in her soul began to crack open, a heat spread through her body, intensifying from the apex between her thighs, straight through her battered heart. As she moved slowly toward him, Seeing him walk toward her with the grace and purpose of a mating wolf, eyes hot and hungry, the obvious power behind each movement, made her as wet as rain as she stood frozen, holding her breath unable to move, panting as she watched her future glide toward her in a pair of black jeans, black tee shirt and tattoo with Celtic designs.

The slow sexy smile, he graced her with, and his hooded eyes belied the fact that he was also having trouble breathing and processing her beauty, her petite frame, curvy beyond his wildest dreams, and the sexy feminine aura that was uniquely hers.

As he moved within the circle of her space, where he could smell the clean scent of her perfume, her body's individual fragrance, and the heat of her arousal he knew before he touched her that their loving would be like a white hot flame. Before even speaking words of greeting he was growling lowly, pulling her small body towards him and as she was guided within his strong arms, his eyes possessing her, large hands grasping her tiny waist she whimpered as he slid his mouth over hers, biting her soft full lips, pushing his tongue inside of her like it was his God given right, pulling her up high to reach him.

Simultaneously she caught and pulled up on his shoulders, climbing up his body like a cat in heat as his hands slid down her back and he gripped her luscious round ass pulling her into his massive erection as he walked back up the stairs to the inside of his home. Her soft summer dress had been no barrier to his will and intent, he had pulled the front of the dress open and ripped off her panties as he kicked his front door shut with his foot, as he moved across the living room he was using both hands to rub her clit against his rock hard dick, as she frantically opened his jeans with her small hands pulling him out and guiding his hard cock into her warm, moist slit. As she attempted to take some control and lift herself over his cock so it could go inside he teased her by rubbing against her clit as he walked them into his bedroom, carrying her as she gasped and moaned in a fevered frenzy of unrestrained passion against his mouth and chest.

That's how their love affair started and it continued with them passionately loving, laughing and cajoling each other and falling more deeply in love each minute of each day. Two souls split at birth, two sides of the same coin, her sensuous, passionate, and hot as fire in temperament and demeanor, and him cool, laid back and logical, always easy going and fun; both learning and complimenting each other. Though there were many times when she wondered if he would or even could actually get angry or upset about anything and if he did, what that would look like. She couldn't imagine him mad and had occasionally fantasized about stirring his passions to that point and how he might respond to her if he ever actually lost his precious control.

Months later...

No one spoke the entire way home, each lost in their own thoughts and perceptions of what happened. Trying to assimilate why the other was mad, each believing they had the sole right to be upset. It had started at a Valentines Day gathering at the local neighborhood bar, not far from their home. A place they each enjoyed, baby going together, after work, to unwind, catch up on their day and enjoy each others company, play a game of darts or a quick round of pool.

Tonight the bar was noisy and crowded there were tons of people all over the place, literally standing room only, and most of them faces they had never seen before. It looked like everyone was trying to hook up for Valentine's Day. Mel, feeling as though the romantic magic of the holiday was already spoiled by the tawdry, seedy atmosphere of a thousand imminent booty calls, asked Ben if they should just head on home, but he laughed and said," no way Baby, this is our spot, of course we are staying." Mel squeezed through the crowd and was delighted and amazed that as they passed one of the booths, a couple stood to leave, with the quick grace of a little cat, she slipped in and grabbed the seat, ignoring the stares of those drunken, desperate women who had been waiting with their fuck me heels for a chance to sit and take a load off.

The smell of hops, pizza, buffalo wings and desperation permeated the hot, crowded little bar, but the two lovers were oblivious to it, each glowing with happiness, cocooned in their own private world where the two of them existed, each gaze feeding the fire of their intense passions.

After a couple of glasses of wine and beer they were both feeling pretty good, not even the other women's constant looks in Ben's direction could take away the warm glow she was getting just looking at his beautiful smile and gorgeous body. She never got used to the fact that this incredible guy was in love with her, and the chemistry between them was so intense it made their lovemaking feel like pure electricity. Even just talking about normal everyday work stuff, his deep, soft voice and intense stare kept her panties so moist she could not help squirming a little in her seat. The fact that the arrogant devil knew exactly what he was doing to her was readily apparent in the salacious smile he gave her when she wiggled in her seat for the tenth time. Mel was just starting to imagine walking outside the bedroom later that night in the lingerie she had purchased and sitting on Ben's lap as she kissed him over and over with increasing passion, grinding into his huge dick, when she realized another pressing need. She also thought it would be a great opportunity to teach her sexy man a little lesson about what happens when he gets her all stirred up. She excused herself to go to the ladies room, removing her soaking wet thong, enclosing it in her tiny hand with the intent of giving him a little Valentine's Day preview when she sat down.

However, when she returned was surprised to find another woman in her seat, across from Ben, obviously flirting with him and he was smiling and looking like some kind of Cheshire cat that had just devoured a canary. The woman was a stunning red headed Amazon, with sparkling brown eyes, a large rack and long slim legs that seemed to go on forever. If that was not enough she kept pulling on Ben's hands, laughing loudly, and looking at him like he was the fuck of the century. Just as Mel approached the table this crazy bitch appeared to be in the act of taking off her 6 inch red stilettos and moving her bare foot towards Ben's leg.

As Mel walked up to the happy couple and stopped just short of snatching the huge woman bald headed - Ben knowing his woman and recognizing the fire behind her quiet, smoldering, concentrated gaze, quickly stood up and casually introduced Mel to one of the new Executive Assistants at his office. Mel was surprisingly polite but when the woman made no move to excuse herself of vacate her seat, she bent over her and quietly asked her to excuse them so they could finish their Valentine's Day celebration. She was about to truly loose it, when Whorezilla slowly stood up, rubbing her hands down her ample frame, leering at Ben, with an obvious glance that said a hell of a lot more than see you later. She glared at Mel, smirking and as she walked passed gave a knowing glance.

Finally Mel had enough, and turned to say "Bitch please..." when Ben laughing, grabbed his hot little tamale around the waist pulling her down in his lap, telling her to "please calm down". Mel, pissed that he seemed to be taking the other woman's side, snatched away from him and slid back into the booth on her side, waiting for Ben to provide additional information regarding what had transpired while she had been in the bathroom that resulted in that tramp sitting in her seat while he sat across from her cheesing like high school senior on prom night.

Amazed and realizing that this dense, smug ass was not planning on saying a word, and no explanation was forthcoming, she finally swallowed her pride and asked, "what's up with her?" Ben, actually, excited that Mel's passion for him caused her to be jealous and turned on by her obvious possessiveness, and blindly not realizing how angry she was getting, actually teased her and said, "oh Baby you know...just one of my many women, you know the ladies love Ben Baker - LLBB".

Mel could barely speak she was so angry at his utter lack of awareness and sensitivity. Sadly realizing that he had somehow allowed that tramp to ruin their first Valentine's Day, Mel's tender heart was bruised and her pride was battered as she watched him sit there after he had been huddled in a conversation with another woman, at their booth on Valentine's Day and crack jokes.

As she sat in the car on the way home, biting her cheek to keep the tears at bay, she thought about the fact that it would be a cold day in hell before she got over the anger that was burning inside of her. She had no true idea how she had become almost pathologically angry, or why that shit eating grin on his face made her want to bash his skull inside out while she screamed like a banshee.

It never occurred to her that she might be a tad melodramatic, and the anger had literally boiled over by the time they reached home. Ben had been calmly watching her emotions evolve and was very aware that she was getting madder but his man's logic told him she was overreacting, and he thought teasing her out of the bad mood was the quickest way to put this past them and get on to the intense, passionate, love making that he had been looking forward to all day. He had snuck a peak inside a Victoria Secret bag she had hidden in the closet and one look at the lacy peach colored, confection inside, imagining the gauzy, sheer, silky fabric falling against her curves as he pulled it off of her, while she moaned and screamed his name all night kept him hard as a 15 year old all day long at work. He literally could not wait to see, feel and taste her in it that outfit.

Even after almost one year of living together looking at her sometimes still made his heart stop, she was so damn gorgeous, her warm peachy skin, soft as silk, tasting spicy and sweet. She could paralyze him into erectness with a glance or a sigh, and he knew in his heart he would never get enough of wanting her, loving her, having her. He walked into their home and slyly told her with a playful little wink that he was going to get the bottle of champagne he had purchased specially for their evening.

When in reality he was going to get the wine, the chocolate covered strawberries and the one carat, flawless, emerald cut diamond ring, in the light blue box, he had been carrying around for 3 weeks. It was burning a hole in his pocket and he was more than ready to finally claim her and put his ring on her finger. He hoped she was over her little fit of pique and ready to "get on with the gettin on." Sex was still hot as fire between them and he could not wait to get her sexy, little body, naked and between the sheets of their bed all night.

Mel would have thought his obtuseness was amusing if she had been capable of rational thought. The fact that this ass could even believe, on some remote, tiny level, she would or could sit down and drink champagne or eat chocolate covered strawberries with him was hysterical. If she allowed herself she could probably have laughed a bit insanely at the mere prospect of it, when in reality, she had actually been giving more serious thought to throwing his shit out of the window right after she dumped him out of it too. Now that image actually did put a brief smile on her face.

As he walked into the bedroom, he noticed she was still pretty angry, but saw her little smile, and assumed it was all good. He was glad the storm had passed. He was light footed as he walked over to her grinning and asked for his Valentine's Day kiss. He was startled when he looked into her usually, smoky eyes, and saw the ice behind her gaze and realized the look she gave him was withering. She turned away from him without a word and stepped into their walk in closet to put on her pajamas, before she said something that might actually cause long-term damage to their relationship.

All thoughts of romance gone from her, she grabbed a pair of boy shorts and one of his wife beaters, quickly pulling off her clothes and roughly pulling on the night clothes with all of the frustration and anger, muttering to herself in Spanish.

Ben heard her muttering and realized she was obviously not quite ready to let go of whatever she was pissed about, though by now, he could hardly remember what that was. Surprised that he was actually starting to become a little frustrated himself, he looked up as she walked out of the closet, and asked her "O.K. Mel, what exactly is the problem?" in a tired, husky voice.

As she turned on him like a wild jungle cat, her eyes narrowed, her stance aggressive, her little, sexy body ready for battle, she screamed at him "What is the problem? I cannot believe you have the stones to even ask me that question you arrogant Ass!"

"Ass, who are you calling an Ass you spoiled drama queen?" he asked in a voice growing louder

Mel, not to be out done, parried back, "Drama Queen? I have your damn, Drama Queen!"

Ben could not believe it, not only was this stubborn little brat willing to ruin their first Valentine's Day together over some bullshit, she was ruining his damn marriage proposal. As she marched up to him to point her tiny finger into his chest, he also noticed she was wearing a her usual nite-time attire, girl boxers and a tank top - not the lingerie he had been fantasizing about all afternoon.

"What The Fuck?" Suddenly he felt a heavy pressure at the back of his neck, along his shoulders as a rage started to build inside of him. He realized that he was becoming furious and told himself to calm down and was actually getting himself under control as he wondered, "why did she have to be such a fucking drama queen sometimes?"

He was slowly counting inside of his head, as he quietly looked at her and started taking his clothes off, thinking that "if she was as fucking smart as she thought she was she would be paying attention to how quiet he had become, and focused on her breasts under the tank top". He thought she was even more beautiful when she was angry, eyes on fire, breathing heavily, cheeks flushed and pink, hot little body completely fearless, soft, ripe breasts shaking, her nipples swollen and hard, he just wanted to slam her on bed and kiss her until she stopped talking and slam his hard, swollen cock inside of her warm, juicy tight little pussy fucking her senseless.

She realized his eyes had glazed over and noticed an expression on his face and an intensity in his eyes she had never seen before, but without examining it, she also realized his mind appeared to be wandering in the middle of their first, real fight.

Mel was caught up in a hell of her own making; she truly believed that this was his entire fault. From her perspective, all she wanted was to make love to him all night and his stupid insensitivity to her insecurities about that tall, beautiful Gringa, and his man whore's ego allowed him to leer at whorezilla, when he should have been choreographing how he was going to fuck her stupid tonight, she thought to herself, pouting. Her frustration, anger and pain, forced her to say

"Hey Jackass, you must be the most dense man on the entire planet if you think I would even consider kissing you tonight and if your enormous ego would allow you to think for one second that twe are fucking guess again mi amor..." her voice calmed to an icy whisper, "I wouldn't fuck you tonight if you were Brody Jenner, and I think you know exactly how much I want to fuck Brody Jenner" For emphasis she walked to her purse and removed her sodden panties from earlier, tossed them at him and said, "that is as close to this pussy as you are going to get tonight" she threatened.

She wondered if she had gone too far, when she saw the quiet calm seem to go over him like an icy blanket. Her fascination with Brody Jenner was the one thing she knew for certain always got to him. Forget the fact that she had as much chance of meeting let alone fucking him as the man on the moon or that she would even want to when she had Ben, who in her heart she truly believed was worth more than 100 Brody's. The cat was out of the fucking bag now and she thought her best tactic was retreat, as she watched him walk toward her, eyebrows raised, his mouth tilted to the side with an icy, evil little smile, rubbing her wet, fragrant panties over his face, breathing in the scent never taking his eyes off her face. She began to move quickly backward toward the bed, intending to take some bedding and head downstairs.

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