tagHumor & SatireCupid's Day

Cupid's Day

byMy Erotic Tail©

He was shuffling his feet as he walked along, his hands behind him as his face was drawn. He looked up then down as he passed the playground. "No one ever thinks of me, all this time I've filled them with Glee."

The Easter Rabbit said "Hi," as he passed by. But all he did was let out a sigh. Here he was with no one, while Mr. Rabbit had a harem. He sputtered some words, that no one heard. As he made his way, through his unhappy day.

He saw two male police, look like they were half-asleep. So he took out his bow and gave an arrow a throw. Hitting the officer in chest, With the perfect arrowhead jest. The officer became real hard, there in the police unit car. The bow again drew, as the other's chest an arrow went through. They quickly embraced their arms now enlaced. Their lips now mashed, as they met with a crash.

He fumbled along, till he heard a Christmas song. Coming from Santa's elf's, being their happy little self's. He drew up his bow, And let an arrow go. As it struck an elf in the heart, that was pushing a cart. Then the next arrow flew, and a reindeer's heart it went through. The elf jumped with glee, as the reindeer went to its knees. I think that elf was well hung, for being a little one. But that reindeer did lap, at that elf's sap. They were wildly sucking, then they started fucking.

While Cupid made his rounds, across the same ground. He was feeling the blues, and didn't know what to do. He came upon a young man, with his pockets filled with hands. As he let an arrow fly, and hit it's bullseye. The man looked around, but no one was found. So he fell in love, with pulling his pud.

Now Cupid's head was bowed, as he walked in a crowd. And let a large arrow go, and it went through how many I don't know. But people turned around, and kissed whomever they found. They shed their clothes, in multiple droves. As an orgy began, but those not hit ran. And those that stayed, were sure to get laid.

This poor little guy, that float's the clouds high. Let out a powerful sigh, as he watched lover's walk by. His head was low, as he walked down the row. There sat a women, next to a women. And what did he do? Yep, another arrow was drew. These two ladies', became lover crazy. As they quickly kissed, and hands went up the dress. Cupid was making a terrible mess, as these lady's began to caress.

In a flight of frustration, he shot with a destination. A little poodle, that was licking his noodle. As all the dog's started to howl, and sent them on the prowl. They chased the poodle in packs, with intent of sexual attacks. That little poodle run, like a bullet out of a gun.

His long face got longer, as his blues grew stronger. He pulled back his bow, and let another arrow go. Finding an old women sitting down, with an evening gown. Now the second arrow was slung, hitting the man sitting next to her that was young. They looked in each other's eyes, as they embraced and rise. Pulling off their clothes, kissing nose to nose. They soon began fucking, like it was nothing.

He shot an arrow through Uncle Sam, then a street corner madam. Reminded him of a day he was "gigglin'", and had shot Bill Clinton. As another arrow was flung, and a cheerleader got stung. There at the game, she did the team with out same.

He walked down the road of this town, wearing his heavy frown. Till he came upon the jail, which was filled with all males. And he continuously shot, arrow's a lot. Till half the inmates were sucking, and the other half was fucking. And those that were lucky, soon began ducking.

Shuffled along his usual route, on his lips he wore a big pout. He pulled up his bow, and let an arrow go. Straight through the heart, of a man that was smart. Then through a blonde, whose mind was all but gone. They did fall in love, and like the flight of a dove. They ran to his home, thinking his wife was in Rome. They stripped themselves bare, and fucked right then and there. Till the door flew open, and his wife saw what had happen. Perhaps his little dart, wasn't that smart.

Now Cupid was sad, and wishing he had. A love of his own, as he let out a moan. His despair, was showing every where. He let an arrow go, where he didn't know. But it had hit the priest, who was found later with the mayor's niece. And what a stink that was for him, to be found fucking Kim.

Cupid bowed his head, and then he said. "When will I find love?" As he shouted above. Drawing back the bow, he let the arrow go. Into the heart of another, who was now looking for a lover. As he sat at his computer, and began to type smoother. Then fell into a cyber, pulling his cock rather hyper.

Now Cupids arrows were running low, so on through town he continued to go. Being a bit more selective, he aimed at another directive. Let the arrow fly, hitting another guy. Who soon got that twinkle in his eye, as another guy walked by. That he began to follow around, with his crotch a swollen mound.

"This was getting out of hand," said the upstairs man. So he sent an angel with wing's, to see if perhaps she could fix things. She flew down to the town, and saw Cupid's unhappy frown. She was soon by His side, with her arms open wide. She said, "Give me a hug, let me be your luv bug." And Cupid looked at her, and thought it was absurd. But he wrapped his arms around, the angel in that town. While the angel drew an arrow, and drove it in Cupid's heart that was narrow. And Cupid looked at her with eye lashes batting, wondering what had just happen. As his face grew a smile, and he walked with the angel for a while.

He used his little bow, shooting her with a facial glow. They began with passionate kisses, then wedding wishes. He dipped her in his arms, and poured on the charm. His sweet loving kisses, he gave to his misses. As is smile grew, he figured his day was through.

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