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Cupid's Deputy


Eric woke up and immediately knew that something was different. He looked around his crappy studio apartment and everything looked the same. He knew he had been dreaming, but any scrap of detail was lost as soon as he opened his eyes. Eric shrugged it off and got out of bed.

He looked at the clock and saw he had woken up ten minutes before his alarm was set to go off. He groaned as he realized it was a Monday; he had to face another week of work. He walked into the bathroom, turned on the light, and gasped as he looked in the full-length mirror. When Eric had gone to sleep the night before, he was a scrawny, six foot tall, brown haired twenty nine year old with no muscle definition to speak of. His reflection cast a different picture of himself this morning. His hair and height were the same, but every muscle in his body looked lean and defined. The results of a year's worth of vigorous training had changed his body overnight.

Eric admired himself in awe. He often slept in the buff, and one last detail of his transformed physique was the most impressive. Again, when Eric had gone to sleep, an average 5-inch prick was between his legs. In the mirror before him lay a fully erect 9-inch cock. Eric looked down and saw that the mirror did not deceive him. He grasped his new dick and realized he could barely wrap his hand around its girth.

He stood there wrestling with his mind about how the situation before him could possibly exist when his alarm clock went off. He could not be late to work; his boss already had it out for him. He decided to try and figure out this situation after work. He showered, put on a now tight-fitting suit, and was out the door.

Eric lived within walking distance of the subway. He rushed down, pushed through the turnstiles, and looked at his watch. He was about five minutes early. Standing next to him waiting was a short, petite blond dressed in a business suit. He noticed she was smiling at him appreciatively. This wasn't really something Eric was used to, so she initiated the conversation.

"Headed to work?"

"Umm...yeah, you too?"

"I'm actually headed to a job interview at Smith & Baxley."

"Smith & Baxley, huh? Believe it or not, I'm a fourth year associate attorney with that firm. What department are you interviewing with?"

"I'm trying for their litigation department." Eric admired her guts for that. His firm's litigation department was one of the best in the city. Just landing an interview for that department was impressive. She asked him what department he worked in.

"I work primarily with family law cases. You know, divorces and stuff like that."

She turned up her nose, "Ugh, how can you handle working only around pure human misery? I couldn't stand counseling people on how to screw their husband or wife out of as much as possible. Or worse, how to take children away from one of the parents."

"It's rarely like that, at least with me. I have a knack for getting people to work through their differences. Don't get me wrong, my clients have come to see me for a reason and 99.9% of the time end up divorced, but I can usually get them to find common ground and agree on how to split up the assets, how to apportion the debts, and most importantly, custody issues with the children. My cases rarely end up being knock down, drag out fights."

The train was pulling up for us to get on and I could see it was going to be packed. There wasn't much of a chance we were going to be able to continue this conversation.

"Quick, what is your name, I'll try to put in a good word for you."

Her eyes lit up, "Really!? It's Rebecca Lewis. Hopefully we'll be riding this train together a lot more after today."

She lifted her arm for a handshake. I reached up, gave her hand a quick shake and I headed for the doors. I glanced behind me briefly to see her still standing where I had left her. Her cheeks were flush and she had a surprised look on her face. But she quickly gathered herself and started moving toward the train.

"I hope I do get to see her more often," thought Eric.

When Eric hopped on the train, there were no seats left, as usual. He grabbed the bar above him for balance as the people continued to pile in. Standing next to him was a sexy, black haired, twenty year old, who was clearly on the way to her job waiting tables. The waitress was wearing a short skirt and her shirt was very low cut and showed ample cleavage. Eric did his best not to get lost in the sight when she noticed him staring. Instead of getting angry, the waitress gave him a sexy smile and a wink. Surprised that he didn't get a slap in the face, Eric smiled back at her.

The train started up and Eric lost his balance for a moment. He instinctually grabbed for anything to steady himself and briefly touched the waitress' bare chest. He immediately apologized, but the waitress didn't appear to hear him. The pale skin of her chest had turned a bright pink and she was clearly breathing hard. Her nipples were proudly poking through the thin V-neck she was wearing and a light sheen of sweat had started to form on her face and neck. She eventually turned to look at Eric with a confused look on her face.

The train came to an abrupt stop, and once again, Eric reached out to steady himself. This time when Eric touched the waitress's skin, her body immediately started to shudder. She moaned loudly, but due to the crowd and the noise, Eric was the only one who noticed. He could see her knees start to give way, so he caught her around the waist and held her up. He could feel the convulsions running through her body, and at first, Eric was worried she may be having a seizure.

Eric helped the waitress off the train. He noticed a small trickle of clear fluid running down one of her legs and could smell the light and delicious scent of sex.

"Are you okay?" Eric asked with concern.

"Just...let me...catch my breath," she panted.

Eric looked at her and was considering calling an ambulance. He moved them over to a bench to sit down. The waitress grabbed his hand to steady herself as she was being lowered onto the bench and her eyes went wide.

"Oh my God...I'm fucking cumming!"

Eric couldn't believe his ears and eyes, but he enjoyed the show in front of him. It looked like the waitress was desperately fighting the urge to rip her own shirt off. She was shaking violently and moaning loudly. The waitress plunged her free hand to her pussy in an effort to stop the amazing sensations sweeping through her body. In less than ten seconds, her eyes went into the back of her head and a gush of fluid erupted from underneath her skirt.

Between two moans, she was able to get out "...Let Go!...Oh fuck...Let go of my fucking hand!"

Eric immediately let her go, and she collapsed onto the bench.

"What the hell going on here? What is making this happen?" Eric asked the waitress.

She was staring off into space, so Eric gave her a few moments to come back down to Earth.

"Nothing like this has ever happened to me, but I think its you. I'm fine, but please don't touch me again. I have to go home and change out of this mess and I can't be late for work."

She looked up at him with a mixture of wonder, lust, and annoyance.

"Um...I hate to let a good thing like this just pass through my fingers, and I'd love to see what the rest of you can do."

She slipped him a piece of paper with her number on it.

"My name's Anna. I don't know what the hell just happened here, but anyone that can give me two of the best orgasms of my life deserves something in return."

She looked directly into his eyes, "Please call me."

And with that, Anna got up on shaky feet and stumbled toward the exit of the station.

Eric sat down in a haze. His thoughts were racing, but he decided that if this is really what it seemed to be, he was going to have a lot of fun.

He got up with a smile, exited the subway, and walked the last four blocks to Smith & Baxley.

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