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Cupid's Power


I don't know why I went to the party in the first place. I had stayed pretty quiet the first semester of Law School but it seemed that everyone was going and I felt the need to go as well.

The party was at a large house on the edge of campus and considering ten post doctorate students owned it, it was relatively clean and normal looking. By the time I arrived the music was blaring and the drinks were flowing.

I had decided on the regular outfit of most of my classmates -- jeans. It was like subconsciously we knew that in three years time we'd be stuck in business suits up to sixty hours a week so we wanted to embrace our clothing freedom now.

I walked through the house in the hopes of finding my roommate. As I walked past a group of guys I knew they were staring. They always did. I tugged on the edge of my shirt, knowing that it barely covered my belly. My enormous breasts stretched the pink fabric of my polo shirt and although I wasn't overweight, I was curvy in all the right places.

"Katie!" Emily exclaimed. I spun around and was relieved to see my roommate. She was in pretty much the same outfit and was grinning from ear to ear.

"Thanks for coming. This is such a better way to spend Valentine's Day then moping around at home," Emily explained.

I bit my lip and stepped back. I knew it was Valentine's Day but I then realized that everyone at the party was single. I didn't know how I knew this but my legal intuition was telling me that all the hopeless singles had been brought together for this party. My mind raced as I tried to figure out my best course of action. I could get mad at Emily and storm out. Then I'd be home alone moping around. Exactly like she said. I could just enjoy the night and make sure the moment any coupling activity occurred I would stay away. I liked being single.

"I agree," I responded. Emily grinned and spun around to go socialize. I watched her dark hair flow in the dim light and I knew she would be the centre of attention wherever she went.

I grabbed a drink and walked outside. The landscaping was beautiful and I started to imagine myself living in a place like this. It was possible. If I did the right things and applied to the right firms I could easily get a well paying job right out of law school. I then started thinking about all my assignments for the week ahead and I was so absorbed in my thoughts I didn't realize a guy sitting on the ground until it was too late.

"Oommmph," I cried out, falling onto the ground as I tripped on his feet. I rolled and sat up, my blonde hair tangled.

"OMG! Are you alright?" the stranger blurted out.

Realizing what I had done I laughed. This poor guy had been sitting up against the tree with his long legs stretched out. I had tripped and fallen, thankfully not on him.

"Yeah. More embarrassed then anything," I replied.

"Maybe Cupid meant for you to fall head over heels in love with me," he smirked.

Not missing a beat I responses. "Or maybe you just want my family law notes from last semester since I got the highest mark."

"No you didn't. I did. I did hear of one girl who was a point below me though." He smiled.

"Oh. You're the guy. I'm Katie. I would like to say I'm not normally a klutz but I am. And yes I have already started practising wearing heels because I don't want to fall on my face during my first case."

"Nice to meet you. Is there a reason you were walking aimlessly around the grounds? I could use my intuition and make a guess though?"

I slid closer to him and crossed my legs. He had done the same and our legs were inches apart. Even though it was dark I could see how tall he was. His skin and eyes and hair were all dark and although he wasn't super sexy like Brad Pitt, he had the mysteriousness of Bradley Cooper.

"Go right ahead Mark," I said.

"I think that you just broke up with your boyfriend and your cheerful roommate dragged you here. You are trying to look excited but you really just want to go home and watch 'The Notebook' and cry your eyes out."

I was about to open my mouth when we heard a loud call. Turning around we heard one of the party hosts call out "Game Time!"

"Game time?" I asked.

"I have no idea Katie. Let's go find out," He whispered against my ear and I shivered. He knew in just a few short minutes that I was fine with him getting into my personal space.

As we made out way up the stairs to the deck I turned and whispered in his ear. "Your almost right about me. No boyfriend for a few years though and I'm older then you think. I'd be watching 'Beaches.'

The moment we entered the house we were separated. Part of me was upset because even though we had only chatted for a few minutes I liked him. I was going to be cautious but something told me I was going to be far from careful tonight.

We all assembled in the front foyer. Now this foyer fit all sixty or so people who were present. The host was half way up the curved staircase so we could all see him.

"All right. You are all law students and as with every other party there is an opportunity to do some training. Tonight we are practising interrogations."

I watched as a slow murmur of whispers and giggles spread across the crowd. As this was my first party I really had no idea what to expect. The host continued.

"We have paired you up with someone that you have never spoken to at all. We will stick you in the closet for our rendition of seven minutes in heaven. Who ever gets the most information out of the other person wins. Challenging I know."

My heart skipped a beat and I got very nervous. I really did not want to participate and I surely did not want to be the first person. Would they link up girls with girls or do opposite sex partners? Either way I was way out of my comfort zone. I looked around in the hopes of finding the dark stranger. He was on the far end of the foyer and he simply smiled.

The first few duos went in and in each case the guy won. It was entertaining as once the time was up they had to recite what they had learnt from the other. In a tricky, devious way this was a great way to learn more about your classmates and I had a feeling that this was why this was happening.

"Katie Cassidy and Mark Connors," the host called out. "You are the next contestants on Seven Minutes of Lawyer Heaven."

Everyone laughed at his attempt to be a Rod Roddy impersonator. I made my way through eh crowd to the door of the closet. I had no idea who Mark Connors was and I could feel my hands getting more and more clammier.

"Hi Katie, I'm Mark." I spun around and was face to face with the guy from the backyard. I was about to smile and say something but he hushed me.

"You know the rules. Enjoy," the host said before pushing us into the dark closet.

I could hear his breathing and when he touched my face I whimpered. His big hands held my hips firmly and pulled me against him.

"I'll let you win if you go on a date with me," he said quietly. His hands slid around and tapped my lower back gently. I pushed against him and got up on my tiptoes. He was over a foot taller then me. My hands rubbed his chest and I could smell the faint smell of soap and deodorant.

"I said I wouldn't date in law school," I stated matter-of-factly. He pushed me away and I regretted what I said.

"I'm Mark Connors. I'm from Georgia. I have a degree in chemical engineering and want to get into patent law." He finished his first phrase and ran his fingers through my hair. It was completely dark but I know he was smirking. He had me and we both knew it.

"I'm Katie Cassidy. I'm from New York. I have an English and Geography degree and I want to get into family law."

"You're also stubborn and independent and scared to death at the power I have over you right now." Mark blurted out. I didn't have a chance to respond because suddenly his lips were on mine and he pushed me up against the opposite wall. His hands were all over me and mine were touching every part of him.

I gasped as he lifted me up. "You're way too short. My neck will get tired from crouching. This is better," he said in a teasing tone. His hands wrapped my legs tight around his hips and he continued his assault on my mouth.

My mind was racing with thoughts and all of them were naughty and totally inappropriate. His tongue slid into my mouth and I wanted that tongue in my pussy. When I sucked on his tongue I wanted to be sucking on his thick member. I knew it was thick because it was throbbing through his jeans and pressed right up against my pussy.

My lips were raw from the hard kissing but I didn't care. Actually at this moment I didn't care about anything other then the fact that Mark was an amazing kisser.

"Two minutes," the host called out from behind the door.

We both pushed away at the same time and fumbled with our clothing.

"Quick. Four more interesting facts Mark," I begged.

"Younger sister. Love to read. Politics are fascinating."

"That's only three. I'm an only child. I used to work as a lifeguard. My parents divorced when I was young which is why I want to work in family law. No kid deserves what my parents put me through."

"You owe me one more," he whispered against my lips.

"You might have lost this contest but you won me over Mark."

Just as the door opened he whispered against my ear. "I owe you one more interesting fact. I met my wife tonight."


The bright lights of the foyer flooded the closet and I blinked a few times before stepping out. I had no time to even absorb what he just said and going through what we learnt from each other was a blur. We left out all the personal details and I was declared the winner. Everyone cheered that finally a girl had won and before we knew it the next 'couple' was called up.

He grabbed my hand and led me to the front door and out to his car. He pressed me gently against it and held my face. The cool California breeze felt good as my cheeks were flushed.

"I meant what I said Katie. Katie Erin Connors sounds like the name of a successful family law attorney."

I smiled but then my eyes went wide. How did he know my middle name? He could tell that I was making the connection in my head because he placed his hand over my mouth and whispered.

"I have a confession. I have been trying to get the courage to flirt with you and possibly ask you out. I asked my friend John who was hosting the game to set us up. I didn't think you'd fall head over heels in love with me before that. I guess we have Cupid to thank for that," he whispered.

I let him kiss me because I wasn't mad. I was happier then I had ever been.

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