Cupid's Workshop


Taking my hand she had me massage her pussy. Jane directed my fingers up and down her slit, moving from her vagina to her clit. "That is feeling good," she said. "Because it is so sensitive down here, you can see why you need to keep your fingernails trimmed."

Jane had me turn around, putting my knees close to her head. Bending down, she had me kiss her labia, and then run my tongue through her slit. Starting at her vagina she had me make little circles around it, then kiss my way up to her clit. There I gently massaged it with my lips and stroked it with my tongue. Jane was constantly telling me how it was feeling and directing me on how I was doing and what to do next. After a while my tongue was getting tired from moving fast and slow, making circles and eights around her clit. Whenever I stopped, I could tell Jane sexual excitement would ebb, so I'd start again. Jane reached over and held my erect penis. At this point she had me insert two fingers, two knuckles deep, into her vagina. Giving a firm 'come to me' motion, I stroked her g-spot. Her vaginal muscles would grip and release my fingers, letting me know something was making her feel good.

Jane continued to grasp my penis, though her talking had stopped, yet I could tell from her arch body she didn't want me to stop tonguing her clit. When Jane convulsed into shakes that rocked her pelvis, I was forced to stop sucking and I struggled to move my fingers against her powerful vaginal grasp.

As Jane dressed, she said she was real pleased with how I had done and gave me an 'A', but asked that I not get dressed quite yet.

A couple of minutes after Jane left the room, Alice came in. With a smile and a wink, she dropped her cloths, went through the same cleaning routine as did Jane, and then handed me the bottle of grape seed oil to put on her. I confess my jaws were a bit sore from the previous workout but no way could I say no. As before, Alice directed my moves and gently repeated them until I was doing what made her feel good. Alice liked the feel of a wide mouth grabbing and eating her pussy lips. My face was buried in her wet pussy and she moaned her approval. She had me insert my tongue into her vaginal opening, before moving me up to her clit. Maybe because she was 20 years younger than Jane, her orgasm came sooner and judging from her squirming, it was something to be desired.

"How did I do," I asked, hoping to get another 'A'.

"You did very well," Alice smiled, "but I wasn't quite done yet."

She pushed me down onto my back and proceeded to climb on top of me.

"Your poor penis needs some much needed relief and my grateful pussy would like to do the favor," she cooed.

With that she settled down, my cock effortless sliding into her vagina.

"You're feeling way too good," I said. "I don't think I can hold out much longer."

"Hey, hey," Alice commanded. "Open your eyes and look at me. Have you ever been in the shower when the water suddenly went cold? Let's think of that cold water splashing on you. Don't get too cold, I don't want you to go limp on me."

That little bit of distraction allowed my imminent urge to ejaculate to subside.

"I want you to run your hands over my legs and up to my tummy. Would you do that for me please? That feels so nice," Alice said. "Now I want you to describe my breast. Here, let me bend down some so you can touch them with your hands."

"They are beautiful, a perfect pair, molded in heaven and placed on a most sexy woman. They are so soft and you nipple are erect and firm. That tells me you are sexually aroused, am I right?"

"Aroused doesn't begin to describe the wonderful feeling my man is giving me," Alice's voice was imitate and soft. "My lover has given me a wonderful orgasm, he loves to caress my body and fondle my breast, his cock fills my pussy and he about to impregnate me. It doesn't get much better than this."

With that, Alice leaned forward, moving her body so I could enjoy the feel of her cunt move over my penis. The only thing better than an orgasm, is an orgasm after having prolonged sexual tension. I don't know who designed us, but I do like how they think. Ejaculating into a woman is pure heaven.

Basking in the afterglow, I was enjoying the feel of her breast pressed against me, when Alice realized that my erection was still firm. She began to grind her mons pubis against me, stimulating her clitoris while continuing to enjoy the feel of my penis in her vagina. We were several minutes in this lover embrace, when I felt her vagina tighten and her body quiver. When that subsided, she began moving her hips again, pressing her clit against me as she did so. Her mouth was close to my ear and I could hear little moans escape from her lips, interspersed with silence, then gasps, until the next hill of pleasure was reached. Her body would again stiffen, her lower body, bobbing and shaking, while our upper bodies clung together. I didn't count the number of hills she climbed, each a bit higher than the last, but when she got to the tallest one, it was like she jumped off a cliff. So violent was her thrashing, so vocal her cries, that Jane peeked into the room to see if everything was OK.

I listened to Alice's breathing gradually return to normal. We suddenly became aware of how soaked our bodies were, our genitals were practically swimming in love juice, our torso covered in perspiration.

"You're a marked man," Alice said. "My vaginal scent will linger on your penis for days."

"I love that thought," I said. "I think I want to marry you".

Alice lifted herself part way up so she could show me her wedding band. "You are three years too late, lover boy."

Even after all the loving, I still couldn't resist reaching up to fondle her pretty breast. As she bent down to kiss me, we felt my penis slip out of her body. Alice glanced up at the clock.

"Well, here it is, your first day at Cupid's Workshop, and you've already gone from a 10 second wonder to an hour of solid erection."

"Thank-you for loving me," I said. "If it is OK with you, I'd like you to be my regular partner. We seem to have a good connection."

"Good connection, for sure," Alice laughed. I work in the store all day so only have this five o'clock hour available. So we can do that. But we do want our clients to work with a variety of girls too. 'Different strokes for different folks', you know. I think you find they all have something you'll want learn about. We get these new girls, with real tight pussies. I'd like to see you work some of them, they will really test you. Just remember to distract yourself when the urge to ejaculate gets too strong. Look at their face; comment on the color of their eyes; ask them what classes they are taking if you have too."

When Alice came out of the shower, I asked her if her husband was OK with her doing this kind of work. She assured me he was fine with it, but when I pressed her, she confessed he thought she just worked in the store and didn't know about the other services being offered here. I could tell, she didn't want to talk about this subject so I dropped it when she asked if I'd like to meet their newest volunteer.

"She is real sweet, pretty and a virgin. She has just passed the physical and her first session is for this Wednesday evening. I told her I'd find a gentle stud who she could give her flower too. What do you say, are you up to helping a girl lose her virginity?"

When we got out to where the schedule was, Alice gave me a pamphlet on the subject so I'd know what to expect.

"I want you to go through foreplay with her," she said as she handed me a DVD on the subject. "Then you practice oral sex on her. She'll probably be pretty uptight so she may not orgasm but it would be nice if she did. You'll use plenty of our oil on her pussy and on your penis before you penetrate her. Just go in and out real slow. Poke the head of your penis in and bring it out. A woman loves the feel of her vagina being pushed open. Do that 5 times then go in a half an inch deeper then back out most of the way. Do that twice, and then go another half and inch deeper. Repeat this until your whole shaft is in. Don't forget to talk or get her to talk through this whole process. The first time often has some discomfort and talking helps you keep control and distracts her from some pain."

Wednesday came and I met Charla. She's the girl who always gets the second looks, sculptured to womanly perfection, her charm matched her beauty. Jane came in the room for the first few minutes to go over the rules with us. Charla could stop at any time and I was to quit immediately. Jane explained to Charla that this evening I was to practice cunnilingus on her. Then I would practice maintaining control during intercourse.

I went by the script that Alice had laid out. Orally I did get her to shudder and flutter before she pulled me off. To intense, she told me. Charla was a natural talker so I found it easy to converse with her, describing what I was doing as I worked my cock into her pussy. When I was all the way in, Charla had me hold still, while she enjoyed the full feeling of having a penis in her vagina. Reaching under her pillow, she pulled out a palm sized camera.

"You don't know this," she said, "but this is my first sexual experience and I want to get a picture of you in me."

I thought about asking Jane to come take a picture of us but realized she wouldn't do it because of the confidentiality agreement. Holding the camera up, I took a number of pictures with my penis inserted at various depths. Charla looked at the pictures I had taken and smiled her approval. I told her about Wal-Mart photo department and how the woman there was very discrete when she developed them. We both laughed at that prospect, before I turned my attention back to fucking Charla. "I've been able to hold out this long," I told her, "but I really want to pump you hard and fast and put some cum in your pussy."

Charla breast bounced in rhythm with my thrust. I saw her grimace a few time, more in pain than pleasure I surmised, but I didn't let up. I had burrowed deep into Charla's love chamber, when my orgasmic spurts escaped my penis and took residence in her body.

"Sweet girl," I announced, "you're a woman now! You have caressed my penis in your secret passage, your treasures have been explored, and my semen has washed away your virginity forever. Welcome to your new world!"

Even with the long warm-up, once the fucking sped up, I only lasted two minutes in Charla's tight pussy. Even so, I felt good about lasting that long.

Over the next two weeks, Charla and I made love seven more times. Her goal was to help me and mine was to help her. The first week she was pretty sore from our first outing. But then we managed to find her sweet spot and her orgasmic womanhood sputtered to life. I must say, next to orgasm itself, nothing is as desirable for a man, than to have a woman experience orgasmic delight while he is fucking her.

Rose wasn't answering any of my emails though she would send one, once in a while. She was in Spain now. She attached a picture of herself relaxing at a beach with some friends. She mentioned that it was the Spanish tour guide who had taken the picture and that he gave the best massages. He could be strong and firm or, in the right places, slow and gentle. "I confess," she wrote, "I fallen prey to his magic touch. As we've traveled around Spain, I've spent more nights in his bed than mine. After a massage, I feel so warm and sensuous. No sooner does his penis tunnel into my pussy, then I explode into fits of uninhibited exhilaration. I can now appreciate more, those men who experience the same. My advantage as a woman is, I can do it again and again, at least until my lover serves me his cum."

"Tomorrow we leave for Italy and I must say good-bye to this man with the magic hands and golden cock."

When I read Rose's notes, I get a bit angry, jealous, and frustrated. Why does she share these things? Is she trying to make me into some kind of superman? Are these experiences even true? Never-the-less I resolved that I should ask about getting some schooling in massages.

Over the course of the summer, sexual bliss was but one area that I was experiencing. My fitness coach got me on a regular exercise program. My dietitian had me cut out the junk food. I lost 20 pounds of fat and gained 10 pounds of muscle. They ran me through grooming, manners, even how to tell a joke, classes. I was surprised they didn't offer piano lessons, but my mother had already taken care of that. I was no George Gershwin, but at least I could play some of his tunes. My attitude changed and my performance improved, in and out of bed.

Rose wrote again. It's hard to believe the summer is coming to an end. Italy is a treasure chest full of delightful finds. I met a university professor, M, I call him. A professor of philosophy; whose discourse is enchanting, and whose intercourse is mesmerizing. His family comes from 'old' money so I'm living in his mansion. He and his friends are so educated, so sophisticated, I've been drawn into their circle and fear, if I stay with him much longer, I won't be able to leave. As much as I love his thoughts, it is his sweet nectar that I so passionately desire. How is it that I, a rational, educated person, can become like an animal in heat, whenever he is near me? I'll do anything to please him."

"Friday evenings, his friends gather at his house to talk and drink. A few have brought their beautiful wives, their sheer dresses revealing elegant and dainty bodies. The men become loud and boasting. The wives float around, attending to their wants."

"Darling, come here," M calls to me. He pulls me onto his lap and unbuttons my dress. "My friends want to see a beautiful naked woman," he says, "and none is more beautiful than you."

"I stand, letting my dress fall to the floor. Already braless, I parade around, with only my panties for a covering."

"May I, a voice calls out?"

"Of course, be my guest," M's chuckled voice replies.

"I'm led me to a nearby bedroom. When we return, I am panty-less with a trickle of semen running down my thigh."

"Thank-you professor," he calls out. "Her cunt's grip is as delicious as you boasted. She's a good find, a wonderful fuck!"

"Any time my friend," M replies, "any time."

"By now the women are all naked, as are many of the men. We are outnumbered five to one. From behind, arms reach around and fondle my breast. He directs me to my knees and I bend over as he buries his cock deep into my pussy. Heads turn to watch. Testosterone rules the evening and semen flows freely. No sooner has he finished than another is leading me back to the bedroom. This time we don't return for an hour. Two others have joined him, taking turns, they have their way with me. I am well fucked and happy."

"Cigar smoke drifts around the room when we return. The men discuss politics, money, and women. When it's time to leave, Professor K, leaves his wife behind for Professor M and I leave with K. It will be a week before I am returned."

"I have a decision to make, to return home or stay here. I have been offered a teaching position here at the University. This is something I want to do. These are people I like to be around."

Rose's tale read like a cross between the 'Story of O' and the 'Stepford Wives.' I would have dismissed it were it not for the pictures she sent along. "How do these old bastards attract such pretty women," I asked myself.

It was abundantly clear that our budding relationship was over. Rose had wanted me to know her and had shared herself with me. She did see me fairly clearly and pushed me to grow up. In the end, what we both learned is that we were too different. I knew she was more that I could please and so did she.

I pondered what to say as we parted ways. I sensed she was searching for love but couldn't find it or didn't know what it was. She had a pretty smile, or perhaps, haunting is a better word. Her eyes spoke of deep, piercing thoughts as she searched for happiness. I didn't know what I could do or say so my final email to her had only two words on it, "Thank-you, Good-bye." I don't know if she ever read it.

Alice had a sister she wanted me to meet. Cindy was two years younger, cute, clever and fun. Cupid struck again and this time I was ready. Teasingly, she asked what I wanted to do when I grew up. I told her I wanted to be a tour guide in Europe but since that didn't work out; I wanted to be her husband. She was a virgin and wanted it to be that way until her wedding night. I didn't want to wait too long so we compromised. We got married four weeks after we met.

Now we are living and loving the 'happy ever after' part of the story. She fixes dinner; I help clean up. I pay the bills, she does the wash. She gets upset, I calm her down. I get depress, she lifts me up. She wants to relax; I give her a massage and read her poetry. She wants children and I want to work with her on that too - everyday if possible! She is a Valentines come true.

Happy Valentines Day!

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