Cured for Christmas


"You're way better looking than her," I said. My cock was full and standing straight up as I said it.

"I'm not."

"If you weren't my sister," I said softly as my eyes caught hers.

"But I am," my sister answered. "Your lesbian sister." Her dark, thick nipples were pointing at me.

"Doctor Singh told me over ninety per cent of lesbians can be cured."

"You talked to Doctor Singh about me?" She couldn't hide her surprise at the news. Or her displeasure.

"Dad and I went for a consultation. And do you know what he said?"

"You shouldn't have said anything to him. Daddy was there too?"

"He said it was up to dad or I to cure you."

"And what is that supposed to mean?"

"He said you need one of these things," I told my sister as my hand circled my cock and lifted it.

"That is soooo disgusting."

"And not just any one. A nice big one. One that you like. One you really want inside you. It has to be a man that you love if you really want to be cured."

"Yuck, penises are ugly," my sister announced as she jumped to her feet. "And who said I want to be cured. Or that I have something I need curing from."

"A nice big, hard, family cock," I said as I circled my penis with my hand and lifted it up in offering.


"Even Paloma thinks it's the best solution."

"PALOMAAAAAA! You told Paloma?"

"Did you see how much he loved it when you put the suntan cream on him?"

"Shut up! I don't want to hear another word about your stupid penis." But Melissa wasn't mad. "Now c'mon, I want to go for a swim," she encouraged as she stood and turned towards the water. I chased her -- my throbbing cock led me.


"Do you know what she said?" Melissa asked me about twenty minutes later. We'd just run laughing from the water.


"Emmanuelle...She said that if we got married--"

"GOT MARRIED!" I ejaculated. "Are you crazy? Daddy'd kill her before he'd allow--"

"She said that if we got married, and if we decided to have babies, that she'd like you to be the father."

"Whose father?"

"Our child's. Then I'd be genetically connected to it too."

"Is she nuts? And who's going to father your babies? Does she have a brother?"

"It's just something she said. We're not going to do it."

"You can bet on that," I agreed heartily before adding softly, " there's no way dad will be ever able to do it."

"Do what?"

"It's up to me."

"What is?"

"Curing you," I said.

"You're crazy," my sister replied. But after seconds of trying to meet my steady stare her eyes dropped.


I let my sister drive the motorcycle home. She was wearing a cut-off tank top. My hands circled the bare exposed skin of her stomach the second I got on behind her. The hot engine was throbbing between her lesbian legs. She squealed when my hands moved up and under her top and squeezed her breasts. But she rode on...

"Next time we're going to talk about what your little pussy wants," I yelled into her ear as we roared south.

"There definitely won't be a next time," Melissa yelled back. I slipped a hand down across her stomach and slipped four fingers into her shorts. Then I rubbed her pussy through the thin material of her panties as the roaring motorcycle carried us home.

She was wet when we finally turned onto our street.

8 - Miami Beach, Florida, Saturday, December 18th 2008

The Christmas holidays are a pretty busy time for a family in the Cuban community of Miami. It's an endless round of parties and get-togethers and church masses and family dinners ...

It's dining and drinking with distant cousins and aunts and uncles that you only see once or twice a year. The men sit around smoking cigars while discussing sports and business and Fidel. The unmarried young men and women are paraded in front of other community members while family abuellas huddle in corners discussing possible marital matches.

Melissa, beautiful and now just months away from graduating college, was a prime subject of speculation everywhere we went that Christmas. Who would be a good match for her? Mind you I don't think my name was mentioned as a potential suitor for her! Little did they know...

So it wasn't like we, and by we I mean Melissa and I, were going to have a lot of time alone together during the holidays. I'd known going in that I'd have to pick my spots. It was only on the following Saturday morning that I got my next chance. Paloma was my co conspirator.

Every morning she'd continued to arrive in my bed to brief me on the previous nights discussions she'd had with her sister. Or so she said. But each time I awoke I found myself uncovered, the sheet somehow thrown off during the night. And I'd got the distinct feeling that Paloma hadn't been waking me up the second she'd entered the room.

So I got the lowdown on what Melissa was thinking while my little sister got the lowdown on her brother's penis. I didn't complain --in fact I liked it that my pretty little sister was obviously interested in my cock.


"You're running a 10K? You?" Melissa asked disdainfully as she looked up from the kitchen table. I had just arrived in the kitchen in my running shorts and tank top.

"He's doing it to raise money for breast research," Paloma told her sister with a leer. "That seems to be his main interest in life these days -- girls breasts," my little sister added. Then she winked at me.

"Breast CANCER research," I amended as I pointed to the pink ribbon pinned to my top. "Your little sister hasn't grown any yet so she doesn't feel she should help," I said dismissively. While perhaps slightly smaller than her sisters, Paloma's now eighteen year old breasts were already drawing attention wherever she went. She'd been teasing me with them, bending over so that I could see down her top or 'accidentally' bumping into me, over the previous months. And she knew I'd noticed them. Excellent breasts. Breasts made to have hands cup them as a big penis slid between them. Except, seeing she was my sister, I never should have had that thought...

"Ha, ha," Paloma said as she delivered a punch to my arm. "I can't, Mom and I are going to visit Aunt Carmela," she explained to her sister. "Wanna come?" Aunt Carmela wasn't really our aunt, instead she was something like a third cousin once removed. Melissa had never got along with her. None of us had really. As kids we'd always referred to her as the dragon lady.

"I think I'm supposed to..." Meli stammered, trying to think of any excuse to escape, as mom walked into the kitchen.

"Nonsense, your aunt's been eagerly awaiting your visit Melissa," mom interjected.

"She can't mom, Meli's promised to help me at the race." I smiled as I offered my sister a way to escape this dreaded duty.

My sister is no fool. She immediately latched onto the opportunity to miss being grilled by her aunt. "Somebody has to drive Roberto ... and hold his water bottle for him ... I might even run the last mile with him, it's such a good cause," sis stammered out. And so, after some arguing back and forth, it was decided.

"You know Melissa, you could use that massage course you took up at your College to help any runner that needed help, even Roberto," my younger sister suggested with a twinkle in her eye.

"You took a massage course at College?" mom asked.


"Paloma never should have mentioned that massage thing to mom," Melissa complained as she and I drove towards the starting line in downtown Miami twenty minutes later.

"She was right though ... I probably will need a lesbian massage when I finish the race," I answered with a leer.

"In your dreams little brother," my big sis answered.


The 10K had been scheduled to start at nine a.m. to beat the heat. And it was December so it shouldn't have been too bad. But as it turned out it was one of those Florida December days that feel more like August than winter. Hot and humid. 10K's was a killer. Melissa ran the last kilometer with me.

"That wasn't so hard," my sister said cheerfully as we crossed the finish line. Truth to tell it hadn't been. However yours truly slightly exaggerated how tough I'd found it. And the sweat rolling off my skin simply amplified my complaints.

"Hah," I scoffed through my gasping breath, "you only ran a couple of hundred yards." After downing a deep swallow from a proffered water bottle I started to walk towards where we'd left the car. Of course I limped.

"What's wrong?" my sister finally asked. I stopped. I pulled my shorts up off my right thigh and started to massage it. "My quad ... my hamstring too ... I think I might have pulled something," I said as I rubbed my leg.

I continued to complain once we'd got in the car. In fact I insisted that Melissa drive us home.

"Okay, okay, I'll give you a massage," Melissa finally conceded when we were almost home. I'd continued to complain during the whole drive, in fact I'd expanded my various hurts to include a sore foot on my other leg, a stiff back and a sore shoulder. "But don't think you're fooling me for a second Mister Roberto Martinez..."

But Melissa said it with a smile. I knew she wanted to give her younger brother a massage... to demonstrate all she'd learned up in her Yankee College.

And she might have been a lesbian but she couldn't hide her interest in the thing hanging between her younger brother's legs.


"You should shower first," Melissa said after we'd trooped inside. I did. Took a nice long shower. Then I walked into the girls room, where she'd set up her massage table, with my towel wrapped around my neck. I had nothing else on.

"You shouldn't walk around like that," Melissa chided. "It's rude. Besides, what if Paloma walked in and saw it?" I ignored her as I hopped up on the table.

"Stop complaining, your poor brother almost killed himself trying to raise money to save your breasts," I answered with a smile.

"My breasts are fine."

"Yes they are, beauties in fact," I agreed with a leer.

"Nut!" Meli answered as she picked up the tube of massage oil. But she was smiling. Even a lesbian is a sucker for a well placed compliment! "You know I've never massaged a man before so--"

My sister needn't have warned me of any possible shortcomings of her massage technique. Even having had learned her trade at an all female school she had clearly moved beyond the basics. And given that almost one hundred percent of her training had been with her lover, her massage technique naturally had a much larger sexual element to it than what might have been expected from a standard massage. Even when she was massaging a man. A man who was also her brother.

There was a sensuality in her touch that went beyond simple massage. Her fingers kneaded deeply and strongly into my tired muscles. But they also caressed. She took her time on my back. On my hamstrings. On my bum. For seconds one of her oil covered fingers lingered at my anus.

"Does Emmanuelle like it when you do that?" I asked nervously.

"No!" Melissa answered as she quickly pulled her hand away. I rolled over. My cock was like a flag pole aiming to the sky. Melissa pretended to not notice as her hands went to my left foot.

"Feet are important," she said as her fingers started to work their magic. She was in no rush.

"Maybe you should put my big toe in your mouth," I suggested.

"Shut up." So I did. She massaged my two feet. Then my thighs. My cock stood straight up the whole time. She tried to ignore it but her eyes repeatedly returned to it.

"Finished," she finally said triumphantly.

"You missed one part."

"I don't do those."

"Look how tense the poor guy is."

"I've never done one," she said even as her hand tentatively reached out to touch it.

"I'll tell you what to do," I promised.

"It's definitely very up tight. Does this help?" she asked as her palm closed around me and started to slowly pump me. My penis would have better been described as UPRIGHT.

"Twist your hand a bit each time you move it up and down," I instructed.

"Does your girlfriend ever do this for you?" Melissa asked.

"She's never taken a college massage course. Put your other hand here," I said as I grabbed her left hand and placed it on my balls. My sister may have been a lesbian but in the next few minutes she demonstrated she also understood advanced penile manipulation massage techniques. And how!

"Okay, I think we're finished," Melissa finally announced. But her hand continued to move on me. My cock was throbbing.

"Jesus, he's still pretty tense," I gasped out. I was close. "I think it'll just take a few more minutes and you'll have done it."

"You're not allowed to cum," she instructed. I was thrusting my hips off the massage table. Her fingers were flying.

It builds up and builds up until you can hardly stop yourself from screaming. And then in just one nanosecond the first explosion, the first ecstatic release arrives. And you don't care about anything else in the world besides the feeling in your cock and balls as the sperm rockets up your shaft and spurts upward into the air. Every pleasure receptor in your brain is overloaded, and then, just as that first wave of pleasure rolls through you the second one starts. And then the third. Again and again. I was hardly aware of the white cream as it spurted upward and then fell and splashed back down onto my naked body.

"That was disgusting!" But Melissa was smiling as she said the words.

"You did it," I finally gasped out. "Look, he's all soft and relaxed," I added as I lifted my still semi-hard cock from where it was resting on my thigh.

"It's not that soft," Melissa said as she watched my penis.

"There's still a little inside," I said as I moved my fingers up my cock, squeezing out one last thick globule of cum. I slid a finger across my cockhead and captured it. "C'mon here," I invited as I held my sperm coated finger out towards her.

She shook her head. "I don't want to," she denied even as she watched the cream coated tip of my finger. I reached out with my other hand and circled her waist. I then slowly started to pull her towards me.

"Boys are so yucky," she said as she continued to watch my finger. I slid my hand up her back until it was resting on the back of her head.

"It's yummy," I lured as I waved my finger inches from her mouth. I continued to pull her forward. Her eyes were dancing pools of excitement.

"It's not!"

"Roberto's special cream, whipped up by his beautiful sister," I said as I rubbed my finger across her closed lips.

"I did not," she started to say but before she could add one syllable more I pushed my finger between her lips. She mumbled in protest. I slowly pumped my finger into her mouth. After seconds of resistance her tongue finally started to move. She licked the finger clean. Swallowed.

"You shouldn't have done that," she protested when I removed my finger from her mouth.

"There's much more," I said as I pointed to the pool of cum that had gathered around my belly button.

"I won't!"

I didn't answer, instead I simply held her eyes with mine. It took almost thirty seconds but she finally dropped her eyes.

"Why should I?" she asked as she dipped a finger in the creamy pool.

"Use your tongue. Lick it, I want to feel your tongue on my skin," I half begged, half ordered. "I know you use your tongue on Emmanuelle."

"I shouldn't," she said even as she lowered her head towards my stomach. But she purred like a contented cat as she lapped up her brother's seed. My cock, hard again, almost shot out a second load as her tongue cleaned me.

"That's the very last massage I'm ever going to give you," my sister promised when she'd finally finished.

"Next time I'm going to eat you," I told Melissa as I got up off the table.

"You are not!" I stuck out my tongue in answer. "Boys are hopeless at that anyway," she added. So I kissed her. On the lips. Hard. Hungrily. When I let her go she was whimpering. I could smell her need. Her bisexual side was showing.


The days passed. Parties. Family dinners. Trips to the beach with friends. Paloma visited me every morning to deliver her updates. And to check out her brother's cock. One morning, anticipating the timing of her visit, my cock was shooting out a thick strand of sperm just as she came through the door.

"Boys are so sick," my little sister said after I'd finished.

"Don't you dare think I'm going to let you become a lesbian too," I warned back.

"Hah! You probably love that. It'd give you a chance to take MEEEE to a nude beach. To see my breasts."

"What breasts? Those little bumps," I teased back.

Paloma didn't say a word. Instead she simply lifted the cut off tank top she happened to be wearing. Then she stared into my eyes, challenging me not to look. Of course I looked. Paloma had perfect breasts! And watching them I knew I wanted to fuck my younger sister as badly as I wanted to fuck Melissa.

9 - Miami Beach, Florida, Thursday, December 23rd 2010

I lightly tapped on the girl's door, then turned the knob gently and pushed it open. It was two-thirty in the morning. I was naked.

"Mom?" I heard whispered in the darkness as I walked into the room. It came from the left, from the direction of Paloma's bed.

"Shhhh," I whispered.

'Roberto?" Paloma's bedside lamp lit up. "What are you doing?" I held my finger to my lips as I approached Melissa's bed.

"Oh my gawd, you're naked," my little sister gasped.

"Shhhhhhhh," I instructed again as I continued towards my big sister's bed. "And turn out the light."

"She'll wake," sis whispered as she hopped out of bed. "You're not going to--" Paloma was wearing a white tank top over pink pajama bottoms. Her breasts danced under the thin cloth as she moved to my side. When I pulled Melissa's sheet back I found that she was wearing a satin, ivory colored sleepshirt. The top button was undone. All she had on under it were a skimpy pair of lace trimmed white panties.

"Undo the other two buttons," I ordered.

"You can't ... please Roberto, not like this."

I ignored Paloma's protests and instead bent over and undid the two buttons myself. Then I slipped the shirt off her shoulders and bared her.

"You can't, yours is too big."

I looked over at Paloma and found her eyes now locked on my cock. And as I watched her I realized that mine had probably been the first one she'd ever seen 'live'.

"They're all like this," I said, then moved my fingers to the lace fringed top of Melissa's panties. A second later my sleeping sister was nude.

"They're not all like that."

"Go back to bed. And turn out the light," I ordered. Paloma retreated until the back of her legs hit her bed. She sat. But she didn't turn out the light. Instead she watched as I climbed up on Melissa's bed and positioned myself on my knees between her legs.

"What are you going to do?"

I spread Melissa's knees and then slowly lowered my head until my tongue found her inner thigh. Paloma, her mouth gaping open, didn't say another word as I licked my way upwards.

I ate my sister. Afraid of waking her too soon I went slowly, gently at first. I wanted her right on the edge of orgasm when she woke.

A soft groan finally escaped my sister's lips. Her body below was already wet. In her sleep she'd splayed her legs wide open. My lapping, licking, sucking, kissing tongue had already roused her clitoris and caused the lips of her labia to engulf with blood and open.

"Ohhhh Manny," escaped my Melissa's still sleeping lips. I felt unconscious hands seek out the back of my head.

I lifted my head and turned to look at Paloma. She was sitting on the edge of her bed. I could see her hand moving inside her shorts. "Turn out the light," I hissed. For a second I could see the protest in her eyes. Then she leaned over and flicked the switch.

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