Curing Brian


Brian sighed frustrated.

"Nick can't you understand that I am heartbroken and cookies and basketball aren't going to fix things!"

Nick stood in front of his best friend bouncing the ball. Brian was a wreck. His girlfriend of three years Raychelle had suddenly ended things a few days before and Brian was heartbroken.

"Brian, you always said that life moves on when a girlfriend ever dumped me. It's going to move on for your too. I mean I know Ray was really freaky in bed but you yourself said that there is more to life than sex!"

Brian sulked.

"Nick it was more than the sex! I loved her!" He exclaimed his voice cracking.

"You need help man." Nick said walking out with the ball.

In the hall he ran into Kevin.

"Man we have to do something about Brian!"

Kevin looked at Nick. They had all been worried about Brian.

"What do you have in mind Nicky?"

Nick bit his lip. Looking around he moved closer to Kevin and whispered.


Nick threw a hand over Kevin's mouth.

"Stop being such a chicken man. Do you want to help Brian or not?"

Kevin sighed then nodded.

"Ok then." Nick started. "You go get the stuff ready and I'll try to distract Brian ok?"

"Nick what if this doesn't work?"

Nick paused.

"It will work."

He walked down the hall leaving Kevin watching him. Kevin shook his head and went off to get what Nick said would be needed.

Nick walked back into the room he was sharing with Brian.

"Oh Rok, I have a surprise for you." Nick sing songed.

Brian looked up, his eyes watery.

"Nick please!"

Smirking evilly, Nick tackled Brian onto the bed gagging him and handcuffing him down.

"Brian you have to trust me ok? This is for your own good."

Brian's eyes narrowed at Nick.

"Don't give me that look Rok, you have to trust me."

Brian stared at his evil blond friend. He could not believe the nerve Nick had tying him down and gagging him. He sighed through his nose wondering what the fuck Nick was planning. Brian was at least grateful that the gag was a soft silkish material and that the handcuffs had black fur, it made being tied up more comfortable.

Nick stood back waiting. After 10 minutes the door opened and Kevin walked in. His short black hair was spiky and wet from a fresh shower, his feet bare and he wore only tight black leather pants.

Kevin's chest still looked damp in the room light. In his hand was a long whip. Brian looked back and forth between Nick and Kevin as they whispered. Finally Nick turned to Brian.

"Ok man, just remember that we love you and are trying to help you."

As Kevin stepped forward, Brian's eyes grew wide with shock as he realized what was going to happen. Brian's baby blue eyes met Kevin's dark green ones. With a start, Brian realized that Kevin was a bit nervous.

"This is for you Bri, to show you that life goes on." Kevin murmured as he leaned down over Brian and placed a butterfly soft kiss against Brian's lips.

Kevin had pulled the gag down but Brian didn't even try to speak as Kevin's warm full mouth covered his own.

Kevin's hand slid down Brian's side making him arch up slightly into the kiss. Kevin's warm wet tongue slid into Brian's mouth gently caressing his teeth, tongue and upper mouth.

Brian had never been kissed so fully or slowly as the way Kevin was kissing him. Brian shivered as Kevin slowly sucked on his tongue. He realized that he was already hard as was Kevin. They were both holding rock hard hard-on's that were straining between them.

Kevin pulled back and looked down at both massive tents in their pants.

"Ready cuz?" He drawled softy unzipping Brian.

Brian blushed as his cock sprang forth from his boxers. It was swollen and the head was a dark purple from strain. Kevin clicked his tongue and glanced over to where Nick was standing.

Brian looked over too and was startled to find Nick was recording it all.

"Looking very good." Nick said giving them a thumbs up.

Seeing that Nick also had a hard on, Kevin smirked down at Brian.

"You know cuz, if you get bored with just me, Nick and I can swap. What do you think of that? He asked lowly trailing his fingers of Brian's straining dick.

Brian's eyes fluttered in pleasure, his hips raising. They flew open with a snap as he felt a sting nears his balls. He grunted realizing that Kevin had whipped him. Kevin's eyes were on fire with lust for him. Brian cried out as the whip cracked over him again.

"Tell me you like it." Kevin growled.

"I...I." Brian stuttered. His inner thigh bright red for the whips his balls straining with his dick for pleasure.

"Oh Kevin please!" He begged softy.

"I can't hear you Brian...what did you say?"

"SUCK ME OFF KEV!" Brian cried out needing to be touched. Needing to cum.

Kevin grinned and leaned down. He took Brian's cock into his mouth and began to suck. Brian gasped his wrists straining against the cuffs. Nick moved in closer to get Kevin's head bobbing up and down on Brian's cock.

Brian thrashed back and forth under Kevin. Kevin nipped at the smooth skin near his ball sack. Brian cried out feeling his teeth.

"Please oh please Kevin. Please stop torturing me."

Kevin sat up with a smile. He glanced over at Nick.

"So, shall we stop the torture Nickolas?"

"Up to you." Nick grinned.

Kevin reached up letting Brian's hands free from the cuffs then flipped him under.

Nick got up watching the camera on the he went to turn on some music to intensify things. Britney Spears came on.

I got a plan we can do it Just when you want it baby,baby,baby As long as you want it Come with me we can do it Baby, baby, baby ( yeah , ah ah)

Nick smirked hearing the song begin. Britney was right. There was a plan and he, Kevin and Brian were really gonna do it all night long.

Nick moved closer trying to take in all the detail. He focused the camera on Brian's straining cock. He smirked knowing just how close his friend was.

Kevin pulled Brian up on his knees leaning over him. He reached for the bottle of lube and rubbed some on Brian's little puckered ass hole.

Nick licked his lips, himself straining with need but he knew that his turn was going to come.

"Are you ready for me to rock your world lil cuz?" Kevin asked in a low voice stroking Brian's side.

Brian whimpered and nodded as Kevin pushed in. Kevin groaned feeling how tight his cousin was. He held onto Brian, their heads together. Kevin began to pump his hips quickly knowing that they both needed to get off.

Kevin tilted Brian's chin meeting his lips in a passionate kiss. They both groaned as Nick did still recording.

Nick used his right hand which was free to reach down around Brian. He began to jerk him off and the three of them began to pant. Brian wanted to return the favor to Nick so he jerked Nick off smiling into the camera.

The three men panted and groaned in pleasure, all three near their peek.

"Kevin ugh harder I'm so close!" Brian begged pumping faster and harder.

Kevin obeyed biting down on Brian's neck. Brian let out a yelp, his muscular back arching up.

Nick grunted as Brian's hand worked his dick into a frenzie. He moaned out Brian's name cumming into his hand. The warm man juice on Brian's hand made his mouth drop open in lust. He cried out cumming himself, his cock spasaming.

Kevin kissed Brian one more time before emptying himself in Brian's ass hole.

The three of them collapsed onto the bed.

"Kevin, wow, thank you man." Brian finally got out.

"Oh Brian, don't even think that this is over. There is still so much more to cum." Kevin winked.

Brian grinned excited wondering what was in store.

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