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Curiosity Didn't Kill Kat

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Lt. Louanne Katraine was tired. "Out of all the pilots they could assign, why do I get the graveyard CAP(combat air patrol)?," she thought to herself. "Oh well, thank the Lords it's almost over..."

All of a sudden, Kat's thoughts were interrupted as the comm system crackled to life: "Viper Two Niner Eight, Galactica."

"You are cleared into the break...portside landing bay, hands on approach...checkers green, call the ball."

"Roger," she replied, as she entered the landing bay and hit the trap.

She said to herself, "What a relief, I can't wait to get a good shower and relax."

"Maglocks secure." "Welcome back, Lieutenant."

It seemed like an eternity as the elevator descended to the hangar deck. Finally, her patrol was over. As she opened her cockpit, a familiar voice said, "Damn, you look like hell." It was Lt. Kara Thrace, AKA Starbuck. Kat replied, "I thought I only felt like it."

"I think I ache in muscles I didn't even realize I had." Kat really respected Kara, even secretly idolized her ever since she started out as a rookie pilot and was in the first training class taught by her.

"Trust me, you'll get used to it, at least you stayed in one piece," Kara said, in her trademark smartass way.

"Kat, I just want you to know, you've turned into a really good pilot and I'm proud of you."

"Even though you draw the frakked up assignments sometimes, it's because we all know you'll get the job done."

Kat stood speechless for a second, just kind of beaming with pride. "Awww thanks, I don't really know what to say to that."

Kara smiled back. "Don't say anything, just take a compliment."

"You're lucky, because I don't throw 'em around too easy."

"Anyhow, I'll see you later...take care, Kat."

As Kara walked away, Kat smiled. "I guess I have finally arrived," she thought as she opened the hatch to causeway B. When she arrived at the junior officers' quarters, Kat sat down on her rack and peeled off her flightsuit and clothes in what seemed like record time.

In the dim light, she stared at her naked image in the mirror. She wondered to herself, "Why is it that this damn war, flying these frakkin' planes...make me feel like sometimes I'm not even a woman anymore?"

Kat was frustrated. She had recently gotten back to duty after a bout with depression, and a mild addiction to stimulants. She had been through a personal hell the last couple weeks.

"When will these frakked up feelings go away, do they ever?"

"I don't even feel attractive sometimes...I wonder if anyone finds me attractive...FRAK!!!"

"Maybe I just need to loosen up, maybe i'm just lonely."

With that, Kat wrapped her towel around herself, and made her way towards the junior officers' head and shower area.

As she opened the hatch to the junior officers' head, Kat noticed letters stuck on the mirrors above all the sinks, not handwritten, but on official letterhead from the CIC: "Due to hot water heater malfunction, all hot water to junior officers' and enlisted head unavailable until 14:00 hours."

"FRAK!!!!," Kat cursed out loud. It was only 05:45.

"If it isn't one thing, it's another on this God's damn ship...there's no frakking way I'm waiting for 14:00 to take a warm shower," Kat thought.

"It's the middle of frakking night," "I'll just head over the senior officers' area, 'cause no one's gonna be up right now...and anyway, I deserve it."

She had been warned before to stay out of the senior officers' area by Captain Lee Adama, but right now, Kat didn't care. She was openly stubborn, and she was bound and determined to get her way, at least this time. So with that, Kat made her way to the senior officers' head.

When Kat arrived at the senior officers' head, she opened the hatch as quietly as she could. "Ok, cool...no one's in here, looks like I'm good to go," she thought, as she quietly moved to the shower. Kat turned on the water, and stepped under the warm stream.

"Ahhh...just what the doctor ordered," she thought to herself, as she stood, eyes closed, savoring the delicious warmth.

Kat relished the moment, slowly exploring herself as the water and steam massaged her supple skin. Her hand traveled over her breast, tracing her sensitive nipple softly with the tips of her fingers, then pausing, and slowly moving down between her thighs. "MMMM," she moaned sofly as she continued to explore her femininity, brushing softly across her clit.

"Kat?" startled, Kat whirled around, a little red faced. It was Kara.

"What are you doing in here?" "If Lee finds out, he'll be pissed."

Kat fumbled for an explanation. "I know I'm not supposed to be in seniors' head, but the hot water in our showers is down until 14:00, and I just couldn't wait until then."

"Well, I suppose you're right, I hate feeling all nasty," Kara replied. "I'll tell you what, just hurry up, and I won't say anything."

Relieved, Kat thanked her. "I really appreciate that, Starbuck."

"I owe you one."

Kara turned on the water in the shower next to Kat's. The personnel showers were big open areas that sacrificed privacy for convenience, so as to move quickly on the go.

Kat hoped that she wasn't caught in her moment. "I hope she didn't notice that," Kat thought to herself as she went back to cautiously washing her body.

Just then, Kara dropped her towel, and stepped under the water. Kat couldn't help but notice her beautifully chiseled body, as she stole a quick glance.

"Wow Kara, those workouts are kicking ass for you."

Kara blushed a little, and smiled. "Thanks...do you think you could possibly do me a favor and wash my back?"

"It really sucks reaching every which way, especially when your arms are so frakkin' sore you can barely hold 'em above your head."

"Umm, sure...I suppose," Kat replied, tentatively.

"I should really kidnap Lee and make him do this for me all the time," Kara said with a wink.

Both women giggled like schoolgirls, as Kat walked over.

She felt Kara's soft, and toned skin as she moved the sponge from the base of her neck slowly toward the small of her back.

There was something sensual and erotic about this, Kat thought to herself. She had never had any urges toward a woman before, much less touched one this close, and this curiosity made her feel guilty. "Oh, Lords."

"Stop thinking this way, Kat, and don't even think about acting on it," Kat scolded herself.

It was hard to fight off the urge, though. The growing warmth and wetness eminating from Kat down below made it even harder, as she was turned on already from before.

Lost in these conflicted thoughts, Kat hadn't noticed that she had moved the sponge around, and was now moving close to Kara's breasts.

"Whoa!" Kara exclaimed. "Kat, just my back!"

"Oh my Gods, Oh my Gods...Kara, I'm so sorry" Kat started to sob with embarassment.

"Hey, Kat...shhh...don't cry, hun." Kara put her arms around her.

"I f-f-feel like s-s-such a frak-up," Kat stammered through her tears.

"Why, because you're curious?" asked Kara.

"Kat, all my life, ever since my first boyfriend, I've been around guys."

"I've always had guys, but there are times you wonder, you ask yourself what it would be like, what a woman's touch is like...I don't think that's wrong, I think it's a curiosity almost every woman wonders about at one time or another."

"It's not a bad thing, I've had those thoughts a time or two...it's a natural part of being human to be curious, otherwise, we would be like the frakking cylons."

"Really?" Kat asked, timidly. "I felt bad, like I was a freak or something...I thought it was so wrong."

"Well Kat, I guess we're both wrong then, because I've thought that too, even though I've never acted on it, either." "Anyways, look...pull yourself together, and let's get finished here before the water gets cold."

"Ok" Kat replied. "Thanks again, Kara."

"I really needed the hug and that...I've been so stressed lately and on the verge of breaking down."

"Thanks for being there for me."

Kara gave a motherly smile. "Kat, you're not alone."

"I'm here for you, and I'll always help if I can...now, just relax."

Kat moved over and stood under the water once again, as Kara stood behind her, scrubbing her back. Kara whispered in Kat's ear, as she moved the sponge over Kat's stomach gently. "I noticed what you were doing when I first walked in, and it turned me on a lot," confessed Kara.

With that, Kara continued moving the sponge up and down Kat's breasts, exploring her body.

"I-I-I'm sorry," Kat said softly, as she gave into the sensations.

"Don't be sorry or embarassed at all," Kara replied, softly kissing Kat on the cheek as she gently teased Kat's nipples with her fingertips.

Kat slowly turned around and put her arms around Kara, kissing her softly on the lips, then sharing a deeper one, as Kara returned the kiss.

"Thank you" Kat whispered softly in Kara's ear, as she continued her exploration of Kara's body, gently kissing along her neck, then her breasts, while Kara moaned her approval softly.

Kat was lost in these new and incredibly sensual feelings and sensations...not only did she feel so physically turned on by this, but comfortable and safe emotionally, all at the same time. She'd been with a man before, but a woman's touch was different, in a gentle and passionate way that no man could duplicate.

She moaned louder, as Kara slipped a finger inside her, while massaging her clit at the same time. "MMMM...that feels good..."

Kat returned the favor, exploring Kara's womanhood for the first time, gently parting her folds, and feeling her wetness. "Ohhh...Kat, don't stop...please..." moaned Kara.

By now both women were oblivious to the water being lukewarm, as they continued their sensual embrace, one arm around each other, both close to reaching their peak. "MMMM...FRAK!!" Kara cried out as she came, while Kat rubbed her clit faster.

This put Kat right on the edge, and all it took was Kara to move her finger ever so slightly to the right and up, finding Kat's G-Spot. "OH MY LOOOOOOORDS!!!!" Kat exclaimed as she exploded over the edge, panting from the sheer force of her orgasm.

Still enjoying the aftershocks, both women held each other for awhile, not saying a word.

Finally, Kat spoke up: "I don't really know what to say, except thanks, for sharing this with me, I don't think I could've felt comfortable enough to try this with anyone else."

Kara squeezed Kat's hand, and replied: "I feel the same way."

"You're the only woman on this frakkin' ship I can really identify with...you're special, and a great friend."

"I've just always been hard on you and I push you because you're special to me, and I see so much of myself in you."

"No matter what happens, I'm here for you, Kat...my door's always open to you."

Kat started to cry, except these were happy tears. "This means so much, I felt so alone, like no one understood...thank you."

Kara smiled. "It's all good, we're always gonna be buds, but NO favoritism."

"Lee would have my ass."

"I understand, and Apollo has pretty darn good taste, 'cause that's sure a nice one," Kat giggled, playfully smacking Kara's ass.

"Well, I have to get moving, Lieutenant...morning briefing is in 2 hours, and you better not be late," said Kara, while smacking kat's ass with her towel.

"One thing before you go, Kat...frak that saying."

"What saying?" Kat asked, with a quizzical look on her face.

"Curiosity killed the cat", said Kara, with a sly grin and a wink.

Kat rolled her eyes, as she wrapped her towel back around herself.

"Ever the smartass...but you're right, it sure didn't this time."

"See you at the briefing, sir.", Kat said.

Smiling, she made her way out of the hatch, feeling like a new woman.

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