tagInterracial LoveCuriosity Laid the Bachelorette

Curiosity Laid the Bachelorette


Amber had been driving around aimlessly for almost an hour. She just dropped her husband off at the airport for his first business trip since they were married. He'd be gone for nearly two and a half weeks helping set up another branch's computer system. It wasn't close enough to lunch time to get anything to eat, besides she generally ate rather late in the afternoon so she continued driving around looking and thinking. Cruising on an old two lane road with her radio blasting not going anywhere particular, just trying to clear her mind. At times, she felt like crying, but the tears never seemed to come.

Approaching the outskirts of town, she was driving in one of the older, more historic neighborhoods and noticed a large, old looking steeple off to the right. For some reason, she piloted the car off the main road and headed toward the large building. She pulled into the parking lot and looked at the magnificent old structure with beautiful stained glass and majestic dark brown doors.

Looking into the rear view mirror and she checked her shoulder length blonde hair out of habit. She may have just turned twenty-two, but she definitely felt much older today. At five feet three inches and weighing just over ninety-five pounds, she could safely say she was on the petite side. She never cared much for make-up and from what others said she was the type that it only distracted from her natural looks.

Amber hadn't been to church in years because she was unable to reconcile what she felt and what her old religion required her to accept. However, the one ritual she felt had some merit was the confession. Also, it was a safe place to vent and not worry about it coming back like she would if she talked to family or friends. Nervously, she entered the church and sat down in one of the pews in back. Looking around, she spied the confession booths in the back corner. Taking a deep breath, she was hesitant to do this, but felt since she was here she now had to.

After a good twenty minutes a little old lady exited the booth. Not seeing anyone else waiting for a turn, she got up and dashed into the booth. Sitting down, she took another deep breath and waited for the priest to acknowledge her. She looked toward the mesh like screen and recognized the outline of the priest making the sign of the cross.

Suddenly what she thought was long forgotten came streaming out of her mouth as if it was a weekly practice.

"Bless me Father for I have sinned, it has been five years since my last confession. These are my sins".

She paused for a moment searching for the right words to start with. She immediately flashed back to when it all began and started her tale …


I had arrived back at the hotel, and was physically worn out. I had the final fitting for my wedding dress and everything looked perfect. After one final adjustment the dress fit perfectly. I wanted to run back to my hotel put it on and not take it off until my honeymoon when Mark and I would finally make love. While I consider myself a modern woman, I must admit, I have old fashioned feelings with regard to marriage. I had waited. Not to say I was completely inexperienced, I did allow myself some fun. And even though Mark wasn't a virgin, he accepted my feelings about it without a complaint.

After leaving the bridal shop we ended up going to lunch and managed to have a pleasant time. I do love my mother and bridesmaids, but am glad I decided to stay at the hotel. My apartment lease had expired over the weekend and our house would not be ready until we returned from our honeymoon cruise. I also wanted some alone time to just relax and unwind.

Returning to the hotel all I wanted to do was try to get some sleep before the bachelorette party in the afternoon. I had tried to talk them out of it, but unfortunately, my friends wouldn't allow it. Besides, they said, Mark was having a bachelor party, so I should also have some fun before getting hitched.

It was approaching half past noon, so I laid down with my dress beside me and took a short nap. Waking up and looking at the clock it was almost two. Having a few more hours to kill, I headed out to the lobby. I planned on taking a short walk around downtown. I decided to go into the bar first have a quick drink to calm myself down a bit. Normally I am fairly laid back, but everything with the wedding was starting to get to me. Sitting at the bar I felt a bit odd. Everyone coming and going into the hotel were in a mad dash and here I was in the bar, thirty-six hours before my wedding drinking a beer. I admit, it was having the desired effect and I was beginning to de-stress watching everyone else running around.

"Amber?" I heard from behind me.

Looking to my right, I noticed the smiling face of Kimberly, my soon to be sister-in-law. I didn't know her too well, but she seemed nice and Mark, my fiancé, often talk about her sense of humor.

"So, what are your plans for your last few hours of freedom?"

Kimberly grinned at the look on my face.

"Ok … ok, we'll change the subject."

"Like you don't know about the bachelorette party this evening."

"I promise, you'll have a wonderful time," Kimberly chirped.

To be honest, I really wasn't thrilled about this, but I felt I had to do it for Kimberly and my friends.

We got to the club just after five. My friends were having fun, so that is what I enjoyed most. I planned to have only one drink since I like being in control of myself and honestly I preferred to watch others drink and loose their inhibitions. Unfortunately, I ended up getting quite toasted myself. My girlfriends did buy me a "special" lap dance in the back behind the dance floor. I tried to refuse, but Kimberly leaned over and whispered or actually shouted a little softer, that I had to go,

"After all, Mark is doing the same thing, though I bet he is further along …"

"What do you mean?" I hollered back.

"It's his last chance … his last hurrah."

"He wouldn't do that"

"Please, I think I know my own brother … besides everyone does it, it's not like y'all are married yet," she said winking at me.

Looking up, Kimberly spied the dancer coming to the table, she waved and pointed to me, "Here's the lucky victim."

The hot bodied dancer took my hand and escorted me to the private dance area. He sat me on a chair and began rhythmically swaying to the music, waving his ample package in front of me. Staring at his hard abs and muscular legs, I found myself getting turned on. I could feel the wetness grow between my legs. I had to remind myself in less than two days I would finally get the fire put out. I tried not to think about what Kimberly had said, but I couldn't help it. After the dance he offered to let me buy him some champagne for a special dance. While it was somewhat tempting, and feeling a sense of anger, I was still able to turn him down. He didn't seem too disappointed but did take my hand and put it in his shorts. I admit I grabbed it and gave him few strokes. He then pulled

his shorts down and I was face to face with his manhood.

When his scent hit my nose and with the addition of being quite buzzed, I couldn't stop from leaning in and giving it a quick kiss. Before I knew it, he was in my mouth. I liked the fact that unlike most of the men I had sucked off, he didn't grab my head. I was able to pull off, run my tongue up and down his shaft. As I did this I massaged his balls with one hand while I held onto his shaft with the other. As he emptied his penis into my waiting mouth, I began to choke a bit. He pulled himself from my mouth as I tried to catch my breath. A big glob of spunk landed on my pants leg as I began to breath.

Seeing that I'd be alright, he peered into my eyes he asked my if there was anything else I wanted on my last night tonight.

Afraid of losing more control, I stopped myself and said, "No thanks, that was plenty."

He smiled, took my hand and escorted me back to the main area. As he did that I must admit I did experience a brief feeling of regret.

'Perhaps,' I thought, 'I should have some experience before my wedding night. After all, Mark has had a couple of lovers in his past.'

'Then again,' I thought, 'it's not like I didn't keep him or my previous two boyfriends happy without going all the way.' Shaking my head, I whispered, "Stop it!".

Because of the music, the man holding my hand did not hear. I took a deep breath and chased those thoughts from my mind. But still, I wondered what would have happened if …

Returning to my seat I laughed and told my friends about the dancer, minus the blow job, and threatened to meet him afterwards and run away with him. The girls agreed I could only go if they could come along as well. We stayed a bit longer, but as the bar got crowded and very smoky we decided to leave a little after midnight.

Arriving back at the hotel around one in the morning the last thing I wanted to do was go to bed. I was wide awake and almost jumpy, as if I just had a pot of coffee. I was also feeling incredibly hot and horny and thought another drink or two might calm me down. I stopped by the bar to see if anyone I knew was there. It guess I shouldn't have been surprised that there were quite a few people in there, but no-one from my party.

I ordered a glass of wine, sat at the end of the bar not too far from the entrance listening to the light jazz playing in the background. After a few sips, I sensed some movement to my right as someone sat next to me and ordered a beer.

"Put hers on my tab as well" he added.

Looking to my right, I saw it was an older business man of about forty. He had short dark hair with a hint of grey on the sides and dark skin like creamy milk chocolate. Even with his expensive looking suit I could tell that he had an very muscular and toned physique. Not nearly as good as the dancer earlier, but not half bad. He smiled.

I smiled back and said, "Thanks, but I can't tonight."

"I promise" said the man, "no ulterior motives"

"Thanks, but I really can't, besides, I need to leave soon anyway."

"So … a quick whirl on the dance floor is out then?"

"Afraid so" I replied smiling.

"Please enjoy the drink, ma'am." he said as he placed a ten dollar bill on the table and left.

"Thank you" I said after him.

The bartender approached and asked if I needed anything.

"No thanks … I've had my limit for tonight."

Looking around the bar, there were about half a dozen people sitting talking loudly about something and nearby another man reading a paper. There was another group at the other end of the bar watching ESPN and there were several quiet couples scattered here and there. A very drunk couple that I hadn't seen in one of the booths got up and began dancing.

Watching them, wishing Mark was here so we could join the happy inebriates, then I thought about what Kimberly said and felt a twinge of anger and jealousy begin to rise. He knew I had save myself for marriage, and even though he wasn't a virgin, I had expected him to refrain since we became serious.

At that moment, the older gentleman approached me again.

"Looks like you're enjoying the show, sure you don't want to take a quick spin."

"I really shouldn't," I replied as he reached for my hand.

Since he did not take it and waited for me to make the move, I figured it would be ok. Putting my hand in his large dark one, he smoothly led me to the dance floor. Wrapping his arm around my waist and holding my hand he guided me deftly around the floor. Even though he is a large man, he was really light on his feet. While Mark and I have danced occasionally, it is nice to be with someone really knows how to lead and takes complete control.

After the song finished, we went back to my place at the bar smiling. Taking another sip of wine, he asked me to tell him about my evening. I proceeded to tell him about my bachelorette party and most of what happened as he listened intently. When I thought about the part where I held the dancer's penis, I began to blush, then ended the story there. My dancing partner smiled and commented that it sounded like we had a good time.

We chit chatted a little more when a slower song came on and he took my hand again and escorted me to the dance floor again. Wrapping his beefy arms around my waist as I settled in and followed his lead I felt very comfortable in his arms. Resting my head against his chest I could smell his musky scent. As the song concluded, I was a bit disappointed as his arms let me go and he backed away from me. Thanking me, he shook my hand and returned me to my seat, then he went back to his table.

Getting to the end of my glass, I glanced up to the entrance to the bar and saw three more black men enter the bar and head over to the man who danced with me, shook hands and joined him for at the table.

The four men were sitting at the table in deep conversation, though they occasionally looked up in my direction, obviously talking about me. I almost wished I was with them rather than here, alone. I finished my wine, thanked the bartender as he took the glass and turned around to leave and almost ran into my dancing partner standing right behind me.

Seeing me jump a bit, he apologized and said, "I'd be honored if you let me buy you a drink and join us for a moment."

"I'm sorry, I really cannot stay too late here"

"I promise, it won't be for long, besides we're about to go upstairs for a bachelor party ourselves for a friend of ours … I just wanted to introduce them to the best dancer I've encountered in years."

"Bachelor party? … do you mind if I ask you something about that?"

"Only if you join us"

"OK, but only for a few minutes," I said with my curiosity piqued.

Walking over to the table, my dance partner, whose name I was trying to remember, introduced me to Mike, Thomas and Willie. Shaking each of their hands, I sat down. I noticed he never mentioned his name.

"So Amber," Dancing Partner said, "what can we help you with?"

"Well … I'm just curious to know what …"

At this point we were interrupted by the waitress asking if we needed anything. Dancing Partner ordered a round of beer for all of us, then motioned for me to continue. Willie let out a bit of a snicker and was quickly elbowed in the ribs by Mike, who gave him a rather stern look.

Willie started to say something, but was cut off by Dancing Partner, who seemed genuinely interested and asked, "So, what do you want to know"?

" … mmmm what really goes on at those types of parties?"

Looking like he was a caught off guard, Dancing Partner stammered a bit, seemingly unsure of what to say.

"Nothing, it's just, well the tradition is to … you know … have a final … sow your wild oats kind of thing."

"But … but, people don't really?"

"Well, not everyone, but it doesn't really mean anything, it's a ritual kind of a thing."

"You're, not telling me that …"

"I'm just saying, it's a rite of passage for men."

My head was spinning, I couldn't believe what I was hearing.

Willie quickly interjected, "Ya' know, if ya' wanna find out, you could come up and see for yourself."

"No, no, no," Dancing Partner says, "She wouldn't be interested in that."

"Why?" I asked puzzled.

"Yeah!" Willie added.

"Because, there is only one reason you have a bachelor party … and I don't think you really want to know what goes on there."

"I do, honestly, besides, not everyone has a bachelor party."


Sitting there, perplexed, Dance Partner got up took my hand and said, "Come on, the party should just be getting started."

As he said this, the rest of the men got up as well and we all headed out the bar. Getting on the elevator, I realized that I was the only woman surrounded by four black men. Normally, I wouldn't give this a second thought but since I was heading to their room to attend a bachelor party, I must admit I felt a bit nervous.

The elevator stopped a couple of floors above where I was. We arrived at the room and entered, it was full of smoke and black men, a quick count gave me the total of ten plus the five of us.

As we entered the room, I noticed two black women on the other side of the men dancing topless with G-strings occasionally stroking each other. To be honest, both had been around the block many times and contained haggard looks behind the fake smiles. They had to be in their upper thirties and I felt more pity that they had to do this than anything else.

All the men turned and had noticed me, but the four I came in with immediately went to their friends and said their hellos or whatever to them, which I couldn't make out. The men then turned their attention back to the dancers.

Looking around the room, I noticed in a back corner was a large white man with a rather long, scruffy beard. He looked like a tough motorcycle gang member, but I felt a tinge of relief to see him there. Slowly I eased over to where he was and as soon as I made eye contact, I realized that it wasn't a good idea. He gave me a quick look over, scowled and penetrated me with his hollow eyes. I immediately felt a chill and rather quickly moved back towards the black men watching the strippers.

I got so close to the closest man, I bumped him without noticing who it is. Looking up at him as he turned to look at me, I was disappointed it was Willie rather than Dancing Partner. But still, I felt Willie was just a player, while the other guy … well … who knows?

Willie draped his arm over my arm and whispered in my ear asking if I was alright.

"Fine," I sheepishly whispered back.

I hated to admit I felt guilty for judging the black men and preferring the scary looking white man first. The black men had been nothing but gentlemen, yet deep down I realized that some rather ugly feelings resided inside me. I had tried to bury those feeling and felt I was a good liberal, but when push came to shove, I had some prejudices within me.

Because of this, I didn't react at all when Willie started rubbing my arm from shoulder to elbow and back. I simply stood where I was as he began stroking me more firmly. Taking my lack of resistance as an invitation he gently began guiding me with his arm until I was positioned right in front of him. Now he could use both hand to massage my shoulders. Occasionally moving down my arms, then back up to knead my shoulders and neck some more.

I found myself getting extremely turned on by Willies attention. I closed my eyes and leant into his motions. Moans began escaping my lips as I sank into a blissful stupor. The wetness between my legs grew as I relaxed and enjoyed the attention.

Barely cognizant as to what was happening, it barely registered when the hands slipped off her shoulders and moved down to my hips. As the hands moved up my body they stopped just below my breasts and moved back down to my waist. Willie then began to blow warm breath into my ear and gently kiss my neck.I felt my legs then buckle under and slide backward onto Willie's crotch as his hands quickly moved and "unintentionally" cupped my breasts. Before I could react, he began gently caressing my little titties rubbing harder with each motion.

I then felt the hands move down my sides again and attempt to enter under my shirt. Snapping out of it for a moment I grabbed hold of the arms and prevent them from going any higher. Willie then kissed my neck again and reminded me that my fiancé was probably doing the same thing right now. In fact, he was probably already finished and working on the next slut since he didn't spend so much time in a bar before the party. With a sudden flash of anger, resentment and hurt I let go and Willie continued, moving the bra up and out of the way; then he squeezed my naked breasts until it was almost painful.

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