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She was a virgin, inexperienced and untouched - curious about sex.

He loved seducing a virgin. Very slowly he'd release her suppressed desires, gradually revealing her charms as he savored every moment of her sexual awakening.

For 'Andrew', wherever you are.

1 - Secrets

I often wondered why my favorite Auntie Cass split with Uncle Rick all those years ago. They were a perfect pair. Generous and fun-loving, they were a handsome couple and their life seemed full of promise.

When they suddenly parted in their mid thirties, the family went into shock as Rick made my precious auntie suffer at the hands of his lawyers. They had been married fourteen years and had no children. It wasn't until much later, when Cass was in the throes of chemotherapy that she dropped a hint of what had happened.

The two of us were sitting side by side in her garden, idly watching the birds tussle on the lawn when she ventured into topics of conversation previously unexplored. I'd brought lunch with all the trimmings and we were picnicking the old-fashioned way, spilling our thoughts as we ate.

Reflecting on how she'd handled her life, she wondered if she could have done things better at the time of the break-up or even before.

"Yes," she confirmed, "Rick was a controlling man to say the least. He wanted to possess my past along with my future. We should have parted long before."

Our eyes were on a pair of courting doves.

"I was such a romantic back then," she sighed, "Convinced that everything would be perfect if I kept him happy and played the model wife."

Clearly reminded of something painful, she waited a moment before she spoke again.

"But life is more complex than that. There were other people to consider - other reasons. It wasn't all down to Rick."

My mouth fell open in surprise. Auntie Cass had a secret to hide! Would she tell me? Had she told anyone at all? We were close, Cass and I, so I took her words as an invitation to ask for more.

"Have you shared this with anyone?"

"Never," she said firmly. "But I'll tell you one day. When the time is right, I'll tell you."

What could I say to that? She'd captured my interest by revealing this much. I was burning to know more.

"There were few people on hand to advise us back then," she continued. "You're lucky your mom is so open."

"And you," I told her. "I'm so lucky to have both of you."

As a lone child reared by two sisters since my father died young, I'd had lots of female love and encouragement.

"Is now the right time?" I persisted, unwilling to let the matter drop. "Would you tell me now?"

"If you're ready to listen..." She bit into a sandwich.

"Do you mind if I write it down? You know I collect stories."

"This one is very personal," she warned. "Once I tell you, it's in your hands but I want no fuss. No sweeteners. Nothing about me is sweet these days. You'll see what I mean soon enough. Agreed?"


And that's how she told me about her first sexual experiences. She started immediately and gave it to me undiluted. I had to listen hard to catch every detail.

As she spoke, she told me to keep my eyes on the birds in the garden and not to look at her or touch her or do anything that would cause tears. Above all, I was not to become sentimental or feel sorry for her later on.

"I won't be around this time next year," she said when I expressed amazement at her frankness. "Why hold back now?"

So here it is - the story of Cass and the two significant men in her life - Rick and Andrew. In the end, it's my story too.

2 - Clinch Knot

Not long after her nineteenth birthday, Cass worked out how to get some quick, hot sex with Rick, her new boyfriend.

She adored him with a passion but she suspected she loved sex even more. Ignited during the recent vacation, her carnal instincts were like a new flame seeking air. Now Cass needed sex. She craved it. She had to have it or she would die.

Not that Rick was unwilling; he was captivated by her unrestrained sensuality. A recent beginner himself, he was proud his sexual appetite outstripped hers with each new encounter.

Cass loved Rick's urgent demands in dangerous places, but she often liked doing it her way when the ache between her legs was no longer bearable - after she'd been worshiping him as he worked at the desk in her college dorm room, the silhouette of his perfect ears etched against the light.

As she lay on the bed pretending to read, she'd idolize the contours of his thighs - his square shoulders, his strong hands - the way he turned the page or handled a pen.

Watching the rise and fall of his shirt as he breathed, she'd fantasize about his wonderful chest, well-muscled after an outdoor summer job working drilling rigs in the desert.

She'd wonder at his personal drilling equipment, too. His huge cock fascinated her. How could a man like him make it through the day unmolested by females? How could he face the ordinary world concealing such power in his pants?

The thought would make her heart race. Soon she'd get her hands on him, tracing the shape of his pectorals with her fingers as she worked her way downward. She'd wonder how his skin would feel against her nipples if she exposed her breasts.

Aware her arousal had already made a damp patch in her panties, she was also thinking that if she stayed quiet on the bed for long enough, she could take him by surprise and watch his cock grow.

With such hot thoughts crowding her mind, there'd be no room for anything else, certainly not her studies. Down below, her opening would be swollen and her clit erect - and all this without touching a thing.

If she rolled over gently, she could secretly press her pussy mound into the bed and brush her nipples against the covers - never using her hand of course, for that was forbidden. He would touch her later.

The moment would arrive.

"Time for a break?" she'd casually suggest.

"Uh?" Rick would look up and smile.

She'd need to move rapidly if she was going to get what she wanted. Approaching Rick from behind, she'd put her arms round his shoulders, slipping a hand inside his shirt.

"You've been working so hard," she'd purr as she nuzzled his neck.

His chest was like a rug even at his young age and she loved to run her fingers down his body, following the firm contours with her hands. With her heart beating fast, she'd breathe into his ear and bite his earlobe - smell his scent.

"Mm..." she'd hum into his ear, and he'd suck in his breath and shiver beneath the soft burr of her lips.

She'd kiss her way round his face, over his eyes, down to his mouth, sliding her tongue inside as she unzipped his pants with busy hands below. If she worked fast, Cass might find his wakening member plump and warm down there, stirring with the beginnings of an erection.

She could cup her hand over its growing bulk as if she were holding a baby bird in its nest, capturing its silky warmth as it sprang to life and swelled against her palm. She could watch it extend and thicken within the circle of her grasp, its mushroom head bulging through her fingers as it reached its zenith.

And there was the special thrill of observing that first shiny bead of pre-cum in the widening slit - the liquid proof of her own allure. She loved all this magic - adored rousing his cock until it was rock hard and ready to shoot at the mere whiff of naked pussy.

With his manhood standing tall before her eyes, she'd be ready to tear off all her clothes. She'd release her grip, desperate to open the front of her shirt and slide her panties down but if she was lucky he'd be doing it for her already.

Throwing her leg over his thighs and thrusting a nipple into his open mouth, she'd soon be pressing her pussy against his shaft, rubbing hard against it to saturate him with her juices and tease her clit.

The two of them were never able to last long at this game. Cass would pull his face to her breasts as she sank down on that thick, slick rod of his, thrilled to the core as her body swallowed his heat.

That's when she'd hug his cock - squeeze him tight inside her pussy. It was her invention, so she thought, a little trick she'd discovered unaided. It never failed put him in a state of rapture - to set him thrusting and pumping harder and faster as she took him between her thighs.

A few more thrusts and the temperature would reach volcanic proportions, the friction between her swollen pussy and his cock providing all the right conditions for spontaneous combustion. Together, they'd sense their approaching orgasm, rumbling like the imminent eruption of an entire mountain with the two of them helpless in its power.

"Ah... ah... ah..." Cass would gasp, trembling as she lost control.

As if on the edge of a lava-filled chasm, beautiful but dangerous, Cass would cry out, amazed that the approach to her release was almost as big as the release itself.

Thrusting a nipple into Rick's mouth, she knew he'd nip it with hard lips and they'd come together with a shout, struggling to stifle their noise against the public corridor outside, riding hot waves of ecstasy as their bodies pulsed and throbbed as one. Floating on a sea of passion, they were oblivious to rational thought.

When Rick's spent member finally slipped from her satisfied body there was so much cum to clean up that it never occurred to him to take things further. There would be time one day... when their studies were over.

For now, they were committed. Fascinated by her naïve enthusiasm, Rick had claimed this sexy young woman for himself. He was under her spell. Cass was content.

The two of them would hastily dress, eager to hide the aroma of fresh sex.

3 - The Lure

But Cass was more than fascinating. She was guarding a secret she could never reveal to her new boyfriend. Before Rick, she had been seduced by another, much more exciting man - Andrew.

Cass's first taste of sex was part of an end-of-year fling with three college friends. All four were preparing to return to the restrictions of home during the summer vacation but they had few worries. They'd been very studious with nothing naughty to conceal.

To retain their scholarships they'd worked hard during their first year. Applying their feminist ideals, they'd even sworn off male company for a while and Cass's high school sweetheart had taken his unused rod to another pond. Now, like fish in the mayfly season, the friends were ready for some action. Their opportunity arrived in the form of a party invitation.

A number of post-grad students some four years older - real men, not boys - were sharing a house in town. They had invited the virginal Cass and her girlfriends, Stephi, Beth and Rosa because they were still on campus for a late exam while most other students had vacated their rooms.

The girls had never met these men before but had heard of them through the drama club. Taking the risk, they accepted, joking about it as they perfected their make-up, hoping that generous applications of mascara and lipstick would keep them afloat in any conversation.

"We'll see who comes out on top," quipped Rosa, "Revlon or Rousseau."

Crowded inside the taxi, they exchanged hearsay about their hosts and finally the pretty young things were greeted by those oh-so-mature young men of twenty-three or four, buffed and beautiful and bursting with the latest on literature and music and all manner of things to impress a girl. One of them, Andrew, even kissed Cass on the hand.

As they launched into clever conversation, it was soon clear where their interests lay. The girls weren't so much drawn to the brainpower of these men as their mature, manly bodies. In no time at all, each had fallen into the embrace of a handsome example of masculinity and the initial welcoming kisses had developed into a full-on meal. They were positively eating each other.

Music pumped into the night as food was circulated and alcohol flowed. Certain other things were passed round too, but the girls, high on hormones and hip chat, hardly noticed what anyone else was doing.

Cass and her friends fed upon their new-found partners as they sipped their wine, and those who'd found chairs nestled their bodies suggestively into their distinctly male laps.

From time to time, lured by a dance track with hypnotic appeal, they'd join the writhing group in the centre of the room. There was always someone on hand to reach in and refill their glasses. Never had the girls been to such an exciting party where they were the centre of attention. Their gallant hosts were real men, they decided. Those other college boys were mere babes in comparison.

Coming from closely guarded backgrounds, Cass and her girlfriends were not aware that they were turning into proper little teases. It gave them a thrill to feel an erection as they sat a certain way on a man's lap or pressed against his body as they danced. Before long, they were so aroused they could hardly walk straight.

Cass had cornered Andrew, the leader of the household and the oldest of them all. Or perhaps he had cornered her. No matter. This young woman with her long blond hair, clear skin and expressive gray-blue eyes had come to his attention, and now, through her clothing, his hands were getting acquainted with other unseen parts of her body.

As she thrilled to his touch, Cass was appreciating his unusual coloring - auburn hair and cute freckles scattered over a honey tan. His mischievous brown eyes danced as he watched every move.

Adding to his attraction was the information Beth had revealed in the taxi; Andrew had a famed preference for virgins. He liked to take his time. Thawing a fresh frozen virgin was his specialty. It was said he melted their resistance with his charm and roasted them on his spit. None of the girls quite knew what this meant, but they could guess. The man was dangerous.

"He's also a boxer," Beth threw in.

"And an athlete," said Rosa. "He was in the state team."

"'Did you say 'state'?" laughed Stephi, collapsing on her friend. "You haven't heard much, have you?"

Stephi explained that Andrew had so many women he was reputed to keep one in every state, reminding Rosa that his latest girlfriend, a nurse who worked nights, couldn't be at the party.

Cass was amazed. How come they knew so much about a guy they'd never met before?

But what a delicious situation in which to find herself - to be chosen by suave, smooth Andrew, the dangerous one! Surely the 'woman in every state' story must be a rumor. He was so well-mannered and attentive. He'd only had eyes for Cass all evening. She was sure she could have a bit of fun with him. It was quite safe.

During the early hours of the morning the main party broke up and it became clear that the girls had a decision to make: to return to college and climb through a window or stay out all night.

The time had passed with surprising speed and it was far too early for the girls to release their grip on their new-found partners. They decided to stay, and somehow the group divided again with couples moving to separate bedrooms - Beth with John, Rosa with Joe and Stephi with Karl.

For the first time in her life Cass was playing with fire. By choice, she was alone in a bedroom with a man she'd known only by mouth for a few short hours.

4 - The Hook

Trembling in anticipation, she knew what she really wanted - to get close to Andrew and feel his hard bulge on her pussy - to rub against it and see what happened. Her stern religious upbringing meant that she'd never allowed her pussy near a man's erection, always pulling away at the last minute through fear of the unknown.

Of course she'd toyed with her boyfriend in parking lots and on the beach - as much as their vow of chastity allowed. She'd felt his erection against her leg but she'd never simulated sex by bringing her pussy into the action. She'd never removed her clothes in male company or touched a naked penis.

Andrew was so attractive that she'd touch any part of him now, given the chance. Further, she couldn't imagine - in fact, Cass wasn't sure where the paths of righteousness lay. Already she was smudging the outlines around her moral universe.

Now that she had the opportunity - and one laced with the naughtiness of an overnight stay - she was consumed with curiosity. If she was ignorant and inexperienced, instinct was on her side. The idea of sex with Andrew seemed so natural.

She'd had those sexy dreams where she woke in the dark, wet and throbbing, and now she wanted one of those dreams for real. Now she wanted to put a real man between her legs. Cass wanted to become a woman.

Alone with Andrew in his room, she leaned on his shoulder and waited for things to happen. As his arm accidentally brushed her nipple, her suppressed carnality ignited in a blinding flash and the remaining shadows of her upbringing faded into a misty past.

Swaying together, their lips locked in an open-mouth kiss, they danced as one until they collided with the bed and he pulled her down on top of him.

Instantly, Cass had her first wish granted as she felt his hard length against her mound. His cock felt hard and hot and her pussy swelled with arousal. Intense heat radiated through her body.

In a sweeping move, Andrew reached over and flicked on the radio, its soothing late night jazz now a background to their contortions on the bed. Their tongues and lips explored, their bodies undulated... writhed... grappled... Cass heard her shoes hit the floor one by one as she eased them from her feet.

Still dancing to the music - horizontally, so to speak - Andrew met with no resistance when he found the zipper on her dress and slid it all the way down her back.

The sudden feeling of semi-nakedness made her laugh into his kiss. She giggled when he kissed down her neck and across her throat and all the way to each shoulder as he pulled the dress aside. In response, she slipped her hands under his shirt, her fingers blindly exploring hard muscles and smooth skin.

Lost in the heat of their embrace, Cass was wondering what would come next when Andrew rolled them over as one and kissed her on the nose.

"It's time we prepared for bed," he said, clearly enjoying the happy expression on her face. "It's late, and I have an early start in the morning."

Cass's heart sank. Andrew was speaking with the voice of common sense, something she'd left behind in the taxi at 8:00PM the previous evening.

"OK..." she faltered, thinking their fun was about to end.

"Allow me," he murmured, and Cass caught sight of his mischievous smile again.

With expert hands, he slowly eased her dress down over her body, his kisses following his fingers, until she lay there before him in her underwear.

That night she happened to be wearing a cute little ensemble she and her friends had bought on a shopping spree - a tiny bra, French panties and a little teddy with a slash above the right thigh - all in the palest colors - blue satin with apple green lace. Cass looked sweet enough to eat. She watched as Andrew began to unbutton his shirt.

He pulled her close and held her to his chest. His skin was warm. When he breathed a kiss into her ear Cass relaxed once more.

"Have you noticed that I'm still wearing my shoes?" he murmured, giving her earlobe a playful nip.

"Oh, s-sorry..." Cass stuttered. "Would you like me to take them off?"

"If you wouldn't mind," said Andrew languidly, kissing her neck and all the way down her pale blue satin front.

Cass enjoyed being helpful and now she was in her element. She slid off the bed and bobbed down at his feet. Quickly she began to untie his shoelaces then realized she'd be more seductive if she took her time. Working more slowly, she began rubbing her cheek against his strongly-defined calf muscles.

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