tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCurious Girls Ch. 18-20

Curious Girls Ch. 18-20


I lounged around in bed until early afternoon. Krista had left earlier in the morning to run some errands, so I had no real motivation to leave her bed. I just couldn't see the point. Her bed was warm and soft; it made me feel safe. Being home alone, I was likely no safer in Krista's bed than I would have been in my own. However, I had never been violated in my sister's bed. Tamara had tried once, but Krista had unknowingly protected me.

The full feeling of the anal plug Tamara had forced upon me last night had a very de-motivating effect. At least by lying still, I could almost forget it was there. "Almost" being the operative word. There was always a lingering discomfort, but the minute I moved it was impossible to ignore. I was self-conscious just being around other people. I worried somehow they would just know--perhaps they would see the outline of the belt through my clothes or notice me walking funny. As far as I could tell, no one seemed to think there was anything strange about my behavior, but it was hard to believe that something so obvious and all-encompassing to me could be completely invisible to others.

Unfortunately, I knew I would have to get out of bed eventually. Not only was I getting hungry, but I was feeling a slight cramping in my lower body. It was a feeling I had been dreading since last night, but it had happened much sooner than I'd hoped. Was I really going to have to go to Tamara every time I had to use the bathroom? I could already see this becoming a huge headache. What if I couldn't find her? What if she was busy? Hell, what if she just didn't want to take it off of me one day? That seemed unlikely, but the possibility scared me.


I waited as long as I could. I had finally pulled myself out of bed for a late lunch, but I wasn't able to enjoy myself. All throughout lunch, I struggled to ignore my growing discomfort. Even over the next couple hours, I just sat there trying to wish away my frustrating situation. However, when I heard the garage door opening, it was the push that got me out the door. I didn't want to deal with Krista right now. I didn't want her to start asking questions. I locked the door behind me, but I waited quietly until I heard the garage door closing to sneak to my own car parked in the driveway. I knew where I had to go.

Driving there was easy, but it turned out the rest was not so easy. The first time I reached Tamara's house, I hadn't yet committed mentally to stopping. It was four times around the block before I finally forced myself to park. Or rather, my situation forced me to park. I wasn't at all mentally ready to be here at Tamara's house again, but circumstances were forcing my hand.

I sighed, and made my way to Tamara's window. Despite knocking several times, no one came to the window. Panicked, I went to the front door and rang the doorbell. Crap. I should have texted her before coming over, but I hadn't really committed myself to going through with this until I got here. Tamara's mom answered the door.

"Hello," I said politely. "Is Tamara home?"

"Who is it?" I heard Tamara yell before her mom could respond to me.

"I suppose that answers your question?" She smiled. I didn't much feel like smiling back.

Tamara appeared at the door.

"Sara? What are you doing here?"

"I... I just thought I'd see if you wanted to... hang out," I asked, not knowing what to say with her mom next to her.

"Oh, sure!" She grabbed my wrist and pulled me in, closing the door behind me. She turned to her mom while pulling me toward her room. "Mom, it's OK if Sara and I hang out in my room, right?"

"Sure, honey! You two go have fun! But remember you have to leave for your appointment in an hour."

"Crap. I forgot about that," Tamara grumbled. "I guess we'll just hang out until then."


As Tamara locked her door, I sat down on her bed. I would never feel comfortable in her room, it was too much like walking into the lion's den. It was especially awkward having to walk past her parents without them having any idea what was going on in their little girls' room.

"I'm so glad to see you, Sara. I didn't expect you to be back so soon," she smiled. "I'm sorry we don't have a lot of time to play now, but I guess that's a risk we face with our little game."

Game? I wanted so badly to tell her that this wasn't a game to me. But I knew better. Talking back to Tamara never worked out in my favor.

"Since you're in a hurry, why don't you just let me use the restroom now, and we can resume this another time?" I asked as nicely as I could.

"I admit we would need a few hours to have some really kinky fun, but there's no point in letting this time go to waste."

Tamara sat down near the head of her bed, and pulled herself up so she was leaning against the headboard. She reached down, crossed her arms, and pulled her shirt over her head tossing it to the floor. I was as in awe as ever at the stark contrast between her pale, white skin and the freckles which covered most of her body. That was part of why her breasts were so entrancing. As she pulled off her bra, I observed the milky complexion of her large breasts, almost devoid of freckles compared with the rest of her body. They would have been captivating enough just for their size and perkiness, but they were so smooth and pale. Her slightly puffy areola and pink nipples standing out even more than her freckles did on the rest of her skin.

"What are you doing, Tamara?" I asked, confused.

"We may not have a lot of time, but it's been awhile since my chest has been given proper attention. That's largely my fault. I can always tell how much you want to kiss my breasts, but I admit I'm usually too horny to let you near anywhere but my pussy these days. This is your chance to suck my tits to your hearts content."

"I don't want to kiss your breasts," I started to protest.

"I know, I know. You'd rather feel my pussy on your face, but don't pretend you don't like my breasts. You haven't taken your eyes off them since I took of my bra. She was right, of course. But that didn't mean I wanted to suck them.

"You're right, Tamara. You do have an incredible chest. In fact, I would rather kiss your breasts more than anything else." It was worth a try.

Tamara just laughed. "You don't need to lie to me to make me feel better. I know you'd rather have your tongue inside me right now," she teased. "Now get over here and show your goddess the proper respect."

I reluctantly crawled over to her, lowering my lips to her breasts. Slowly and sensually, I caressed her soft skin with my lips. Each kiss was slow, wet, and deliberate. I opened my mouth as I kissed her, allowing my lips to caress her skin. She really did have incredible breasts. If I was going to have to kiss any breasts, they were about the sexiest breasts I probably could have imagined. It was only when I remembered whose nipple my tongue was sliding over that it eliminated most of the potential sexiness and snapped me back to reality.

Having covered every inch of each breast, I began to primarily focus my attention on her areola and nipples, letting my tongue circle sensually. As my tongue trailed from the edge of her areola to the edge of her nipple, I closed my lips around her breast. I suckled gently, sliding my tongue back and forth over each nipple. Her breathy moans told me I was doing it right. I kept expecting the intensity of her enjoyment to eventually peak, but it never did.

"Fuck," she moaned. "I wish we weren't pressed for time. I think I could have came from that. You're incredible with your tongue." She ran her fingers through my hair. "Look what you did." She grabbed my hand and pulled it between her legs. Her panties were warm, and very noticeably wet.

"Oh, God." I tried to pull my hand away.

"I know, right?" She grinned, misunderstanding my reaction. "I'm even more excited now at the thought of feeling your tongue against my clit."

I was stunned and at a loss for words.

"But It's my turn to take care of you now," she said softly as she pushed me onto my back.

I just need to use the restroom," I protested. "That's all."

"We'll get to that, but you have to learn that good behavior will be rewarded."

She unzipped my jeans and slid them off, revealing the chastity belt. She pulled out her key and after unlocking the locks, removed the belt. I wasn't entirely sure what she was thinking, but I surely wasn't going to stop her when she was removing my belt.

I tried to sit up. "Thank you, Tamara. Now, I'll just use your restroom and be on my way."

"Stay down," she said sternly, pushing me back down and straddling my body, using her weight to pin me. She turned so that she was facing my feet, and I felt her fingers slide between my legs.

"You're still so dry," Tamara said, disappointed. "We really need to step up your training. You should be wet by now. But I can fix that."

She turned and looked down at me, her middle finger in her mouth suggestive of her intentions. She winked, withdrawing her saliva coated finger. I felt her hand back between my legs. She gently massaged my vaginal lips as she worked her way inward. I felt disgusted, but there was not much I could do to stop her. And the longer she rubbed me, the less I wanted to. It was starting to feel really nice. As her finger brushed against my clit, I moaned involuntarily.

"You like that? That's how it feels when you please me."

I couldn't even respond. I was too caught up with the magic Tamara's fingers were working between my legs. I knew I shouldn't be enjoying myself, but I was. Tamara began flicking her finger quickly over my swollen clit. The sensation was too much for me to handle. I moaned loudly as pleasure shot through my body, my clit becoming sensitive as Tamara withdrew her hand.

The minute my pleasure had subsided, a wave of guilt and shame washed over me. I couldn't believe I'd let Tamara do that to me. Every time I let her give me an orgasm, I felt like I was giving her more control over me.>>

Tamara had a half bathroom inside her bedroom, which I supposed I should be thankful for. However, when I tried to close the door behind me, Tamara's foot blocked it.

"Not happening," she said firmly. "You haven't earned any right to privacy yet.

"What?!" I asked in shock. "You can't expect me to go to the bathroom with the door open!"

"That's precisely what I expect."

"Tamara, please. Can't you leave me some small shred of dignity?

"Let me think about that," she mused. "Hmmmm--No." She grinned, never tiring of manipulating and playing with my emotions. "But hey, if you don't need to go that urgently, I think I've got the energy for another round or two."

"No! I mean--I'm going. Just, can't you look away or something?"

"I could, but I don't want to," she laughed. She stared intently at me as I sat down on the toilet.

I couldn't hold it any more. I felt so exposed and awkward under Tamara's penetrating stare as my bowels emptied into the toilet. I felt immense relief which lasted only until I remembered I was under Tamara's watchful gaze. I thought emptying my bowels was awkward enough, but I realized cleaning myself was going to be even more awkward. I uncomfortably grabbed the toilet paper and did my best to clean myself without exposing myself any more of myself than necessary. Somehow, being forced to use the restroom in front of Tamara was humiliating in a whole new way. It was like she'd invaded yet another aspect of my life that should have remained private.

"Good. Now clean off your belt," she demanded, holding the chastity belt out to me.

"Any chance you'd let me skip putting this on it I agree to come over--," I hesitated, "Once a week?"

She laughed, and tossed the belt at me. "Clean it," she said firmly.

I sighed, and began scrubbing the plugs clean with warm water and soap.

"Now, dry it and give it back to me." Confused, I did as requested. "I can hardly expect you to put this on without lubricant, now can I?" she grinned as she began sliding both of the plugs slowly into her still wet, vaginal lips--first one plug and then the other.

"Aren't you going to thank me?" She asked as she handed it back.

I grimaced as I took it from her, noting how her thick juices spread liberally over both of the plugs.

"Thank you, Tama--Goddess." I said through clenched teeth.

"You're welcome. Now put them in."

"I'd never stuck anything inside myself before, and I wasn't sure it made things any easier. Having things forced on you was very different than doing them yourself. The vaginal plug went in easily, but I had more difficulty with the anal plug. I pushed it in slowly, breathing to calm myself as it slid into my body. I hated the way she stood there watching me violate myself. Tamara's 'lubricant' actually did make them easier to insert. That said, if it were up to me I would have inserted them dry before allowing Tamara near them.

"Hey, I just realized you've had my cum in all of your holes now," she laughed. "Mouth, ass, pussy... and even your nose."

Her taunting was irritating, but easy enough to ignore while I finished strapping myself back into the belt. The icing on the cake was when she handed me the locks. She actually expected me to lock myself into the belt. Her confidence in her control over my actions was appalling. However, what was more disgusting was the fact that I knew just as well as she did that I was going to do exactly as she asked. I reluctantly attached the locks one by one, feeling the weight of each as they successively stripped away my brief, but glorious moment of freedom.


"Send me a topless pic?"

I stared at the text message in stunned silence. Michael and I had been texting back and forth all evening. It was a welcome distraction, but his latest text caught me off guard. I wasn't sure what I would have done in normal circumstances, but my situation was so far from normal that I no longer had any idea what normal looked like. After this afternoon, it was clear Tamara was out of control. And I desperately hoped Michael would fill critical role in my plan to rid myself of Tamara. The sooner our relationship became serious, the better. I needed to be able to trust him to have my back when I told him the truth. It wasn't like I was being manipulative just to get his help; I really did like him. However, I wouldn't have been coming on so strongly if not for my desperation to be done with Tamara as soon as humanly possible.

I reached down, crossing my arms as I tugged my shirt over my head. For a minute or two, I stared at my body in the full-length mirror hanging from my door. Twisting side to side, I looked critically at my body, noticing every flaw and imperfection. My butt was too small, and my chest was too flat. It certainly didn't help to grow up around Tamara and Krista. Neither my sister nor her friend were lacking in the chest department. In fact, they both had decent asses too. As many times as Tamara had forced my face between her nasty butt cheeks, I couldn't deny she had a really nice ass. It just wasn't one I wanted near my face.

All I could do was hope Michael could see past my imperfections. He was obviously attracted enough to me to be interested in seeing more of my body. However, I couldn't help but worry my chest would leave him disappointed; my bra and clothing were bound to make my breasts look bigger than they really were. I briefly debated whether or not to leave the bra on for the picture. In some ways, the bra added mystery and helped to push up my breasts. After a moment, I sighed and unfastened my bra. I actually kind of liked my small, perky breasts. I just worried that others wouldn't. I struggled to push my self-doubts out of my head. I needed things to move faster with Michael, and I felt like I needed to give him enough reason to stick around. There was no way I was going to do that by being a prude.

The topless look with jean shorts was actually pretty sexy; I could work with that. Seeking reassurance, I found myself searching online for pictures of topless glamour models. I felt a little weird searching for something disturbingly close to pornography, but I kept telling myself it was purely for research purposes. I was sure glamour models had to know a lot more about looking sexy than I did. I took dozens of selfies in various poses I copied from other models, finally ending up with a few satisfactory pictures.

Nervously, I fumbled with my phone. A text notification appeared on my screen, and I tapped it to get back into our conversion. Taking a deep breath, I attached the photo and tried to think of a suggestive comment. "How's this for a response to your question?" I added a winky face at the end for good measure and waited. It didn't take long.

"Wow!" It said, "I thought I might have been asking too much, but that response is better than I could have hoped for." A second text immediately followed. "You have such amazing breasts... I can't look away."

I guess I shouldn't have been surprised that he thought my breasts were sexy, but I was surprisingly pleased to hear him say it.

"Not too small for you?" I texted back, blushing.

"No. They are perfect. If only you knew what I'd like to do with them," came the reply. I couldn't stop smiling, despite how embarrassed I felt. The conversation was unexpectedly exhilarating.

"Why don't you tell me what you'd like to do with them?" I bit my lip, feeling a tickle beginning between my legs.

"I would start by caressing every inch of them softly with my lips."

I was really starting to get into the conversation and figured I'd take things up a notch.

"If you did that," I replied, "I must just have to get on my knees and show you my appreciation." My cheeks were scarlet.

There was a long, awkward silence. I didn't dare breathe or look away as I waited for a response. After what felt like eternity, my phone buzzed.

"Ooh. I'd love to feel your mouth on me," the text read.

I grinned, feeling both embarrassed at my forwardness, and invigorated by the successful nature of my flirting. "I'll let you take me on a date Friday. Afterward, I'll show you just how good I can be with mouth," I typed back, hoping I wasn't overselling myself.

I knew I was taking a big step, but desperate times called for desperate measures.

"It's a date," came the reply. "Can't wait. What is your address?"

I was a little surprised, but I realized he had no reason to know my address. He had never been over to the house due to my attempts at keeping Krista and Tamara in the dark. I texted him the address.

"Be here at 7:00 PM? And if you wear something sexy enough, I might have trouble keeping my hands off of you." I texted flirtatiously.

The conversation died shortly after. I couldn't believe I'd sent Michael a topless picture of me, but I was getting desperate. For some reason, it felt like Michael and I were having trouble making strong connection. I wanted desperately for us to make it to the next step, but it felt like something was holding him back. I hoped that if I was more adventurous and suggestive, it would help bring him out of his comfort zone. But I had to be careful not to come off as desperate or clingy. I needed him to want a more serious relationship, but he had to think it was his idea.


"I haven't been able to stop thinking about that last time," Tamara said, "I've never been so close to an orgasm through breast stimulation before. And it was just so relaxing to let you worship my chest. I'd forgotten how nice your lips felt on my skin."

I'd be happy to do the same for you again today," I offered. Last time was a surprisingly pleasant trade-off compared to the orgasm she'd given me. I'd actually found myself looking forward to today. If she was happy to give me an orgasm just for kissing her chest for a while, it wasn't nothing compared to what she could have demanded of me.

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