tagExhibitionist & VoyeurCurious Jade Ch. 09

Curious Jade Ch. 09


"Your destination is on your right in 500 feet".

My heart was pounding in my chest. I pulled up to the house and shut the car off, taking one last look in the rear-view mirror to make sure my make-up was perfect and my perky tits were straining to pop out of my shirt. I got out and grabbed my bag from the backseat before walking up to the house. My palms were actually sweating from anticipation.

Just as I reached my hand up to knock on the front door, it opened wide.

"Surprise!" yelled Lynn, running out and giving me a bear hug, lifting me off the ground and twirling me in the air.

I kicked my legs and slapped her shoulders so she would put me down, and as she did Lynn's Mom and Dad stepped out on to the porch and put their arms around each other. Lynn's Mom was a stout woman, standing around 5'2" and had let herself go a bit as she got older. Her large breasts strained against her blouse, and her faded jeans were a little too tight for her, but she was actually quite striking and still had a natural beauty about her. Her father, in sharp contrast, had taken impeccable care of himself. He was a fair amount taller than his wife at about 6'0" and was fit for his age. His dress slacks shaped his muscular legs, and as he leaned over to kiss his wife, I was able to catch a glimpse of his firm, bubble butt. His button up shirt was tucked into his pants and he had his sleeves rolled up to his elbows.

"Lynn has told us so much about you! What an absolute delight to finally meet you," Lynn's Mom squealed, running up to me and wrapping her arms around me before bringing her head to either side of mine, giving me air kisses on the cheek.

"So glad you could make it down for the weekend," said her Dad, reaching out his hand for a firm handshake and taking my bag. "Come on in, make yourself at home".

The house looked like it could have been on the cover of a magazine. Lynn's father is a doctor, so I assumed they were well off, but I was not prepared for the sheer size of the house. Once we were in the doors, Lynn took my bag from her Dad and my hand, and said she would show me my room for the weekend. As we bolted off to the stairs, Lynn's mom called after us that we had to come right back for the rest of the tour.

Lynn dragged me down the hallway, pointing at doors and telling me what was behind them, "Brian's room," she said pointing to the door at the far end of the hallway. "bathroom, my room, Mom's art studio, Dad's office," she directed as we half jogged down the corridor. "And this..." she opened the door and we both stepped through, "is your room".

The room had a queen-sized bed, two dressers, a full length standing mirror, small book case packed with books, and an oversized arm chair and still needed a large area rug in the middle to tie it all together. Lynn closed the door behind me threw my bag on the bed, grabbing me and planting a deep kiss on me before groping my boob and reaching in her pocket.

"Oh my God that was so hot," she grinned, producing the remote from her pocket. "You should have seen the look on your face when I hit the button right as I opened the door".

I flinched as she hit the button again and my hand reached down to my crotch.

"Ah ah," Lynn scolded, slapping my hand away. "You know the rules! You have to wear them the whole time and I get the controller all weekend," she said with a devilish grin.

"I know, I know. You're so evil! Well, you know I held up my end...let's see yours," I teased, flipping up Lynn's skirt and slapping her tight little rump.

"Gladly," she said, bending at the waist and flipping up her skirt.

Peeking out from behind her thong silk panties was the red jewel end of her favorite butt plug.

"It's been in all morning, I only took it out when I went for a swim earlier today," she said, reaching back and pulling it out before sliding it slowly back into place. "I wish we could fool around some more, but my Mom will come looking for us if we keep her waiting too long".

As we were coming back down the stairs, Lynn's brother, Brian was walking to the front door. He was wearing a loose tank top and basketball shorts. He was the tallest of the family, standing at just above 6'2" and couldn't weigh more than 180 pounds. His arms were not bulky, but were toned and he was in fairly good shape.

"I'm going to play some ball with the guys," he shouted over his shoulder to no one in particular.

"Hey, hold up a sec Bri," Lynn called out and he threw his head up, grinding to a halt.

"Yeah," he said, turning and seeing the two of us standing there.

Once he saw me he, corrected his posture and visibly sucked in his stomach slightly. As he reached out his arm I saw Lynn reach into her pocket. The jolt hit my crotch just as Brian's hand and mine met and I could feel my body tighten and imagined Brian thinking it was in response to him. Little did he know his little sister had her finger on my button -that is to say- the button to the vibrating panties I was wearing.

"You must be the infamous Jade," He smiled meekly at me. "I'm sure we'll catch up more when I get back".

With that, he turned and walked to the front door. Lynn's mom called for us to join her in the kitchen and Lynn finally gave my loins a break. As we walked into the kitchen, Lynn's Mom, or Brooke as she demanded I call her, had opened a bottle of wine, and put out a spread of guacamole, chips, and salsa.

"Come on girls, grab a glass and join me on the house tour".

We obediently grabbed our glasses, and followed Brooke. Every time Brooke would turn her back, Lynn would give me a quick zap, and I did my best to not let on that I was enjoying the torture immensely.

"Now I'm sure Lynn showed you the upstairs, so no need to go over that again," Brooke said, leading us past the dining room and waving her hand, "here's the formal dining room," she said, not stopping and continued to the living room.

There was a huge TV hanging on the wall, three couches forming a U in front of it, and a square ottoman in the middle of the room. Brooke still didn't stop and crossed directly to the other side, where another staircase wound down.

"Living room," she called over her shoulder as she neared the stairwell and continued down, "watch your step down here," she called waving her hand over the stairs.

Another zap hit me between my thighs as we got to the top of the stairs and didn't stop until we hit the bottom. Once there I gave Lynn a sharp smack on the ass and let my hand linger just enough to slide a finger under her skirt and give a tug to her plug.

"And this is Bill's favorite room," Brooke said turning the corner and stepping into the den.

The large, open spaced room had a giant pool table in the middle of it, a poker table with eight chairs around it off to one side, and a fully stocked bar against the far wall. There, lying on one of the large leather sofas, was Lynn's Dad, Bill, cocktail in hand. He was watching an old black and white movie on the projector screen that hung down from the ceiling.

"Turn this crap off, old man, we want to have some fun," Brooke said, slapping Bill's feet off the couch and slumping down beside him.

Bill reluctantly reached out the remote and with a click, the lights brightened, the screen retracted into the ceiling, and classic rock music filled the room. He rocked himself to his feet and crossed to the bar.

"Did Brooke bore you to death yet with the tour," Bill said, holding up a bottle with amber colored liquid in it and pouring the rest of it into his glass.

"Not at all, you have a beautiful home Dr.—Sorry. Bill".

"Well thank you, we like it too," he said, holding up his glass. "To a great weekend," he toasted, and we all echoed, before taking a big sip. "Let's get Brian down here and we can all play a game or something".

Lynn crossed to him and threw her arms around his neck, "he went to play with his friends, Daddy. He's much too cool to hang out with losers like us".

"His loss. What shall we do ladies," Bill inquired.

Brooke got up from the couch, grabbed another bottle of wine from behind the bar, and started opening it.

"Well, whatever we do I think we're going to need at least one more of these," she said winking at me.

We decided to play a game of pool and as Bill was racking the balls, I watched Lynn go up to the table and bend over, reaching back to check the hem of her skirt with her hand to make sure nothing was showing. I nonchalantly snuck up behind her and tickled the back of her thigh, bringing my lips to her ear.

"Careful now, you wouldn't want to show daddy your precious jewel," I whispered.

She turned with a scowl and reached into the little pocket of her skirt, sending a quick jolt through me. My body tensed and I knew this was going to be a long game. Bill had finished racking and walked up to me holding one of the cue sticks.

"Here you go Jade, guests have the honor of breaking," he said holding it out to me.

I took the stick and made my way to the front of the table. Brooke was pouring another glass of wine, leaning against the wall. Lynn was standing off on the side of the table with her hands shoved into her pockets, finger on the button I was sure. Bill walked back around to the front of the table and was opposite me. I lined up the ball and took several practice strokes with the cue, from my peripheral it looked like Bill's eyes were looking straight down my cleavage. I decided to check and as I looked up to him, he swung his neck to look at the bar, telling me all I needed to know.

The near constant buzzing between my legs was starting to take a toll on me, and I decided to have some fun with Bill. I looked back down at the balls and started shifting my weight from my left foot to my right causing my boobs to sway ever so slightly. Finally, I drew the cue back and brought all my force forward, sending the cue down the table and bursting the balls apart. Looking up, Bills focus was not on the balls, but on my chest.

"Okay your turn Bill, show me what you got," I said, handing him the cue.

He circled the table searching for his best shot. Lynn walked in front of me and pushed her backside into my hip. I quickly scanned the room to see if anyone was paying attention and found Brooke with her nose in her glass and Bill still contemplating his shot. I snuck my opportunity and slid a hand up under her skirt, running a finger under the string of her thong panties and toying the little plug securely positioned in her little hole.

She took a sharp breath in and bit her tongue to keep from moaning. I put my thumb on the back of the jewel piece and put some pressure on it, before rolling it in a large circle. Lynn clenched her cheeks and pulled away from me, causing her thong to snap back against her skin. The snap sound made Brooke turn her head to investigate as Lynn's skirt floated back down against her legs. I wasn't sure if she'd seen anything, but if she did she didn't let on and returned to her wine. Bill did not seem to even notice and finally bent over the table, taking his shot.

Another ball sank into the pocket and he circled the table until he was standing in front of Brooke. Brooke reached out with her foot and kicked Bill's bottom. He stood, and turned, looking back at her. She turned her head as though she wasn't even paying attention and had no idea what was going on. Bill turned back to the table and shook his behind at Brooke.

"You guys are such dorks," Lynn teased.

"That's right, look at that cute little caboose," Brooke said, reaching out her hand and fake squeezing Bill's rump.

"Eww, T-M-I Mom".

Bill and Brooke laughed, before turning and kissing.

"I think it's adorable," I said and gave Lynn a playful smack on the shoulder. "I hope I have someone I can be silly with as we grow old together".

As Bill turned to take his next shot, Brooke slumped back into her barstool and was still staring at Bill's butt.

"Oh don't worry, there's still plenty of time for both of you to find your Bills," she said, licking her lips.

Bill sank another ball and walked in my direction. As he neared, I pushed my chest out a tad and with his attention on the table, he realized too late how close he was too me and accidently brushed my chest with his shoulder.

He blushed and turned to me, "Oh. I'm so sorry. Excuse me".

"Not a problem," I said. "Happens all the time".

He glanced to my chest, blushed again, and turned to the table. Something must have put him off his game as he missed his straight shot. Lynn grabbed the stick, and shot me a quick look. She walked up to the table and started lining up her shot.

"I have to go to the little girl's room. I'll be right back," I said, pushing past her on my way to the bathroom.

I knew from Lynn's glare that she disapproved of me flirting with her Father, but decided she more than likely wouldn't mind me flirting with her in front of her Dad and got a devilish idea on how to do both at the same time. Once in the bathroom, I took my shirt and bra off and hid my bra between some towels in the linen closet. I pulled my shirt back over my head and noticed that in the bright lights of the bathroom the shirt was fairly transparent. I could just make out the circles of my dime sized areolas under the thin, blue fabric of my shirt. I had second thoughts of flaunting my assets under a thin veil in front of Lynn's whole family, but figured that the lights in the den were much dimmer and we would likely go for a swim after playing pool, so I wouldn't be wearing the outfit for much longer anyway.

I walked out of the bathroom and saw Brooke bent over the pool table, her boobs were resting on the table, falling on either side of the pool cue as she stroked the stick back and forth between them. Bill was standing opposite her, intently staring at her ample cleavage as it engulfed the cue. Lynn was taking a sip of wine when she looked up at me entering the room, and choked on the sip of wine in her mouth. Brooke's shot was way off and she stood and turned to Lynn, with a stern look on her face.

"Okay, now I'm not saying I would have made that, but that was just plain mean, sweetie," she scolded.

"I'm fine, by the way, Mom. I really didn't do that on purpose, just went down the wrong pipe. Why don't you take another shot"?

"That's only fair, why don't you take another shot," Bill chimed in excitedly, still staring at his wife's full rack.

Brooke turned and gave him a knowing glare before lowering back to the table repeating her titty-fuck of the pool cue. I waltzed up to Lynn's side adding a little hop in my step, knowing that Brooke and Bill were busy with their own show. Lynn reached her hand down into her pocket and my crotch tightened in anticipation. She must have seen my body's reaction and giggled, then hit me with a back to back buzz.

"You okay? I think we might have to cut you off," I teased.

Lynn looked down to my bouncing boobs and retorted, "Yeah, I was just caught off guard. I'm not sure I'm the only one that needs to be cut off here".

"Oh, stop it you! I'm not that drunk," Brooke called out, taking another bad shot and missing wildly.

Lynn and I both exchanged a look and giggled. Brooke sighed and tossed the stick to me. I reached out and caught it awkwardly, which must have made my breasts jiggle as Bill's eyes went wide and he tried to make it look like he wasn't tracking my perky breasts. As I circled the table, I chose a shot that would put Lynn directly across from me. In order to get to the ball, I had to stand on my tip toes and bend further than I had considered. My shirt was pinched between my body and the table, and as I reached further I could feel the neck of my shirt being pulled down, and more and more of my cleavage straining against my shirt. Lynn's eyes were glued to my chest and her hand in her pocket let me know eventually I would be getting a jolt. I decided to not worry about how much of my boobs were spilling out and focus on my shot instead.

I went up on one leg to gain an extra inch of length and was finally in position to make my shot. Just as I was about to shoot, Lynn hit the button. Because I was leaned against the table, there was increased pressure on the vibrator against my clit. I couldn't regain my composure and eventually took my shot, which sent the cue ball careening off the table at Bill's feet. I scurried around the table to retrieve it.

"Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry," I blurted, squatting down to get the ball.

Bill was standing in front of me and reached his hand out to help me up as I picked up the ball. Looking up to him, as he made a veiled attempt of not looking into my deep cleavage, I moved my arms in front of me to force my boobs further together. As I took his hand, my gaze made its way to his crotch and I saw what appeared to be a nice sized bulge forming in his pants.

"Quite alright, like you said, happens all the time," I said with a wink.

He quickly turned his head to his wife, who was tilting her head back, finishing another glass of wine. I handed Bill the cue ball stick and he stood awkwardly, trying to conceal the growth in his pants, as he lined up his next shot. Despite my best efforts, Bill was still able to sink the next ball and was now on the eight ball. My competitive streak kicked in and I wanted to do anything in my power to prevent us from losing. As Bill was lining up his final shot, I strolled around the table until I was in direct line with him. As he bent over the table to make sure his shot was just right, I positioned my crotch behind the pocket he was aiming for and brought my fingers to my belt loops, shifting my weight from side to side in a casual swinging motion.

As he drew the cue back to shoot, I spread my hands just past shoulder width and lowered my body so my unsupported breasts dangled away from my body, threatening to fall out of my top right in view of my best friend's Dad. I saw his eyes pop open as his sightline was drawn from the table to my pendulating bosom.

The eight-ball bounced just off the side of the pocket and rolled to a stop in the middle of the table, but the cue ball bounced off a rail and rolled straight into the pocket in the far corner. I frolicked over to Lynn, grabbing her hands, and jumped up and down in celebration.

"Woohoo! We win, scratch on the eight," I giggled.

I could feel my boobs bouncing freely as we hopped, and held Lynn at arm's length so the entire room could see the show. Suddenly Lynn's mouth dropped open and she pulled me in for a big hug. As we embraced, I saw Brooke cross to Bill and take his chin in her hand, taking his gaze from the two bouncing college girls to her, and giving him a quick, playful slap on the cheek. His face blushed and he reached his hand back behind her and brought her in for a tender kiss. All was forgiven. While I watched the lovely scene unfold, Lynn brought her mouth to my ear.

"While I appreciate your little show, I thought you might like to know that you can see your nipples through your shirt now that you took your bra off," she whispered into my ear.

As we ended our celebratory hug, I quickly looked down and saw that in my excitement my nipples had become erect and were poking out against the flimsy material of my shirt. While I had intended to show some cleavage, I had not anticipated how easily my nipples would show through the shirt, and was nervous I had gone too far.

"Well that was fun. Now how about we go for a swim," I asked, hoping to change from my skimpy outfit into my swim suit.

"We can't swim just yet, dinner's almost ready," Brooke said, taking my hand and leading me to the stairs.

I looked back to Lynn, who had a smirk on her face as she moved her hand to her pocket. Brooke led us up to the kitchen and told me to take a seat the bar while she finished up the meal. The kitchen was very open, and as I was led to my high bar stool, I could tell my show was not going to end anytime soon. As I sat on the stool I peeked down and saw that my shirt was nearly transparent under the bright kitchen lights and my firm nipples were poking out proudly against my shirt. I crossed my arms in front of my chest, but that only served to extenuate my cleavage which was spilling out of the top of my shirt.

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