tagGay MaleCurious. Just Curious.

Curious. Just Curious.


At the time, I was not much sexually advanced. I'd had some intense make out sessions with former girlfriends or passing flings, sucked on some random nipples, even gotten handjobs and blow jobs from my current girl. I was still a virgin, even though I was twenty. Still unpracticed in the way of sex, of subtlety, and I was young enough to still feel wild, overcoming urges, which clouded my mind until I found the chance--in the shower mostly--to rub out that wonderfully clear fluid from my red, throbbing cock.

So there I was. One of those lazy, boring afternoons spent at my grandma's with my brother and one of my cousins. There wasn't much to do, really. Watch 90's reruns on the tube or play Solitaire on the computer. There weren't any video games and dominoes could only really be played with four people, and we were one person short. So we idled, bored.

I don't quite remember the circumstances. My grandmother was caught up in her work in her private office and had kicked us out. My younger brother was watching the television like a zombie.

And I found myself in the living area with my younger cousin looking through a Spanish Vanidades magazine--known to us for occasionally showing sumptuous Latina breasts--while resting my head in his lap. He sat cross-legged on the floor, and I lay face-up in front of him. He was two years younger, very chunky and very immature. If it wasn't because my brother was an idiot, Alex alone would have been the source of our name-calling. He had rolls, and a thick neck, and kept his hair cut short. When he wore red shirts, we'd chant "Cool-aid" at him. It was all in good fun, and he was really good about it.

I think he was combing my hair or something, while we ogled the voluptuous ladies on the glossy pages. One he particularly liked: dark hair, thick lips and pointing nipples.

He said, "I'd be like--bam, bam, bam!" He began gyrating his hips into the back of my head. He moaned dramatically.

At first I just laughed. But I could feel a hardness forming in his gentle thrusts, pushing against my head, and I knew he had become aroused. I was wearing a bathing suit, since we had vague plans to jump in the pool at some point.

"I can't take it anymore," I cried, mimicking a character from the Sand Lot. I tore open the Velcro on my shorts and out popped my own cock, hard from the oddly sexy grinding of my cousin's hips.

It stood there, erect, proud, and I didn't quite know what it was I was doing showing my boy cousin my penis. Alex was just as surprised but he recovered quickly.

Jokingly, laughter in his tone as he murmured "Aaaahh," he reached out with his hand toward it. He withdrew a moment later. He wasn't running away or shouting at anyone. So I took a chance.

"You can touch it."

So he did. Tentatively, he reached out and grabbed it. He didn't stroke. He just held it. "You're so big," he said admiringly. He began moving his clumsy, thick fingers around the mushroom head, playing with the hole, touching my fuzzy balls.

I let him play, savoring the feel of his smooth touch on my throbbing member. Finally, I rolled up.

"Lift up your shirt," I said.


"Just do it."

He pulled up his short and I saw the white, hairless jelly rolls of his stomach and the full, hanging droop of his chest. And the soft pink of his nipples. I cupped his man tits and fondled his nipples.

"I like your tits," I said.

He'd been eyeing my cock. But he laughed a little.

I leaned in closer to his chest. He didn't move. My tongue darted out, catching the tip of his large areola. No resistance. I plunged my mouth over the nipple, sucking on it, groping at the breasts so like a woman's.

He held my head toward him, moaning a little.

I pulled back and raised up my own shirt, and without asking he began licking my hard nipples. It was an incredibly delicious feeling. I reveled in it, loving the sensation. When he had his fill, be leaned back.

"Your turn," I said, indicating my own cock.

For the first time, he became shy. "I don't know. I'm not gay, man."

"Neither am I. I just wanna see it. Come on, you've seen mine."

Finally, reluctantly, excitingly, slowly, he pulled his shorts down. If I had had expectations, they were disappointed, but I didn't so I was entranced. Where my cock was normal and proportionate to my body and age, Alex's was not. It was shorter and somewhat thinner to my own. It was still a lovely sight: bald, triumphantly peeking out from beneath the folds of his stomach, it's white stalk with bulging veins so enticing.

"It's so big," I lied. He found this worth chuckling about.

I grabbed it as he had grabbed mine. Played with it as he had played with mine. But then I started showing him something different. I started stroking it, up and down, deftly, between my fingers. He leaned back and closed his eyes. I continued, softer but faster. I wanted to see him cum on my hand.

But in the back of my mind I remembered: once I came, sex was no longer of importance to me. It would probably be the same to him. So I slowed down. He opened his eyes.

Without a word, I stood up. I looked him in the eye, or tried to: he was gazing desiringly at my still-stiff cock. I didn't have to tell him. He grabbed it at the base, opened his mouth and inserted it into his flabby cheeks. At first he was uncouth and though it felt great, occasionally I'd feel his teeth. Then he found a rhythm and I began to moan at the way his tongue slid over the bottom of my shaft. It didn't take long before I could feel the heat rising. I stopped him, retracted my cock, and went to my knees.

Without any thought, his tiny cock was in my mouth, and between my lips it passed, the head massaged by my wild tongue. He groaned and thrust, and I held his ass while he fucked my mouth. Then he shuddered and I could feel my mouth filling as his little man jerked inside my mouth.

I jumped to my feet, insane, and spitting some of his cum into my hand used it to jerk off. Alex was still panting, his face contorted somewhat from the crazy stuff he'd just done, when my jizz splattered his cheeks.

For a while we just stood there, ashamed. Eventually we realized we couldn't stay like this and cleaned up. Through the years, he and I continued to be frisky. Sword fighting and simple handjobs. Neither of us turned out gay. We never kissed or did anal or anything. That stuff was a turn off. What we liked were the cocks. And his grew quite late but to a size even larger than my own. The last time I saw it I was jealous of it, and rubbed my cock against it hard. But I haven't seen it in many years. The fat folds are hard and hair has grown on the nipples, and its no longer as enticing, since he now holds no female qualities like hairlessness or softness. But I wouldn't mind seeing that cock of his just one more time...

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I enjoyed this story of young exploration of each other's cock.

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