tagErotic CouplingsCurling Ties That Bind Me

Curling Ties That Bind Me


The spot where you bound the knot around my wrists was a bitch to get out. When I smoothed that tie down your chest and stomach this morning, I hoped no one would notice that I didn't completely nail that little oval curve a man's tie is supposed to have.

I will have to give up the dream of being the presser for articles of light bondage after all.

Before last night, that part-time job I had working for the dry cleaner gave me nothing but a hatred for doing laundry.

I wondered today how you will remember me when that tie starts to curve and curl up on you the wrong way. Will you remember me pausing and asking last night, "What are you doing?"

You grabbed my hand and stopped me. I was on the way back from the kitchen with a glass of wine in my hand.

Was something wrong? You looked just so intent.

"Oh, a little everything," you told me.

Then, you kissed my palm, my fingers and my wrist. I thought of the Addam's Family. I waited to hear you say "Cara Mia."

My thoughts were jumping from Gomez and Morticia to how my little brother used to put on a fake accent and kiss my arm. I remembered goofing off and how we used to giggle. My mind was moving onto Saturday morning cartoons and I started to tell you about one of those times involving Conjunction Junction from Schoolhouse Rock when I became fascinated by your lips on my inner wrist.

"We used to..." died on my lips, my open hanging open a little. I noticed the look in your eyes and that incensed smoky heat was as far from my childhood memories of little brothers and sitcom reruns as I could get.

My breath caught as you pulled off the tie that had been hanging loose from your shirt collar and wrapped it around my wrist.

"Oh," I raised an eyebrow in interest.

You knotted it around that wrist.

"I wondered why you were still dressed from work when I got here," you placed a fingertip to my lips and then followed it with your mouth.

Expecting a kiss, I tilted my head, ready. You softly "sssshhed" against my mouth and reached for my other hand, taking my wine glass from me and leaving it on an end table.

I stood there in my living room, my wrists bound together in front of me with a length of silk hanging from them. What a picture I would have made.

Clothed and bound and wrapping my thoughts around submitting to you. In that moment, my eyes had to have been as wide as my mind.

You took the end of that length in your hand and backed away toward the hallway. I wasn't sure if I wanted to follow you meekly to the bedroom or put up something of a fight.

We'd talked about this.

If I followed you, I was agreeing to this. The tension between my bound wrists and the end of the tie you held was loose. I had as much room to back away at that point as you did.

Trust and light bondage. My mind was spinning, reeling at the thought of submission.

This was going to be light, I thought. Right? Right?

Standing with my wobbly knees backed against the bed, my heart felt like it was beating between my legs. I was slightly frozen. I am never sure how to start, how to get myself into my deepest desires. I hate my timidity in the moments I later consider to be those most crucial. But then, the true crucial moment already passed. I'd followed you down that hallway with my blood rushing past my ears.

I wondered how you thought you would pull this off and you chased away that thought by pulling my bound wrists up around your neck.

"Mmmm...." I started to comment and then you kissed me.

That kiss wasn't the kind of kiss a woman can hold back from. You were suddenly in my mouth, your lips prying against mine and your tongue crashing into my mouth. I had known you to kiss like that and I always felt swept back, challenged. You kissed me as if asking me to rise to this challenge or give in to your conquering. What would I do? Would I meet you with everything I could be or hold back bound by my own doubts.

I shifted my head a little and kissed back, hard and long. My tongue pushed yours back into your mouth, twirling around and rushing in while you did not expect it.

You answer was your hands on the backs of my thighs pulling up my skirt and resting on my ass, pulling me tight up against your thighs, your chest.

I could feel your hard-on through your pants. I groaned in your mouth and you pulled my legs up around you.

I hate that feeling of the questions: am I too heavy? Does he know what he is doing? What if he drops me? How bad will that be? Am I willing to let him support that much of me? I strained to grasp your shoulders for support but couldn't properly do it with my wrists bound.

I wrapped my legs around your waist and held on, and found that the giving in wasn't so bad. But that might have had something to do with the feeling of your cock beneath your pants and my underwear, and the growing desire I had to strain and rub against you.

And I did.

And you did drop me.

On my back, on the bed, and you followed me -- your body falling over mine. I began the dance, kissing your neck, nipping at your earlobe.

You pulled my legs from your hips and then my wrists from around your neck. The economy of your movements startled me. For a moment, I thought, Uh-oh. Rejection.

Then, you shifted your weight off of me and took the loose end of your tie in your hands. I looked up at where you were working it around one of the posts in the headboard. I studied your fingers for a moment and then your face, intent in your work.

I watched you tug on the tie, testing it. The look on your face when you saw it would hold made me antsy, in fact, more antsy than when I decided to follow you down the hallway. I wanted you.

"I think there is something wrong with this picture," I told you.

"And what is that?" You answered me, a little amused maybe.

"Both of us are a little too dressed."

"Oh yeah? I thought of that."

"And what did you think you were going to do about it?"

"You are not supposed to be asking me that."

"And why not?"

"I have a plan."

"Oh you do, do you?"


"Well what is it?"

"Do you want me to tell you or show you?"

"Oh god, I always want you to tell me. And then I want you to show me."

"You can pick one or the other."

"Really? Only one?"

"Oh yes."

"No hints?"

"Well, I think the fact that you are tied to your bed, and I am here with one hell of a hard-on should be hint enough."

"That still doesn't tell me what you are going to do about the clothes."

"Do you trust me to take care of the clothes?"

I started to ask you something else and then shut up. I knew what you were asking me. It was hardly about clothes.

"Yes -- I trust you."


"And if I didn't?"

You sighed then. "You would tell me if you didn't."

"Well, that is true."

You moved away and told me to lift my hips. Yours hand slipped under my ass and tugged my panties down my legs.

"Thank you."

"Did I ever tell you that you talk too much?"


I watched you climb from the bed and unbutton your shirt. As you tossed it onto a chair and kicked off your shoes, I pulled up the slack on your tie and test it. There was enough slack in my arms that I could reach the place where you tied it to the post. I craned my neck to examine your handiwork when you grabbed my ankles and pulled my body down the bed. My arms were closer to taut and the knots were then well out of my reach. My knees could bend over the end of the bed and my skirt up was all bunched up around my waist.

"Hey!" I protested.

"What did you think you were doing?"

"Oh, I was just curious. I mean..." my attention was on you again. You were standing at the foot of the bed, naked.

Your cock bobbed a little, hard with the tip of its head shiny with precum. I felt my tongue touch my lips. I love your cock.

"You know, that is much better."

"Uh-huh. See something you want, do you?"

"Oh yes."

I wiggled my hips a little, stretching out. I could have pulled up my legs and wiggled back up the bed a little. But I felt bold and powerful laid out in front of you and your straining cock.

I pulled my feet up to the bed and wide apart giving you a view of your own. The raw sense of arousal made me want to roll my hips a little. And the look on your face drove home the point that you might officially have been calling the shots, but I still had some control over the situation.

"You know, I am not sure you are playing this game right?"

"I am so." I smiled. I knew that I wasn't.

Then, you stood back and began to stroke your cock.

"I love that. You know that, right?" I told you even though I've told you this before.

"Hmmm mmm. Sure. We'll see how long you love this."

"What?" I watched your hand move. "I love watching you."

"Okay." You closed your eyes and moments passed.

"What are you doing?"

"What does it look like?"

"But... but."

"But what?"

"What about me?"

"What about you?"

Your hand never stopped moving but you did open your eyes. You watched me and started to pick up the tempo. I love to watch you stroke yourself but not then, not at that moment.

"Are you telling me that you have me tied to your bed and you are just going to whack off?"

"I thought I would let you watch me whack off."

"Damnit." I cursed your name.

"I hadn't planned on it but until you start playing this game the right way. I think this will be just fine."

I was quiet a moment, thinking that you were bluffing. Your breath quickened and I saw your jaw tighten and relax. I knew the signs.

"No. No. No way." I stretched my leg out and touched your stomach with my foot.

"I'm sorry. I'll shut up."

You grabbed my foot with your hand that you had been stroking your cock with. Your palm felt hot and strong on my ankle as you pulled my leg up and away from your body. I got a little wetter thinking where that hand had just been.

"No, you won't." You said and shook your head at me.

"Oh, I will."

"You can't."

"I can. Just touch me -- let me touch you. Please." I stretched my other foot out and grazed your cock with it. I thought maybe I could wrap my toes around it.

You took that ankle in your other hand and crawled onto the bed on your knees with my feet in your hands.

"Baby, this is your decision. What do you want?"

"I want you to touch me. I want you."



Your hands moved along my calves from my ankles to grasp my knees. Then you pushed them back to my chest. I pulled on my hands instinctively. I wanted to reach for you.

"Please what?" You inched in closer to me, your butt resting on your heels. Your cock was so close to me and I couldn't see it. But I knew it was there.

"I thought you wanted me to shut up." I rested my feet against your stomach. You were warm. That was all I wanted -- to touch you. It might be all I've ever wanted.

You rolled your eyes. I wasn't sure if that was from my comment or my feet. I smiled at you and watched you take your cock in your hand again. I thought you were going to start whacking off again and I began to protest again.


But instead you pressed the head of your cock against my clit.

"No?" You look surprised, amused. You ran the head up and down the lips.

I feel just the tip start to enter me and I moaned. You pulled back.

"Is that what you want?"

"Mmmm. Oh God, yes."

You trailed back up to my clit and circled it again and then down again. I could feel the head of your cock press into me again.

"More. Please more." You rolled my clit between your finger and thumb. I couldn't help but give into the electric warmth rushing through my body. You pushed into me a little further and I made that little crying sound you love at the combination of your attention on my clit and your cock bearing down on a slow path into me.

I strained against the tie binding my wrists and started to move my legs. I wanted to wrap them around you and pull you into me.

But you stopped me, shifting your hands and weight on my knees, pushing them down to my chest.

You chose that moment to plunge into me.

I half gasped and grunted, my eyes widened and then fell closed for a moment. My back arched and I tugged again on your tie. I am never used to you suddenly slamming your cock home. In many ways this is as torturous as when you slowly fill me. It is everything at once.

I felt all curled up with my knees pushed back and wide between us as you rocked in and out of me. The ties and your hands on the bed on either side of my head only heightened the tight and building, like fetal position sex that I couldn't get away from. On the deep strokes, I could feel you hitting spots you normally didn't and it made me want to move desperately and to grab you.

"Untie me."

"What?" A shadow of something like surprise and maybe disappointment crossed your face.

"Mmmmm. I want to touch you. Untie me," I strained my head up to kiss you. And you evaded me.

And then you smiled.

Satisfied. Finally.

"No." You picked up the rhythm of the fuck and I cried out, getting more vocal and thrashing my head around, knocking into your arms. The tension building in me made me want to just move something and my head was the only source of freedom. I was calling your name, my voice deeper than normal.

I am not the only one who recognizes signs. My little pre-orgasmic cries were getting louder, when you pulled out of me. I swear my apartment complex will be calling today about that howl.

"No!! Oh my god. I was close. I am so close." I was repeating and you were sitting back on your haunches taking deep breaths, your hands on my ankles.

I called your name, begging you to come back and touch me or to let me up and let me touch you.

"Oh come here, you." I tried to move my feet around you and you held my ankles hard and strong while we both cooled down a moment.

You pushed up my shirt and pulled me on my side so you could unhook my bra.

I was getting my breath back.

"Now? Now you are going to worry about the clothes?" I turned my head.

You laughed at me a little.

"I want to watch your breasts bounce around while I pound into you."

My answer was a sharp intake of breath.

I could still feel my blood throbbing in my clit as you pulled my shirt and bra up over my head and up somewhere around my elbows. They added to the confining feeling. I watched the top of your head as you took each of my nipples in your mouth. There is something sweet and vulnerable about you when you first grab one of my nipples in your mouth. Perhaps, it is the fascination they hold for you. I knew you wouldn't get past them without stopping at least for a moment.

Your flicking tongue can drive this sensation past sweetness into something shadier, and your teeth nipping gently usually brings me to dig my fingers into your hair.

You held that nipple in your teeth and looked up at me, watching me strain as you teased me. I squinted my eyes at you in a mock evil eye and pressed my legs together, rolling my hips, trying to get some relief.

You moved on to the next nipple and slipped a hand between my legs.

I felt your fingers spreading me and cupping my pussy. Your palm worked circles on my clit and your middle finger rested between the folds of my lips, the tip teasing at my entrance.

"Is this what you want?" you said into my breast.

"Mmm. Yeah."

Your hand wasn't too much more relief than pressing my thighs together. But I didn't care. I ground against it. And then you slipped that first finger into me, alternately rubbing your palm against my clit.

"Uh, Yeah, yeah. I want this."

You watched me quietly, the breast forgotten. I felt you add more fingers. I can never really tell exactly how many you are working up into me except that when you add one you watch me intently, seeing what makes me quiver. I let out one of those grunts as it felt like you were pushing your arm into me.

"How many?" I asked.

Your eyes got a little wider which amuses me, now. Did you not think that I was counting, too?

And, then you answered me, "Three."

"Only three?" I was surprised. "It feels like your whole hand."

"Let's see what else I can work up into you." And I knew you were about to pick things up a bit.

You were roaming down my stomach.

"You are going about this backwards. You know?" I told you as you nipped at my stomach.

"How so?"

"Foreplay is supposed to be before."

"Who says?"


"Well fuck everyone."

"Well, maybe not everyone. How about just fucking me?"

You laughed a little.

"We might get to that."

"What?" I wanted to know what the hell you meant by might.

But you didn't answer me.

Your mouth continued down to rest at the apex of my thighs. I spread my ankles to allow you clearance. I love your mouth almost as much as your cock.

Arms crept around my thighs and tightened their holds like anacondas, spreading me open for your mouth. I was powerless and caught when your mouth descended on my clit. I rose to you, pushing up to meet your tongue.

It was the one thing I wanted. It was the one thing I could do.

"Oh god." I moaned. I rocked to the rhythm of your flicking.

When my stomach muscles started to hiccup in just the right way, you pulled your mouth away.

"Alright baby. If you want to talk so bad, talk."

"Oh fuck! What? What do you want me to say?"

"Oh, things. You are the one who asked me to tie you down. Do you want this?" Your tongue traced my folds and I sighed at the sensation. Then, you circled my clit again.

"Yes! Oh God yes. I want this." My voice was shaky and didn't sound like mine.

"Then why are you talking so much?" You pushed your tongue into me.

"Ahhh. I don't know. I just... oh yeah. That." You started tongue fucking me. "Keep doing that."

But oh no, you stopped.

"Tell me why you won't shut up." I could feel you running your tongue up toward my clit.

"Umm... because I can't."

"And why not?"

"It would give you too much. Oh, that. More of that..." You had shifted positions again. I wanted to just lose myself in your tongue working my clit.

"Too much what?"

"I don't know. It doesn't matter now."

"Oh, but it does. I think you do know. Just take a guess."

"Umm. control. Of me."

"Ahhh. And why?"

"Because." You had pulled your mouth away and I just wanted it back. I was splayed and held tight by you. "You are the one who is talking too much."

"Would you beg for me?


"Do you love me?"

"You know I love you."

"How do you love me?"

Your mouth descended on my clit in a sudden fury and stayed on me, driving me beyond sense.

"I love you hard. Damnit. Hard.. harder."

You rose to your knees, sort of wedging them up under either side of my ass. Before pulling my ankles up to your shoulders, you positioned your cock at my pussy and I felt the tip inside me again.

"You love this, don't you?

"Oh God yes."

"Then beg for me. Beg more for me." You said my name, demanding my attention on your words over your cock.

"Oh God, fuck me. Please. I want you inside me."

"More." You said and started to push forward.

"Yes. More. More. More." I shook my head agreeing with you.

When I felt your cock slowly entering me, I tried to open for you. I can never find a way to receive you when I have to think about it. The muscles lining my pussy always want to instinctively grab at you while my mind wants them to open up and relish the feeling of that first stroke of a fuck. The conflict tears me apart and I love trying to reconcile this kind of invasion.

"I want you inside me-- now."

"Now?" You paused, and I felt like I was quivering around you.

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