Max's idea of dancing was reggae night at the local nightclub. I, being the arrhythmic white girl I am, was terrified at the prospect of shaking my behind to unfamiliar music. There goes my perfect evening. Prospects of fucking Max flew out the window as I devised a new plan, one that would involve preserving as much dignity as possible.

I almost bolted as Max led me into the nightclub. The place was packed with people from campus, shaking their butts expertly to the Caribbean overtones blaring from the speakers. A dreadlocked man sung out beats from the makeshift stage, and his dreadlocked friends accompanied him on bongos and acoustic guitars.

This was definitely not my scene.

Max grabbed my arm, sensing I was uncomfortable, and led me to the dance floor. He placed his hands firmly on my hips and guided me into a sultry, slow dance.

I softened, letting a few of my (many) inhibitions melt away in his arms.

I knew he was an asshole and would be a terrible boyfriend. But I could not help but love Max.

He was deep, talented, and special. He had a way of seeing people through the false fronts they put up as protection. His eyes could penetrate the toughest armor.

I hoped they were not strong enough to penetrate mine because I could not risk Max falling in love with me. I was not strong enough for that.

As we slowly danced, I refused to make eye contact with him. His eyes, then, settled for my cleavage, and he treated me as he treated every single one of his dates: like a piece of ass.

It made me feel dirty.

I loved it.

He grabbed me all over, massaging my ass, my hips, my back, and my tits with his calloused hands.

I looked up at him, finally, desire and lust in my eyes. He noticed.

Max grabbed my hair with one of his hands. My curly locks were free of mousse tonight. I let them air dry after my shower, and they were soft and full.

I could feel his hands tighten around my hair, tangling in the knots.

"Your hair..." he leaned close and gasped in my ear. His body pressed closer to me, and I could feel the hint of an erection through his jeans.

"I thought you said you couldn't have me," I said in return. His body felt so good against mine, but I had to hold on to my dignity, to myself.

"I can't," he breathed into my curly locks.

"Why not?"

"Because I can't handle you."

"Then please stop touching my hair."

"I can't do that, either."

With that, Max forced my head upwards and kissed me passionately. He pressed his slightly chapped lips against mine. A wave of heat rushed over my body. I had dreamed, fantasized, of the moment Max would kiss me like this. I pressed my lips harder against his, desperate to consume every ounce of his passion.

He tickled my lips with his tongue, and I greedily opened my mouth to accept him.

Max was the best kisser I had ever encountered. He expertly massaged my tongue, providing the crucial balance of pressure and softness. He moved his hand from my ass and placed it against my face, and his other hand, still tangled in my hair, pushed my face closer to his.

I flung my arms around his neck and hoisted myself onto my tiptoes. We embraced for what felt like hours, kissing each other deeply.

Max broke away first. I looked at him, lust in my eyes, pleading to kiss again.

"Let's go back to my place," he said, and dragged me out of the club.


Max flung me onto his queen-sized bed. I fell against the multitude of pillows. Silk sheets, I noted, very playboy of him. I hoisted myself into a sitting position against his pillows and took off my flirty top.

Max knelt on the edge of the bed, eyes glazed over from desire. He watched, mouth agape, as I teased him with my undressing. I had chosen my sexiest strapless bra. It was powder blue lace, front clasp, and it hoisted my breasts to their fullest, loftiest position possible.

I decided to give Max a show, hoping to keep him enticed. I placed my index finger against my tongue, flirtily licking just the tip, just enough to moisten it. I then slid my finger over the lace of my bra, teasing Max and myself.

My nipples strained at the bra as the lightest graze of my finger brought them to attention. I tweaked and twisted my nipples through the fabric, using the rough lace to add tension and texture to my foreplay.

Max hastily unbuttoned his shirt and let it fall to the ground. He crawled towards me on the bed.

"Wait," I said, holding out my other hand to stop him. He dutifully obeyed, and loosened his belt. I watched him unzip his jeans, my cue to tease him further.

As he tugged his pants off his legs, I played with the button of my jeans. Slowly, slowly, I undid the zipper, and tantalizingly shimmied out of my pants. I was stripped down to my underwear.

I recalled the fantasy I had of Max a year prior, and laughed to myself. It was playing out almost as I had imagined. I was wearing the matching powder-blue thong to my bra, another see-through lace number. My right hand not leaving my breast, I inched my left down underneath the fabric of my underwear. Max's eyes nearly bulged out of his head as he noticed I was completely shorn around my pubic area, smoothly waxed only the day prior.

My finger snuck down the folds of my slit, and I slid the tip around the entrance to my hole. My heart skipped a beat -- I was saturated down below. I was certain Max could see how wet I was -- the lace of my thong was soaked with juice. I dampened my finger and touched my clit gently.

Max tore off his boxers and flung himself on top of me. He grabbed my hands, relieving them of their self-stimulation. We kissed deeply. His tongue took me, tried to devour the entirety of my passion.

Max broke off the kiss roughly and placed gentle kisses down my neck. His left hand caressed my body, while his right grabbed my hands and held them firmly above my head. Max made it clear without speaking that he had seen enough of my foreplay -- it was his turn to make love to me.

His left hand tugged at the clasp of my bra, and he freed my breasts from their tight hold. My breasts sprung out of the fabric, bouncing and full. Max twisted my right nipple with his hand, pinching it. I moaned aloud, already filled with desire. I had a year's worth of sexual tension built up from Max's seductiveness -- I was ready to fuck.

Max continued his rough nipple play while continuing to coat my body with soft kisses. He wandered over to my other breast. He exhaled, and my breast quivered with anticipation. He smiled and rubbed his nose on the bud of my nipple.

"How badly do you want me, Charlotte?" he asked, his voice sensual and teasing.

"Max," I whispered, almost unable to form words.

"Ask for it, Char," he groaned.

"I can't do that," I mumbled. What is he doing to me?

"Come on, Curly, tell me what you want."

Curly? Max must really like my hair like this... I made a mental note to sell my ceramic straightener on EBay the next morning.

His compliments gave me courage. "Please take it, please lick me..." I whimpered.

Max plunged his face onto my breast, tugging at my nipple with his teeth. He slowly nibbled and sucked on the breast, forcing jolts of pleasure through my body, all the while relentlessly tweaking the other nipple. I was ecstatic.

I felt his member against my leg. It had grown, larger than I expected. Its soft flesh pressed against my thigh, pulsing as the shaft filled with blood. It was warm, almost hot. I felt a drop of precum leak onto my leg.

Max looked up at me as he felt the precum drizzle onto me as well.

"Strip out of those panties," he said, and I scurried to oblige him.

Max continued his journey down my body, kissing slowly and seductively down my form. He placed feather-like kisses along my belly button and paused as he reached my pubic area.

I tensed. No man had ever done what I thought Max was about to do. I was nervous, a million thoughts racing through my head. Seductive Charlotte, brave Charlotte, was gone, and I was timid and shy at the prospect of Max kissing my most private area.

Max felt me freeze on his bed. He looked up at me.

"What's wrong?" he asked, a look of concern in his eyes.

"What are you doing?"

"I'm going down on you..."

"Please don't!" I cried, scared. "Let's just...let's just fuck."

Max rested his head on his elbows, immediately above my slit. Despite my fright, I was being turned on by our heated foreplay, and I cringed at the thought that he could smell me from his advantageous position. I was mortified.

"Okay," Max said, choosing his words carefully. "Are you saying 'no' because you really don't want me to, or are you saying 'no' because you're nervous?"

"Does it matter!?" I yelped, desperate for an end to the awkwardness.

"Of course it matters!" Max crawled towards my face and kissed me softly on the lips. He held my head in his hands, tenderly.

I looked at him, questioning his eyes. They were soft, caring, concerned. His hands felt protective, and I felt safer in his arms, safer than I had ever felt with any man. Not that I have much experience.

"I've never done that before," I admitted, in a soft, almost whispering tone.

Max kissed me again, this time with more passion. "I want to do this...for you," he said, slowly still, as if he was afraid of scaring me off for good.

"But what if..."

"What if...nothing," Max replied. "You're going to love it. Relax. Just enjoy it."

"Are you sure?"

Max leaned further into me and began kissing his way down my neck again. I eased my tense form, trying to relax. The truth was I loved the sensation of Max's body on top of mine. He felt strong, secure. I was worried of what he would think of me.

I did not think I was strong enough to be loved and forgotten by Max.

"If you hate it," Max said between kisses, "just let me know, and we'll stop and forget the whole thing."

Max made his way slowly, slowly down my body, and every kiss seemed to release the tension in my muscles. I settled in against the bed and closed my eyes tightly. Just concentrate, just let this...

Max's first lick against the folds of my slip felt electric. Nerve endings were stimulated where I did not realize I had nerve endings. I moaned, despite myself, already upset the lick had been so brief.

Max tentatively pushed his tongue inside the folds of my slit, burrowing softly and slowly towards the pearl of my clit.

He had not yet even licked my clit, and already I was in ecstasy. My mind forgot itself, forgot it was supposed to be self-conscious, forgot I was supposed to be guarded and shy, forgot I was supposed to protect myself against the thrill and fright of being with Max.

And then he found my clit. He lapped slowly, using only the tip of his tongue to acclimate me to the sensations. I howled aloud, completely taken by the new feelings Max was giving me. Everything below my belly button was on fire. I had not realized how delicious and naughty and...right...a sexual act could feel.

"Oh, Max, that's good..." I murmured, eyes screwed tightly shut, concentrating fully on his actions.

Max darted his tongue faster, still using only the tip. He lapped up the juices I knew were flowing down my legs and into his mouth. He seemed willing, almost eager, to pleasure me.

Whenever I felt Max could not possibly give me any more pleasure, he changed positions with his tongue, somehow probing deeper, more forcefully. He began lapping at my clit with broad strokes, using the entirety of his tongue.

My whole body was tingling, and I grabbed the bed sheets for support. I was moaning loudly, uncontrollably. My head felt detached from the intense waves of pleasure that radiated from my clit, from Max's tongue, and I was consumed by the experience. I could not think of anything besides the constant fwack-fwack-fwack of Max's mouth on my cunt.

Max pointed his tongue and began performing figure 8's with the tip. The harsh, almost erratic movements sent me over the top.

"I'm gonna cum!" I cried with relief and lust.

The orgasm built quickly, overtaking all the sensations of Max and the cool satin sheets and the tongue and the newness, hit me like a wave. I fell deep into the pleasure, rocking my hips against Max's mouth as he relentlessly slurped my juices with excitement. I thrashed against the bed, and my whole body shook. My thighs, my arms, my torso quivered with excitement, and I twitched, grabbing harder onto the bed sheets for support. My toes curled, and I wrapped my legs against Max, pulling him in closer.

He slowed his ministrations to my pussy as the orgasm subsided and I collapsed, exhausted, further into the bed. My body went limp, my clit twinging with the final pangs of orgasm. I opened my eyes slowly as I felt Max move his head from under me.

He looked at me, grinning widely.

"How was that?" he grinned, looking more like a puppy dog and ever, his eyes twinkling with mirth.


Max cuddled with me for a few moments after my orgasm. It was the most powerful of my life, and I relished the minutes I spent, exhausted and utterly, deliriously happy, in Max's arms. He nuzzled my neck as I drifted into a half-sleep, unable to speak or move.

We lay like that for what felt like hours, but was, in actuality, only about fifteen minutes. I awoke from my drifting slumber with the sensation of Max's hand on my upper leg and butt. It was moving.

I rolled over, noticing Max slowly stroking his member. I had almost forgotten about his pleasure.

I lay down on my back, smiling up at Max. He looked back at me, gently pleading, but waiting for me to recover from my first orgasm.

I smiled. "Let's fuck," I stated, excited about the prospect of actually culminating over a year's worth of sexual tension.

Max sprang up from his masturbation position and knelt on the bed. I wrapped my legs around his waist. He entered me slowly, as if he was relishing every sensation against his cock. I caught a glimpse of his dick -- the smooth, purplish head gave way to a thick, long shaft. He was uncut, and the folds of his cock made him seem even thicker. The prospect of Max actually entering me was daunting.

Max rubbed himself against my slit, coating his own cock in my wetness. He paused at the entrance of my hole.

"Ready?" he asked. I managed a grunt in reply and slid closer to him involuntarily.

Max slid the head of his dick into my hole. His broad head spread my lips open wide as my vaginal walls stretched to accommodate his girth. I felt pressure as he eased his way into my snatch, a delicious pressure that radiated from inside of me.

Max slid in and out slowly, each time forcing more of his cock into me. He began to build momentum, going in more deeply. With one massive thrust, the entirety of his cock had penetrated me.

I could feel all of Max's Max inside of me, and I squeezed my muscles around him. He felt so thick, so long; I was whimpering from the pressure of the intense pleasure building within my body.

Max grabbed my hips and started riding me hard. He slapped and jiggled his body against mine. His cock was perfectly angled to stimulate my G-spot, and the rough patch sent sparks of pleasure down every nerve end in my body. I grabbed my breasts hard with one hand, twisting my nipple as I moaned. Pleasure arced from every inch of me. I slid my other down to my clit. I snaked my finger around, mimicking the figure 8s Max had just traced with his tongue. My pussy was soaking wet from my first orgasm and Max's salivary lubrication. It was delightfully supple and ready to cum again. I groaned.

His head was thrown back in pleasure, clearly concentrating on making himself last as long as he could while enjoying the stimulation. I, however, had other plans.

My orgasm built again inside of me, and I let the waves crash over me. I screamed, flying my finger across my clit. Max continued to pound me relentlessly as I egged him to go faster.

I cried out incoherently, my pussy clenching down on his cock. My inhibitions faded as my orgasm grew to its full climax. As it reached its crescendo, I lost control.

"Yes!" I yelped. Vocal capacities failed me as I uttered a series of nonsense phrases, my mind reeling from the overwhelming pleasure that seemed to burst from the deepest areas of my body. I thrashed on the bed, sliding on the sheets as I lost control. I let the orgasm consume me.

Max leaned in to kiss me, rocking his hips to match my motions. He relieved me of my incoherent babble with a deep tongue kiss, and I grabbed his face, unwilling to let him go. It was the sweetest moment, one of promise. I felt deeply connected to that beautiful man.

As my orgasm subsided, Max slowed his hip rotation and vacated my vagina. He was standing at full attention. The veins in his dick were visible, and they seemed to strain against his taut skin in desperation. He lay down on his bed, exhausted, but still incredibly horny. I needed a minute to recharge, but that should not have meant he needed to suffer...

"Oh, man!" Max called out loudly as I tickled the base of his cock with the tip of my tongue. I teased him by slowly wiggling my way up his shaft, licking ever so slowly. As I reached the pinnacle of his dick, his cock jumped from the stimulation.

Max groaned as I delayed his climax. I tantalizingly teased his cock's head, pausing before I consumed him. I noted a drop of precum had leaked out, drizzling from the tip of his dick to the edge of his head. I licked it up enticingly, moaning as I enjoyed my prize.

"I can't take this anymore!" Max cried, and I plunged my mouth down his shaft. I sucked the entirety of his dick, slurping and gulping my juices in the process. Max shouted something incoherent, which I perceived as relief. I fucked his cock with my mouth, mimicking the relentless pounding he had given my pussy.

Max unconsciously moved his hips up and down, almost imperceptibly, meeting my mouth with the base of his cock. I tried to take the entirety of his length, almost choking as his head tickled the depths of my throat. I scraped my teeth ever so lightly against his dick as I licked my way up the shaft, and Max groaned.

"Oh, oh," he cried, softly, almost inaudibly.

His moans were erotic. I loved seeing Max vulnerable, clearly enjoying this moment with me. He was fully immersed in the pleasurable sensations that were consuming his body. His eyes were tightly screwed shut, his mouth agape. He had let himself go, and he was so sexy, so much more so than when he was playing the cool, noncommittal womanizer he had tried so hard to be.

My pussy clenched involuntarily, signaling it was ready for round three. I crawled on top of Max, humping his cock with my slit. My clit stood at attention as I rubbed up and down, and my pussy begged for more.

"Ride me, baby," Max begged, desperate to cum.

That was all the encouragement I needed. I lost my inhibitions and succumbed to my body's selfish demands for more pleasure. I grasped Max's cock, slowly rubbing up and down to stimulate him further. He was on the edge of orgasm, I noted, and I was delaying his climax. I eased myself onto his cock, relishing in the warmth I felt as he slid himself into me.

This was so much better than my dildo-inspired fantasy.

I rocked on his dick, Max's hands guiding me up and down his shaft. His thumb pressed onto my clit, rubbing me into a fucking frenzy. I was electric. My hands tangled themselves in my curls as I rode Max's cock, the heat of our lovemaking spreading across my body. I felt like a sex goddess, crying out as we humped and jostled our way to climax.

Max's orgasm hit first. He groaned, a primal cry escaping his lips. I felt his fluids fill me, and I clenched down on his cock as he thrust me harder against him. He was crying out loudly, language escaping him, only grunts and moans. His thumb dug onto my clit, wildly trying to rub me into an orgasm.

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