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Current Events


Case 98-2 "Current Events"

by Prof. Richard W.

(formerly of the University of ____________)

All of the characters and their behaviour are fictional, and anyone attempting their behaviour is bound to get into a lot of trouble. Copyright © 2004 by Richard Williams, all other rights are reserved.


[Academic standards require that I reveal a special interest in the subject matter, due to what I regard as my unfair dismissal from the University of _____________ back in the days when sexual harassment was so vaguely defined.

That the Dean of my faculty walked in on Cindy (the blonde cheerleader), and I, as she rode me vigorously in that big leather chair in my office should not have been considered as evidence. For those who did not read my previous account of the incident, she was just trying to find out what her dormmates had been talking about. No one testified against me, and, in fact, several other faculty members told me privately that HE had the hots for her, but had been unsuccessful. Publicly, my dismissal had to do with a loss of funding for my research into the paranormal.]

During the uproar involving presidential behavior in the U.S. capitol, I cast a discrete message out over the Internet, contacting men and women in discussion groups who understood my scientific concerns. I wanted to document its initial effects on the sexually aware public. As my studies of the paranormal had advanced, I was coming to a hypothesis that part of such events could be explained by hypnotic effects, and even by altered states created by unintentional phenomena. That might include excessive tv viewing. [Note to "Zoltar27": YES, I know that you are from another planet! Do not e-mail me again! I said "part of such events" - please note. - Professor R]

This electronic medium is amazing. Before the remaindered copies of the Clinton Grand Jury Videotape had even hit the 99-cent shelf, I had several leads to follow. As usual, some of them were too shy or edgy about interviews, but one man was quite willing to share, and in turn, he arranged for his new mistress to share with us, too.


I am Chief Operating Officer of a software development firm. I'm unusual, in that I'm 59 years old. Most of my counterparts are younger, but I was fortunate to get into the field early. It is not immodest of me to say that I have a strong imagination - I'm just quoting the trade press on that - and that's kept me alive in this crazy field.

My wife, Kathy, is a wonderful woman who was an underachiever earlier in life.

Lately, though, with our kids grown and feeling more established, she's become a great organizer of charity activities. I enjoy talking with her when we see each other. Great sex of years ago faded, though, and she refuses to see a counselor with me. Then she rushes off to another event. She doesn't have time to think about. It's odd, but as I grow more secure in my work, I do have more time to think about it. I knew that I did not want to replace her with a trophy wife, though. I liked her too much, maybe even loved her still.

Out at the last conference in Las Vegas, Jim _________ had introduced me to his mistress. He's a plastics molding supplier-- makes cabinets for computer equipment. A great guy on our annual industry golf "tour" and she was a lot of fun at the big dinner afterward. He and I knew each other back to MIT, and so it was easy for him to remember how much of a skirt-chaser I was in college, and for him to have a suggestion for me now.

"Brenzie? Why don't you quit moping about your wife and take on someone on the side? Wiebke and I have a lot of fun, richtig? Hey, she's even teaching me some Deutsch." He patted Wiebke affectionately on the arm. The 23-year old German artist was in love with the desert southwest, and found that she could overstay her tourist visa as long as Jim wanted her managing the company's desert ranch guest house. She and I laughed good-naturedly at her clumsy, but generous, man.

"I don't know how to go about that. The only women that I see are in my work place, and I don't need a sexual harassment case. I was disgusted when I found that guy in Receiving doing, you know... I canned him and had that consultant draw up a good harassment policy."

I actually had been very supportive of the women in the firm, and we had kept a good reputation with our policies and our implementation of them. And besides, I learned a long time ago when I was single that I only could go for intelligent, interesting women.

"You're not looking at it in the right way. Hey, we don't have time right now to go into it, but you're big on training, right?"

"Yes...." I must have looked puzzled.

"The way to go about it for a guy like you is with training. There's a one-week class out in Marin County, a... Master of Sexual Expression course. Short-handed as MSX. I've got the contact info at home, we'll send it to you."

"What will THAT do for me?" I raised my eyebrows.

"Hey, it's just for guys like you. Believe it or not, I took it. Some guys just naturally pick up women, but you want to think about it all the time, and so now you can't. The reason they call it a "Master" program is because you have to have finished have some kind of college degree even to get in. They can build on that and teach you stuff that Joe Six-Pack would never want to even know." I noticed that as the blonde listened to this and recalled whatever Jim had demonstrated to her from the course, that she began to breath a bit more heavily. Her lips parted slightly, and her cheeks flushed. Something about her bra had become uncomfortable, and she tugged at it absent-mindedly, as if concerned that she was going to pop out of it.

"Sorry, though, talking about all this stuff, you know... Wiebke and I have to get back to our room." They leered at each other and made a hasty exit.

Some weeks later, Jones, my 42-year old secretary brought in my mail.

"I tossed out the obvious junk, but this one was mailed First Class to you, with a real cover letter, so I left it in with the business stuff." She pointed out an envelope packet from the "Master of Social Expression" course in Marin. Everything about it seemed so typical of the many business courses that I would not have paid attention to it, till I saw that my friend Jim was mentioned in the cover letter as my referral. I realized that there had to be a cover for the cover letter, and the amusing shift in course names must have been it.

All of the application material seemed so "usual" that I sent it right back as "approved" through Jones. She did whistle when she saw the fee, but I pointed out to her that the program was highly recommended for men (and women, as I learned later) like myself. After all, what company would not want its chief executive to "...learn how to make more effective contacts and penetrate to the core of the contact's needs..."

It isn't the appropriate place for me to describe their program, and I did have to sign a confidentiality agreement on most aspects of it. Probably the most important point is that I discovered that the other class members were mainly guys like me. Being in Marin County, they were awfully handy to Silicon Valley, where too many men had made bundles of money and had been out of touch with women for years. Now they did not have time for the dating rat-race, or they couldn't tolerate the kind of women they met in bars. There were a few women there, too, all from high-tech industries, and some government men and women who kind of kept to themselves and wouldn't say what agency they were with.

On the final Friday morning, I was amazed to see Jim show up to lead a session.

We were all on edge, because this afternoon we would go down to Sausalito for our final exam. The course fee included the cute B&B rooms tucked all around town for our hoped for successful trysts. Somehow, though, Jim riveted our attention with his presentation on one of the last steps in the program, successfully managing a mistress. He even arranged for us to get copies of a book on it sent to us. It put him in a new light for me -- we were always kidding around when we were together, like college guys still. Of course, he couldn't have become the business success that he is without a serious side, too, I realized. But, man, I didn't know that you could study something like that as if it was a university course.

When the class met for our farewell luncheon, Jim joined me. The air was charged with sexual tension-- everyone wondering how they would do, and it was such a great week, that we wanted our classmates to do well, too. A couple of the guys were gay, and I think that one woman was a Lesbian, and heck, we found ourselves rooting for them, too. Everyone had an optomistic plan worked out - the cleverest being the gay and a straight male who teamed up to hunt for a hypothetical hetero couple from the Midwest. It would certainly be a memorable trip to San Francisco for someone when that worked out!

Jim quietly steadied me with his confidence. While others were chatting loudly over the table, he quietly reviewed the procedures with me. I was amazed when he volunteered to join me, but he pointed out that the INS had recently been asking some questions in his company's ranch area, and that he thought that Wiebke's time was going to be up.

"A man can get out of practice, you know... just having great sex with one woman regularly doesn't make it easy to meet the next." Jim was so practical. I caught myself wondering if I could even do it with someone new.

"How does Wiebke feel about this?" I wondered.

"She's going to miss me, but she'll miss the ranch more. But, hey, she's a great artist, and someday she'll be back in this country legally, a wealthy woman from selling those paintings she's been working on. The government'll be thanking her for blessing us by coming. And I do, too!" He chortled as he realized his inadvertent pun.

To keep this brief, Jim and I did join the group on the pier in Sausalito. Our instructors handed us the room keys for the B&B's, information on the correct cab company to use so that reports would be returned to the school on our progress, and then hearty best wishes.

I had never thought that it could go so smoothly. Carmen and Amanda from San Fernando were taking each other's pictures just down the pier. We offered to take one of them together, if they would take one of us together. We laughed a lot as we moved each other around, and with some intentional fumbling of the camera stretched things out enough to determine that both of them were highly visual people.

As each step of the training worked smoothly, my confidence grew. The two young women were so delightfully pleased with our chit-chat, and enjoyed our attention; they began to share more interesting information with us. They hadn't found a place to stay here, did we have any ideas? Everything was booked up. Jim had already begun to focus on Carmen - she seemed to be the more artistically-inclined of the two, and her I saw that they were going into deep, near-hypnotic,rapport.

"Why not stay with us?" Jim was so blatant, I couldn't believe it.

"I mean," he added, Brenzie and I have two rooms with big King Size beds. We only need one, and you can have the other."

Carmen didn't seem fazed by this idea at all. I mentally sucked in my gut and gave Amanda a direct command. In our brief time together, I had determined that she was a woman who took in the facts and then made up her own mind.

"It makes sense, Amanda, and you won't have to spend the rest of the day worrying." I said it with the tone of authority developed in the Master program. Really, as my instructor said, it came naturally to me, given my career, but I had not been able to talk that way with a beautiful woman. A look of intense thought crossed her face, and I remembered that point from the course.

"It will be a deep pleasure for you to come with me," I plunged ahead. Instead of slapping me, I saw the flash of subconscious recognition in her eyes. On the conscious level, she took this as simple information. In her subconscious, she was responding to Nature's program for her, a program which I had now entered as an important variable. I remembered one middle-aged woman instructor's words now with new understanding. Our teacher Leona smiled and led off with:

"Mother Nature likes fucking. It's we humans who create our own barriers."

As her opening remark, that had set the class to paying attention.

Jim briefly winked acknowledgement of this recollection to me, and then turned to Carmen again.

"Well, do you girls agree?" Jim looked into Carmen's eyes quite directly. They looked at each other, discussed it in simple terms, and they did agree. As they looked at each other, we saw ancient encouragements flashing back and forth. On the surface, they had come here for some fun at the pier. Underneath that, biological destiny had sent them searching-- for us, it seemed. Authoritative, but sympatico, men who obviously enjoyed their company and were not at all threatening. Men with experience and success in the world, who would not stifle their own creative urges, but would encourage them. In ancient terms, chiefs of the tribe, men who would be justified, compelled, to take many partners.... and would honor their partners by doing so.

We stopped by the lockers where they had left their things, and then they wanted to get on to the B&B to wash up. Jim and I handed our chits to the smiling cabbie; they included a generous tip, we were told, but Jim and I both tipped more in cash. He must have had some idea of what was going on, but did nothing to break the spell which had brought him such a goldmine.

"Jim," I confided while the girls washed and stowed their things, "I think that we are on our way in without the rest of the course stuff." I was feeling a newbie's over-confidence now.

"Brenzie, just follow the program. You can ad-lib once you have it down, but stick with the scripting now." He was right.

We quickly sorted out our goals. Carmen, it turned out, had always wanted to be duena of a ranch house some day. Jim had already followed up on that information, distorting her sense of time as they visualized her future on the ranch, perhaps his company's ranch. Her parents would be proud of her, as since coming from Guatemala they had worked so hard at menial jobs to get her through college. She sensed that it would be under his full authority, transmitted in the most intimate way possible. They would meet regularly and go over everything. So, considering this, and what I had noticed already, Jim would take Carmen and Amanda would be mine. That was assuming that they wanted to have us, I reminded myself!

Following the program, we each concentrated on restoring the feeling of deep rapport when the women returned. It was natural, then, that they would want to join us in our "planned" visit to the hot tub of the B&B. Actually, Jim and I had just learned that the place had such a critter, but we were flowing in a stream of sensual originality, and it came out sounding as though that was what we all had wanted.

Jim and I changed in one of the rooms, and the girls went back to the other. I didn't try to stare at Jim, but as he pulled on his trunks I was certain that he was bigger in the manhood department than I had remembered. Then I looked down at myself and realized that I was swelling with excitement, too. I stuffed myself into the swimming briefs and hoped that I would not be too obvious.

The training was working, I noted. I had not even been aware of my own physical eagerness, as I concentrated on Amanda's subconscious needs. Me exploring her mind in its open, altered state of relaxation, was far more fun for both of us than testosterone-driven macho play.

The hot tub was on a roof-top deck, surrounded by glass that blocked the wind, but let the sun warm us in and out of the water. Jim and I found ourselves helping Carmen and Amanda apply sunscreen. I flashed back to college as I made a mental note of how the clasp on Amanda's swimsuit top worked. Man, it had been long time since I had to study things like that!

Both women wore similar two-piece Hi-Kini looking outfits - Carmen's simple white showing off her darker complexion and her reddish-brown tinted hair, Amanda going the opposite route in black that set off her accentuated natural blondeness.

The water was warm and relaxing, but the pump that pushed the surging bubbles around us was a bit loud. It made cross-tub conversation awkward. It was so natural then, that Jim and Carmen became a couple, as did Amanda and I. I knew from their body language that Carmen was preparing herself for Jim at a faster rate than cautious Amanda was for me. A part of me wanted to worry about that, feel inadequate, but I pushed it down in a corner of my mind.

I led my blonde guest to a discussion of how the pulsating water felt... all around her.

"Have you ever enjoyed feeling like this before?" I inquired. I saw from the look crossing her face that she had. She could visualize it easily, and so I coaxed her to tell me about it. We are all adults here, she understood, and I was such an interested and understanding man, that it was easy to tell me about her former boyfriend, and... she giggled... how they did it together for the first time in a hot tub.

I drew her away for now from that topic, knowing that her subconscious was continuing with pleasant pictures from her past. We talked again about how people relax-- I learned that she was going to be a physical therapist.

We were interrupted by a sudden change in her relaxed expression. I turned my attention to Carmen and Jim. "Simply perfect" I inadvertently muttered as the swaying Hispana had urged him to remove her top. Her elegantly beautiful breasts broke the surface of the water. Her nipples moved in and out of the water as she breathed deeply, looking into Jim's eyes, ignoring us.

My friend had told me this might happen. They had raced ahead of us, and his quick nod to me confirmed that he had taken her into a deep sexual trance. They were embracing now, whispering throaty passion to each other, and Amanda was staring. They began to struggle joyfully in the water as they worked to get each other's bottoms off.

I whispered a "thank you" for Jim's tip-off and guidance. As Amanda stared at them, I spoke quietly, but with firmness to her-- drawing her attention to how beautiful Carmen and Jim were together, taking her back to her time with her boyfriend, taking her through the sensual pleasures of the sunshine and foaming water, taking her forward to a time when she would realize that she could take pleasure as well as Carmen, a time when Carmen and other friends would envy her choice of men. As she closed her eyes, she could still see all that.

"Amanda, I know that our minds mesh so perfectly, but I believe that your body is simply perfect, too. You would be more comfortable without your top, and perhaps Carmen would be a bit jealous of you."

She blinked at me and her subconscious realized her need to compete.

"I'm a 34D, she's only a 34B" she said in measured tones. "See?"

In a fluid motion, she slipped off her bra top. She was right, and I saw that as she floated attractively in the foam. Carmen did not notice it right then, because she was climbing onto Jim's lap, their swim suits having finally been tossed to the side of the tub.

As Jim and Carmen had set the first example to follow, I guided Amanda through her trance into each succeeding step. We calmly whispered about the beauty of their motions. They were thrashing eagerly in the water, my hands and Amanda's absent-mindedly caressing each other as we watched them without shame. Her curves were rounder than Carmen's, but really, it didn't matter to me as much as it mattered to her. I could have taken either of them now.

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