tagNonHumanCurse of Scales Ch. 02

Curse of Scales Ch. 02


Author's note: Story may contain non-human transformation, female submission, and monster sex!

Feedback appreciated, especially notes of what you liked, so I can write more like it.


Curse of Scales: Chapter 2 (of 3)

Day 26 -410,00 credits (in Debt)

My body moved so differently. I was fine if I looked forward...

But if I looked down at my emerald scaled legs I'd became self-conscious and I start to wobble. I had to just not think about it, and I could walk fine.

And I finally got around to feeding him again.

He seemed confused, and he didn't snarl for once. He looked at me oddly, staring blankly.

"Yeah this is your fault," I said pissed off. I threw the wolf chunk into the cell, but his eyes didn't leave me.

Scales head bobbed, and I heard that despicable click-drum noise emanate from his throat.

"No!" I said and gave him a swift kick through the bars. "I don't need you making mating calls at me!"

That shut him up.

But the fool tried it again that night.

I could barely hear it from my tent, but in some ways that made it even more annoying. The way it just hung in the air, just out of reach, made it impossible to sleep.

I went to shut him the hell up, I had another big day of hunts tomorrow.

But the closer I got the more intense the sound was.

Step by step it reverberated in my head.

Felt more real and intoxicating than in the recordings.

'Shut up!' I tried to yell as I banged on the cage, but it only came out as a whisper.

He stared at me and blinked stupidly. He grew louder.

"Stop," I whined softly in confusion, "Please stop." But I could barely speak, my voice felt locked up.

I squeezed my own throat, in confusion, feeling it vibrate.

I was purring back at Scales.

I was responding to this mating call, just like hybrids in the recordings.

I was purring and I couldn't stop.

I ran in terror to my tent. I was shaking and had gotten so aroused my pants looked like I pissed myself.

I had never masturbated so hard, my fingers plunging in and out of me.

It shamed me, but I couldn't get the image out of my head.

I told myself to ignore the sound. My tent was safe, he'd never get to me.

Unless he got loose after I fell asleep. That somehow he removed his collar. And I, defenseless in my tent wouldn't hear him approach.

I'd awake as he collared me, suddenly sapped of all my strength. Powerless to stop him he'd force himself upon me.

"No," I moaned and shook my head, knowing it was wrong but even my fantasy lizardman wasn't a nameless Alpha, but Scales himself.

I thought of him using me while I begged him to stop.

After he used me sexually, I imagined him leading me to cage he escaped from. He led me there and chained me in corner as I had done to him.

I climaxed as I touched myself, imaging myself as a transformed huntress, naked and collared, kept prisoner in her own cage.

The orgasm cleared my head and I felt disgusted. I had cum thinking about Scales raping me then imprisoning me!

What the hell was wrong with me?

Day 27 -410,00 credits (in Debt)

Again I debated activating the transponder, but there was no need to call it quits just yet. There was a much simpler solution.

I just couldn't have a living lizardman in my hub.

Scales had to die.

I wasn't going to end up like the girls in the recording, submissively mewing while being raped by a monster!

I moved fast.

Tethered in the cage with a suppression collar meant he didn't stand a chance. He stared at me dumbly making that awful clicking croak.

I raised my arms up for the killing blow as my own involuntary purring hit a crescendo. The intoxicating song reverberated through my body.

Even though I was staring only into his snake like eyes, out of nowhere a lewd image of his aroused dick oddly invaded my mind. It was there I could 'see' it.

"Ohhh," I moaned as my hips awkwardly twitched forward and my eyes rolled back into my head. Yet still the image of his majestic and scaly monster cock pounded in my head.

My grip weakened and the sword clumsily tumbled to the ground. I panicked, tried to hold my sanity intact.

"No, no, no!" I screamed closes eyes and covers ears, but the feel invaded my being. I realized too late why I could 'see it,' my nose. My hybrid nostrils, like my ears, worked in a nonhuman capacity.

Scales's powerful musk poured into my soul with every breath.

The combination of mating call and scent pushed some kind of button in my brain, slamming me into a state of such unbearable arousal, that I was left entirely disabled.

I was left defenseless and quivering on my knees before him, drooling with desire.

As if to say 'I have what you need,' he wiped his dick across my face, leaving a slick trail below my nose.

Oh that smell! Instinctively my thin tongue darted out- tasted it with a flash.

"Yes," I said. This was it. This was it! "This is what I need!"

Bewitched, I snapped into action. I undid my belt and peeled off my pants and underwear simultaneously.

And with a quick twist I was on my knees, naked from the waist down.

Chained as he was I could have easily crawled away, out of his reach. Instead I moved back, closer to him, pressing my ass to him.

I felt him take up this invitation to mount me, his clawed hands seized my hips in a dominating grasp.

I looked down at my sword I had dropped.

The blade was right there, between my out stretched hands. In a second I could grab it and end this, end Scales.

I knew that's why I'd come here. But it all happened so fast. In a matter of moments I had gone from a killer's purpose of giving the collared monster a finishing blow, to meekly surrendering and submissively offering my pussy to the beast.

I knew what was coming next.

I felt him rub the head of his cock up and down the line of my pussy. I knew I could stop this.

I knew I should stop this!

But I didn't.

Instead of my sword piercing him, I let scale's 'sword' penetrated me, sliding into my womanhood. Where as my act was to end him, his sparked our bestial mating.

His pace of thrusts was a frenzy.

And in response to his savage rutting, I disgraced myself further by encouraging him. I pressed back, helping the collared and chained monster use me.

My purring came in waves to his strong thrusts. They came as instinctual calls I couldn't contain.

And then in a moment of clarity I began to form a rudimentary understanding of their meaning.

"Cum. Me." I purred. They weren't human words, but I knew what I was doing.

Yes, my true hunger was for that strange monster sperm I had tasted, I needed it. I needed it so badly. What I had smelled, my mouth had sampled, my pussy needed to drink in.

"Cum. Me."

So as the lizard monster fucked my exposed backside, I couldn't help but beg.

"Cum. Me. Please!"

My purring became high pitched whines as I urged him to give me what I hungered for.

He obliged, warning me with a deep growl. I felt him begin to empty his seed into me.


His huge monster cock began to pulse inside me, but it was unlike a human climax. His ejaculation was steady and deliberate... And it didn't seem to end.

His monster splooge was pumped into me over a few minutes. Deep inside I knew how disgusting this climatic degradation was but I was too corrupted to resist.

Even if I had wanted to fight I was too helplessly sedated with pleasure. I writhed in bliss as he slowly poured the thick monster cum inside me.

After I stumbled back to my tent in confusion and humiliation. I was pantless, globs of thick gray lizardman jizz spilling from my overfilled cunt. It oozed out of me like like dripping slime.

What the hell had I just done? I couldn't believe it.

I cried myself to sleep, never feeling so utterly defeated before.

Day 28 -410,00 credits (in Debt)

Even as brash as I was, I couldn't lie to myself any longer. Debt or no, I had to leave Caldem, now!

I activated the transponder.

No, no, no!

I screamed in rage, nothing seemed to right for me.

This fucking frontier gear!

The power core was completely empty. The transponder needed time to charge in order to call for a translocation. And worse, the bar wasn't moving!

I gulped in horror. The charge estimate was in days.

For now I was trapped.

The hub was supposed to be my 'safe zone' on Caldem. But now? I had let my lizardman captive have sex with me here.

He had bewitched me with his mating call, and there was no reason to think he wouldn't try again.

I needed to be strong. I clenched my fists.

"Never again!" I vowed.

Never again!

I clearly couldn't get close to Scales, so I'd let him starve! I just had to stay away.

Let him die in that fucking cage!

But that night I heard him. I felt like I was going insane. I had a finger in each ear but I the sound reverberated through my bones.

Hours he drummed, calling to me. He wouldn't stop.

He wouldn't give up his call, possibly emboldened by my previous subjugation. I had already given in once.

Or maybe he heard me desperately calling back to him?

I didn't want to respond, but I couldn't stop myself. I bit my pillow and screamed, just to stifle my own purring.

No! I would not succumb, I would not let myself be used this way.

This was beyond the shame of being an aroused slut, some dumb whore, a harlot used by human men. I would have rather been kidnapped and forced to work in a brothel. In a way this was more shameful than even death.

This was a monster whose phallus leaked a bizarre and evil slime I had spent all morning cleaning out of my orifices.

Beyond disgusting, it was evil. It was...

I moaned and licked my lips, and my crotch burned at the thought of it.

It couldn't be, but it started to feel like I wanted more.

Rationally I knew, I swear I did. Yet under the wake of his calls, my thoughts became twisted and corrupted. The memory of Scales ball juice only made me shiver in delight.

The longer I heard the call the more powerful the hunger felt.

And he was so close! Right here in my little personal hub, a lizardman ready to ejaculate a stream his thick gray monster cum deep inside me.

I felt more than aroused, I felt... Addicted..

"No!" I couldn't. I wouldn't. I was a monster HUNTER. A monster's worst nightmare. I wasn't some low rank monster's cumslut!

I moaned, tortured by my own arousal, twisting in frustration.

Throbbing need pulsed between my transformed legs.

I had to stay strong, but as I looked over my transformed body, I couldn't help but think I looked more like a monster than a monster hunter now.

Every cell in my body wanted to submit to his mating call.

Fuck I needed to fight this. I needed to resist this!

"I need... Fuck!" I needed to fuck Scales! I needed monster cum.

Fuck! I need it! I needed a douse of his wonderful cum unloaded inside of me.

The more I thought about it the hotter I got.

"I can't fight this!"

I hissed and waved my tailed. Fighting was a useless attempt to escape my own biology. My body was remade, and every piece of me needed this.

It wasn't my fault, but the 'curse.' It forced me to act this way.

I was still a good huntress at heart on the inside, who I really was deep inside.

Even as I undressed and ran to Scales.

Even as I unlocked the cage and went inside.

Even as I knelt down and offered my body to him.

I was still a good huntress inside, even if I acted like a submissive hybrid cumslut, addicted to his monster seed. But that's not who I was, right?

"What the hell have I become?" I resisted inside, chiding myself until the moment his claw tightly grasped the base of my tail

"Yessss," I purred as he pull me back into himself, pushing his cock into me. Resistance and my mind felt clear. I was once again only focused on pushing my transformed backside in tandem to his pounding trusts.

"Me!" I purred, his submissive monster slut. I'm here Take me! "Me! Yes!"

The way he tightly squeezed and pulled on my tail made me feel utterly dominated.

My concerns and shame were gone, while we mated I was nothing more than dumb monster harlot working greedily to milk his cum out of his scaly lizard shaft.

"Cum. Me. Please," I purred and hissed in submission as he used my body.

At the end I was quieter, drooling in a haze as he came inside me.

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