tagNonHumanCurse of Scales Ch. 03

Curse of Scales Ch. 03


Author's note: Story may contain non-human transformation, female submission, impregnation/breeding, monster sex! So if you don't like that... well get out!

Feedback appreciated, especially notes of what you liked, so I can write more like it.

I split this story into 3 chapters for easier editing, but it really just one big story. So you should read the prior chapters first!


Curse of Scales: Chapter 3 (of 3)

Day 30 -290,000 (In Debt)

I spent the day hunting to avoid the reality of my life. But eventually I had to return.

I wanted to cry when I looked at my tent.

I tried to avoid him, but It happened again each night.

It was disgusting and unnatural, and in my normal state of mind I didn't want to do it. But every time he started clicking my whole body responded.

Night after night his mating call pulled me out of my tent and into his cage like a martinet.

It wasn't even a battle anymore, just a signal he was ready. I would excitedly jog over to him while submissively purring.

I got naked, standing as a fully fully transformed lizardman hybrid inside my tent, but I didn't even bother to didn't lay down.

I bit my lip in humiliation. This wasn't where I spent my nights anymore.

The tent was where I slept as a human.

No I may as well move to the cage, to be with Scales. He'd fuck me, use me, and I wouldn't resist.

The shame was palpable, because of how eager I was.

I shouldn't want this!

I would spend half the night being fuck by a pure blood lizardman. A nightmare, but I couldn't help but look forward to it. I desperately wanted Scales to fuck me.

I burned with shame walking to the cage.

Day 32 -110,00 (In Debt)

I tracked a pair of grounded Ozantals. I saw the blue feathers of female, and red feathers of the male. A mated pair.

I caught myself thinking that she had a mate, like I had Scales.

No. He was still my captive, in my cage, and still on the bounty list.

Yes, technically he was my captive, but I was felt like he was claiming me as his mate. Increasingly my the area between my legs was enslaved to his cock.

The humiliation was during the day as I compelled bounties I been looking forward to coming 'home' to him. It wasn't dread, but excited anticipation at my pussy being used as a cum dump for Scales.

Was I really feeling giddy at the thought of being fucked by such a low level monster?

This was worse than the recordings. Those girls were captives, had no way to escape.

He was still collared, caged, and suppressed.

They didn't have the power I did.

Here everything was my fault, wasn't it?

All I had to was resist but I couldn't.

And I was going to give in again tonight.

My lizardman mate was going to fuck me.

Day 34 -55,00 (In Debt)

I ordered the translocation.

Why the hell would I expect this to go right when nothing else had?



I can't remember the last time I cried like this. Seeing the readout I broke, to my knees and sobbed.

Could I handle a week?

Hiza'zuk(Scales) wanted me to free him.

My hands were already working to undo his suppression collar before I realized and stopped myself. Thankfully I didn't release him. But next time?

I'm too far gone.

I'm losing myself, aren't I?

I'm trying so hard to hold on but how much more can I take?

Day 36 1 perfect egg!

Today was the happiest day of my life.

I've spent my whole life hunting credits, but had never seen treasure until I saw my egg.


Held it in my arms and stared at it for hours. I spent all day, I did nothing but pet it softly.

Day 38 1 egg

Since birthing an egg everything has changed.

The desire, it's indescribable. I foolishly believed my prior arousal was the limit of what was possible. But this it's beyond even what a human could comprehend.

What happened?

I can't say for certain, but I suspect its some biological trigger.

Like the first egg was a test, and that Hiza'zuk/Scales was now a 'qualified inseminator.'

My body recognizes he can fertilize me and has instilled a desperate need to breed.

Now the floodgates are open. I have to mate with him and I have to birth more eggs.

It's consuming my thoughts.

Not just the desire, but the sex itself.

It worries me. The pleasure is too strong. Unhealthy, the loops of fiery arousal and explosive mating can't be good for my brain. I just orgasm too damn hard when he cums in me.

That's not an exaggeration. Its too strong. Each time we mate it burns away a piece of me.

Feeling his cum pour into me makes it harder to think, remember details.

There are time after he cums in me where I can't remember who I am or what I'm doing here.

Still time before teleportation. I still wanted to go home but I could I give him up?

I took him off the bounty list.

Maybe I'll keep him? I can't right but...

If I'm cured? What then?

His cock had fundamentally tamed my pussy it does make me wonder. He fucked me and made me carry his child and I wanted more. Nothing in my life has made me as happy as pushing out our egg.

I know I need to go home but could I give up this joy? I want him to impregnate me with all his babies. I needed to be bred with lizardman cock.

I'm so confused. I know I'm not thinking clearly.

You never knew what was capable with enough money or magic.

Maybe they could just cure my upper half?

I just needed to wait until the translocation came through, then I could sort everything out.

Day 39 1 egg

Worst day of my life.

Worst. Worst, worst, worst!

The color of the egg, it's wrong!

My poor baby is dying!

I begged Hiza'zuk, "Me. Help. Egg!" He will take the egg to safety, but the cost...

I'm dangerous, and I'd have to wear the suppression collar. Its such a risk. I'd be completely defenseless. He says he'll let me go after we find a safe place, but can I trust him?

I had no choice, I had to protect my precious egg.

I unfastened collar from him, and sealed myself, nearly collapsed, feeling all the strength of being a monster hunter sapped by the collar.

I couldn't remember the gate key, but I had it written down in my guild stone.

Took two dozen tries to open the gate, the interface not recognizing me as a human.

I gave up I had to set it for transportation of two monsters.

The coordinates we pretty far from the swamp but it was the best I could do.

When the gate opened the lizardman pulled me, his captive and collared prisoner, though the door.

He lead me back to his home.

Day 40 - 4 eggs

Deep inside the sunken temple, he led me to a room with shallow channels of still swamp water, just over my knees.

He chained my collar to the wall, but I barely took note.

It was perfect: cool, wet, dark, and safe.

Squatted, submerging my burning slit into the dark brown swamp water. I pressed my hand against the ancient moss cover stone. It was the ideal environment, and my instincts took over.

Subconsciously I must have been holding back, because here I gently pressed, one, two, three. I moaned in delight as I birthed three more eggs into the watery den.

I sat with my tail curled around my precious eggs, overwhelmed with love.

Hiza'zuk lied(of course), he won't let me go, but I can't say it wasn't expected.

"I have conquered you," he explained with pride.

Our roles were reversed. I was the bounty of his hunt. I was the chained one, sapped with a suppression collar, trapped here as his conquered sex slave.

"Yes. Me." I purred my agreement.

Giving birth here was perfect.

I wouldn't be able to leave my babies anyways.

Day???? hatchlings and?? eggs

How long has it been?

Weeks? Months?

The blinding sexual cycle is burning holes in my brain. I can feel whole sections of my memory, my past, falling away forever. Hard to remember who I was, my old life. Every time we mate I lose more of myself.

The searing pleasure of laying our eggs doesn't help.

I go days forgetting I ever had been anything else other than his captured breed slave.

But I had to remember, something?

Yes, the guild stone! The one I used to activate the gateway.

I couldn't use it. I've regressed to such a dumb monster breeding whore that operating it is beyond me.

I can't read anymore. I'm just an illiterate hybrid slut now, and the symbols on the device look just like random marks me.

But that didn't matter, the simplest survey would find it. If I kept It close they would eventually come for me, save me. I just had to keep it safe.

Day???? hatchlings and?? eggs

I had long forgotten until Hisa'zuk bragged to another lizardman

"I have tamed her into a dutiful bitch, she lives for nothing but to breed my offspring."

"Yes, breed Hiza'zuk's offspring!" I agreed happily.

"And this was the metal invader," he said. "Who killed many?"

"Yes, now she is mine."

The other lizardman was in awe.

I had been here before? As an invader?

Then I remembered!

The guild stone! Yes.

I knew what had to be done.

I took it from under the water and handed it to him.

"Hisa'zuk," I pleaded with hisses and purrs, "Smash! Leave far! Far from swamp!"

It was hard to explain in my new language, I'm not sure if he understood. There were others like me, tied to the stone. They would come.

They'd stop me from being his breed slave, deny me the honor of birthing his eggs!

I was nearly crying at the thought of that being taken away. This is where I belonged, where I needed to stay, and my proper role.

I sighed in relief when he smashed the resilient tablet in pieces with a rock.

With the device gone I felt secure.

Now I could spend the rest of my life in this perfect paradise as the continually impregnated sex slave for this lizardman alpha.


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The progressive transformation of both her body and mind was perfectly transcribed. The beginning transformation and how it is ignored, the growing influence of her curse, the doubts, the growing threatmore...

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