tagSci-Fi & FantasyCurse of the Fairborne Women Ch. 04

Curse of the Fairborne Women Ch. 04


This is a copyrighted work of fiction and may not be reproduced in any way. All characters are fictitious. All characters are over 18 years of age.


Ch. 4- And the entire household with you

"Wake up, sleeping beauty." Tabitha's soft gentle voice whispered in Agatha's ear, soliciting a grin as she rubbed the sleep from her eyes. She turned her head slightly to see her sister's smiling face over her shoulder as she spooned in close behind her. Agatha reached behind her and caressed Tabitha's delicate thigh.

"I haven't slept that well in years." Agatha whispered dreamily, "Aside from the strange dreams, I feel great!"

Tabitha smiled back at her as she rose and presented her sister with a silk robe with which to adorn herself. She held out her hand, brushed Agatha's mussed up chestnut locks away from her face and whispered, "Come!" The two strode hand in hand down the staircase and through the various corridors that led to the dining room.

Agatha went on and on about the most horrible dream and the terrible way it made her feel. Tabitha simply smiled as they entered the large room through the great double doors and found the long banquet table filled with all sorts of pastries, meats, cheeses, breads, fruits and milk. Sarah, the cook, poured a tall glass for a young bare-chested man seated at the head of the table. His deep brown eyes lit up as the pair entered the room and he stood to greet them. Tabitha's pace quickened, dragging Agatha behind her. She joyfully embraced the young man, smoothing her hand through his jet black hair, down his strong neck and resting on his muscular chest as he gathered her up in a passionate kiss, his massive hands brushing down her back and thighs. Agatha gulped.

"It wasn't a dream." She muttered in dread as the aching, empty feeling returned.

Tabitha simply turned and smiled. "Sit and eat." She said sweetly as she pulled out a chair for her next to Daniel and the two sat as Tabitha strode to the other end of the great hall. Agatha sat nibbling on a croissant, stealing small glances at the man seated beside her as the emptiness grew. A battle raged in her mind. There was a good reason to deny the ache in her heart and the growing need between her legs as well as the growing moisture now soaking her tightly closed thighs. There was a reason, nagging somewhere in the back of her mind for not letting her robe fall gently to the floor and opening her body to Daniel's soft touch and tender kisses, letting him ease her need as he sucked on her hardened nipples. A very good reason for avoiding these things indeed, but right now she couldn't think what it was.

She snapped out of her musings to find herself already standing. Her robe was pooled about on the floor beneath her. Goosebumps coated her flesh. Her erect nipples pointed slightly upward from her perky, supple breasts. Drops of moisture streamed down her milky white thighs as Daniel's arms reached about behind her and pulled her into a passionate embrace. She kissed him deeply, her tongue searching desperately for his, her hands clawing wildly at his back, her left leg wrapping possessively around his waist, feeling his hardened flesh massaging the lips of her needy sex, soaking his trousers with her juices.

As Daniel's kisses trailed from her mouth to her earlobe, to her neck, down through her cleavage to her flat tummy, she opened her eyes for a moment and took in the scene unfolding before her.

The entire household staff had gathered in the dining hall. Chamber maids, kitchen staff, stable boys, gardeners and even the butler came filing in. Upon entering, male and female began pairing off. The butler, Mr. Jones, old, bald and soft in the middle was quickly removing undergarments from Rosie, the petite blonde that cleaned the south wing of the manor. He freed her large, round breasts from her bodice and delved passionately into their softness, kissing, and massaging her luscious globes. Her head tilted back as he sucked a nipple between his lips. A sultry brunette, having shed herself of her clothing, knelt beside them, one hand stroking Mr. Jones' cock, the other caressing and fondling Rosie's pussy. She slowly pumped two fingers in and out of the buxom blonde as her thumb drew circles around her clit.They stood near the large windows that lined the east wall. The morning sunlight danced about their naked forms as they gazed dreamily into each other's lust filled eyes.

On the other side of the table, the skinny young man that tended to the horses and stables, was shocked to find something hindering his short fat cock from penetrating Sarah's womanhood.

"Push harder!" The middle aged spinster cried, turning her head momentarily from between the legs of one of her helpers. In her late thirties and never wed, she was desperate to enjoy what she thought she never would. Her gray-streaked hair bobbed about as she encouraged the young man to continue. "Claim my pussy, I want to feel that fat cock take me while I enjoy licking Suzie." Came her demands as she smiled back at the girl with the curly black hair perched on the table in front of her with her legs spread wide open in anticipation.

The young man behind her obeyed with a grunt and a sharp thrust forward. Sarah's mouth opened suddenly and a shriek escaped her lips as her maidenhead gave way, welcoming the hardened flesh of his manhood to the warm embrace of her silken passage. Suzie grabbed the back of Sarah's head and pulled her in close. She pressed her lips passionately against Sarah's, tasting her own juices on the pretty mouth of the older woman. Sarah was quickly lost in Suzie's passionate kisses and moaning her approval of the cock that fucked steadily deeper inside her. The panic in her eyes was replaced by unmitigated lust as her head dove back between the legs of the woman in front of her. Suzie's head tilted back as Sarah devoured her pussy, her hands groping frantically at the young woman's firm breasts, her own swaying back and forth as the young man's cock plunged effortlessly in and out of her greedy loins.

One of the gardeners held the slender leg of the north wing chamber maid as a plump, strawberry blond kitchen helper guided the long slim cock towards her friend's waiting pussy. On the chamber maid's left, a raven haired beauty fondled her luscious breasts as their mouths and tongues entwined together. The young man lifted her up and pinned her against the wall as he drove his full ten inches into her. The strawberry blonde took advantage of their legs being spread wide and crawled between them to savor the girl's tangy sweetness as she licked her pussy and his cock simultaneously, his balls slapping gently against her chin with each thrust.

Daniel sucked Agatha's nipple into his mouth and gently nibbled it as his hands smoothed down her back to her firm buttocks. His tongue swirled around her tender flesh and her instincts demanded she throw her head back and shut her eyes tightly at the incredible sensation, yet the scene before her held her mesmerized. Groups of two to three women gathered around a single man, fondling, kissing, stroking whichever one was currently on her back, bent over, straddling someone or lying on the table with a man between their legs, pounding frantically at her loins. They were chubby, thin, petite and tall, blonde, brunette, black haired and redheaded. All sizes, shapes and colors of feminine beauty was on display in the great hall.

A large boned girl mere feet from Agatha, lay face down on the table as a young man held her legs, one in each hand and drove his cock into her. The young woman's mouth was opened and her cries of pleasure filled the air. A young woman with auburn hair, high cheekbones and a pointy little nose, massaged the girl's back as her lover's cock massaged her pussy, fucking her relentlessly.

Tabitha reappeared, naked and trying to walk while at the same time groping, fondling and kissing a girl with blazing red hair whom Agatha had never seen before. She had fine porcelain skin and blazing green eyes. Her hair was kept in a bun on top of her head and for all the wanton displays of affection she shared with Tabitha, not a strand was out of place. She was long and lithe, slightly taller than the woman she made to sit on the table next to where Agatha now sat, legs opened, fingers grasping Daniel's hair as he caressed her pussy lips with his tongue, easing her need with a slight flick of her clit just every once in awhile.

The redhead stood between Tabitha's legs, her hips pressed against her lover's aching mound, her firm, round breasts, hanging slightly downward and to the side with large, erect nipples the darkened hue of a woman greatly aroused, brushed softly against her partner's. Her hands caressed the full length of Tabitha's back down to her firm, round ass and the moans of deep pleasure echoed in their mouths as their tongues danced passionately together.

Agatha lay prostrate on the table and arched her back in ecstasy as Daniel's tongue located her pussy and slipped inside, drawing circles around her entrance. Tabitha reached back and gently clasped her sister's hand in her's as her lover lay her down as well. The woman turned around and sank her head between Tabitha's legs, giving Agatha an excellent view of her pink, glistening folds as she lowered herself down to Tabitha's hungry lips. Agatha watched as her sister greedily devoured her lover's pussy, then glanced about at all the other women pleasing women while one of them happily accepted a hard cock thrust deep into them.

She tilted her head back and watched the thick-boned girl, she thought her name was Heather, now laying on her back with the other woman stradling her face, moaning in pleasure as she passionately kissed the young man that stood between Heather's legs thrusting incessantly into her sopping wet cunt. The sounds of hard cock against wet pussy filled the room as did feminine moaning and masculine grunts. The heady scent of arousal was thick and intoxicating. Agatha thought about her sister and her lover and Heather and her lovers and she was struck with an epiphany: Tabitha was making love to a woman. The others were simply waiting their turn.

A loud bellow drew her attention towards the wall of windows and she watched as the butler, now on top of the petite blond stretched out on the floor, spilled his seed into her with a mighty thrust as deep as he could go. He held himself steady, buried to the hilt for a moment, before removing his cock from her and standing. The blond lay still, a dreamy look on her smiling face, and watched as the brunette lay down next to her and spread her legs for the still rock hard member protruding from Mr. Jones pelvis. He mounted her as the blond reached between them, grasped his cock to align it with the other's warm, waiting femininity and softly kissed her lips as his member stretched her open and filled her, thus confirming Agatha's suspicion. Tabitha's words reverberated through her head: "You will be taken in the morning and the entire household with you." She closed her eyes and resigned herself to simply enjoy the soft lips now sucking at her clit and the two fingers gently massaging her cunt.

As her pleasure grew and she found herself desperately in need of something more than fingers inside her, Daniel ceased and rose. She wrapped her legs around his waist as he leaned over her. He kissed her deeply as his cock brushed slightly against her needy cunt. Breaking the kiss, his dark brown eyes stared deeply into hers and he whispered, "No fear, Agatha. On the morrow I will ride to the northern mountains, find the Emerald Wizard, break the curse once and for all and return to live with you and Tabitha and our daughters."

Agatha smiled, knowing he was right and all would be as he said. "Take me upstairs and make love to me, Daniel!" She begged. Without another word, he scooped her up in his arms and followed Tabitha and her lover out the door and up the stairs.

When they arrived in her room, they found Tabitha and the redhead already entangled together on her bed. Daniel lay her down gently and mounted. She spread her milky white thighs and raised her knees, inviting him in. The head of his cock played softly at her opening as they kissed. She grabbed handfuls of his ass and pressed forward, desperately needing him inside. The head of his shaft entered and he stopped. She pressed him incessantly, "Fuck me!" she breathed. Slowly the full length of his shaft disappeared inside her and she gasped at the grand sensation of being stretched and filled. Tabitha was laying next to her, her feet close to Agatha's head. Her back was arched in ecstasy and she wildly thrust her hips into her lover's face as she licked her clit frantically and thrust three fingers deep into her cunt.

Just when Agatha was reveling in the feeling of her lover's hardened flesh embedded deep in her pussy, he pulled back till the head was just inside. Rocking his hips slightly, he began fucking her in short rapid strokes, no more than an inch or two sinking in and then pulling back. The sensation was incredible as his cock massaged just the first two inches of her pussy, building her desire for him more and more until finally satisfying her with a hard, deep thrust forward. She relaxed with him deep inside her, then groaned as he pulled out and teased her opening once more. Over and over he repeated this till she was so desperate to be fucked, she attempted to pull him deeper in, grasping frantically at his back and locking her legs about him possessively. Finally complying to her needs, Daniel filled her cunt with his shaft and held it for a moment. Lifting himself up, he pulled the full length of himself out and quickly drove it back in hard, only to repeat again. The feeling of being emptied and refilled over and over again had Agatha screaming in pleasure.

"Fuck me, Daniel! Fuck me hard! I want it all! I will bear your child and wait for you. Fill me with your seed!"

Her pleading words relieved him of his ability to maintain the long, full slow strokes and he began thrusting relentlessly into her, pounding her needy, warm, wet pussy with a renewed urgency. He gazed deeply into her lust filled eyes as he gave her the fucking she craved. The two women next to them moaned in deep release as their fingers and tongues brought each other to a thundering climax. Daniel continued his onslaught into Agatha's loins. Her face was taut with pleasure. Her eyes were tightly closed. Her perky little breasts swayed gently with each of her lover's powerful thrusts and her hands gripped tightly to the bed sheets. Tabitha's lover moved behind her and they embraced each other, spooning as they watched Agatha being passionately and deeply taken.

"Oh, god! Cum inside me! Fill me with your seed!" Agatha screamed as wave after wave of orgasm washed over her till she thought she could no longer bear such intense pleasure, yet Daniel continued. The sound of slapping flesh and Agatha's desperate pleas to be seeded with her lover's child filled the air till overtaken by Daniel's own moan of extreme pleasure as he emptied himself inside her.

The four lay entwined for sometime, chatting, laughing and listening to the sounds of the women of the household each being taken in turn echo through the halls of Fairborne Manor. The conversation started with Tabitha relating how the young woman now gently stroking her tummy had dropped in that morning to inquire about employment. Mr. Jones announced her just before Tabitha woke her sister and she had gone to speak with her when she left Agatha in the dining room. Tabitha found her in the foyer, introduced herself and found out her name was Rachel. At first the young woman thought it odd that her prospective employer greet her in nothing but a silk robe, but these thoughts swiftly dissipated. Tabitha asked one or two questions and Rachel attempted answers, but found it difficult to do much more than stare in awe at her lithe, beautiful form. Her hand reached out absentmindedly to fondle the woman's ample breasts. Tabitha gasped as the gorgeous young woman in front of her stroked the underside of one breast, lifting it slightly and traced circles about her hardened nipple with her thumb. In a flash, clothing was falling quickly to the floor and the two women found themselves entwined in a passionate embrace and stumbling their way back to the dining room.

Tabitha giggled as they related the tale and bit her lower lip, gazing longingly at her newfound lover. There was a short silence, but that was quickly broken by a woman's desperate cry of, "Oh, god! Fuck me harder, Yes!"

"It appears your prophecy came true, Bitty." Agatha stated thoughtfully.

"That the entire household would be taken with you?" she mused, "I guess you are right. That means you might have broken the curse, as well."

"How's that?"

"Don't you remember, Ag? 'You will get what you wanted?'"

Agatha sat pensively for a moment, relishing Daniel's soft caresses of her neck and earlobes. "Then you finished with 'but you won't see it.' So," She remarked sullenly, "I suppose I'm not long for this world."

Daniel held her tightly and whispered in her ear his assurances of finding the Emerald wizard, breaking the curse forever and returning in time to see his daughters born. She smiled sweetly at the thought and closed her eyes as the four of them drifted off to sleep.

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