tagSci-Fi & FantasyCurse of the Mysterious Asteroid

Curse of the Mysterious Asteroid


Previously: While investigating a mysterious asteroid, Princess Cassiopeia and her ever loyal chauffer, Fiora Tailwind were captured by the sinister Baron Cyberface.

We now rejoin our heroes, trapped with no hope of escape and surrounded on all sides by Cyberface's personal army of all-female bodyguards...


Princess Cassiopeia and Fiora, escorted by a cadre of Cyberface's comely bodyguards, were descending a seemingly endless flight of stairs, lit only by the baleful light of the hovering glowspheres that drifted above the party.

"Where are you taking us, Cyberface?" demanded Cassiopeia, struggling against the iron grip of her captors. Her struggles were rewarded by a rough jab with the butt of a rifle to her shoulder blades, delivered by a snickering blonde girl that the princess recognized as one of the two she'd stumbled upon making out in the supply closet during her earlier attempt to evade capture.

"That's Baron Cyberface to you, although I prefer 'Baron Ashinbar," Cyberface croaked through the vox-modulators embedded in his larynx. Somehow, the fearsome grimace permanently etched on his faceplate seemed more upset than usual.

"Cyberface suits you better, I think," Cassiopeia smirked.

"Of course 'Cyberface' suits me better. It has ever since you sliced off my real one," he growled. Tiny servos whirred audibly as he narrowed his steel eyelids into glowing red slits. "Believe me; you'll pay dearly for that..."

"Maybe antagonizing his baronship isn't the best course of action right now, your majesty," Fiora hissed in the princess's ear.

Cassiopeia shrugged. She was sure whatever twisted fate Cyberface had in store for them, a little teasing wouldn't affect the outcome either way. It did, however, brighten her mood and, when you're facing certain doom at the hands of a murderous psychopath, it pays to savor the little pleasures in life.

The group emerged from the narrow stairwell into a long, well lit corridor of bare concrete that extended about fifty meters into the rock. Set into the wall on one side of the passage was a heavy door of reinforced ultra-steel.

Cyberface called the platoon to halt in front of the door and stepped aside as a petit redhead in camouflage fatigues swiped her keycard in the lock. The heavy door swung open with a hydraulic "whoosh" and the captives were tossed inside without ceremony.

Cassiopeia leapt to her feet immediately and made a dash for the door, but it was too late; the bolts slid into place mere milliseconds before the princess reached the exit and she slammed painfully into the unyielding ultra-steel.

"Ahhhh, shit!" growled Cassiopeia, rubbing her injured shoulder, which had already begun to break out in mottled black and blue.

Fiora joined the princess at the door and the pair examined their surroundings.

Their prison was a cube of steel, twenty feet on a side and completely featureless except for the door in front of them and a glowing, hemispherical protrusion set in the exact center of the ceiling. The mysterious dome gave Cassiopeia a bad feeling in her gut, and she was sure it was something a good deal more sinister than a simple light fixture.

The pair jumped at the sudden sound of a lock clinking open and turned to see a small porthole had appeared in the door, Cyberface's permanent scowl leering through at them from the other side.

Cassiopeia took a jab at him, only to discover the porthole was blocked by a window of glass nearly two inches thick. Her knuckles cracked painfully against the transparent barrier, sending the princess into a hailstorm of cursing. She retreated from the porthole to nurse her throbbing knuckles and shoulder.

Fiora dashed up to the porthole.

"What are you going to do to us, you cyber-bully?" she demanded.

"You haven't figured out yet? I've been doing it for the past thirty seconds," Cyberface's muffled voice growled through the glass.

"Doing what?"

Cyberface only answered her with cackling laughter that faded as he withdrew from the opening, back up the hall and out of sight.

Fiora stepped back from the door and turned to Cassiopeia.

"What did he mean 'I've been doing it for the past thirty seconds?'" she asked.

"Just what he said," answered the princess. "It started when the door closed. Look at your chest."

Fiora looked down.

"What? I don't see-" Fiora's eyes suddenly went as wide as dinner plates. "Oh my God!"

Fiora's normally modest breasts had filled out significantly. Where once she would have been a thirty two B, her chest had expanded well into the C-cup range.

Fiora looked back at Cassiopeia, who pointed up at the bulbous protrusion on the ceiling. The ominous dome filled the air with an electric hum.

"Breastonic radiation; normally it's impossible to generate in this quantity, but Cyberface must have figured out a new technique," explained Cassiopeia. "The room is saturated with it. A few minutes exposure will bump your breasts up a cup size, maybe two. Stay in here long enough, though..."

"...And we'll be crushed under the weight of our own boobs," finished Fiora. "Ooh, that's diabolical."

Cassiopeia nodded gravely.

"Judging by your rate of growth, I'd estimate we have between ten and twelve hours before we're crushed to death... if we don't get smothered first."

"'My rate of growth?' Aren't you growing?" asked Fiora.

Cassiopeia looked down at her own, already ample cleavage.

"My quantanium breastplate is protecting me from the bulk of the radiation, I'm still growing, but at a drastically reduced rate. If I were to take this off, we'd be dead twice as fast."

Even still, Cassiopeia's large breasts seemed unusually buoyant, pressing lightly against the gleaming silver of her breastplate.

"The bigger we get, the more radiation we can absorb. So, the longer we stay, the faster we'll grow," said Cassiopeia.

"Well let's get the hell out of here, then!" exclaimed Fiora.

The two immediately went to work exploring every inch of their cell for potential weak points. There were none. There were no access plates or maintenance covers on this side of the door, and all the lock mechanisms were safely behind two solid inches of ultra-steel. The walls had no joins or rivets, and blended seamlessly at the corners to form a perfect seal.

"I think I've found the air vents," said Cassiopeia, standing on her tiptoes and craning her neck to get a better look at a grill that ran around the top edge of the room. "But they're too narrow to fit through."

"It was nice of Cyberface to provide us with fresh air, at least," grumbled Fiora. "That way we won't die from carbon dioxide poisoning before we suffocate on our gigantic, bloated boobs."

"I suspect this was a testing area before he converted it into an execution chamber. I wonder how many women Cyberface subjected to his perverted whims in here before turning it against us."

"None of the women out there, that's for sure," said Fiora. "Did you see their chests? I was bigger than any of them, and I'm not exactly... well... you."

She gestured toward the princess's ample assets, which had begun to spill over the top of her breastplate.

"That is strange..." Cassiopeia rubbed her chin.

"I haven't seen so many flat chested girls since middle school," Fiora continued.

"I suspect we'll envy them before too long," Cassiopeia looked over at Fiora's chest. Her bosom had doubled in size, now straining heavily against the fabric of her chauffer's uniform.

"I already do. My bra is pinching something awful..." Fiora groaned, trying to adjust her underwear through her clothes.

"Well then take it off," Cassiopeia scoffed. "I think a breach of decorum can be forgiven under the circumstances."

"Thank you, ma'am," Fiora began to reach around to undo her bra when she was interrupted by a sudden loud "POP!"

"What was that?" asked Cassiopeia.

"I think my bra's decorum just breached all by itself..." Fiora blushed.

Cassiopeia shook her head.

"Never mind. Here, let's try this. Come over here and get up on my shoulders while I can still lift you. You're gaining a pound a minute over there."

"Coming ma'am," Fiora pulled her busted brassiere out of her sleeve and cast it aside before scurrying over to the princess and climbing on her back.

"Hurrrng!" Cassiopeia grunted, hoisting herself back into a standing position with considerable effort. "I don't think I believe you've gained this much since getting locked in here."

"You're one to talk, ma'am..." Fiora grumbled.

"What was that?"

"Nothing, your highness..."

"Urnghhh," Cassiopeia grunted, trying to keep steady underneath the ever-increasing weight of her chauffer. "Can you reach the dome?"

"No," Fiora called down. "Hold steady, I'm going to try standing on your shoulders..."

"Easy for you to say," Cassiopeia widened her stance as Fiora adjusted herself, accidentally planting a boot in the princess's cleavage before finding solid purchase on her shoulders.

"Can you reach it?"

"No, we're still about nine feet short."


"Hold steady, though. I can see it better from this close, maybe there's a weak poi-oi-oi-aaaAAA!"

"Shit!" Cassiopeia exclaimed.

Fiora's jacket tore open, sending buttons clattering across the room and allowing her bare, burgeoning boobs to spring free and expand unhindered. Unused to the unfamiliar weight on her chest, Fiora overbalanced, teetering on Cassiopeia's shoulders for a few vertiginous seconds before the colossal weight of her massive melons proved too much and she toppled face first off the princess's shoulders, landing with a muffled "whump!"

"Damn," Cassiopeia rubbed her bruised buttocks. "Are you alright, Fiora?"

"I think so, thank God I landed on something soft..."

Cassiopeia's eyes went wide when she saw what her chauffer had landed on.

"Holy shit, Fiora! Your boobs!"

Fiora sat up, though with significant effort.

"What!? Oh no!" she cried.

When she'd first mounted the princess, Fiora's breasts had been roughly the size of cantaloupes. Now they were the size of beach balls! Her erect nipples stood out from the massive globes like small mountains, swelling visibly larger every second.

"I've got built-in airbags!" groaned Fiora "How did they get so big so fast?"

"Getting closer to the dome must have given you a concentrated dose of breastonic particles. We shouldn't try that again..."

"Thanks for the warning."

"I'm sorry, I didn't think of it until now..."

Cassiopeia got up and began to pace.

"There's got to be a way out of here. We've been in worse situations. I've just got to think!"

Fiora heaved herself to her feet, straining with the effort of lifting her increasingly heavy tits.

"How did we escape that dungeon on Altair Four?" asked Fiora.

"We distracted the guard by making out and then stealing his keys when he got closer to watch," answered Cassiopeia. "But I don't think that will work this time, our guard is a woman..."

Cassiopeia pressed her cheek to the door to get a better angle looking through to the outside.

"I wouldn't be too sure. What if our guard is that blonde from the supply closet?" Fiora suggested.

Cassiopeia pressed her cheek harder up against the porthole.

"It's hard to tell. It might be worth a shot, though..."

She suddenly felt the warmth and weight of Fiora's beach-ball sized boobs on her back.

"Where would you like me to start, your highness?" asked Fiora, sliding forward and cupping Cassiopeia's curvaceous posterior with her delicate hands.

A shudder of pleasure whispered through the princess's body and she arched her back, luxuriating in the sensation of her servant's colossal breasts against her bare shoulders.

"I think it might take more than making out to get this girl's attention," purred Cassiopeia. "She's on the other side of two inches of reinforced glass, we'll have to make a lot of noise. Do you think you can manage that?"

"We can try..." Fiora stepped back and lowered herself to the ground, spreading her legs and laying back so that her immense boobs slid to either side of her body, almost falling back to cover her face.

"Ooh, this floor is cold," Fiora shivered, her nipples hard as rocks.

Cassiopeia joined her on the ground, unzipping Fiora's jodhpurs and sliding them slowly down past her knees to reveal a pair of neat, white panties. "Fiora Tailwind" was stenciled neatly across the elastic band at the top, while a small, dark patch of wetness had begun to form at the crotch.

"You know, I've always appreciated your loyalty," cooed the princess. "It must be very difficult, sacrificing your body like this."

"It's a pleasure to be of service, ma'am..."

"Well, let's see if I can't return the favor for once," Cassiopeia whispered. She leaned in and planted a tender kiss on the tiny bump where Fiora's swollen clit rubbed against the soft cotton of her panties. The princess inhaled deeply, savoring the musky sweet aroma of Fiora's pussy before taking hold of her panties and sliding them off, drawing out the motion with aching slowness.

She was clean shaven, her vulva as smooth as silk and gleaming with perspiration. Cassiopeia kissed the bare skin, tasting the sweat and honey on her lips.

"Please, your majesty, time is of the essence," moaned Fiora.

"Hush!" Cassiopeia slid up Fiora's chest, kissing her on her belly button, her stomach and between her gargantuan breasts.

"This is an art. It can't be rushed," she said, planting a tender kiss on Fiora's lips. Down below, the princess's skillful fingers teased Fiora's clit, darting over it like wind. Fiora melted under her master's delicate touch and began to moan softly with the rising pleasure.

With her other hand, Cassiopeia stroked Fiora's erect nipples. They were big enough for her to grasp with her entire hand, and so sensitive that every stroke sent shudders of pleasure through Fiora's body.

The princess worked Fiora into a frenzy, swirling her fingers around the slippery nub of Fiora's clit and teasing her labia with long, slow strokes.

"Oh, Cassie!" Fiora gripped the princess by her waist and pulled her close, kissing her full on the lips as Cassiopeia plunged her fingers into Fiora's hungry snatch.

It didn't take the princess's sensitive fingertips long to find Fiora's G-spot. She felt a wave of pleasure radiate out from her crotch like the heat from a fire, building into an inferno.

Cassiopeia was sweating, now, rubbing her crotch on Fiora's thigh as she struggled to caress and kiss every inch of her chauffer's massive tits. They grew larger and heavier every minute, expanding like balloons, soaking up the radiation like sponges.

"Ohhhhh...." Fiora moaned. The heat was building. Every inch of her titanic tits was alive with electric lust as Cassiopeia stroked and licked her pleasure button.

"Princess... Princess... I'm... oh Goooohd! Ahhhhaaaaaahhhhhh!" she cried, a spasm of pleasure shot through her body, sending her colossal tits quaking like oversize Jell-O molds.

She fought to sit up, drenched in sweat and panting with post orgasmic ecstasy.

Outside the chamber, the blonde guardswoman cocked her head. She thought she'd heard something like a muffled cry coming from the chamber. Were the prisoners dying already? That's too bad. The one with the hat was pretty cute, and the thick one was pretty easy on the eyes as well.

The blonde shrugged her shoulders.

Too bad, she thought.

Fiora and Cassiopeia lay sweating in each other's arms for several minutes, watching the porthole alertly for any sign of their guard. No face appeared in the window.

"Damn," Cassiopeia growled. "I guess I didn't get you to be loud enough. Now we've wasted all that time..."

Fiora's breasts were truly immense now, each one larger and heavier than the whole rest of her torso. Cassiopeia's had grown as well, pushing the double E range. Her breastplate was beginning to pinch uncomfortably, and it was becoming difficult to breathe.

"I'm sorry, ma'am," panted Fiora. "But, if it's any consolation, I was fairly loud by my standards. Usually my orgasms are more... modest."

"You're right," sighed Cassiopeia. "We'll have to try again."

"I don't know if I can be any louder this time, your majesty," Fiora propped herself up on her elbows, fighting the titanic weight of her rapidly swelling tits.

"Not you, dummy. Me!" the princess flipped over and lay back. "I've always been a bit of a screamer."

"'A bit?' Your majesty, we share a wall. I can tell which vibrator you're using by the pitch of your squeals."

"Well, let's see what pitch you can get out of me, then, because this might be our last chance."

Cassiopeia pulled off her shorts and tossed them onto one of Fiora's breasts. It landed so that one of her nipples poked up through the waistband.

"Ten points," smirked the princess "Now it's your turn to score."

Fiora pulled herself across the floor. Her tits were the size of yoga balls now, and too firm to manipulate easily.

"I don't know if this is going to work. If I turn over on my stomach, there's no way I can get anywhere near your... hoho. These beastly things would hold me up like beanbag chairs," said Fiora.

"Then I guess my 'hoho' will just have to come to you. Lie back."

Fiora did as she was told. Cassiopea pulled off her panties and tossed them aside before straddling Fiora's head and cramming her face between her thighs.

"Mmrrrf mrrrm!?" Fiora tried to ask through a faceful of royal muff.

"Just shut up and dive in!" laughed Cassiopeia, leaning back into Fiora's cleavage like a massive, pink recliner. She grabbed a hold of Fiora's nipples for support and began to stroke them up and down in sympathetic motion to the sensations she felt down below.

Fiora was as skilled with her tongue as she was with the controls of a starship, finding and attacking the princess's swollen clit with a barrage of short, quick flits, spaced out by long periods of deep sucking.

"Ohhhhh God yes!" yelled Cassiopeia, already feeling the pleasure building up inside.

Fiora forged ahead, sucking her master's clit into a frenzied ecstasy as royal honey dripped down her chin and across her face.

"Just like that, just like that!" the princess moaned, grinding her pussy on Fiora's face.

The pleasure was intense. If she'd known Fiora was so skilled in the art of eating pussy, she never would have spent all that money on dildos!

"Make me scream and I'll double your salary!" moaned Cassiopeia "Fuck! I'll triple it!"

She bucked like a bronco as a spasm of pleasure shot from her clit like a lightning bolt. Perspiration dripped down her face and pooled in her cleavage, now so tight against her breastplate that she could hardly breathe.

"Aaaaaargh!" she groaned. The straps of her breastplate dug into her sides and she struggled to loosen them. Working with sweat slick fingers, she let out some slack, allowing her to breathe. Her breasts began to grow faster, filling the newly available space.

She felt the singing vibration of orgasm building up inside her loins as Fiora lashed out with her tongue, setting every nerve on fire.

"Oh...ohohhhhooooooooaaaaAAAA!" Cassiopeia screamed as the first wave of climax washed over her. She could feel it lapping at her insides like an ocean, building up into a tidal wave.

Outside the cell, curiosity had finally gotten the better of their guard. Neither Cassiopeia not Fiora noticed, but Blondie now had her nose pressed against the window, breathing fog in twin streams down the glass. She had her pants down around her ankles and her rifle slung back across her shoulders as her fingers worked furiously beneath pink, frilly panties.

I guess they wanted to go out with a bang, she thought, licking her lips at the delectable sight.

Fiora's tits were as big as she was, now. Each one must have weighed a hundred and thirty pounds. They bounced with every spasm of Cassiopeia's body and quivered with every little shudder.

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