tagSci-Fi & FantasyCursed Confessions

Cursed Confessions

bySean Renaud©

"Forgive me Father for I have sinned." She whispered from the booth opposite mine.

I know that I shouldn't impersonate priests but its so much fun to listen to human beings. You cry out to a deity who nine times out of ten couldn't care less what you're doing or why, you try your best to cry your souls out but they stay in place. Your moral codes are so twisted around on themselves that it's hard not to burst into laughter every single time I hear one of you plead for mercy.

"How long has it been since your last confession?"

"Three weeks Father." I think that might have been the longest she'd gone s an adult without confessing. With most people I'd think it was the weight of her sins, with Stephanie Pride I'm fairly certain she enjoyed hearing the gasps from the various clergy. This wasn't my first time listening to Stephanie's confessions; in fact I've followed this particular strumpet from when she was very young. When she was younger it had been all about who stole the cookies from the cookie jar, she was actually twenty three before it was all about the nookie.

"And what are you sins?"

Stephanie paused for a moment pressing her legs together. She's always so delicious at this point. She doesn't feel guilt, not really, she knows what she did is wrong but she's happier than a pig in shit. It's easy enough to hear it in her voice and that's for people who can't smell her arousal over the incense. "I took Benjamin Taylor's virginity." I remained silent listening to her continue speaking. "You want the details?"

"It is important that you confess your sins in their entirety if you want forgiveness my child." She took a deep breath and made herself as comfortable as she could manage in the tiny stall. "It was last week."

"At camp?" I gasped in mock surprise. It's amazing she couldn't tell.

"Yes at camp. I told him I needed a friend with me for the ride down the mountain so I could make a phone call." Stephanie replied.

"That was very wise of you. Nobody should be navigating those treacherous curves alone."

"It wasn't because I wanted a friend. It was because I wanted him." She was lying through her perfect white teeth.

"Really? He doesn't seem to be your type." Sometimes it's hard to believe just how vain humans are. Just the mere fact that I was aware of her had her chest swelling with pride. For the record she already has a very impressive chest.

"Okay he's not. Johnny and I broke up about a month ago. He said he found God, couldn't live with the things we were doing anymore. I know he's right, we're not married and what I'm doing is wrong but you just don't understand Father. It feels so good." She was biting down on her lips trying to keep the memories from flooding her. I only nudged her mind enough to break down that meager resistance. "I tried to fight it, I really did but it's so hard."

"It's not difficult for me to imagine."

"It's not?"

"Not at all my child." I wasn't exactly lying to her. Sure the things that I was having a hard time resisting were more along the lines of roasting humans alive to listen to their helpless mewling but it was the same thing in principle. We both had urges that we were having a hard time controlling. "We all do things that go against our better nature from time to time. I wasn't always a priest. I did have a life before I chose this." That wasn't a lie either. I wasn't now or ever a priest and I hadn't claimed to have been one. I just said that I wasn't always one.


"Really." I answered. "Perhaps someday I'll be confessing my sins to you. I have found that knowing that other people have gone through the same trials and tribulations can make it easier for me."

"I would like that."

"Go on child. Why Ben?"

"Because he's a sweetheart. You should have seen him. He was so terrified of me." Stephanie was just shy of squealing at the memory. "I had to ask him three separate times if he had any fantasies about me and he just wouldn't spit it out."

"You could have let it go at that."

Stephanie had one hand pressed up against wall of the booth while the other was now between her thighs. I didn't need to see her to know exactly what she was doing. I could hear the change in her breathing, the slight squeak of the wood beneath her bare bottom. "I couldn't. Maybe if I'd known he was going to be that shy earlier I would have chosen someone else but I needed it by then Father. I needed it so bad it hurt. I-" She gasped slightly "-shoved him up against my jeep and yanked his pants down around his ankles."

"Stephanie!" I exclaimed stomping my foot in response.

"I'm sorry. I just lost control. I held up against the jeep and I licked sucked. I worshiped his cock as if it were an idol. Oh God-"

"Do not use the Lord's name in vain."

"Sorry Father. It's just that's exactly how it felt. I don't think I was John's first, with Ben I was the one on my knees but I felt so powerful. His legs were trembling almost from the moment I wrapped my legs around his thick cock. Even when he lost control and grabbed me by the hair and started using my face he wasn't in control. That was me." Stephanie tried to stifle a moan but failed. I don't know who was waiting their turn in the confessional but I could tell that it was a woman in high heels who nearly tripped trying to get away before either of us emerged. By now I could smell her arousal wafting through the air.

"And you stopped when you were finished with this?"

"No." Her voice was trembling now. "Like I said, I was Ben's first and he didn't exactly last very long. He was nothing like John I'll tell you that. Ben, there was just so much! I couldn't swallow it all. He spent the next five or ten minutes trying to apologize." I couldn't stop myself from chuckling a bit at that. It was easy to imagine young Benjamin having a hard time keeping up with a little brown bunny like her especially not if she was really hungry.

"You stopped then I trust?"

"Father, no, I didn't stop until I'd had enough and while I enjoyed swallowing his warm cum, feeling it coat my throat and then sink to my belly that wasn't why I drove him down that mountain. I wanted him to fuck me. I don't know how long it has been for you Father, for me, after John I mean, a few days feels like an eternity. I'm already considering asking Ben if he'll come over and spend some time with me." Stephanie kicked her shoes off letting them thud against the wall and then the floor. "Though I'm not sure he'll want to."

The pure rush of her guilt gave me a bit of a heady rush. "Why do you think that?" I was already sitting down but that hardly made it any easier to steady myself. The part of me that genuinely enjoys watching mankind suffer wanted to revel in her pain, the part of me that loves you stupid hairless apes wanted to tell her than Ben hadn't stopped dreaming of her since then.

"I think I sort of hurt him." Stephanie answered.


She paused wet her lips with her tongue. "I might have sorta pushed him down. He wasn't moving fast enough and . . . . well rode him pretty hard on that asphalt road. I didn't check but if his back was as bad as my knees were afterwards. . ." She trailed off for a moment. I could just barely hear her fingers slipping back and forth if I held my breath. "I didn't even notice at the moment. The only thing I was thinking about was getting off. I have to admit Ben hit the spot perfectly."

"You know you are going to need to learn to control yourself in the future." I said. It was getting harder to keep from smiling.

"He really, really did a good job once he got over being so scared of me. I know what I did to him was wrong Father but it felt so good."

"I know how temptations can drive us to sin." I could easily have let her go. Or scared her straight but the truth is Stephanie deserved everything that happened to her. "Tell me, are you truly repentant? Can I trust that when you leave from here that you'll sin no more?"

"I'm sorry father; I don't think I have that kind of strength." Stephanie said truthfully.

"Then why should God forgive you if you intend to return to your sinful nature? In fact I think you're sinning right now." Stephanie's pulse suddenly picked up. "Confessions are only good for the soul because you relieve yourself of the burden of sin but it is not enough by itself."

"I know that Father." Her voice is trembling again but not from arousal.

"Why come here if you are not prepared to repent?"

"Because I want to feel bad about what I've done. I know it's unforgivable but I don't feel bad about it Father." She put her feet down. "I thought you'd tell me that I'm bad, that I should apologize for the horrible things that I've done. Maybe you'd tell me to join a convent! Something but instead you're telling me that you understand, that you have urges just like me and if you aren't strong enough to fight your urges what chance do I have?!"

"You want the truth? Get out of the booth right now and I'll tell you the truth." Just as I'd expected as she stumbled out of the booth the pungent aroma of female arousal clung around her. Her clothing was a disheveled mess along with her panties half sticking out of her purse.

"The truth is you are a whore. That is what you will be for as long as you live. Now I'm not normally the kind of guy to do this." My eyes shifted from brown to pure white. "But I'm in a good mood. I can take away all your shame"

"In exchange for my soul?" She asked.

"Yes. In exchange for your soul." I love the way mortals suddenly feel such an attachment to something most of them doubted was real just moments before meeting me. "But you're already going to hell and you already know it. So the question is do you want to go to Hell with someone watching your shapely rear or do you want to go to Hell without it?"

I unzipped my pants and Stephanie parted her lips and made it very clear that she accepted my offer.

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