tagIncest/TabooCursed: Spirit of the Idol Ch. 01

Cursed: Spirit of the Idol Ch. 01


Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction and people need to understand that it is for entertainment purposes only. Note that all characters in the story are over the age of eighteen (18) years old. The term 'teen' or 'teenager' can easily refer to a person who is eighteen or nineteen!

I am happy to say that the original story 'Cursed: The Idol of Lesbos' has been picked up by director Margo Sullivan and put to film. Hopefully the popularity of these tales will continue both in film and in story format with support and encouragement from you fans!


Cursed: The Idol of Lesbos


A magical idol is purchased in an antique store by a couple, but instead of enhancing their love life, it changes Jennifer into a twisted lesbian who converts her mother, sister, cousins, and aunt into Sapphic love slaves. Her uncle, upon learning the truth about his daughters and wife being changed forever, throws the idol away and commits suicide.

Cursed: Return of the Idol


Jill Watson finds the idol on her lawn and is immediately changed into a manipulative lesbian addict. She converts her assistant, her female clients, her neighbors, and even her own daughter! The last victims are Megan and her daughter Tilly who are being transformed in the midst of an epic lesbian orgy, but Megan's son destroys the idol at the last minute and the spell is broken. Or at least everyone thinks... The idol's power has hidden itself away in the eighteen year old body of Tilly Buchanan, who uses it to sexually enslave her own mother in a depraved act of lesbian incest.

Cursed: Spirit of the Idol

The Idol of Lesbos III -- Sacrifices

After the strange happenings in the Watson house, Billy noted that the friendships all the neighbors had with each other were all but shattered. It had only been three days since he destroyed the idol and burned its splintered pieces, but the scars it left on the women it touched remained.

Tilly, Ashley, and Cindy had always been close since they were the same age and neighbors for years. Now they barely spoke and the conversation was incredibly forced. Billy's mom chatted with Jill Watson once to see what they were going to do about all the damage in the house. Jill used the excuse that vandals broke in and smashed up the place. Homeowners insurance would cover most of it and the lie was sufficient to fool the rest of her family. Only Billy and the women who were there would truly know what happened, and nobody was willing to speak the truth. Nobody. The Watson's were barely in the house now while it was undergoing repairs, holed up in a cushy hotel somewhere nearby. Who knew if Cindy's dad and brother bought the story about vandals; Cindy avoided all contact with everyone at school, and Brian had to corner her in the lunch room to find out if she was okay.

Cindy confessed that things were extremely uncomfortable at the hotel. Somebody had charged one adult movie after the other on the suite's account and her dad was blaming it on her brother. The whole time she knew it was her mom Jill, but couldn't say anything. Billy believed it. He had witnessed the sexual escapades between Cindy and her mom Jill first hand. He watched them orally please each other while locked in a sixty-nine position after kidnapping Billy's sister. Jill was supposedly spending a lot of time at the office now since her clients seemed to be leaving left and right. After using the idol on them, they flocked to Jill. With the idol gone, the embarrassment of being sexually toyed with was too much to maintain their business relationship. But apparently some residual effects of its cursed magic remained with her.

Billy found out from Ashley that it was just as awkward in their house as well. Ashley told Billy that her mom Karen was a wreck and barely able to talk without stuttering. Although she didn't say what her mother did to her specifically, Billy got the impression from Ashley it was pretty bad. Bad enough to bring Karen to tears every time she saw her daughter. Now her dad was accusing her mom of having an affair. He was spending half his week at a friend's house and the other half fighting with Karen. What was she to say? That she didn't have sex with somebody else? Somehow he knew something was up, but clearly he didn't know the sordid details.

Billy's own mom Megan was still shook up over the matter. She swore her son to secrecy and begged him not to say anything to his father. After that, she stopped bringing up the subject entirely. Her book club was dissolved. Their power-walking group was gone. The social butterfly his mother once was had been replaced by a humiliated woman who everyone had seen kissing her own daughter on the mouth. Of course, nobody there was willing to bring up the indiscretion, having done similar things with each other or with their own daughters.

The only one who seemed to shine through the cloud of depression that hung over the neighborhood was Billy's twin sister. With three weeks left before graduation, she was not only unfazed by the bizarre incident but seemed like a new person. If Billy didn't know better, he'd say his sister was downright friendly, a quality she was not known for having. He asked her why she was so happy when everyone else was so distraught. "I supposed I'm just happy to be alive," she answered with a smile.

It was Wednesday when Billy was forced to grab a ride home with one of his teammates. The baseball coach was out sick and practice had been cancelled at the last minute. The lanky blonde haired boy had made a run for the bus before it left, but it was too late. Fortunately his friend Steve offered to drive him home.

Billy climbed out of the car, said thanks, and headed into the house. The front door was locked and he had no keys on him; his mom always left the door unlocked. Even if she hadn't, Tilly would have certainly just waltzed in without a care. The teenager had gotten too many speeches from his mom and dad however about keeping his keys in his backpack, so instead of ringing the doorbell Billy figured he'd sneak in the back or the side door. He went through the gate and quietly checked back door. The sliding glass was latched as well and Billy started to worry that his mom and sister went out shopping. The young man went to the other side of the house and checked the basement door and fortunately found it unlocked. He pulled it open and then gently closed it. It wasn't like he was sneaking up on anyone, but he figured if his mother saw him coming through the basement she would easily put it together that he left his keys behind. Of course now he had to figure out where he left them, but that was another matter.

Billy popped into the living room and then the kitchen, with no sight of anyone. He peaked out in the garage and found his mom's car still there, so somebody had to be home. Going back in, the young man walked upstairs. When he was halfway up he heard the squeaking of bed springs and immediately stopped. The sound was coming from his parent's room and a quick look through the railings told him that the door was wide open. The moaning was getting louder as he tip toed up the steps and into the hallway.

"Ahhhhhhhhhh Goddddd!" his mother was moaning.

"You like that, mommy? Huh? You like me fucking your pussy?" Tilly was calling out loudly.

His heart rate went through the roof. Were his mother and sister having sex? The thought would have been completely alien a week ago, but given what he had seen on the weekend it seemed plausible. Billy stepped forward as silently as possible and peaked into the bedroom where he confirmed his suspicions. His mother was on her side, her stocking clad leg up in the air as his naked sister pistoned a purple vibrator into his mother's cunt so fast that her arm was like a blur.

"Cummming! CUMMMINGG! FUUUUCKK!" Megan screamed at the top of her lungs.

"Say it, mommy! Tell me you're my dyke whore!" Tilly demanded.


His mother spasmed violently as she pushed Tilly's hands away and tried to recover from the violent orgasm that seized her. His sister was smiling wickedly as she discarded the toy to the side and climbed on Megan's face.

"Now it's time to get back to your afternoon snack," she teased. Megan's arms flailed helplessly as she barely put up a fight to push off her daughter. Tilly ground her hips over her mother's face and pulled her hair to keep her balance. Groaning and squealing, the teenage girl was all smiles as she forced her mom to lick her pussy. "That's it. Lick your daughter's pussy really good. You know you love it!"

Billy backed away from the room, carefully trying to avoid being heard. He needed to talk with Tilly to find out what was happening for he dared not bring it up to his mother. Obviously Tilly was in command up in the bedroom, and whatever sick twisted things she was doing needed to end and fast. If their dad found out it would rip the family apart for sure. Billy went out to the backyard and decided to do his homework there, a flimsy excuse for not going upstairs but it was the best he could come up with while he waited for his sibling to finish her perverse act.

When Tilly came downstairs she knew she had been caught. One look at her brother and she knew that he knew. Their mother might have known, but she carefully avoided any talk about the afternoon and offered to bring her son a snack out to the porch. After Megan went back to the kitchen, Tilly came out to confront her brother.

"So, what did you see, bro?" she asked candidly.

Billy glared at his sister, "What did I see? What DIDN'T I see! What the fuck were you doing up there? She is our MOTHER. Do you know how wrong you are for doing what you are doing?"

Tilly frowned and tried to look innocent, "I'm sorry. Honest! I didn't want to, but mom insisted."

"I don't believe you."

"Okay, fine it was my idea, but she didn't protest. Listen, it's just some after effect of that magical idol I think. We didn't mean to do anything but it just happened. I don't feel the same as I did at the house, I swear. All these feelings are fading, I can just sense it."

"So this is the last time I'm going to walk in on the two of you, you know, doing, eww! I can't even say it."

Tilly stood up, "I promise, it will be the last time."

But it wasn't. Whatever happened with the magical idol continued to happen all around Tilly. Billy caught her at school kissing another girl. Billy saw Tilly going over to 'study' at Cindy's house without her book bag when the contractors weren't making repairs. Billy noticed his mother and sister in the bathroom, presumably showering together. Billy found his mother's and sister's panties shoved under his pillow and squirmed in disgust knowing that they were having sex in his bed. His mom looked so nervous and guilt ridden all the time, but for Tilly it was a game. Clearly, things were not right and his sister was behind it all.

A week later Billy invited his girlfriend Kelly over for dinner and was thankful that everybody was acting normally. William, Sr. was home and there was no way Tilly would try anything strange with their dad home. The family was sitting together at the dinner table; his mom had cooked a veal parmesan that all enjoyed, and Kelly reached down to hold Billy's hand under the table. Her fingers caressed his palm and Billy had to fight the erection he was getting from her simple touch.

"So what kind of foundation do you use?" Kelly asked Tilly.

Tilly smiled, "You noticed? It's brand new. And it's not a normal foundation. Mom got it for me yesterday. It's called Everlast."

Kelly looked at her in shock, "That is a really good brand. I asked my mom if she would cover it for me but she said it was way too expensive."

William raised a single eyebrow. "How expensive?" he asked the table.

Megan cleared her throat, "Oh, honey. It wasn't that bad. Tilly used most of her money and I just covered the difference."

There was a brief look between Megan and her daughter that made it seem like Megan was trying to shut her up. Tilly gave her mother a condescending look and turned her attention back to Kelly. "So, would you like to try it? It's really awesome."

"Really? I'd love to! I have three brothers so I never get to share make-up with anyone."

"Cool, come on. It's right upstairs in my room-"

Billy panicked and tugged at Kelly's hand, "Uhh, don't go up there!"

The room stopped. Kelly looked at him queerly, "Why? I'm not going into your room if you're worried about it."

"No it's just..." he looked at Tilly who was smirking, silently taunting him, daring him to say something.

His dad spoke up, "Billy, let your new girlfriend go try the new make-up or whatever it is. I think it's nice that Tilly is treating our guest so well."

"Yeah, brother, I just want to treat your girlfriend well." Tilly knuckled her eyes at him before standing up and painting on her innocent expression. "Come on, Kelly."

Kelly walked around the table and the two girls disappeared up the steps. His mother stared silently at the food on her plate while his dad gave him an earful. "What's gotten into you? You sounded almost jealous!"

"I'm not jealous, dad," Billy defended himself, "It's just that... I don't know. I just don't want Tilly bad mouthing me when I'm not around."

"Your sister hasn't done anything wrong, son. You need to relax. There was an old song called 'Hold on Loosely' when I was growing up. That's what you need to do. Hold on loosely, because if you cling too tight you're going to lose control...."

"Uhh, that's nice dad. Can I be excused now?"

"Why don't you relax and tell me where you plan on taking Kelly for your big date before the prom next week?"

"There won't be a big date if I don't get up there!" Billy felt like shouting. Instead he talked about how they were going to take a limo to the new restaurant downtown.

"Maybe Billy should go upstairs," Megan interrupted. "You know, to see if Tilly is taking care of our guest."

William Sr. acquiesced to his wife and agreed to let him leave the table. Billy looked at his mom who gave him a tiny nod before he trotted up the steps. When the young man reached the top of the steps he found his sister's door closed. Putting his ear against the door he heard nothing. No conversation, no sounds of things moving about. Nothing. Except a brief moan. A suppressed sigh of satisfaction. A-

Billy opened the door without knocking and found Kelly pushed against the wall. Her lips were locked with Tilly's as his sister fingered her inside her panties. The soft breathy squeal was suppressed by his sister's mouth, but clearly Kelly was climaxing as her trim legs quavered against Tilly's touch.

Billy stood there, furious at the betrayal. "What are you doing?"

"Oh my God!" Kelly sputtered, pulling her skirt down and wiping the saliva from her lips. "Billy! It's not what you're thinking. We were, uuhh, just, you know..."

"Making out," Tilly said glibly.

"No!" Kelly denied, "Not making out! She was just showing me, uhh, how to put on lipstick and needed to get close. Uhhh, I should go. Yeah, I should go with it being school tomorrow. I'll call you okay? Yeah."

Kelly squeezed past Billy standing there in the doorway and ran down the steps. He heard some awkward conversation coming from their parents but it wasn't more than a half a minute before Kelly was out the door and driving home.

Billy shut the door and growled at his aloof sister, "I thought you were over the whole girl thing?"

"I am..." Tilly threw her hands up.

"Then why are you finger fucking my girlfriend?"

"I just couldn't help it. She looked so cute in that skirt."

"You said you were going to stop and you haven't. Whatever you are doing isn't getting better, Tilly."

"One time! I give in one time and-"

"It isn't one time and you know it..." Billy got closer so that he wouldn't have to shout, "I saw you and mom together in your room, her room, the living room, the shower. This power you have is corrupting you and now you're screwing with my girlfriend!"

Tilly abandoned her attempt to look innocent and licked her fingers, "Mmm, and she tastes so good too."

"That's it, I'm telling everyone about you and mom!"

The teasing face was replaced with one of anger as his sister got up in his grill and poked at his chest, "Oh really? What exactly are you going to tell them? That there is some magical idol that turned your sister and mother and neighbors into lesbian sex maniacs? That you came in like a fucking super hero and broke it in half, releasing everyone from the spell so all the women in your life can go back to dealing with a bunch of pathetic guys? You mean you're going to tell people THAT story?"

Billy said nothing.

"Or maybe you'll tell them how your twin sister was imbued special powers to turn women into pussy lickers. So who exactly is going to believe you?"

Billy tried to say something, but found any response lacking


"Yeah, that's what I thought. Listen, brother. I just had a little fun with your girlfriend. She'll get over it. You keep your mouth shut or I'll take sweet Kelly and change her into such a dyke whore that everyone at school will think that dating you turns them lesbian. Maybe I'll have her shave the side of her head, pierce half her face, and start wearing men's pants. And then how many girlfriends do you think you'll get?"

"You wouldn't dare!" he stammered.

She listed her potential targets, "Kelly. Your ex-girlfriend. Any girl you've ever dated. Any girl you ever will date. How many girls will I have to change into sex crazed lesbians before everyone in school knows about your cursed touch? Think about it before you open your big mouth, brother."

Tilly shoved passed him and went back downstairs. Billy stood there shaking, terrified over what just happened and how he had been threatened. He didn't know what to say or how to cope or even what kind of excuse to give his parents for Kelly's sudden departure. Instead he stood there impotently gazing at the wall where his girlfriend achieved her first orgasm.

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