tagSci-Fi & FantasyCursed to Cum

Cursed to Cum


Two months of searching for his mystery woman and Robert has had zero luck. Meanwhile his problem is getting worse and worse. Not to mention he has been too preoccupied with searching for her that he still has not found another job. If he doesn't find a job soon he will be kicked out of his apartment.

While having his morning coffee he saw an ad in the paper for his dream job. There were open interviews all afternoon. Things were finally starting to look up for him. He ran home put on his best suit and headed for the interview.

The company was on the top floor of a 20 story building. He was the only one there when he showed up. There wasn't even a secretary around. All he saw were two beautiful wooden doors leading into an office. He decided to knock. After a moment a gorgeous red head opened the doors and asked what he wanted. He said he was there for an interview. She said the position had already been filled and started to close the door, but Robert wouldn't let her. He wanted this job. No, he needed this job.

Robert told her how much he wanted this job. It was his dream job after all. He said he would even take a lower pay and promised his best work. Robert was practically begging her. Finally, she consented and let him at least enter the office.

She asks Robert to have a seat on the couch and excused herself for a moment. Her office was huge and had a beautiful view of the city. Robert was so taken in by the view that he was startled when she returned. She was wearing only a black neglige, stockings, and bright red pumps that matched her hair.

'Get undressed.' she tells him. He gives her a strange look as if to ask if she is serious. 'Here. Right now. Shirt first, then pants.' she commanded. He looks around nervously but how can he say no to this goddess, especially when he needs this job so badly. Robert takes his shirt off and feels her examining him. She bends over and kisses his chest while he takes of his pants. She moves up to his neck and kisses him again while putting her hand down the back of his underwear and cups his ass. Giving it a little squeeze she lets go and looks at him again.

'If you want this job you are going to have to make me cum.' she stated, putting one of her legs over the edge of the couch, and giving Robert a chance to inspect her. She was perfectly shaved and he could see her clit was begging for some attention. Still unable to believe this was happening he knelt down, spread her lips and smelled her sweat aroma. He couldn't wait to taste her. Robert looked her over once more and noticed how perfect everything about her was. Her breasts were the perfect plumpness with a slight ski slope at the top and a firm roundness on the bottom. Her nipples were protruding through her neglige obviously tormented.

He really wanted this job, and he was going to get it. He pinched her clit between his fingers and blew on it. She gasped as he did so. 'Good start' he though. He slowly slid a finger inside her. She was soaking wet. Robert began to suck on her clit and she writhed around underneath him. He could barely control her. He shoved his tongue deep inside her and her walls pressed against his tongue. Robert fucked her with his tongue for a few minutes while playing with her clit. She tasted so good he didn't want to leave. Suddenly she clamped down on his tongue hard with her pussy and he knew she was about to cum. One long gasp from her and he could feel her gushing at first on his tongue then all over his face.

After she caught her breath she commanded him to fuck her, which he was happy to oblige. He had completely forgotten about the job by now. All he could think of was his massive erection, and his need to be inside her. He bent her over the couch and slid his cock inside her. She was soaking wet and felt amazing on his cock. Grabbing her ass he slammed himself deep inside her faster and faster. 'On my desk' she said breathlessly.

Pushing everything aside on her desk, Robert laid her on her back so he could see her breast while he fucked her. Sliding himself inside her tight pussy again, he began to feel the urge to cum. He fought it as he wanted a few more minutes inside her. He lifted her leg and put it on his shoulder so could get a little deeper. She quivered and moaned. He could tell she was going to cum again so he rubbed her clit to push her over the edge. The moans she made were too much for Robert and he had to cum, now. He pulled out and cum spewed out of his cock and all over her. She managed to catch some of it in her mouth but there was just too much. She rolled around the desk and rubbed his cum all over her body, as he still came more, and more.

Exhausted, and finally finished, he took a moment to assess the damages. She was still lying with her back on the desk and was completely covered in cum. Her body shimmered with every breath she took, especially her tits. Her make-up was running down her face and her hair was tacky with his cum. Just looking at her like that made him hard again. He had to get out of there.

As he was quickly dressing he noticed in the building across from the one he was in that there was someone staring right at him. It was a woman.. his mystery woman. He flew out of the office completely forgetting about the job. All he cared about was getting to this mysterious woman of his.

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Why does it seem like there are large chunks of this story missing? Both to give context and for descriptions.

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