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Cursed Toys


It was early morning as the woman entered the daycare through the window. She smiled and set up her things for her voodoo. She sat down and cursed the owner to a humiliation like no other. The owner had fired her for no reason and she was not pleased. She said the sacred words and stood up. She packed all her things and heard a noise.

She turned as a toy jumped at her and tackled her to her back. She was instantly pinned down by a spider-man toy that had webbing. He had sprayed her wrists and ankles and skinny waist line. Kayla struggled as a toy tow truck came up and tossed its hook to her tight jeans. She looked down as it popped the button and the zipper opened up. The hook grabbed the end of the zipper and continued peeling her jeans off and revealing her black, lacy thong.

"This was not intended for me damn you!" She cried as a helicopter flew above her.

A hook dropped between her perky tits and two little army men dropped down. She wiggled as one slipped down the collar and between her 20 year old breasts. She watched as he took his knife out and cut a hole in her tee shirt and pulled the hook through. She felt him move her bra and realized, her top was coming off. He reappeared and stopped and jumped onto her mouth and humped her a few times she spit as he sprayed green cum into her mouth. He smiled and grabbed the rope and both were lifted up. She saw the rope with the hook start to wind up and felt the tug of her bra. She watched as her bra straps gave and the helicopter pulled her black bra and shirt off leaving her ample tits bare.

Kayla felt the hook of the tow truck again. It had gotten to the waist of her thong and attached to it. She saw the truck rush forward and the thong tore with little hesitation. She laid completely naked and wide open. Kayla tried to think as she saw a large, green tank moving between her legs with the barrel aiming for its target.

"No stop! You can't do this to me! It was for that bitch Angie!" She said as it sank into her body. "OH no!" She said as it backed up and rammed again.

Over and over the toy raped her hot body. She had spider man sucking and squeezing her left tit as she began to cum. On the right tit, a Barbie doll was doing the same as spider man. Kayla's curse for the daycare had gotten her. They had to test their abilities before the owner showed. Kayla began to orgasm again and got off. She was weakened. The toys had screwed her now for about an hour. She fainted and went limp. They retreated and spider man untied her webs. He took a minute to expose his plastic dick and ram inside her, barley felt by Kayla; he finished by squirting his cum inside her. He smiled and ran to the toy box.

Kayla sat up and looked at her nude body. She looked at the clock and got her clothes back on. She tripped and fell to her face and looked as a large teddy bear grabbed her head and force his cock into her mouth. She fought as he forced her to suck. After about five minutes, he got off and pulled out, hosing her face with his cum. He laughed and grabbed her still bare tits.

"Thanks bitch!" He said walking away.

Kayla had to escape her own curse. She stood up and got the jeans on. She found her torn shirt and bra and looked for another one. She found one that was about two sizes too small. She barely fit in it as the bottoms of her nice C cups hung out the bottom a bit. She grabbed her bag and got out the window. She heard a noise as she walked down the alley. Her bag moved and then the zipper opened. A stuffed snake jumped out and slid up between her tits. She screamed and it slid down her jeans and rammed its tail into her still wet pussy. Kayla closed her eyes and fell to her knees as the snake fucked her. He laughed as she cummed herself. Cum dripped from the seam between her legs. The snake finished and slithered out her pants leg. Kayla sat on her knees still getting off of at the snakes expense.

A van pulled up and Angie got out. It was time to open the daycare. She unlocked the door and went into her office area. The toys eyed her skin tight jeans showing her nice ass and tight, low cut top showing her nice cleavage. She was the one they were supposed to attack, Kayla was just practice and they passed. Angie sat behind her desk as the army men snuck in for recon.

They ran in and surrounded Angie's chair. They snuck under the desk and scaled the back of it and got to the main desk part and watched. They reported what they were seeing to the toys in the box. Her low top showing her cleavage and the tight jeans showing her nice hips and ass was reported. Army men stood by her feet awaiting orders as their tank and helicopter awaited orders also. She stood up and went to the kitchen for some coffee; a small army jeep followed her feet. She got the mug and went back to her chair. They waited as she did paper work and sipped the coffee. The captain ordered the strike. He called two F-16's in for the strike, and ordered the helicopter, tow truck and spider man as pin down.

Angie stood up as she heard a noise. She looked as the two jets flew in and they had hooks attached to them. She looked as the hooks grabbed her top and tore it off and revealing her red bra. She turned as they came back and she was cloth lined. She fell to her back as the others swooped in. She looked as spider man webbed her wrists and waist and ankles down. She struggled as he smiled and felt her tit up. Angie looked as the two tow trucks pulled her feet open wide. Spider man webbed her legs down and crawled up her pants leg and then to her crotch. She felt his hand move her thong and he was rubbing her pussy as the tow trucks ripped her jeans off. Her red thong was reveled and they saw spider man slipping his dick in and out of her, she didn't really feel it. He felt her as he got off. He hooked the tow trucks hook to her thong and it too was torn off leaving the sexy woman naked. Angie looked down at her nude body and went to scream as the teddy bear appeared and shoved his dick into her mouth.

He forced the woman to suck him as he smiled and grunted. The tank backed away as the big boss walked in. He smiled at the nude human and stepped between her legs. He stood close to her pussy with the hard cock prodding her. He smiled as she sucked the bear off.

"Angie, we are here to fuck that hot body and to deliver a message. We are now the living toys of the house and we rule. First with you then the block, then the town. Now, I am going to enter and fuck you silly bitch!" He said laughing as the army men watched for her helper to arrive.

He was the biggest stuffed toy there and nobody denied he was the boss. He was about three foot tall and had a nice ten inch dick for her. He was just a stuffed rabbit, but was horny as hell. He smiled as her pussy was ready for the taking. He rammed into her and held her tits as he pounded her tight pussy fast and hard. Angie closed her eyes and was trying to fight it. Her body betrayed her after a few minutes of the rape and her cum began to flow. She moaned as she blew the bear and her pussy was invaded. The dick was big and she loved the feeling of it deep inside her.

She was invaded for almost an hour as they noticed her weakening. She swallowed the bears cum and felt the rabbit filling her pussy up. She looked down and saw him smiling at her as he removed his cock. She fainted and was left in the office tied down and naked. They heard the door open and saw her helper walk in.

They hid as she walked into the main room and eyed her hot body. Stacy was about twenty one and just gorgeous. She had blonde hair, blue eyes, a cheerleader body and long, sexy legs. She was wearing a tight, short jean skirt, tight white tank top showing her nice rack and high heels. She went to the kitchen and put her stuff in the fridge. They knew she was going to be easy to get. She bent over showing her nice ass as the bear smiled and rammed his dick into a Barbie. She turned and bit it; he growled and smacked the blonde toy. Stacy heard the growl and stood up looking around. She dismissed it and got some coffee and leaned on the counter drinking it.

Stacy finished her drink and went to find Angie. She walked into the office and found her naked body. Stacy stood holding a hand over her mouth and she backed up slowly. She felt something brush her leg and lost her balance and was falling. She landed on her ass and something soft. She looked down at her open legs and saw the rabbit smiling up at her. He shot his tongue out and slid her pink thong over and licked her shaved pussy. She screamed as the teddy pulled her to her back by her hair. She fought as he drove his cock between her lips and forced the blonde to suck. The rabbit pulled himself from beneath her firm ass and the tow trucks held her legs wide open.

Her top was removed but the jets and the second pass made her bra rip showing her perky tits. The rabbit smiled and fondled them as he sank into her wet pussy and began to rape her. Stacy had streams of tears running down her cheeks as the enormous cock pounded into her almost virgin like body. The rabbit held her tits and just rammed in and out of her. Stacy closed her eyes as the orgasm hit and her cum began to seep out around his cock.

Angie's hot helper needed help as she was pinned to the floor and violated by the stuffed toys. Her tight body was there toy for the moment. Stacy felt the rabbit fill her up as she swallowed the teddy bears cum. She was left unconscious and naked. They went and rested, three hot women, all within a matter of hours.

Kayla came back and stepped inside. She saw Stacy and looked into the office at Angie. She smiled and took pictures as the toys attacked and got her on all fours. Once again, she struggled as they stripped her and raped her. Kayla was left beside Stacy. They laughed as they left the daycare and went to find more women to attack.

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What a great story! I'd love to read about her having a few of those toys fucking her sweet asshole!

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