Curves & Straightaways Ch. 01


Kaitlyn finally gave in to his wishes, not really wanting to stop. Kaitlyn loved sucking cock almost as much as fucking.

Slapping him on the leg hard, she joked. "What's the matter big guy? Never had a good blow job before?"

"God no! Not like that!" Blaine managed to answer. "I thought you were going to suck my balls out."

"I was trying to." Kaitlyn responded, grinning evilly. "I love the taste of cum."

Straddling Blaine's pelvis, she leaned down and kissed him hard. Her pussy ground against his cock, teasing him.

"Why don't we get a little of that sleep you mentioned earlier?" Blaine said. "Give me a chance to recuperate."

Pulling back the covers, the two drifted off to sleep. Blaine held Kaitlyn in his arms, pulling her in close to him. Looking at her in the darkened room, he realized that he was more than just sexually interested in Kaitlyn.

Early in the morning, well before sunrise, Blaine was awakened by Kaitlyn's kisses. Responding immediately, he forced his hand down between her legs. Her pussy was already moist from just thinking about being fucked.

"Turn over on your tummy." Blaine commanded.

Kaitlyn did as she was ordered. Blaine knelt over her body, spreading her legs apart. Swirling his tongue over Kaitlyn's taut butt, he worked his way down to her pussy. Probing her with his tongue, Kaitlyn rose upwards off the bed. Gyrating her ass in his face, Blaine held her legs firmly, spreading them apart. With her pussy juices flowing, Blaine forced his hard cock into her. Kaitlyn gritted her teeth to keep from crying aloud.

She forced herself back onto him, fucking him hard and fast. Blaine's strong hands gripped her waist, hanging on to her. Plunging his cock in hard and fast, their strokes fucked against each other. The two fucked like wanton animals angered at each other. Blaine's pelvis made loud slapping sounds as he fucked Kaitlyn.

"Fuck me!" Kaitlyn cried out. "Fuck me hard!"

Blaine fucked Kaitlyn as hard as he could, bring her to orgasm within minutes. Her cum mixed with his as he shot his load deep inside Kaitlyn's pussy. The two collapsed in a heap on the bed, their combined passions totally spent.

Blaine slowly lifted himself up off Kaitlyn. His cock felt like raw meat from all the fucking. Looking down at Kaitlyn's beautiful body spread out beneath him, he leaned down and kissed her up and down her back, placing numerous kisses on her taut, well-shaped butt.

"I don't want you to go back to California." He muttered. "I hope you'll consider staying and reopening the shop."

"Let me think about it." Kaitlyn responded. "I need to think about it some more before I make a decision."

Running his hand over Kaitlyn's back, Blaine glanced at his watch.

"How about we go out somewhere for breakfast?" He suggested. "I've got time before I need to get back to my apartment and get ready for work."

Dressing quickly, the two left Kaitlyn's hotel room for the restaurant just off the main lobby. Over coffee and a light breakfast, they discussed the pros and cons of keeping Wurner Automotive ongoing.

Exiting the restaurant, Blaine kissed Kaitlyn lightly on the lips. Kaitlyn agreed to meet Blaine at the shop later in the day. Watching him drive off, she walked towards her car. The thought of following him to his apartment for another heated session of fucking briefly crossed her mind.

Arriving at the shop, Kaitlyn opened up several of the overhead doors to let fresh air cleanse the stale smell of the shop. Walking amongst the equipment and tools scattered about, she found herself casually straightening things up and doing some organizing. Noticing her actions, she sat down on a stool at one of the workbenches. Maybe her uncontrolled actions were a sign from her grandfather. She needed to make a decision. No sense in putting it off any longer. She'd give the automotive business, founded by her grandfather, a new beginning.

Kaitlyn ascended the stairs to the overhead office. Passing through the office, she entered the small living quarters at the back. After her grandmother had passed away a few years ago, her grandfather had sold their home and created a living area for himself at the shop. It was not only convenient for him; it kept him close to the things he loved, racecars.

Kaitlyn sauntered around the small studio apartment. Looking out the windows didn't offer much of a view. Businesses adjacent to Wurner Automotive and the interstate a few blocks away were pretty much the view. Looking around the apartment, Kaitlyn could plainly see it needed a thorough cleaning. Opening the refrigerator door, the smell almost knocked Kaitlyn off her feet. It would have to be cleaned out then thrown out!

Returning from the supermarket with ample cleaning supplies, Kaitlyn tackled cleaning out the refrigerator first. Wearing a sanding mask she'd found in the garage and rubber gloves she'd purchased, Kaitlyn wasted no time in getting everything safely bagged in trash bags. She'd need help in disposing of the refrigerator. Hopefully, Blaine would give her a hand.

Kaitlyn worked the rest of the day cleaning out the kitchen, throwing almost everything away. By late afternoon, the small apartment was looking much better, almost livable. Like the shop, her grandfather hadn't been much at housekeeping. Poking around in her grandfather's desk, Kaitlyn found several old photo albums. There were numerous pictures of her grandfather with some of the cars he'd built and the drivers who driven them to many victories and championships. Another photo album contained pictures of her as a child posed with her grandparents and several racecars. It brought back alot of memories. Although it saddened her, the pictures made her feel even more determined to bring the business back and have it prosper.

Late in the afternoon, Kaitlyn heard the sound of footsteps ascending the stairs. Walking out into the office area, she saw Blaine. A big smile adorned his handsome face when he spotted her standing in the office.

"Hey there!" He greeted. "I didn't see you downstairs in the shop so I thought you might be up here."

"I've been doing some cleaning most of the day." Kaitlyn explained. "Thought I'd better get that done so I can have a place to live."

"Hmmmm." Blaine responded. "That sounds like you've decided to stay. That's great news!"

"I guess." Kaitlyn replied. "I just hope I'm making the right decision."

"I'm sure you are." Blaine said, smiling. "At least, from my standpoint."

Kaitlyn walked back into the apartment with Blaine following close by.

"I'm going to donate most of this old stuff to the Salvation Army." Kaitlyn stated. "Except for the fridge. It'll have to go to refrigerator hell."

Blaine offered to have some of the guys from the dealership stop by after work the next afternoon and get everything taken down to the shop floor. It was an offer Kaitlyn could hardly refuse.

"How about some dinner?" Blaine suggested. "I could really go for some pizza."

"Sounds great." Kaitlyn responded. "I haven't eaten all day."

Closing all the overhead doors and locking up the shop, Blaine and Kaitlyn drove to a nearby pizza restaurant. Over dinner, the two discussed Kaitlyn's plans for reopening the race shop. Blaine had acquaintances who were racecar fanatics so finding people to work at the shop might not be as hard as Kaitlyn had originally figured. Finding customers and clientele might prove to be much more difficult.

The next day at the race shop, Kaitlyn continued cleaning up the apartment. Boxing up most of her grandfather's personal belongings, she'd go through them later on when she had more time.

Later that afternoon, several of the mechanics from the Jaguar dealership stopped by the shop with Blaine. In less than an hour the men had all the old furniture down to the shop's main floor. The Salvation Army would pick them up the next morning. Kaitlyn and Blaine thanked the men for all their help. Walking back up to the almost completely empty apartment, the two looked around at the newly created openness.

"Looks like you're going to need some furniture." Blaine quipped. "Unless you're planning on sleeping on the bare floor."

"Are you suggesting I need a nice comfortable bed?" Kaitlyn smarted.

"Well, not only comfortable but something that'll stand up to alot of use." Blaine replied, grinning.

"How about I take tomorrow off and go furniture shopping with you?" He added. "I know several nice furniture stores in the area that have quick delivery."

"You won't get into trouble with your uncle will you?" Kaitlyn inquired.

"No, he won't mind." Blaine replied. "I seldom take any time off."

"How about I take you out for dinner this evening?" Kaitlyn suggested. "Unless you've got other plans."

"How about I fix you dinner at my place." Blaine suggested, grinning. "I'll let you pay for it anyway you'd like."

"That offer definitely has sexual innuendos if there ever was one." Kaitlyn joked. "If you're a really good cook, I'll have to make sure you get a generous tip."

Blaine's face blushed at Kaitlyn's remark. His mind was spinning trying to think of what to prepare for dinner. His cooking left alot to be desired so he was skeptical that Kaitlyn would be very generous in the tipping department.

Leaving her Corvette locked in the race shop overnight, Kaitlyn rode with Blaine to his apartment in the north side of Fort Worth. Not having much to offer Kaitlyn for dinner, Blaine decided on something simple. With Kaitlyn's assistance, the dinner turned out well.

Later in the evening, Kaitlyn joined Blaine for a shower. Horseplay and passionate kisses were on their mind much more than getting clean. Blaine soaped Kaitlyn's firm breasts, teasing her nipples to erection. Kaitlyn's desires rose immediately, her pussy was as wet as the rest of her body. Blaine's huge cock was poking at her trimmed pubic hair, making her even hotter.

"Fuck me now!" Kaitlyn begged. "I need you inside me!"

Blaine hurriedly rinsed the two of them off. Not bothering to dry themselves off, Blaine and Kaitlyn rushed to the bedroom. Before Blaine was able to pull the covers back, Kaitlyn shoved him down on the bed. Straddling his body, Kaitlyn's lips locked onto Blaine's for a hard and passionate kiss. Her tongue penetrated his lips, swirling frantically inside his mouth. Blaine was almost gasping for air.

Sliding down his body, her lips traveled over his chest and tummy. Blaine's rigid cock was pressing against Kaitlyn's tummy. Sliding down further, his cock was nestled between her breasts. Kaitlyn rubbed her breasts over his cock, teasing Blaine till he was almost out of control.

Slipping her mouth over the mushroom shaped head of Blaine's cock, Kaitlyn slowly flicked her tongue around the head and ridge. Sliding her mouth slowly down his shaft till it filled her mouth, Kaitlyn gently sucked on his rock hard cock. Blaine's hands, at the back of Kaitlyn's head, forced her to take as much of his cock in her mouth as she could. Kaitlyn's mouth bobbed feverously on Blaine's cock. Feeling he was about to cum, Kaitlyn pulled her mouth from his cock. A thick strand of saliva trailed from her lips to the head of Blaine's cock.

Straddling Blaine, Kaitlyn held his cock while she lowered herself down on him. Working her tight pussy over the lubricated head of his dick, she managed to penetrate herself. Slowly and gently, Blaine's cock slid deeper into Kaitlyn's inner depths. A loud sigh escaped her lips as she felt the fires inside her about to be satisfied. Blaine's hands firmly cupped her breasts as Kaitlyn lifted then settled back on his rigid cock. Faster and harder, Kaitlyn took her pleasure with Blaine's cock. Blaine lifted his butt upwards, pistoning his cock into her hard. Cries of wanton pleasure filled the room.

Fucking each other harder and faster, the two reached orgasm within minutes. Blaine's cock spewed his hot load, filling Kaitlyn's lustful pussy. Kaitlyn fucked herself till she lost all strength. Tightening her pussy around his cock, she milked the last of Blaine's cum from his heated balls. Out of breath, she eased herself down on top of him. With her legs spread over Blaine's, she clamped them hard, not wanting him to move. The feel of his hard cock inside her, added to her already sated pleasures.

Blaine held Kaitlyn firmly as he rolled her onto her side, his cock still inside her hot, cum-filled pussy.

"You really love to fuck, don't you?" He exclaimed.

"Yes, I do." Kaitlyn replied. "That's something I never could get my ex to take an interest in."

"Your ex-husband didn't like to fuck?" Blaine asked.

"Not as much as I did." She responded. "He was more interested in horsing around with his friends and hanging out in strip clubs."

"Damn!" Blaine exclaimed. "You might be more than I can handle."

"I'm sure you'll have some help." Kaitlyn muttered. "I hardly ever say no to anyone."

"What! What do you mean?" Blaine asked, confused by her remark.

"Let's not talk about it right now." Kaitlyn remarked. "It's not important."

Blaine held Kaitlyn in his arms till she drifted off to sleep. Blaine found it difficult to sleep, trying to comprehend what Kaitlyn had meant by her statement. He was beginning the have serious feelings about the beautiful girl in his bed. Thoughts of her with another guy entered his mind and it worried him.

"Suppose she finds someone better than me in bed." Blaine thought. "What then?"

Early the next morning, Blaine awoke before Kaitlyn. He showered and dressed for work at the dealership. Waking Kaitlyn up, she noticed he was dressed in a suit and tie instead of something casual.

"A little overdressed for furniture shopping, aren't you?" She joked.

"I better not take today off." Blaine mumbled. "I think we've got some sort of staff meeting this morning."

"Oh, Ok." Kaitlyn responded. "I'll get dressed and you can drop me off at the shop."

During the drive from Blaine's apartment to the race shop, Blaine never spoke a word. Kaitlyn could easily sense something was wrong. Not wanting to get involved in an argument, she remained silent. Pulling up in front of the shop, Kaitlyn exited the car. The thought of kissing Blaine good-bye briefly crossed her mind but Blaine didn't make an effort to lean towards her. Saying a quick good-bye, she shut the door and walked towards the door of the building. Blaine pulled out of the lot and into traffic barely looking to see if it was clear.

"Well, if he's upset with me about something, he can damn well get over it." Kaitlyn thought. "I'm not going to chase after him."

After showering and changing clothes at her hotel room, Kaitlyn spent most of the day shopping for furniture by herself. Returning to the race shop late in the afternoon, she prepped the apartment for delivery of her new furniture. Listening for the phone to ring, she expected to hear from Blaine but the call never came.

It was almost 7:00pm when Kaitlyn locked up the shop and headed back to her hotel room. Eating alone in the hotel's restaurant, she did her best to keep thoughts of Blaine off her mind. Retiring to her hotel room, Kaitlyn spent the rest of the evening concentrating on forming a business plan to get the race shop back in operation. It was, after all, her most important priority.

The next morning at the race shop, Kaitlyn started the tedious task of organizing the office area. Her grandfather was never a believer in computers except in his racecars. He conducted business the old-fashion way, with paper and pencil. Sifting through piles of loose paper and stacks of folders, she gradually started gaining on the chore. Kaitlyn stayed with it, skipping lunch. Not noticing, time had slipped by quickly. Looking out over the disorganized shop below, she noticed the sunlight wasn't spilling in through the open overhead door anymore. She decided to close up the shop for the day and start again the following morning.

Stuffing some file folders in her attaché, she drove back to her hotel room. After showering and ordering dinner from room service, Kaitlyn started further investigating the files she'd brought back with her. To her surprise, Kaitlyn discovered her grandfather had been working on a new prototype racecar as well as new suspension and aerodynamic products. Several documents depicted rough sketches and mathematical calculations. The knock on the hotel room door startled Kaitlyn, interrupting her concentration.

Pulling the short robe around her and checking the robe's tie strap, she hurried to the door. Peering out through the peephole, she discovered it wasn't room service after all. It was Blaine. Hesitating for an instance, she unlocked the door and opened it.

"Hi." Blaine greeted, forcing a smile. "Thought I'd stop by and see if you were alright."

"I'm alright." Kaitlyn responded. "I wasn't expecting to see you."

"Mind if I come in?" Blaine inquired.

"I guess. Come on in." Kaitlyn replied, stepping back from the door.

"Kinda thought you'd be living over at the shop." Blaine mumbled, closing the door as he entered.

"I'm checking out tomorrow morning." Kaitlyn responded. "Been too busy today to do any moving."

"How about going out for some dinner or have you already eaten?" Blaine offered.

"I ordered from room service." Kaitlyn stated. "They should be here any minute."

No sooner had she spoken the words then another knock sounded at the door. It was room service with her food order. Kaitlyn pulled the robe around her and cinched the belt tight before answering it. Signing the tab, she took the tray and set it on the table. Blaine's eyes never stopped staring at Kaitlyn's long legs as she walked by the bed he was sitting on.

Kaitlyn uncovered her dinner and sat down to eat.

"Have you eaten yet?" Kaitlyn casually inquired.

"Yeah, I stopped for some fast food after work." He answered.

"You mind telling me what happened the other morning?" Kaitlyn asked. "Was it because of what I said the night before?"

Blaine didn't answer right away. Shrugging his shoulders, it gave him a brief moment to think of a response.

"I wasn't exactly sure of what you meant by hardly ever saying no to anyone when it came to sex." He muttered.

"I meant it exactly the way I said it." Kaitlyn fired back her reply. "I'm making up for alot of lost time."

"I take it you not interested in a monogamous relationship then." Blaine said.

"No, definitely not." Kaitlyn replied. "I was married for three years. Fuck monogamy!"

There was a brief period of silence. Neither Blaine nor Kaitlyn said a word.

"How many girls have you fucked in your lifetime, ten, twenty, thirty?" Kaitlyn finally broke the uncomfortable silence. "I know of at least several girls you were banging in high school."

"I haven't been with all that many women." Blaine responded. "At least, not since high school and college."

"So why is it bothering you that I want to have numerous sexual partners?" Kaitlyn asked. "If you can have sex with anyone you want, why the hell can't I?"

"I guess there's no sense in trying to explain my reasons." Blaine answered, trying to cover up his tone of anger. "I guess I better be going."

Blaine eased off the bed and slowly walked towards the door. Exiting the room, he never looked back at Kaitlyn or said good-bye. Feeling at a loss, he wasn't about to give up on Kaitlyn. Although their relationship had been brief, it meant more to him than any other he'd been involved in.

Kaitlyn picked at her food, not feeling all that hungry. Although she'd spoken her true feelings, perhaps she'd been too hard on Blaine. Their conversation could have gone much better if she'd tempered her remarks.

"Maybe this is all for the best." Kaitlyn thought. "I couldn't handle another serious relationship."

After watching the late news, Kaitlyn turned off the tv and went to bed. Thoughts of Blaine and the race shop ran through her mind making it difficult to fall asleep.

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