tagIncest/TabooCustom Fantasy Video Ch. 3

Custom Fantasy Video Ch. 3


Rob arrived promptly at his daughter DeeDee's house. She greeted him at the door wearing a robe. He was surprised that she was not ready. She had been so insistent that they go out to dinner and that she wanted him to stop by and pick her up (even though he lived closer to all the fine dining places they usually frequented).

She explained that she was running late and that she still had to take a shower. She invited him to pour them a couple of glasses of wine. He would find the bottle on the table in the living room next to the two glasses she laid out. She assured him that she had called and changed the reservation at the restaurant for a later time. In a strange and teasing tone she admonished him to get comfortable and that she will only be a "few" minutes.

"A few minutes," Rob chuckled to himself. DeeDee was just like his late wife in many regards. He remembered that a "few minutes" to her usually meant upwards of thirty to forty minutes. Then again, he thought, he was sure to be rewarded by the site of his sexy daughter after she got ready and dressed. Just then, he looked over his shoulder as he settled down on the couch. He caught a glimpse of Dee shedding her robe, as she disappeared into the bathroom in the hallway. He briefly saw his daughter's full tits, nice legs and a rather firm beautiful ass before she closed the door.

"Rob settle down", he thought as he heard the shower running, "fantasies are one thing but no matter how hot she looks, she is your daughter." To mentally change the topic he focused on the bottle of wine. He opened it using a corkscrew that Dee had left and he poured two glasses of what smelled like a fine bottle of red wine. That's when he noticed it.

Right there by the bottle and glasses was a video inside a case that looked all too familiar. Custom Fantasy Video was boldly written on the cover. And in a panic, his initial reaction had been to wonder how Dee had gotten a hold of the video he had made with his friend Harry and with Harry's sexy daughter Jenny. It then dawned on him that it can't be his video as he had just put it away in a safe hiding place before coming here. So he thought, this must be an altogether different production. He could still hear the shower going, so plopped the video in the VCR and hit the play button. He figured he would have enough time to put the video away when the shower would stop.

Initially, it showed her rather shapely legs. But her moaning, though soft, was distinctly sensual and inviting. The video panned up to her midsection and she was stroking her trimmed blonde bush with her hand, periodically inserting a finger in her pussy. Her moaning was intensifying. The shot moved up to her breasts as she stroked them with her other hand, pinching her nipples.

Rob was getting hot. Then again he thought to himself all the work he's seen made by his friends at CFV was hot. But what the hell was Dee doing with a video from there. He mentally checked to make sure he could still here the shower running. He took a big gulp of wine and shifted his position to accommodate a building hardon . He wasn't sure what was more exciting, the video itself or the fact that this was his daughter's property. He continued to watch and absent mindedly, wondered if that was Jenny (Harry's daughter) in the video.

The girl was getting more and more excited. Her breathing was louder as her breasts heaved with every breath. She pinched her nipples harder. Her other hand was stroking her pussy, wet with glistening juice. She rolled over on her stomach, writhing with lust. Her ass was full on the screen as she got up on her hands and knees. She had two fingers inserted in her wet cunt. She was moaning loudly. The camera panned up her body showing her sideways on all fours. Her ass cheeks tensed and flexed, her tits jiggled, as she masturbated. The camera focused on her enraptured face. In full screen, the picture revealed DEE's face as she licked her lips and came. Her naked breasts jiggled as she breathed. "Yess DAAADY…" She hissed, "FUCK ME…PLEASE DADDY FUCK ME" Fade to black.

The first thing Rob noticed (besides his raging hardon) was the utter silence. At first and naturally so, Rob attributed the silence to the contrasting sensation of watching his hot daughter naked on the screen and then to have the video end so abruptly before he could even fully process and comprehend what he had witnessed. Was it because he was left wanting to see more? Yes, in fact he wanted to see more of his daughter naked, sexy and yes, sluty! His mind was racing. He felt excited and he felt guilty as if he had intruded. But there was more to this silence and it hit Rob that the shower was no longer running. He turned around and there she was standing in the hall.

She wore black thong panties, a matching bra and smile. Rob got up from the sofa and made his way half across the hall to her. He hesitated and stopped. She could see his erection bulging through his pants.

"Daddy did you like the video I made for you?"

"Dee, You made that for… Me? …how?"

"Daddy we could trade war stories about making videos but the bulge in your pants tells me there are better things we could be doing." She smiled and turned around, Slowly she walked back towards her room and silently she prayed that he would follow her.

He followed her into her room. She felt him standing behind her. His breath was hot on her neck. His hands encircled her, grabbing her tits and tweaking her nipples through the fabric of her bra. "Is this what you want?" He whispered. He was a little rough but she liked that and leaned back into him slightly shaking her ass over the bulge in his pants.

"Daddy please…take me. Make me your lover and make me your slut just fuck me please!"

His hands explored her body. His touch was hot. He undid her bra strap and removed her bra. He pulled her panties off. He sat on the bed. She stood in front him, feeling his gaze upon her naked body. He motioned for her to turn around. Obediently, she turned her ass inches from her dad's face. Slowly he ran his finger down the crack of her ass, causing her to wiggle with pleasure.

"Are you sure you want this DeeDee?"

"Yesss" She whispered and leaned back so her wet cunt rested on her daddy's finger.
He pulled her into his lap. He kissed her deeply on the lips. She responded by opening her mouth and meeting his tongue with hers.

"Tell me Dee what is it that you want?" his finger found her clit and rubbed it sending socks of pleasure through her body.

"Daddy I want you fuck to me. I want to suck your cock. PLEASE I'll do anything for you Daddy, Let me be your lover." She got off his lap and kneeled between his legs. She released his erection as she helped him off with her pants. She took him in her mouth and was happily surprised at his size and hardness. She sucked him as he moaned a stroked her hair.
She felt him urge her up on the bed. He climbed between her legs. Her legs wrapped tightly around him as he entered her. She squealed with pleasure as he fucked her.

"Yes daddy fuck me harder…it feels so good." His balls slapped her ass as he thrust deeply. She remembered a scene from the video she saw at his house.

"Daddy fuck me from behind… please"

He positioned himself doggie style and drove his cock deeply into her.
"Baby you look so sexy like this and it feels so good." He slapped her ass as he pushed his cock in her.

"OH MY GOD DADDY…This is great…Fuck me and spank me hard."
He slapped her ass as he fucked her, "DEE you are such a hot slut".

"Ow… Yes daddy spank me and fuck me like the slut I am. You make me feel so good"

Rob fucked her hard. He thrust deeper and slapped her ass at her urging, both were sweating and breathing hard.

"Yes daddy that's it I'm cumming now….ahhh…ahhhh…ahh"

Rob also could not hold back any longer and shot a load of his seed in his daughter's hungry cunt. They both collapsed on the bed.

Rob spent the night there and they had made love and screwed all night. Reluctantly, he drove home early the next morning, as he had to get ready for work. Inside his jacket he noticed an unfamiliar piece of paper. At the next stop light as he waited for the light to change he read the paper. It was a gift certificate for a full day of taping and editing at Custom Fantasy Video. It was signed: "To my Daddy and lover. With love and lust, DEE"

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