tagIncest/TabooCustomer Appreciation: Just Right

Customer Appreciation: Just Right


“You seem pleased to see me,” Gayle said, hopping in the passenger door I held open for her. Was it just my imagination, or did her fingers trace the shape of my semi-stiff cock through my pants on purpose as she steadied herself?

“Were you waiting long?” Gayle asked in her cheeriest tone.

‘Be careful. You could fall in love with this girl,’ I cautioned myself. ‘Or worse, she could fall in love with you and follow you home. There is no way the wife would let you keep her. Though I bet she doesn’t eat much, she’s so slim. Except her boobs.’

Suddenly, I was grinning. I had been nervous about returning to the grocery store to pick up Gayle, the buxom blonde clerk whose virginity had just been shared with me in the staffroom. As Gayle suggested, I took my groceries home. My wayward wife was not about, so no excuses were necessary to go back out. Not that she would care, other than maybe wanting to share. Sitting in the car outside the store, fingers drumming on the steering wheel, thoughts of the risk of discovery conflicted with the urge that encouraged my cock to swell even though Gayle had fucked me to a massive orgasm only hours before. ‘Not bad for a forty plus guy,’ I congratulated myself.

My cock was fully recharged from our earlier adventures because as I waited I had run through a whole fantasy in my head. I imagined taking Gayle to Riverside Road, pulling off in a little meadow which during the day was a favoured picnic spot, but at night might be deserted. Would she be shy and tentative, climbing reluctantly out of the car into the back seat? Would she be a tigress, attacking my mouth with her lips, guiding my hands to her flesh, forcing me forward right there astride the front passenger seat? I settled on the nervous version, perhaps because I did not fancy the awkwardness of engineering cunnilingus in a bucket seat. Spreading a blanket on the ground might seem romantic, but the plush leather of the neck seat would be more comfortable for Gayle. I would kiss her wildly first, to encourage her to move there, whispering kind words. We would make out like teenagers in the front. Her shirt would be unbuttoned, her pale skin roughed up by my whiskers. Her pants would be undone, her bra unclasped. She would hurry into the back of the car. She would quickly lift her hips, allowing me to pull her pants down. Perhaps we would pause to share a laugh about my butt sticking out the car into the moonlight. Then I would taste her. I had eaten many women over the years but it was at least twenty years since I had licked a fresh inexperienced teen. I knew from our earlier fucking that her pussy and clit were sensitive. She would come quickly if she got past her nervousness. Would she let me bite her clit? Or should I just roll it on my tongue and bounce it like a rubber ball? Mostly though I was curious how she would taste. Would she be fresh and dewy, like a spring morning? In my dream, I thought so, conveniently ignoring the likelihood she would smell of stale sex.

That thought had interrupted my reverie, drawing me back to reality. I had time to take about a dozen deep calming breathes before the staff door opened. The first few people out were the butcher and the baker. “Who’s next, the candle stick maker?” I wondered.

My nervousness had started afresh as soon as I saw Gayle bouncing out of the door. She had taken a moment to change out of her starchy white dress work shirt. The cool spring air caused her sensitive nipples to strain against her yellow bra, almost piercing the clingy crop top she now wore. Not even a celibate would manage to look anywhere but Gayle’s outstanding jiggling rack. Although I had seen Gayle’s naked body, the clothing actually made her sexier. Her youthful energy, the fluid motion and bouncy step, all combined to take my breath away. ‘That would make even an eighty year old hard,’ I said aloud to myself, finally taking in Gayle’s flowing hair, released from the work friendly pony tail, flowing in the breeze.

Had I really deflowered this lusty virgin, just hours before, or had it all been just a fantasy? My hard wood was inconsistent with the reality of our earlier passion.

The quick recovery of my function was a tribute to Gayle’s appeal. Men my age weren’t supposed to have rock hard erections a couple of hours after drilling the virginity of high school girls while they were on their break from moon lighting as grocery clerks. The game plan now was supposed to be parking and long slow oral sex, me giving to Gayle in appreciation of her customer service skills. My rapid recovery could prompt adjustments to that plan.

I jumped out of the car to go around and open the passenger door for her. Gayle’s fresh scent combined the perfume of jasmine with a hint of talc. As she took care to slowly brush her nipples across my chest on the way past, she noticed me inhaling deeply. “Well, I couldn’t let everybody smell my sex hormones, could I? I mean, I don’t fuck just anybody. In fact, before tonight I hadn’t fucked anybody.”

“No, but I’m sure they all want you, even when you don’t have that ‘just fucked’ odour.”

Gayle giggled. “I must have had that ‘just fucked’ glow. My girl friend who was at the next till wanted to know if I had a fun break, and the produce manager rubbed against my bum when he came by on a price check. I think my supervisor must have heard what we were doing.”

As she spoke of this, Gayle’s breathing was slowing almost to a pant. Her cheeks were flushed with excitement. She leaned into me, pressing her body against mine, her tits drilling into my ribs. “Oh, I can feel something stirring against my belly, I guess you like the idea of someone else knowing.”

“I don’t want you in any trouble.” By which I meant I was hot for her eighteen year old body, and enjoyed her enthusiasm, but I didn’t want any trouble coming back to haunt me. Suddenly, the enormity of the risk I was taking threatened to lessen the enormity of my erection. Before I was able to sort through the options, Gayle hit me with another curve. As she rubbed my member through my pants, she said, “I phoned my Mom to tell her I didn’t need a ride home. So she said she might as well go to bingo. I think that really means she’s gone somewhere with Neil from next door or some other guy. Anyway, my house will be empty for hours. Daddy is out of town. So, can we go there? It would be a lot more comfy than the back seat of your car and I do want my second first time to be nice.”

It was really about to be her third first time of the night because although she had given hand jobs to her boyfriends, she had never done a blow job, or had sex, or received oral sex. I guessed she wasn’t counting the partial hummer I had received, since we had stopped short to allow for a quick deflowering during her break. The remaining ‘first’ I owed her was me going down on her.

So I agreed her house would be fine. She already told me she wanted the oral sex to last at least an hour. Her Mom had instructed her that it took at least that long to be done right. Gayle might be a lusty beginner, but she had a mind of her own.

Gayle instructed me to drop her at the corner, and, after pointing out the back way to her house, pointed me to a parking spot on a side street.

A few minutes later, I walked through her backyard. Cautious of neighbours, I strolled casually across her deck, avoiding any sense of creeping through the bushes. As that image flashed through my brain, I realized the Peeping Tom role play could be a major turn on. My cock shifted itself within my pants, announcing its interest in the situation.

My imagination was not wasted. Gayle had silhouetted herself, in a dark room with a single light behind her. The corona this created surrounded her, detailing her shape and actions, but hiding her face and flesh tones. She obviously had been waiting for me. In perfect time with music only she could hear, Gayle shimmied her hips. This caused her generous rack to quiver, restrained by her tiny shirt. Her long hair flowed around her shoulders as she moved.

I stood still, watching from Gayle’s deck. Excitement got the better of caution. Within moments, rubbing my hardness through my pants soon was not enough. I needed more relief. I extracted my cock out of my fly, stroking the shaft in the cool spring air as I watched Gayle hook her fingers under the edges of her shirt and slowly lift it. She paused as it reached the level of her breasts. Perhaps it was odd that this tease had such an effect, given that I had seen her almost nude hours before.

Gayle continued rolling her hips belly dancer style as the shirt popped free of her tits. In the shadow dance I was unsure whether I saw her stiff nipples or was just recalling how she had looked offering them to my lips in the staff room at the store. Her bra was shed with no wasted time or effort. She spun around as her boobs surged free of restraint, her hands cupping the mounds. She shook her bootie, thrusting her hips and titling her pelvis towards where I watched.

Suddenly, I was awash in light. Standing there on Gayle’s deck, my cock in my hand, it took me a second to realize they had a motion detector yard light. Inside the house, I saw Gayle’s shimmying dissolve into gut busting laughter. I must really have been a sight.

A moment later, Gayle, still laughing, appeared at the sliding door leading from the deck to the house. As she opened the door, I heard sensuous Arabic music playing softly. Gayle giggled, standing there with her arms tight against her freely swinging breasts.” Quickly, I don’t need to give all the neighbours a free show,” she whispered.

“Just a select few?”

Gayle blushed so deeply it was obvious even in the dimmed lighting. “Another time,” she replied, grabbing my arm and pulling me inside. It was not what I expected. Most patio doors open off a kitchen or living room. Instead, I was inside a bedroom dominated by a massive king size four poster bed, complimented by equally colossal dressers and night tables. The lamps were swags, matching the black and red shag carpeting for tackiness.

“Tell me this isn’t your room,” I said. Gayle was done laughing though. She swung me, not releasing my arm. Throwing me onto the overstuffed mattress as she used her other hand to slide the door shut. As she paused momentarily to catch her breath, I followed to look where she was staring. Now it was my turn to laugh, seeing my cock standing proud sticking out of my pants. Gayle began giggling again, girlishly covering her sweet little mouth. After a moment she got under control. Silently, she unbuckled the clasp on the waist of her pants. Hooking a thumb in each side, she swiftly stepped out of the pants. Her tiny panties were soaked.

“This is Mommy’s room, you silly man. But I can’t wait until we get to my room to taste that extra treat you brought me.”

Gayle dove on top of me. Her thighs clutching my waist. My cock nestled her ass cheeks. She bounced playfully. Leaning back, her nipples pointed towards the ceiling. Built into the canopy of the bed was a mirror.

“I told you Mommy likes to play,” Gayle said, reaching back to deftly untie the bows holding the sheer walls of the canopy. We were totally enclosed. My hardness slid between the curves of her buttocks, only the wet fabric of her panties guarding her virgin ass.

Gayle might have been a technical virgin until a few hours before, but she was no innocent. “Oh, no, big boy, not there,” she said, laughing as she grabbed hold of my shaft, stopping her motion so the friction ended. If she hoped this would reduce my intensity, she was mistaken. The feel of her slim flingers grasping my throbbing erection sent more hormones surging to fuel my desires.

“I have other plans for that…” she continued.

“Yes, I owe you first, though,” I said.

Gayle leaned forward, kissing me deeply, her long blonde hair cascading across my shoulders and chest, brushing with a grace short of tickling, more like a caress, but silky, as if each strand was kissing my skin. This kiss was just as passionate as the hunger she had shown in the staff room at the grocer’s, but that was the only similarity. If Gayle was worried that her Mom might return early, there was no evidence of the same sense of urgency that drove her earlier. Gayle began this kiss fully lip to lip, her hands caressing my body to match the gentle softness of her mouth. Her tongue slid into my mouth, moving about with the grace of a dancer. A soft shoe tap on my molars. A tango with my tonsils.

As we kissed, Gayle’s nipples brushed my chest as I felt the firmness of her mounds crushed between us. My own nipples tingled, demonstrating excitement seldom felt in my mature years. Gayle made me feel nineteen again. She was busy running her fingers through my hair. This made me wonder what I ought to be doing with my hands, which had instinctively begun caressing her back, but without any real purpose. ‘I know – I should remove those pesky panties.’

I hooked my fingers in the corners at her hips, and Gayle tried to help by arching her back, but her silent refusal to break our kiss frustrated my efforts. Leaving the rolled fabric trapped around her knees, I ran my hands across her buttocks, taking a moment to appreciate the ripe fullness. As Gayle chewed my lower lip, my fingers ran up her spine, tapping the vertebrae like keys on a clarinet. I teased the swollen breast tissue spilling out from between us, rubbing the hairy backs of my hands along. My real target however was that thick lush hair. I combed it with my fingers, grooming her as she sucked my tongue deeper into her teeth.

We were fully focused on the activities at the top of our bodies. My cock however, was smart enough to think for itself. It tried its best to find an entrance into Gayle’s warmth, not being fussy about which hole came open. This finally distracted Gayle from her kiss. Leaning back into an upright position, she grasped my shaft firmly in her fist.

“Naughty boy, you have work to do before you earn that.”

She slid forward, her knees soon straddling my chest. I could barely breathe, but the vision of this young angel offering herself was enough to take my breath away even if I could expand my lungs. Without releasing my cock Gayle spun around. Her delectable ass was inches away from my face, sparse pussy hairs winking at me from beneath. Gayle blew warm damp air across the tip of my cock, still squeezing it at the base. I elbowed myself up enough to tenderly kiss each of her buttocks. She mewed like a kitten. I nibbled her right cheek, eliciting a squeal of mixed pain and delight. I was tempted to try rimming her anus to see just how quickly this recent virgin was ready to embrace kink. I knew however that licking her tender pussy after anal play was not good hygiene, and a good cunt lapping was what she really craved. I traced a line around the curve of her glute, tasting the dampness dripping off her pubes. Despite our earlier exertions, she tasted better than in my dream.

“Ohhh,” Gayle moaned as my tongue tickled her pink flesh. I felt a little ripple of electricity running through her. “Be gentle,” she urged, “but not too gentle.”

“Don’t worry, I know you want an older man because you need someone who knows how to please you just right.”

“My Mom used to call me ‘Goldilocks’. I guess you’re not Baby Bear though.”

“Well, I think you taste just right,” I said, licking up one side of her eager pussy.

“I bet you taste ‘just right’ too, Papa Bear,” said a new voice.

Gayle gasped, jumping off my face, grabbing bedding to cover her nakedness. A more mature version of Gayle’s beauty was leaning against the door frame.

“That must make you Momma Bear,” I replied, guessing from her erect nipples and the hand inside her open jeans that she was not really upset, “ and I bet you’re wondering who’s been eating in your bed.”

“I think I saw enough to answer that, but I didn’t mean to interrupt. You’re right that Gayle deserves a good cunt lapping to get her started right. Has she sucked your cock yet?”

“Not here. She did earlier at the store though.”

“Good job, Goldilocks. Don’t worry, I’m not upset. Although using my bed is a bit daring. Did you use though lessons I gave you, sucking Dad and Neil when you thought I didn’t know you were watching? I bet you did. Papa Bear, did she tell you how she would stroke her fur while she watched me?”

As she spoke, Gayle’s Mom crossed her arms and tugged her shirt off with the same practiced motion Gayle had used earlier. ‘Like daughter, love mother’, I thought.

Gayle was still peeping from behind the sheet as her Mom dropped to her knees and fondled my resurrected cock. “Hmm, sweetie, I like your taste in cocks.” She licked a drop of precum from the tip. “I like the taste of the cock too.”

She ran her practiced tongue around and under my balls, licking up in big long strokes, all while teasing the tip with her fingernails. I shivered as the electricity ran up my spine. She paused mid-lick to say, “Oh, but I’m sorry, sweetie, I didn’t mean to interrupt Papa Bear eating your porridge.”

Rising up off her knees, she pulled the sheet away from her daughter. I noticed in the mirror that Gayle’s nipples had grown longer than ever, and four fingers were buried to the hilt in her sodden pussy. The older woman crawled onto the bed, still gripping my shaft. Her tugging forced me to turn just in time to see her stroke Gayle’s hair, gently murmuring words of reassurance. “Is it okay if I kiss you, Goldilocks?” she asked.

Gayle nodded slightly, still too shocked to speak. Watching the kiss was like seeing Gayle’s Mom kissing a younger version of herself in a time shift mirror. Her free hand caressed Gayle’s chin as she pumped my organ with the other. This kiss was loving, but not as fierce as the one Gayle had given me. After a few seconds, Gayle’s lips parted, allowing her Mother’s tongue to taste her palate. Breaking the kiss, Mom said, “Mmmm…you forgot to brush your teeth after you sucked him. Lucky for me.”

She softly ran a fingernail across Gayle’s nipples, as if testing them for sensitivity. Gayle shuddered. “Papa Bear, I think it’s time to continue where you left off,” the older woman directed. She released my cock and pushed my head down towards Gayle’s thighs. Mine was not the only busy tongue though. As I tasted the juices flowing from Gayle, her Mom began bobbing frantically up and down on my cock. My efforts quickly relaxed Gayle, who leaned back onto a pile of pillows. “Mmmm, that feels good. And I can see Mom licking you from here. What’s the matter Mom, you didn’t get lucky tonight?”

Gayle’s Mom paused, lifting her mouth off me. “I think this is plenty lucky enough, Goldilocks. But, I obviously had less good fortune than you until I got home. Neil decided to go drinking with his chums instead of eating me. Foolish boy. I think I’ll have to find a new toy. Though Papa Bear here will do for tonight.” She flicked a finger across my wedding band. “I can tell he won’t be available at our beck and call though.” She shrugged. “Well, we better make good use of him while we have him.”

With that, she bobbed back down to swallow my cock again. I redoubled my efforts on Gayle, curling my tongue into the deep reaches of her pussy, still only nuzzling around her clit with my nose. Gayle seemed not to mind, especially since she was tweaking herself with two fingers. She appeared to be thoroughly enjoying her first cunnilingus. Her hips were rapidly bouncing off the bed, forcing my tongue deeper. I began slurping up her wetness, forcing my way past her fingers towards her clit. I brushed my tongue lightly across her button, making her sigh.

“Your tongue feels like velvet.”

“Well, his balls taste more like pussy,” Gayle’s Mom said. “I never knew you would taste so sweet Goldilocks.”

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