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Nate got on with his task, throwing off his shirt and pulling his jeans and underwear away in one move. By the time he returned his attention to Becky she had pulled off her blouse and was unclipping her bra. When her hands came around from behind her back and pulled away the bra her boobs escaped forwards and out of their enclosures. They were big and round with some slippage and large brown nipples that somehow still managed to point more out than down. He lifted his hands to take them, feeling their soft weight and underlying firmness. When he pushed them up in tandem and took her nipples between his fingers Becky's eyes half-closed with pleasure.

He was delighted to find that her nipples stiffened to his touch, becoming large buds against their brown background. Nate watched his hands as they manipulated the largest breasts he'd ever touched and enjoyed the sensations of them against his skin. As much as his throbbing cock wanted to get on with finding its way to Becky's pussy, Nate bent and took one of the nipples in his mouth. He sucked hard and twisted the other nipple slightly between his fingers. Becky groaned and brought her hand under the breast he was sucking on, helping feed it to him.

His tongue wrapped around and over the nipple as he explored urgently, wanting to experience every aspect of this new and unexpected lover. Becky had other ideas now though and grabbed his cock with the palm of her hand, sliding her hand down to encase his balls while she wrapped her thumb and forefinger around the base of his cock. "I want you," she whispered.

Nate took her hint and raised his head from her nipple. Becky kissed him quickly, broke away and then started to turn. "You want me like this?" She bent over, placed her hands on the desk and presented her pussy to him. She looked over her shoulder, flicking her hair away and added, "Come on Nate, give me all that you've got. I want all of you now."

His eyes fixed on the target of her pussy, Nate eased towards her, took his cock in his hand and pointed it down between her legs. Becky's hand came up to meet his, her palm providing a slipway to heaven as he eased forward to touch her opening. He felt her heat even as the tip of his cock touched her. Becky's hand kept hold of his balls and urged him to push further in. When he did he slipped easily inside, parting her swollen lips and sinking into her soaking hole.

Feeling the sensations of her slick inferno for the first time, Nate barely heard Becky when she looked over her shoulder and told him, "I'm all yours Babe. Give me your best." He loved that she was smiling and willing him on.

Nate made a few slow thrusts in and out of Becky. He was feeling how easily he slid inside her but also that she still held him tight. He had heard older women weren't as tight as girls, but Becky felt gorgeous. He watched as his cock disappeared into her, right below her ass cheeks, and tried to pull out as far as he could, then plunge in as deeply as he could. So far in his life most of his sex had been I dark spaces. Being in the office with the lights on was opening a whole new visual world of stimulation to him.

"Fuck me Nate." Becky encouraged. "Fuck me harder."

Nate thrust harder and faster at her command. No woman had ever talked to him like that and he immediately felt a tingle in his balls as she spoke to him. Becky moaned louder as he thrust harder, grunting every time he reached his limit inside her and his balls slapped around the front of her pussy.

"That's good Baby," she almost snarled back to him, "I can feel you now. Cum for me. Give me more of your gorgeous white cum."

He took hold of her hips and kept thrusting hard. Becky's ass started to thrust back at him every time he plunged forward. He tried to look down at his cock again but closed his eyes involuntarily as he felt the first sensations of climax start to mount inside him. That's it Baby." He wondered how Becky knew.

Nate kept his pace as his climax got close, thrusting hard into Becky's pussy and feeling himself grunt now as his pelvis slammed into her ass. He felt Becky's hand reach back through her legs and find his balls, cupping them in her hand and following his movements as best she could. One more thrust and he felt his orgasm crest the dam and start to flood his nervous system.

The climax was so intense that Nate stopped thrusting for a few seconds, then started again as the explosion of pleasure gave way to an intense warmth. He managed two strokes and then his cock started twitching and delivering the cream that Becky urged from him. She held his balls tight in her hand while he spurted inside her. She looked over her shoulder, straining to see the pleasure on his face as he came.

As Nate's nerves started to come back to something close to normal he stood, still inside Becky and feeling his legs continue to shake with aftershocks. He held her hips and looked at the back of her head as she held on to the desk and panted. He felt wonderful, pleasured by this woman who was old enough to be his mother and in awe of the freedom she'd shown him, both her freedom to ask for what she wanted and the freedom she'd given him to pursue that pleasure.

He finally slipped out of Becky and she turned to face him. She immediately took hold of his deflating cock, as though to make sure she'd wrung every ounce of pleasure from their moment, and kissed him. "You did great Babe." She smiled at him. "You felt so good. I may have to work late more often."

Nate smiled at the thought. "Sounds like a plan."

Over the next few months Becky came to, and with, Nate often. It was an easy liaison, based on mutual pleasure and freedom, true sport fucking, but a good thing for all that. Becky made no bones about the fact that she enjoyed his youth and energy and gave back her experience and desire to make Nate feel good. Nate learned more from Becky in those few months than in any other period of his sex life. Each of their encounters left them smiling and enjoying an unlikely but precious friendship.

Nate learned the usual personal things from Becky, that she was divorced, had no children and was a lawyer, but he learned so much more. He never knew her surname and never had her phone number. He guessed that something in her life had changed when she stopped coming to see him. He was sad and often wondered where she was and what she was doing. Over the years that never changed but he was always grateful for the time they got to spend together.

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