Cut and BJ


Andrea's body was covered in goose flesh, as Harry's probing fingers and tongue started to make her convulse with pleasure. She felt him rise, his fingers fucking deep into her pussy, his thumb circling her clit, as his palm pressed against the flat mat of her pubic hair. His tongue ran along the slit of her ass, till he reached the small of her back. He then traced the line of her spine with his tongue till he was standing bent over her, his erection pressing against her buttocks.

'Cum for me.' he whispered into her ear. 'Cover my fingers, my hands, with your juices. Show me how much you are enjoying this Whore.'

The word stung, whore, but at the same time it eased the guilt and shame bubbling beneath her conscience. Harry had expressed what she was at this moment. A whore, a slut for money, an object of fantasy and pleasure. His hands were so good. His lips were so exciting. Harry reached up and grabbed her aching breast, as he ground his cock against her ass, his fingers driving faster and harder into her pussy. He pulled and pinched her erect nipple, he kissed her neck, his breath was hot. As hot as the bubbling feeling deep inside of her. Suddenly she felt her body begin to convulse, she cried out.'I am cumming Harry. Your dirty whore is cumming! Oh yes! Yes! Yes! Andrea could no longer control herself. Her body tookover almost sucking Harry's hand deep into her womb. The orgasm that followed, left her skin tingling and her knees weak. She could not believe how easily Harry turned her to face him. He plunged his tongue into her open mouth, pressed his stiff cock against her dripping palpitating pussy. She could do nothing else than wrap herself around his body. Returning his urgent kisses, she stroked his solid frame, she kissed his shoulder as her fingers ran down his back, she licked his erect nipples, delighting at the response as she bit them, she could hear Harry fumbling with his trousers, the distintive rasp of a zipper and the urgent wet prodding of Harry's cock against her body, indicating he was now naked for her. She looked down at the puddle of clothes at Harry's ankles, and the glistening purple head of his cock rising from his middle. She could see it throbbing to the pulse of his heart. She reached down gripping the shaft. It was stiff, firm, Harry groaned as her fingers circled it. About the same size as Andrea's husband, a little over six inches, nothing too threatening, other than the obvious urgency for her attention. Holding Harry's shaft firmly, Andrea continued to kiss her way down his body till she was on her knees, his cock level with her face. She rolled her tongue around her mouth, hesitant could she do this? She saw Harry looking down at her. His fingers lightly stroking her hair, reaching for her breast. She stroked the shaft, ran her thumb over the glistening purple head, spreading the clear gloop of his pre cum, onto her fingers. She slipped a finger into her mouth, sucked and then slid her slips over Harry's cock. His reaction was instant she felt him stiffen, his hands urging her to take more of him. She steadied herself on his hairy muscular thighs. She worked her tongue across the head, down the shaft, she drew him deep into her mouth, she touched his balls then withdrew almost to the tip. Breathing through her nose she began to bob up and down on his cock, making loud sucking sounds, releasing his cock to let it spring free briefly before closing her lips around the shaft and drawing him back inside. Her actions got faster, she sucked and bobbed till he started to fuck her face, his hand clasped gently against the back of her head. She could feel his cock begin to expand, soon he would cum.

She grasped the base of his cock and looked up at him.

'Are you going to cum for me now Harry?'

'Yes. But on your ass. I want to cum all over your beautiful big ass. Lay across the worktop again.'

Harry placed his hand around the base of his cock and guided Andrea back to the worktop, he bent her over, teasing her legs apart so he could see her still gaping pussy, her legs taut still clad in pink stockings. He ran his hand over her back, down to her buttocks, edging closer all the time, slowly he stroked his cock. His fingers hooked into her hips, as he guided himself to rest the head of his cock against her pussy.

'I want to feel you cunt grip my cock. I want to feel it wanking my cock, till I am ready to cum, then i am going to shoot my cum all over your bare ass.'

Andrea was hesitant this was not part of her plan, this meant he would be inside of her. His cock filling her, maybe flooding her. She did not have the time to resist, her slick pussy was no defence for his well lubricated cock. She was surprised how much it seemed to fill her, how tighly her vagina gripped his cock, how easily her body responded to his thrusts. His fingers had found her clit, he was massaging, her towards another orgasm, she felt his cock twitch inside of her. She felt it expand and grow again, he was going to cum in her. She began to panic, but then he pulled out and she was left with this horrible aching void. The hot splashes of his semen, told her his timing had been good. He seemed to cover her with jets of semen. As his fingers continued to stroke her clit, he released his cock, and his semen covered fingers slipped inside of her, his body pressed against her, spreading his seed across her naked flesh, as he ground against her. He kissed her neck, sucked her earlobe, as his hands contiinued to work on her pussy. Her second climax was more sudden, violent, and draining than the first. She slowly sank to the floor and he knelt beside her, kissing her face, her mouth, and stroking her breasts.

'You are the best present I have ever had Andrea. In my fantasy I could never have imagined, how soft and warm your body is, or how beautiful it is to touch and hold. I hope this won't be the only time we can do this.'

Andrea stared back at Harry, his cock was still erect. It had been a long while since she had been pleasured in this way, that distant country called the past when she had been a young bride. The memory reminded her of why she was doing this and how this would be the only time Harry could indulge his fantasy of her. But she was not going to tell him that. Let him enjoy the moment.

The door to the kitchen opened Andrea and Harry, both attempting to cover themselves. It was Rose entering.

'I take it you two have had a good time. It looks like Andrea has looked after you. I am glad to see the little pills you took are working and you have a little something left for me. Time for you to clean up and go now Andrea. The bathroom is free. Can I ask you to let yourself out, Harry has to say thank you to me now. Don't you darling.'

Rose picked up Harry's strewn clothes and led him away into the lounge. Andrea suddenly felt very alone, very dirty, and ashamed. She gathered up the money, her clothes, and her hairdressing things. She showered quickly and got back into her work clothes packing away Andrea the whore into her holdall bag. It was not till she got into her car to drive home, that everything hit her, she felt very weary. She began to shake and cry, she wanted it to be over. She sat for 15 minutes before she was able to drive home. By then the flutters in her stomach had started and the memory of the thrill, the power of Harry's desire, she was ashamed, emboldened and determined to get the money for her daughter's wedding.

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