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Cut Me Some Slack!


Emily wasn't sure how she found herself where she was exactly. Her eyes darted around the room from her limited vision on the bed, tracing over shapes in the empty space as she waited in increasing impatience. Her limits came from her current position, on her belly with her legs open wide and bent at the knees, her arms behind her back with her wrists tied to her ankles; a position that kept Emily locked up for as long as her captor desired.

I know how I got here alright, Emily thought with a mix of sour disdain and undeniable anticipation. I wanted to try something different again...

While Emily said that she would prepare for next Halloween immediately, the declaration ended up falling flat. She could have blamed it on long days of work and stressing over deadlines, she could have even made a plea for the time she spent increasing her social reach and spending time with Rebecca. The truth of it all was laziness, however. Everything had been hot and exciting while it was happening but the now was easy and accessible, so why prepare for something that wouldn't even happen for months and months?

It was around September that Emily thought about it again. The lack of crazy Stanton Halloween energy - which usually began around mid-August - was what started the wheels turning. After spending years around these people, Emily knew that this was the pre-Halloween period of the year and so the absence of it all was enough for Emily to start thinking about the holiday.

This would normally be the point where Celia, Rawly or even Rebecca - who loved the theatrics of dressing up even if she wouldn't admit it as readily as the other two - would start talking about costumes and decorations and party plans, but not this year. Ever since the arrival of Adam Halloween was declared as formally canceled. Which was almost like the heralding of the apocalypse but that would be equating Adam to the end of the world, and really it was too soon to tell yet. He was only six months old, who knew if he was the anti-Christ yet? Although, Emily had to admit, the thought was ironic and a bit hilarious if nothing else.

On top of the newest Stanton's arrival on the scene, Evie had been quite absent since the start of her latest relationship, making all of the typical energy wane even more. Emily was aware that her girlfriend didn't like the character Evie was dating and in truth Emily was none too fond either - even if she wasn't as emotionally involved in the situation as Rebecca was. Still, Emily could spot a wolf when she saw one. He was tall, dark and handsome with a tailored business suit and a smile to match; you couldn't trust a guy like that.

So it was September and there was no point in thinking about Halloween but Emily found herself pondering it nonetheless. Call it conditioning. Specifically though, her mind kept recalling the last holiday, the one where Rebecca and her had dressed up before doing, well, all sorts of things. There was fun to the dramatics of it all and honestly, Emily was a little curious to try some more of that now that it was on her mind again.

"Almost Halloween," Emily said in a casual drawl as her mind played around the prospect of role-playing again. Or even something else. She wasn't adverse to surprises.

They were sitting up in bed together when the topic was brought up. Emily was under the blankets with her hands folded in her lap, throwing covert glances at her girlfriend as she spoke. Rebecca, however, was sitting with her knees drawn up and a binder resting on her thighs. She flipped through the pages of text and diagrams with a look that varied between disinterest and deep concentration, all while tapping a pen against her lips.

"Hmm?" Rebecca hummed in response.

Emily sighed before lifting a single finger to poke between her girlfriend's ribs. "I'm talking to you, dummy! Listen to me!"

"Hey!" Rebecca tapped Emily's hand with her pen and chuckled. Emily set her with a pout and Rebecca rolled her eyes. "I'm sorry. Fall cuts and everything. I'm really focused."

Emily huffed and rolled over to cuddle into Rebecca's side without acknowledging what Rebecca had said at all. Lucky for Emily, Rebecca was well trained. She sighed lightly and closed the binder on her knees before placing it on the nightstand table and inviting Emily into her open arms. The little blonde didn't need to be told twice.

"So you're just gonna do this then?" Rebecca asked, a lingering exasperation still on her breath from the sigh.

"Yup," Emily muttered. "I mean you could fight me on it if you want."

"And give you just what you want? No thank you," Rebecca scoffed. "Besides, I always lose."

"That's because I'm not above fighting dirty," Emily said with a sly wink aimed at Rebecca's disgruntled expression.

The brunette sighed. "Yes, I know. Look at this monster I've created."

Emily poked Rebecca in the ribs again. "Shut up. Don't even act like you don't love it. I'm a worthy adversary, remember."

"That you are," Rebecca mused before smiling playfully. "Now, what were you saying?"

With Rebecca's attitude pacified - for the moment - Emily allowed herself to finally settle with her nose against her girlfriend's neck."Mm?" Emily hummed, in a content manner. "Oh. It's almost Halloween."

"It is, isn't it?" Rebecca said, her voice sounding faraway all of a sudden. "Kind of different this year though, don't you think? Well, maybe not for you as much but, hmm..."

"It's just weird, huh?" Emily guessed.

Rebecca nodded gratefully. "Yeah. You could say that I'm not fond of change."

"You could say that," Emily agreed and looked up at her girlfriend with a sarcastic grin, "or you could say that you loathe it entirely."

"You could say that too, yes," Rebecca remarked with a chuckle.

Emily watched Rebecca with curious eyes. "Do you remember last Halloween?"

"How could I not?" Rebecca murmured and leaned down to nip Emily's ear.

"Okay, okay," Emily squealed and pushed Rebecca away while giggling uncontrollably.

Rebecca fell back on the pillows, resuming her former position. "What about it?"

"Well," Emily drawled playfully. "I was just thinking that maybe we could still do something."

"I'm listening," Rebecca replied in a low growl.

That growl sent shivers down Emily's back. It made her voice come out more shaky and unsure then she liked. "I don't know, I was thinking that we could try something. You know, something different?"

Rebecca considered this for a moment. "What did you have in mind?"

"Oh. Um... Hmm... I hadn't really gotten that far, I guess."

"I see," Rebecca said. Her voice retained that low tone but it wasn't as growly now. It was refined; controlled. "Perhaps I can come up with some ideas."

"You're interested then?" Emily asked. A single, perfectly manicured brow rose to accompany her question. They were talking about Rebecca after all, the queen of stagnancy.

Rebecca grinned slyly. "I am interested. Want me to show you how much?"

"Mm, please do," Emily purred.

The moment that Rebecca flipped Emily onto her back marked the end of discussion with the topic at hand, however, it never left Emily's mind as the days toward the holiday approached. What the blonde didn't know was that it hadn't escaped her girlfriend's thoughts either. In fact, Rebecca was curious to try out more than just a little light role-playing. She had other thoughts in mind.

Emily remembered the hours leading up to her current predicament quite well now that she was focused in on her thoughts and not the sharp bite of the ropes against her skin. Rebecca had called as she was cleaning up the locker room with specific instructions for Emily. Well, one instruction really: take off all your clothes and wait for me.

At the time Emily had chuckled and rolled her eyes. Perhaps Rebecca wanted to tease a little before playing dress-up, she was dramatic like that. Or maybe she just needed to get some work frustration out. It was unlikely but there was even a chance that Rebecca had just forgotten their previous discussion for Halloween plans. Emily wasn't going to be too disappointed no matter the circumstance; there were some guaranteed orgasms coming her way and she was all for it.

Emily was moving around the bedroom when she heard Rebecca enter the front door. A smile crept on her face and that familiar sense of anxious anticipation rushed through her bloodstream at a rapid pace. It never ceased to be exciting with Rebecca, and with any luck it never would.

Rebecca came through the bedroom door with a paper shopping bag slung loosely from her fingers. She looked at Emily but made no move toward her, instead exuding sort of a stand-offish energy that made the blonde unsure of how to approach her girlfriend. They stared each other down from their respective places in the room, Rebecca standing by the bedroom door and Emily by the bed, and then finally Rebecca spoke.

"Sit on the bed."

It was the only thing she said to Emily from there on out. As soon as Rebecca gave her that command there was a bit of a shift in the brunette. It was hard for Emily to put her finger on it but she could physically feel it and that meant something. It had to because she was practically buzzing with excitement as she sat down just as Rebecca instructed.

Rebecca nodded before she knelt in front of Emily, bag still in hand. There was a moment where the women held a silent staring contest between each other and then Rebecca's gaze turned abruptly to her hands, where she had begun to take different lengths of rope out of the bag. All the while, Emily observed this new addition with wide eyed wonder.

They were no strangers to kink, really. There were times in the past where one or the other had improvised something to tie the other up. A belt or a tie or a scarf, whatever was on hand. It got to Emily, sure, but it wasn't some big thing. It was just some random thing that they dabbled in from time to time.

The ropes that Rebecca was taking out of her bag weren't random though. Those were serious. They meant business. Emily could just tell by looking at them. They were sturdy and thick, meant for tying things up and keeping them in place.

Things like me, Emily thought suddenly and a shiver passed through her spine.

There was a practiced expertise that Emily saw as she watched Rebecca's movements. The way that she unraveled the rope by looping long lengths around her hand loosely, so she could better manage it, to the way that she doubled up the ropes in preparation. Emily felt a wonder and curiosity in her as she watched Rebecca's dexterous fingers.

"How long have you-"

The end of Emily's question never left her lips. She was too surprised in the way that Rebecca pushed her back on the bed before flipping her over on her belly.

"Hey!" Emily exclaimed but Rebecca only chuckled and straddled her back before pushing her girlfriends head into the mattress gently; a sign to submit.

Emily did.

Rebecca seized Emily's hands from her sides and pulled them out straight behind her back until the blonde's wrists were pinned together with her fists facing each other. She then began to tie the rope around Emily's hands and then between them, looping it in simple but strong knots that would ensure that Rebecca's captive stayed firmly in place. Exactly where she wanted her.

Emily didn't struggle against the restraints like she initially expected she would. There was a weird sort of peace that she felt as Rebecca bound her wrists and then her ankles before fastening the two together to hold the blonde in place. Emily's mind raced as the brunette moved around her - tying her, binding her, restraining her - but at the same time she felt that odd relaxation wash over her as well. Relinquishing that grip of control to someone that she loved and trusted, someone like her Becca, gave Emily an odd freedom that she couldn't quite describe.

Once Emily was all bound and placed exactly as Rebecca wanted, the brunette took a step back and admired her handiwork. She canted her head to the side and looked at Emily and then tipped her head to the other side to consider the girl from the opposite angle. The whole time that Rebecca made a dramatic game out of this, Emily stared on with a look of irritation. It only made the picture that much more perfect to Rebecca though.

"I hope you're comfy," Rebecca said, speaking for the first time in at least twenty minutes, "because you're going to be stuck like this for awhile."

"Wait, Becca-" Emily began, only to be cut off by her girlfriend's wagging finger and tutting tongue.

"Ah, ah, ah. If you back talk me then I'll make you wait even longer. Is that what you want?"

Emily, normally a woman that carried herself with a great amount of pride and dignity, looked oddly subdued as she answered in a coy whisper. "No..."

"No, you don't," Rebecca said matter-of-factly. "Now wait here like a good girl until I get back, you hear?"

"Mm," Emily hummed and cast her eyes to the ground. She was afraid that saying anymore would only land her in trouble.

There was a slight shift on the bed but more or less that was the same position that Emily still laid in now. She had no idea how long she had been there on her belly - arms stretched behind her back and calves up in that bowed position - but it felt like hours already. Her muscles ached a little and the ropes were really starting to cut into her skin, causing her to wiggle around constantly to relieve the feeling. She had no idea what Rebecca had planned for the night but she knew that it better get started soon because she was starting to get fidgety and anxious, and not in the good way.

The padding of footsteps made Emily perk up at the inevitable reappearance of Rebecca that was soon to follow. She wasn't wrong in her assumption but there was something different about the brunette that Emily didn't expect. She noticed it as soon as Rebecca strolled back into the bedroom, really it would have been hard to miss in any circumstance, but right now with how focused Emily was on Rebecca it was impossible not to spot: the strap-on.

Rebecca never wore it except when she was just about to use it. Some weird hang up on how it looked or something, and with how vain Rebecca was Emily believed that she was authentic in her feelings. Honestly, Emily would have laughed herself at the way the fake cock bobbed up and down as Rebecca approached her but the air about the brunette was so menacing, despite the smile she wore, that Emily didn't even feel the rise of a chuckle in her.

"Look at me, Emily," Rebecca said in a low, contained voice.

Emily was caught off guard by both the use of her real name and the tone that her girlfriend used. Rarely did Rebecca call her anything other then Emmy or some other pet name. Calling her Emily, it was just different. Honestly, she wasn't sure if she liked it or not but one thing was for sure, it got her attention.

The tone though, well that was new. Interesting new. Good new too. So she rose her head to look at Rebecca. It was only then that Emily noticed that Rebecca wasn't completely naked. A red bandanna was loosely tied around her neck, curiously enough.

"If you haven't figured it out yet, given your current," Rebecca waved at her with an air of dismissal, "predicament, tonight will be anything but average. You asked for something more and I plan to deliver."

"Y-You do?" Emily stuttered, unable to get her traitor voice to steady no matter how hard she tried.

"Mm-hmm. In fact, by the time I'm done teasing you, while you're all tied up and helpless, I'll have you practically begging for my cock."

Emily let out an involuntary little groan. She couldn't help but react in such a way when Rebecca talked to her like that. It was almost as if she had a complete regression, not unlike what happened in moments during last year's escapades. Emily couldn't help but want to kneel in front of Rebecca and serve her, it was just how the brunette had inadvertently conditioned her through constant degrading behavior in their youth. It was a twisted piece of her psyche but at the moment she didn't care much about the semantics of that.

"Do you want that, Emily?"

"Yes." The word came out of Emily's mouth in an almost reverent state. How Rebecca had her so fixated and ready to please - especially given the way that she had been bound for the better part of an hour - was an absolute mystery.

"Good," Rebecca muttered and tipped Emily's chin up so she could look into the other girl's eyes. The brunette held that position over her girlfriend, forcing the blonde's chin up while Rebecca stared her down and searched for something. "Do you know what else we both know is true?"

"What's that?" Emily asked breathlessly.

Rebecca grinned and released Emily's face from her finger's grip. "That you have a smart mouth and it tends to get you in trouble. Especially with me, since you can push my buttons like no other. Isn't that so?"

"...Yes." Emily answered reluctantly.

"Do you want to push my buttons tonight, babe?" Rebecca taunted, running the back of her hand across Emily's cheek as she spoke in a soft mocking voice. "Do you think that would be wise?"

Emily shook her head and hummed out a response through tight lips. "Mm-mm"

"No. Probably not best," Rebecca agreed and untied the bandanna from her neck. "See, I wish I could trust you to just stay silent. To keep your mouth shut and your opinions to yourself. I can't though, can I?"

"Uh-uh," Emily whined, practically relying on instinct to respond to Rebecca's voice now.

"I'm glad you agree, because I have just the thing to make sure you stay quiet," Rebecca said and held up her bandanna, which she had been subtly twisting in her hands. "It's going to make begging a little harder but I know how creative you can be, Emily. What do you think? Do you want this?"

Emily licked her lips and gazed up at the red cloth rolled into a crude rope. She wasn't sure what she wanted at all. "Um..."

Rebecca chuckled and walked around Emily until she was out of the blonde's vision. A whimper escaped Emily as Rebecca disappeared from her vision but soon she was acutely aware of her girlfriend's fingers tracing along her arms. Another small, pitiful sound escaped from Emily's throat as Rebecca came up behind her left shoulder and traced the blonde's throat with her bandanna before bringing it to Emily's lips.

"I want you to open your mouth so I can gag you with this," Rebecca whispered in Emily's ear, "but until you beg me for it, I wont put it in."

"Why?" Emily panted in a lame attempt to formulate cognitive words.

"Because until this gag is in your mouth I won't let you come, and you're not getting untied until you've come." Rebecca turned Emily's face toward her so that the blonde could see her smug smile before turning Emily's face forward again. "The game can't really start until you submit, that's why. Of course, if you aren't going to play my game, I can always give you a little incentive."

Emily felt Rebecca tie a knot in the bandanna so it hung from her throat; a constant reminder of the game at hand. A whimper left Emily's throat at the feeling of it's presence and the connections her brain kept making to it. Mainly the humiliating thought of having the cloth stuffed in her mouth and forcing silence from her.

It was more then that though wasn't it? It was-

The sudden presence of Rebecca's fingers opening up her pussy lips, spreading her wide, halted any of Emily's grasping thoughts right in their track. Her mind focused on the sensation of Rebecca's fingers. Their presence was stronger and more demanding than anything else at the moment - even the sharp, biting sting of the ropes against her skin.

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