tagErotic CouplingsCut to the Chase

Cut to the Chase


Copyright 2001 Del Edwards

She was standing very close to him as he sat at his computer. Her hands were holding the hem of her ankle-length black scarf skirt near his right shoulder so he could read the label. He was having a bit of difficulty concentrating on the label because of her finely formed bare legs just beyond and the fact that she was so close to him. Then there was the matter of typing the words into the machine in a foreign language so he was going slowly.

He had noticed it a couple of weeks ago while he waited at the counter for his raspberry mocha chip frappuccino. She already had her coffee and selected a table against the wall and seated herself. He had been admiring her fine firm, slim ass as she walked to the table. When she sat the white label had caught his eye. He commented that it was an unusual place to put a label when he arrived at the table. She had fished at the hem of her skirt and displayed the label commenting that it was in Spanish and she would have to find someone to translate it for her so she would know if it had to be dry cleaned or could be washed. That's when he had noticed that the black material was semitransparent and there must be several layers to the skirt since he couldn't see her legs through it.

Part of their conversation that day had been about movies she had seen and liked. "Higher content" was the term she used to describe a couple of foreign films she enjoyed. She named a French film and said it contained one of her favorite fantasies. When he ask what the fantasy was she smiled and said, "Rent it and see if you can spot it. You might be surprised."

"And what if I guess wrong. Will you tell me then?" he asked.

"Yes, I will," she said earnestly.

He had rented the film and watched it twice so he would have it firmly in mind. There were several possibilities since the story involved a woman and her lover as well as several other men with whom she was sexual in a variety of forms. He knew from some reading he had done on the subject that one of the most common fantasies among women was sex with a perfect stranger.

During a lull in their phone conversation to set their next coffee meeting he said to her, "The total stranger on the stairs who propositions her."

After a few seconds of silence she responded, "What are you talking about?"

"The movie. That's your fantasy...to have sex with a total stranger...just once," he said.

"Oh, oh, aaah, no, that's not it," she replied.

"Well then, what?" he asked.

"Well...aaaah...it's where she allows the older guy to tie her up and then he cuts her panties off."

"Ummmmmh, okay," he responded.

"Are you surprised?" she asked.

"A little. I figured you were pretty straight and conventional," he said.

"Well, I was telling you the truth when I admitted that I fantasize about you while I masturbate," she countered.

"As I do you," he said.

"I know. It's very affirming and affectionate of you."

"Can you say 'I love you" as I do to you?" he asked.

"Yes, I do...love you," she replied. Then the conversation veered in a new direction.

"Hey, why don't you come here for coffee and bring that black skirt with the labels in Spanish. I found a translator site on the net."

"Oh great," she said. "I'll just wear it. Tuesday at ten thirty, your place. I've been curious to see how you live, see you then. Bye."

He was surprised at how excited he became just thinking about doing those things to her. Tying her hand and foot. Making her helpless against his desires. He huffed out a couple of breaths and grinned about how aroused he had become. Not only did he love her as a friend, he lusted for her. He wanted to penetrate and fulfill her. To fill her with pleasure and completeness until she moaned non-word sounds.

They had never been physically intimate but often were spiritually and emotionally connected. It was new to him and puzzling to her, having believed she could only be dedicated to one man at a time.

He wondered if making it physical would ruin what they had or add another dimension to the pleasant and powerful mix they both enjoyed so much.

After the text of the first label was entered he clicked the 'translate' button and waited. The screen flickered and a page began to load. When she leaned toward him to read the screen the full aroma of her perfume went straight into his brain like a snort of cocaine. And it was just as intoxicating. She nodded and turned her eyes to his. Her face was very close. He had long known that he must let her kiss him first, that he must never be the initiator even though when they hugged on parting he so much wanted to do just that.

"This is very nice of you," she whispered in his ear, still quite close. He could feel her warm breath. Then there was the unmistakable smack of an air kiss

He focused on the second label as she displayed it for him. Again he carefully typed the foreign words onto the screen and bashed the button to let the computer do its magic. He knew it was his turn. She was still standing close beside him holding the hem of her skirt. When the screen filled he put his right hand lightly on the back of her left thigh well above her knee. "Mmmmm," was all she said. It was the same kind of sound she would have made while enjoying a mouthful of her favorite ice cream.

Having read the second translation she turned slowly toward him. He let his hand stay at the back of her thigh so she would remain very close to him. In fact her right thigh touched his when her turn was complete. "Tell me more about that fantasy of being tied and having your panties cut off you," he said as evenly as he could.

"I...ahhh...would you do that for me? That and nothing more," she said softly, trying to fight down her excitement.

His hand moved slowly up her thigh until it found the taught string of her bikini panties. Hooking his index finger inside the narrow elastic strap he tugged at it with each word as his eyes locked onto hers "I would enjoy doing that." He nodded and pointed a finger for her to move to the living room. Only a few seconds later he followed carrying a camouflage dufflebag that appeared to contain considerable bulk and weight.

The handcuffs were cold and hard against her wrists, behind her back, not in front as she had expected. The wide black leather collar around her neck surprised her. Without warning her manacled hands were drawn to the middle of her back and a tinkling chrome-plated chain joined the collar to the handcuff chain, putting her arms and shoulders under some tension and causing her chest to thrust forward slightly.

Courtesy and consideration were constants between them. "Do you wish to continue?" he asked. Still standing behind her, he reached around and put his hand on her abdomen.

"Yes, yes, oh god yes," she breathed excitedly.

He stood close to her, scooped up a handful of her skirt and tucked it into the waistband at her abdomen. Nearly to her knees her bare legs showed in the inverted vee he had just created. He left her for a few moments when he went to the bedroom to get the spreader bar. It was thirty inches long, painted silver and had four-inch wide black leather cuffs at the ends adorned with chrome diamonds and dots.

The first cuff he attached to her right ankle easily. When he spread her stance wide in preparation to buckling the other cuff to her left ankle she shrilled, "Are you going to rape me?"

"Never anything against your will, my love," he answered. "Anyway that's not part of this fantasy is it?'

He finished closing her left ankle into the captivity of the cuff. She was nearly how he wanted her. The final step was to open her tan sleeveless blouse to the waist, exposing the fine champagne-colored lace of her bra with the tiny satin bow in the flat between her breasts. It was there to entice a man to look, to see beauty in the woman who wore it. He liked the way her chest rose and fell inside the open blouse. Her excitement aroused him. A small smile pulled at the corners of her mouth. She was breathing entirely through her nose. He wondered if she knew she would have to breathe that way soon.

Her eyes got wide when he removed the European-style ball gag from the clear plastic bag. There was a slight frown on her face as he stepped close. "Can you do it without looking down? Just by touch. I don't want you to see me," she said. He shrugged and nodded.

"In return you must allow me to blindfold you for awhile after the cutting is done," he countered. Her eyes searched for 'why' but she did not asked. Her rapid, excited breathing made it difficult to speak evenly. She nodded rapidly three times. Pressing the ball lightly against her lips he coaxed her softly, "Just like in the movie, huh?" Her mouth opened and he gently slid the ball past her teeth.

Her eyes were locked onto the chrome-plated surgical steel bandage scissors that would make quick work of the elastic bands that held her panty in place. Using his fingers as a second set of eyes he reached up under her skirt with his left hand. Following the outside of her right thigh he found the elastic strap at the point of her hipbone. The blunt spade point of the bandage scissors touched his index finger and then the jaws found their way to the waiting strap.

Her breathing stopped and she closed her eyes. The tension in her was nearly unbearable. She squeaked as he closed the sharp jaws and cut the strap. She could almost see what was left of her panties clinging to her crotch and left hip. His right hand moved slowly across her furry pubis searching for the remaining strap. When he found it he pulled it clear of her hip and took a long time to fit the open jaws of the scissors to it. He saw it in her eyes...a mixture of excitement, desire, fear and surprise. She was nearly naked under her dress where his hand was, only a few inches from her wet sex lips. A muffled squeal issued from her throat and exited through her nose as he severed the remaining strap.

He had thought he might hold the ruined panties up for her to see, like a trophy, but decided that was too grandiose. He simply let go and her nonpanties fluttered to the floor. Reluctantly he took is hands from under her skirt. He knew he must, his honor was at stake.

There were small glints of mucus or maybe saliva on her septum and flaring nostrils. He went to the kitchen, got a tissue and gently touched away the clear fluid before he blindfolded her.

He drank in the sight of her bound, gagged, blindfolded, blouse open, spreadlegged and pantyless as he undressed. There was tension in his groin and he ached to be erect as he began stroking his penis. He added lubricant to his hand and soon issued his first groan. He was standing about six feet from her so he could take in all her bound beauty from head to toe. He continued to moan his pleasure as he slowly moved closer to her. She mewed at him like a helpless kitten.

She heard his slow growling, moaning approach though she could neither see nor speak. He was close now, within arm's reach she was sure. His animal sounds became more closely spaced and intense. She knew they were very close, nearly touching.

Her meowing and squeaking--all she could do with the ball gag in her mouth and the blindfold in place--left her only able to move her head from side to side urging 'no, No, NO!'

In spite of the blindfold and gag, she could feel his screams against her face. And she knew the warm wetness on her abdomen just above her navel was his cum when it began to trickle down her bare belly and soak the waistband of her skirt under which there was only her own naked wetness.

The story can end here or you can read on for a bit more pathos and irony.

He removed the gag first then the blindfold. She saw that he was dressed. While he was still freeing her of her bonds she said, "I don't want there to be any miscommunication here. I shook my head because I wanted you to take out the gag and help me get on my knees so I could suck you off or better yet put me on my back and fuck me blind."

His throat tightened and his chest heaved trying to get air. The acid from his gut welled up and burned his throat until he nearly vomited. "I should have listened but would not let you speak," he heard himself say to her.

Well Dear Reader, you can stop here if you wish. Betcha can't.

"There will be many other times," she offered. "As you did me, offer privacy and propriety," she smiled.

His arm went out; his finger pointed and he said, "Down the hall, second door on the right. Close and lock the door if you wish. The sheets are clean. I want to hear your pleasure scream." She smiled and he enjoyed the gleam in her brown eyes for a long moment before she turned and walked down the hall to the second door on the right.

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