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Cute Gay Picks Up a Straight Teen


Brad had turned 18 years old a few months before and he had sex with Marilyn an older girl who was known to put out. She did it all and she took Brad's virginity and before they were done he had experienced vaginal, oral and anal sex. It had been a full day of sex since her parents were gone all day. He never bragged about his first time and his current girlfriend Susan never found out. Brad and Susan often petted and had played with each other but they had never had intercourse. They were just beginning to experiment with oral sex.

It was a Saturday that summer and Susan had been away for weeks and she would be gone at least another three with her parents. Marilyn was not around anymore and Brad was horny. He decided to hang out at the community pool that day. Brad was by himself on his towel checking out the babes in bikinis. He was so horny that he got an erection just fantasizing about having sex with some of the hot older women. Just then a guy threw his towel down next to Brad which surprised him since it was not crowded and there was plenty of room.

The guy lay on his towel and then whispered to Brad, my name is Andrew. Brad nodded and whispered his name back. Andrew then leaned over and whispered, "She is hot isn't she? I can see that you have a boner."

Andrew was referring to the hot looking college babe in the tight two piece swim suit. He was right she was hot and Brad had been staring at her.

Brad was embarrassed and rolled over on his belly. "Don't be shy. I get them all the time too when I watch a hot woman," Andrew whispered.

For the next hour, Andrew kept making comments about the bikini clad women and how he would like to fuck them in the ass. Brad agreed that some of them had a great looking asses and he thought back to his first anal encounter. It would really be something to fuck one of the gorgeous women in her ass. Brad learned that Andrew was local but that he went to college at Oxford in the UK. Andrew had a slight British accent that he obviously picked up while at college. He had just finished his sophomore year and he was home for the summer.

Andrew changed the topic with Brad and then asked him about his experience with sex. Brad told him that he had some experience and then Andrew told him about his own experience in college. Andrew told Brad that guys did it all the time with each other and Brad had a difficult time believing that. Andrew raved about the sex in college with guys and how it was no different getting a blow job or fucking an ass whether a girl or guy.

The skies had become overcast and most people at the pool were packing up to leave. Andrew ignored the change in weather and kept telling Brad about his gay encounters. Strangely, Brad was curious enough to stay and listen. Then it started to rain and they quickly picked up their towels, shirts and shoes. "Come with me, we can sit in my car until the storm blows over," Andrew told him.

Brad had hitchhiked to the pool and he lived two miles away. He had two options; get soaking wet on the way home or sit in Andrew's car. Brad was not worried as he was 6'0" and 185 pounds compared to Andrew who he guessed was 5'7" and 150 pounds. Brad was a varsity athlete in three sports and in superb shape. They made a dash for the parking lot and got in Andrew's car just as the skies opened up. It rained so hard that they could not see out the car windows and conversely could not be seen in the car. Andrew resumed talking about sex with guys and as he did he reached over and started rubbing Brad's crotch. Brad got an erection and he let Andrew rub it through his swimsuit.

Andrew was masterful as he talked and fondled Brad. Andrew pulled the top of Brad's trunks down freeing his impressive cock. When Andrew took a hold of it, Brad panicked and stopped him.

"Relax I'm not going to hurt you. I'm going to make you feel good," Andrew whispered in the confines of his car. "This is quite impressive."

Brad knew that he was larger than average but he knew that other guys were bigger than him. Andrew stroked the thick sizeable cock pausing every so often to spit in his hand. Brad was really turned on by then and he was anxious to cum and put his swim suit back on. When Andrew leaned over and took Brad's cock in his mouth, Brad let out a soft moan. He closed his eyes as Andrew sucked his cock and he pictured the first time Marilyn had blown him. It didn't take long for Brad to cum and he did so without warning Andrew.

Andrew was caught off guard by the quick and voluminous ejaculation causing him to pull Brad's cock from his mouth. Andrew jerked Brad off as streams of semen shot out of the teen's cock. Andrew waited until the last rope left Brad's cock and then he took it back in his mouth. Andrew drained the remaining semen from Brad's cock and continued sucking it keeping Brad hard. He played with Brad's testicles and rubbed the perineum and Brad knew that he could easily cum again. Brad decided that if Andrew wanted to get him off again then he was up to the task.

Andrew used a towel to wipe his mouth and then clean the semen from Brad's body. "Let's get in the back," he urged.

Brad did as Andrew suggested as he felt more secure in the back seat. The two of them climbed over the front seat and got in back. Andrew took off his bathing suit. Brad saw Andrew's small erection and he immediately told Andrew that he was not going to reciprocate. Andrew laughed and said, "I don't expect you to but I want you to fuck me.

Andrew spread out the beach towel and got on all fours across the back seat. Brad watched as Andrew took something and then used it to lubricate his anus. Andrew fingered his ass with one and then two fingers. He had his fingers moving in and out easily when he spoke to Brad.

"I'm ready for you Brad. I'm ready for you to put your big dick in me. Go slow and make this last a long time," Andrew whispered sexily.

Staring the entire time at Andrew's beautiful curvy ass, Brad knelt on the back seat and moved his body into Andrew. Brad held his erect cock in his hand and guided to Andrew's anus. Andrew held his breath as the thick but soft mushroom head opened up Andrew's anus and stretched the sphincter. Brad was thoughtful and gentle as he slowly penetrated a guy's ass for the first time in his life. Andrew's ass opened up and welcomed Brad's cock into the warm snug passage. Brad held still and let Andrew move back and forth. Once Brad was satisfied that Andrew had loosened up he began to fuck Andrew with long steady deliberate strokes.

The two of them moved together as if they had done this many times before. Both of them were oblivious to having sex in public as they were lost in the moment. Andrew was on his knees while keeping his chest and head lower. This move accentuated the round shape of his shapely ass. Brad like the feel of the curvy buttocks as he drove his cock all the way home. Andrew groaned repeatedly each time Brad buried his cock in Andrew's ass. Andrew's moans and groans were only audible inside the car as the pounding rain drowned out any sounds.

Every time Brad drove his cock into Andrew's bottom, Andrew pushed his hips back to receive the cock in his ass. They fucked slowly and maintained their rhythm and Brad wrapped his arms around Andrew's upper body. Their bodies pressed together as they fucked and Brad felt just like he was in the ass of a girl. Brad never expected that fucking a guy could be so enjoyable and so erotic. Brad was so wrapped up fucking Andrew's hot curvy ass that his ejaculation snuck up on him. Almost without warning Brad shot another massive load, this time into Andrew's rectum.

Andrew groaned aloud when he felt the first stream shoot into him followed by several more streams nearly as forceful. Brad moved his hips in and out as he ejaculated into Andrew until he was nearly drained. Brad pressed his body into Andrew and remained still as Andrew clenched and unclenched his sphincter muscle around Brad's shaft. Brad was still hard when he removed his cock from Andrew's ass. Andrew turned over and lay on the beach towel spread across the back seat. He took a hold of his own erection and stroked it in search of his release. Brad looked at the less than average size uncut cock and watched Andrew jerk off.

Andrew saw that Brad was still hard and spoke softly, "Put your cock back in me. Just fuck me until I cum."

Brad moved back to Andrew who lifted his legs to receive Brad's cock. Brad eased his cock back into Andrew's well lubed passage and began to fuck him again. Andrew stroked his cock as Brad fucked him and Brad was pleased that he was still hard after cumming twice. Brad watched as Andrew closed his eyes and felt Andrew's sphincter tighten around his cock as Andrew ejaculated. Andrew's load shot out in four or five streams and landed on his chest, abs and pubes.

Andrew smiled and said, "I think that you liked fucking me," Andrew whispered.

Brad just nodded but now he was a little embarrassed about what happened. He pulled out of Andrew and stood up. "I shouldn't have done that," Brad said, his face turning red.

"Of course you should, people have been doing this for thousands of years. You enjoyed it and so did I. You can enjoy sex with both men and women. I want you to fuck me again," Andrew told him.

"Okay but get back on all fours," Brad said as he preferred to fuck him doggy style.

Brad looked at the hot curvy ass again and within minutes he was buried balls deep again in Andrew's tight asshole. Andrew was flattened on the back seat face down as Brad drove his impressive cock deep into the pretty college student. Andrew's ass moved under Brad but Brad's strength and drive kept Andrew pinned under him. Brad's powerful buttocks clenched and unclenched as he pummeled Andrew's ass. His thick cock drove into Andrew and then retreated until only the head remained in Andrew's rectum. Andrew felt the powerful shaft drive in and out of his anal passage like a piston causing Andrew to cry out.

"Oh man your cock is so big in my ass, so deep. Cum in me like the last time, I want to feel you shooting in my ass!" Andrew exclaimed.

Brad continued to fuck the shapely firm ass driving his cock into the warm recess. Brad sensed his orgasm building in his balls and he knew that within minutes he would cum in Andrew's hot ass. Brad felt the pressure in his scrotum just before he unleashed a torrent of semen into the shapely firm ass underneath him. Brad felt Andrew's sphincter muscle tighten around the shaft and squeeze every ounce of juice out of it. Brad stayed hard and he continued to slowly fuck Andrew's ass as the semen coated his shaft.

Brad was done and he suddenly realized where he was and what he had done. "I have to get going," he said nervously as he put on his bathing suit.

"Relax, I'll give you a ride home," Andrew offered.

Andrew put on his swim suit and tee shirt and then they both moved to the front seat. It was still raining but not nearly as hard as before. Brad had Andrew drop him off several blocks from his home as he did not want Andrew to know where he lived. Andrew handed him a note with his phone number on it. "My parents will be away next weekend. Call me if you would like to come over. I would love it if you did and fucked me again," Andrew stated.

Brad didn't answer. He got out of the car, thanks Andrew for the ride and began walking home. Andrew drove away and Brad reflected on his afternoon. He had just gotten a great blowjob and fucked a guy in his curvy ass. He was confused as he had great satisfaction but with a guy. At that moment he made up his mind that it was all about cumming. He could cum with a guy just as he had with a girl. Brad arrived home and went to bed and later that night as he tried to sleep he wondered if he would ever have sex with a guy again. He still had Andrew's phone number and Susan would be gone for another three weeks. He decided to hold on to the phone number just in case.

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