tagBDSMCutting a Birch Christmas Tree

Cutting a Birch Christmas Tree


Hummm, sir perhaps we could cut down a christmas tree today. It would be fun. Perhaps play around in the snow in the woods, make snow angles and decorate the tree inside after. "That is fine my sweet. I will make some rules along the way. 1st rule you are not to speak, if you speak the rest of the day will be fully up to my plans and your schedule will be discarded." I nod, with a mischievous smile, content to follow orders. He is going with me this year, to do a chore I often do alone.

I choose a tree, a birch tree. The birch tree is beautiful almost a graceful tree. I choose a tall one. Only the top is needed for the christmas tree but the remainder provides extra wood for a nice fire. One that will burn for hours, we could watch the flames, while playing and or making love next to it in the snow, to feel the warmth next to our bodies in the cold dark night. Yum, I bask in the thought. I wore a warm sweater, a scarf, a long dress with no panties as requested. I really didn't see the point, we were only cutting down a tree, but I have learned not to question his thoughts. We reach the chosen tree. Take off your sweater my sweet and stand by the tree. Puzzled I comply and I am suddenly tied to the tree. He removes my scarf from around my neck and uses it to blindfold me. Slightly aroused, I hold still. I wonder why he wishes to play now while we have work to do.

The air has a chilly crisp feeling against my skin. I feel the coldness of the axe blade slide across my breast. I shiver, as the blade slides slowly along my stomach, outside of my skirt down my leg and rising again lifting my skirt. I gasp and am wet instantly. I strain to see through the tiny holes in the scarf to no avail, yet I know the smirk that must be on his face. "We shall play later pet," he says as he proceeds to use the axe to start to chop down the tree. I feel the vibration against my body with each strike, damn I could be in trouble. Yet, I stay quite, he comes around the tree & remove my boots. "You won't be needing these for a while." I put my feet up on his shoulders, spreading them ever so slightly inviting him to inspect my wetness. Kissing my clit a single time and teasing me with one swipe of his tongue he leaves me yearning for more. He moves my legs to a bent position feet against the tree and tell me to stay perfectly still. Wosh!!! The sound of the axe falls through the air. The swing lands in the front of the tree this time just under my feet. The tree jerks in it's own response to the assault. To think I was afraid of knife play... I breathe deeply. The tree sways as if they were my own legs quivering. Lifting my legs back to your shoulders, I am unclear if I feel the cold chill from the winters day or a shutter of anticipation. Perhaps a nice mixture of both. He teases me as he suckles my erect nipples that are now hypersensitive from the cold. He slides the axe back up my dress feeling the coldness of the blade against my inner thigh i hold very still.

The tree is swaying more from the injuries it has sustained. I begin to feel nervous. He puts the axe down as to not allow any accidents. He grabs my ass squeezing hard, as he disappears under my dress. I feel his tongue and fingers simultaneously. As he sucks my clit into his mouth he bites down, not his usual nibble but firm hard aggressive biting, and pulling my hair with his teeth. I tighten my lips and pray for him to let go. I hear him unzip his pants, my body feels strangely warm in the cold air. He moves my legs off his shoulders and I wrap them around his waist. He tantalizes me with just the tip of his hard long cock. He whispers in my ear, I feel his warm breathe against my neck, softly asking me if I have enjoyed my self so far. Remembering not to speak I just smile. He pushes into me hard and deep with one quick thrust. The pressure of his body makes the tree fall. We land into the deep snow with a sudden jerk which jams him in me even farther. Helpless, I lie half in the snow, tied to a tree with his body on mine. It was a wonderful mixture of sensations. The warmth of his body, the flushing of my skin hot and prickly, and the cold wetness of the snow. He finishes with a pounding vengeance, while I am to hold back not allowed to cum. I am throbbing trying to hold back, I know I am vulnerable to what ever desire he holds.

He leaves me tied to the tree and states we are leaving now. I open my mouth to object. I feel his finger on my lips. "Shhhhh," he says. This quiets me instantly. As he pulls the tree down the path, my mind is racing. I can tell we are now out on to the main road leading back to my house by the change in the vibration as the tree hits snow covered pavement. Still blindfolded half naked my breast feel engorged my nipples erect, goose bumps on my belly are warmed now by the sun. Thank god he pulled my skirt down. I am wet and hot between my thighs. Feeling tense trying to contain myself, I hear a snowmobile pass us. I can see his smirk in my mind. A car passes as well, seems like it was driving slowly to slowly for me. Damn, usually a quite road. My mind races who was it that drove by. Finally we are home... whew.

Once in the garage, you let me loose. My legs are shaking. I stand and smile. Glad to be here, I'm thinking as I shiver from the cold against my exposed skin . He throws a blanket over my shoulders and removes the blindfold, wraps the scarf back around my neck. I smile as to say thank you sir and i start to put on the rest of my clothes. "Not so fast little one.", he says. "Stay right where you are do not move." I open my mouth about to speak, "No talking!" he says with a look in his eyes that means no exceptions. I watch silently while he places the tree across two saw horses. I am directed to lay back down across the tree this time on my belly. I am retied in place. My heart races in anticipation of what may be next, my groin fills with a throbbing pain . The tree is still cold but the air is a bit warmer in the garage. He lifts my skirt. "My your ass is a tad red from the cold, perhaps I should warm it up for you." Smack! I feel both the chill of the air and the warmth of his hand almost simultaneously. The forces of your smacks presses me into the log. I squirm. "Hold still". Yes sir i think to myself. He rubs my ass, stating " There that is a nicer shade of red. You do not seem to be so cold anymore, the skin feels nice and warm." I watch as he cuts a switch from the limb of the tree. My mind races you have never used anything other than your hand and my favorite clit-tit whip. My heart is pounding as he shows me the branch. It is long and has three stems arising from the center. Like I wanted to see that. I wiggle testing the strength of the rope, my hands wrist are secured to the sawhorse a rope wrapped around several times my waist holds me firmly against the tree. A nipple clamp on each breast connected by a small chain going under the tree. If I lift myself up or try to turn to watch you, they tighten and pull. My thighs dangle from each side of the tree, knees bent connected my rope from the under side of the tree and feet set back up crossed at the ankles and secured also in place. He has set me so my lips and clit contact well with the log. He has given me some room to squirm, I am able to lift my hips just a tad if desired. Knowing I can not go far I sigh.

At first he starts just touching me with the switch. Moving the branch up and down my back lightly just laying it gently upon my skin. Tickling me as he crosses the bottoms of my feet. Along the sides of my legs, moving slowly up between the crack of my ass. Then with no warning whack, whack, whack, across my ass, not once but repeatedly! I react by pulling up a mistake as I now feel a burning sensation now in my nipples. My mind burning, i lay my head and body back down, unsure which sensation to pay attention to. He stops, i try to catch my breathe. He whispers in my ear, asking me if I want more. I squirm in place, I nod, being careful not to utter a single word. Wishing you instead to just take me again . He smacks my ass a few more times each branch hitting my skin the feeling all so different. A tear runs down my cheek but I respond none the less, lifting my ass to meet the whacks. He stops and gentlly rubs out the sting, hmmmmmm he whispers..." You seemed to like that, your skin is hot and a lovely shade of red. It matches the blushing I see on your face, along with the sly smile, I can tell by your reactions you want more. I am surprised but I am pleased. Perhaps instead of fire wood this long piece of birch should be made into a whipping post." I squirm as he soundly whacks my ass to his content, I am wet confused and excited all at once. I try to fight the throbbing feelings and with the last strike being the hardest he again stops. My legs are shaking, my heart and mind race, I say nothing as you hand me the switch to hold for your future use. I hear him walk out of the garage shutting the door behind him . Oh my god. Where is he going? He can't leave me like this. What have I got myself into? My ass feels on fire. I try to rub my clit against the tree dammmmm not quite the right contact with out his smacking hand on my ass pushing me down. I sigh, all I can do is relax and wait. Upon his return he says he brought me a treat. I look over and there is a large pail full of snow as he makes a small snowball and places it in my mouth. Suddenly I realize my mouth was dry. I am very thirsty, I suck down the snowballs as he hands them to me one by one and I smile. He walks around the tree and throws so snow on my ass. I jump as the coldness almost makes the stinging worse but quickly relax as i realize it is soothing.

Rrrrrrrrr! I here the chain saw start, a powerful sound, I feel the chain saw pass through the tree he has decided to make this his post, the vibration takes my breathe away. One quick cut.. the tree top is gone. He walks around the tree behind me. I hear the roar, smell the sweet wood, feel the dust some landing on my skin. The vibration closer to my ass this time fills my groin making me even wetter. " Hummm...I think the tree is about the right size." He stands up the tree in the center of the garage. "Perfect fit. " He attaches it to the rafters and secures it in place.... turning towards me with a content smile and says "A nice whipping post for later use my sweet... are you ready???"

I close my eyes and hold my breath as I have no clue as to your meaning . He brushes the saw dust from my skin. Takes back his switch damn not again I think. Whack... That thought changes as he smacks me back to space, mixing in the coolness and wetness of the snowballs. I lift my ass as much as I can with the restraints I have, careful not to pull on the nipple chain. He makes a different snowball this time its long and wide he squeezes it so it is firm almost an ice ball. He shows it to my and instructs... "lift your ass my sweet offer it to me like you were trying to before " as I do he smacks my ass even harder now. I feel like I am in a frenzy. He slides the long snowball in my opened lips the coldness is mixed with my warmth. I can feel it melt inside as he moves it slowly in an out melting all to fast, teasing me. I am having difficulty containing myself. " I am going to take you now my sweet, but this will be different. You may cum, but not yet. I will let you know when. You are not allow to speak and I have seen that look several times today that you are balancing on the edge. Next time I see it, if you are lucky I will let you release." He has never been so demanding before today, yet strangely i enjoy it. I tighten my cheeks as I feel the snow log melt. He smacks me again. My legs shake as I feel him place some snow at the entrance to my ass. No... I am thinking that is a limit. Yes, I may have said soft limit. But, can i change my mind? How can I? I can not speak.

I feel more snow, melting along my ass. I try to pull away, but he jerks me back pulling the nipple chain as it catches on the tree... He whispers in my ear, calming me down. He rubs a snow ball on my back, massages my shoulders. He tells me to lift my ass again, I do and he places another snow ball this one just between my lips.. not inside for the log has not yet melted completely. He pushes me back down onto the snow, i swallow hard... I am breathing easier. I feel him put more snow there...I open my eyes and gasp ...and before my brain can manage to form an objection he slams into my ass pushing my lips & groin into the log, crushing the snowball placed there. He pushes hard and fast. I am unable to lift to meet him he keeps my swollen lips pressured and opened rubbing against the tree with each stroke from behind sending me into ecstasy. He gives permission, sending me further than ever before. I don't want him to stop as I fly no longer aware of the cold air or the garage or the previous cars passing by, it all doesn't matter all i can do is feel and react... my body reacting naturally betraying the the previously alert objecting mind... I tremble breathlessly he unties me, releasing me from the tree. I can barley stand... the tree as well as I am is ready to bring inside.

"Hell of a nice way to cut down a christmas tree do you agree my sweet?" Yes sir, I reply smiling. "Hummmm, Decorating can come later.. you were told not to speak ," he said with a stern look in his eyes. "Now go inside I have other plans for you today." I looked at him as if to say i was sorry, i thought we were done and and ... He grins glanced at his new whipping post then back at me "yes indeed, where to start..." I can only imagine, as I walk silently inside. Feeling a little nervousness, i feel my skirt brush against my tender red rear as i walk. The tenderness makes all the feelings rush back in my mind. A mischievous smile on my face, I am going in and warming up perhaps in more ways than one. Why the smile? Because i know ill be back out in the garage soon.


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