tagMatureCutting Her Grass

Cutting Her Grass


So curvy, so bouncy, she was his Mom's age but she was so hot. Kevin looked out the window of his bedroom, watching his Mom give a tour of her flower garden in the backyard. Mrs. Willis was one of his Mom's best friends. She wore a bright yellow tank top with thin shoulder straps and a plunging neckline. The edges of her white lace bra could be seen when she moved and her bust had the fullness that only very curvy older women have. Mrs. Willis wore a white and pink crossed pattern skirt that fit her snugly and came down to just above the knee. Her long dark hair was in a pony tail today.

Kevin caught his breath as she bent over, her ass towards him, looking closely at his mother's rose bushes. He had been talking online last night, to a stranger, about Mrs. Willis. The stranger had told him a thing or two that gave Kevin confidence. Had she ever asked that he come over and work in her yard or cut her grass or something? Yes. Yes she had. Kevin said no to her request. He did not cut people's lawns anymore. He was eighteen and was going into his last year of high school soon. The stranger online said she had something else in mind. Kevin did not really believe him but he so wanted to.

Another thing had happened. She had bent over. Right in front of him. Yes she was picking up a fallen piece of paper. But she did it right in front of him. Bending at the hips, she pushed her big round curvy butt right at him. Luckily, Kevin was wearing heavy jeans and was able to retreat behind the counter in the kitchen. The stranger online said, 'you are so in man. Believe me. Older women get terribly horny. You got a shot kid. You really do.'

Down below in the yard it looked like they were finishing up their garden tour. It was close to lunch and Kevin felt a little hungry anyway. He went downstairs and as he headed for the kitchen the two of them were coming through the sliding glass door.

"Welcome to the land of the living," called out his mother. Kevin had slept in again as he usually did during the summer. He worked evenings down at a warehouse, so Keven thought it was not unreasonable at all to sleep in till noon.

"Hello Kevin, how are you doing?" called out Mrs. Willis. Not even the stranger online could read anything but a bright and cheery greeting from that.

"Hi Mrs. Willis. I'm doing fine," said Kevin in as deep and nonchalant voice as he could manage. "How are you?" His heart beat hard.

"I am doing well thank you," said Mrs. Willis.

Keven continued into the kitchen and then exhaled with relief. Kevin did not think he could do it. He was almost shaking just saying hello. This was stupid. He would look like an idiot. He heard his mother in the other room tell Mrs. Willis that she forgot her seed catalogue outside and would be right back.

This was it. Do or die mother fucker. You can do this. Kevin walked back out to the other room. Man she kept in shape. That body. "Mrs. Willis?"

She turned towards him smiling. "Hey Kevin, been working hard at a new job I hear."

"Um, yea," said Kevin. Keep calm. Do not make it look like you are trying to hard. Relax. If you can. "I know you asked before, do you, like, need someone to cut your lawn or something?" Her expression changed and he immediately felt like an idiot. How could he be so stupid.

"Actually we have a landscaping service taking care of our lawns for us at the moment."

"Yea right, that's cool, no problem" said Kevin. His mother stepped back in through the sliding glass door and Kevin turned and walked back to the kitchen. Kevin bent over to slam his forehead into the counter but stopped short. He paced back and forth. Stupid. Stupid. Idiot. He took down a loaf of bread from the cupboard and slammed it down onto the counter. While making himself a sandwich he kept muttering to himself and dropping and slamming all the ingredients around. He finished making the sandwich.


He spun around and Mrs. Willis was standing just inside the door to the kitchen.

"Oh hi Mrs. Willis," said Kevin. He actually felt quite relaxed. All the frustration had burned out of him and he just did not care anymore.

Mrs. Willis looked back over her shoulder then walked right up to Kevin. Standing close, she spoke in a low voice, "Kevin. Why did you ask if I needed you to cut my lawn?"

Kevin shrugged. "I don't know. You asked before and I like kind of thought it was kind of rude of me. So I asked." This is what it feels like. He was not nervous. He was calm. Kevin even sneaked a glance down at her amazing cleavage.

She touched his arm. "That's so nice of you to ask Kevin. We do have someone taking care of our lawns now. But we do have some rock work that needs doing. Would you be able to do that?"

"Sure," said Kevin. Impressing himself at how casual he kept his voice and demeanour. "No problem."

She touched his arm again. "Could you come over tomorrow? A little bit after lunch?"

"Yea, tomorrow. No problem." He said no problem twice. Shit. Everything was alright. Chill.

"I'll see you then," said Mrs. Willis as she rubbed his arm and smiled. She turned and walked out the kitchen door.

As soon as the door swung closed Kevin jumped in the air. "Yes!" he said under his breath. He punched the air and walked back and forth, holding his face. Amazing. I can't believe it. Amazing. Kevin started to go back to his room, ran back and grabbed the sandwich he had made, began going to his room again, ran back to get a glass of milk, started going to his room, then stopped and ate at the counter. He stared off into the distance, chewing, drinking, and dreaming.

The next day Kevin arrived on her front doorstep wearing a tight black t-shirt and better jeans than he would normally wear for working in the dirt. Kevin had tossed ideas around in his head all night. Was it going to happen? Was he in fact going to do some rock work and that's all it was and he was just being a complete idiot? What should he do? Make a move? What?

Kevin was not a virgin. He had done it before. One girlfriend who kept saying it was going to hurt. Then it did seem to hurt her and she never wanted to do anything. So much anguish and hair pulling and negotiations. Girls his age confused him. All women confused him to be honest. Kevin questioned what he was even doing there but rang the doorbell anyway.

Kevin waited and was about to press the bell again when she opened the door. She wore a long pink sheer housecoat, tied at the waist, and a black bikini underneath with black high heels.

"Hello Kevin," she said in a seductive voice.

"Hello," said Kevin. His voice worked on pure instinct. His mouth went dry and his head was all fuzzy. There was an extended pause.

"If you go through the gate," she said as she pointed to the side of the house. "I'll meet you in the backyard."

"O.K." Kevin turned like a robot and walked towards the gate. He fiddled with the latch, it would not open, then he shook his head and blinked his eyes, focused, and then he opened it easily. He walked along the side of the house and into the backyard. Mrs. Willis stepped out of the back door. Standing in the bright sunshine, the light went through her sheer housecoat and showed her amazing fit curvy mature body underneath.

"There's a bit of rock edging that needs finishing," she said. She started walking down a little cement path and Kevin followed. She pointed to a pile of rocks and the unfinished edge between two parts of garden. "Just dig them in and line them up. Like what's already been started. You can do this?"

"Sure, yea, I can do that."

"Great," she said. Mrs. Willis walked back where she came from and Kevin watched her. She did not turn around at the door, just walked straight in the house and closed the door. Kevin looked down at the pile of rocks.


It was hot sweaty work. The sun seemed extra hot and his knees hurt from kneeling and placing the heavy rocks. He had worked well past an hour when he stopped, wiped sweat from his forehead with the back of his glove, and turned his head to look at her house. A curtain fell back into place and took a few moments to settle. Kevin returned to his work, placing the next rock beside the previous one.

"Kevin. You better take a break. Come inside for a drink." came her soft voice from the house. He turned as the door swung closed. She was nowhere to be seen. Kevin grunted as he stood up, dusted some dirt from his jeans and shirt, left his gloves, and walked towards the back door of the house.

"Mrs. Willis?" called Kevin when he got to the back door. "Mrs. Willis?" The door was ajar, he pushed it open but no one was there and no one responded. Keven stepped inside, looked down at his shoes, and crouched down and took them off. "Mrs. Willis?" He stepped tentatively into the house, looking around. "You said come in for a drink."

"Down the hall Kevin!" came her voice. It was distant and muffled. "Down the hall, the door at the end of the hall."

Kevin moved towards the voice. It was a long hallway. All was silence except the pounding of his heart in his ears. "Mrs. Willis?"

"In here."

He stopped at the door at the end of the hall, it was slightly ajar. He swung it open slowly. "Mrs. Willis?" Kevin stepped through the door, turned to his left and saw Mrs. Willis laying on her side on a paisley couch, nude.

Her skin was lightly tanned and smooth. Her breasts were massive mounds of flesh topped by long hard nipples. Shaved, her pussy had a small well tended landing strip above it. The curve from her hips to waist looked extreme as she laid on her side. Her long dark hair hung down across one shoulder.

"I can tell you like what you see," she said.

"You're amazing," said Kevin. He stood in awe.

"Come here Kevin," she said and gestured with one finger. Kevin moved towards her and stopped when he reached the couch. "You like my body?" Mrs. Willis ran a hand along her hip.

"You're so beautiful."

She sat up slowly, arching her back, and raised herself to her feet so that she stood right in front of him. She looked him deep in the eyes. "You really mean that?"

"I think you're so hot."

Mrs. Willis pushed herself up against him and tilted her head back. Kevin hesitated a moment then leaned down a little and kissed her on the lips. She moaned as they broke apart. "You ready for this?"

Kevin nodded and managed to say, "Yes."

Mrs. Willis maintained eye contact as she slid slowly down his body, lowering herself to her knees. She broke eye contact and began undoing his belt. She undid his pants and slid them a little down his hips and then looked up. "Take off your shirt. Over your head. Slowly."

Kevin did as she asked. He was not the most muscled of guys but his body was tight and lean. She watched him pull off his shirt. His dirty sweaty shirt. Over his head like a workman.

Mrs. Willis licked her lips and returned her attention to his bulging boxers. The tip of which was near her face. She took a deep breath in anticipation and tugged them down by the bottom hems. Kevin's hard cock sprang out. Big and thick and throbbing hard. She took it into her hand and stroked it.

"Oh," she whispered to herself. "You bad bad girl."

Kevin watched as she stroked it. She moved her face close to the side of his cock and he felt her hot breath. She blew on it. Then kissed it and ran her tongue ever so gently along it. "Oh shit," he gasped. He closed his eyes and clenched his body. No not yet. "Shit."

She was caught by surprise as it jumped and shot a thick stream of cum over her shoulder and down her back. "Oh!" She stroked it faster and moved in front of it as another shot hit her hair. "Oh dear!" Another shot hit her chin and dripped down onto her breast. She pointed it down at her breasts and another wad shot across them. "Oh my!" It kept going. Shooting more onto her breasts, then she raised it up and took a shot in her mouth and moaned. Finally stopping, she pulled her mouth off it, still stroking. "Such a good load."

She licked a drip from the head of his cock and then took it back in her mouth and sucked it gently, moaning, looking up at him. Stroking with one hand, she moved the other, massaging his balls. She pushed her mouth down on it, taking it deep.

"Shit," said Kevin. "I'm sorry."

Mrs. Willis smiled with his cock in her mouth and then pulled back off it. "So much cum. You were so hot and ready. I'm flattered." She sucked very softly then stopped. "You'll be fine in a few minutes, and all the better to have gotten the first one out of the way. Take your clothes off."

Reaching behind her, she pulled herself up onto the couch. She sat back and spread her legs wide as she watched Kevin take his jeans, socks, and underwear off. She rubbed her pussy and ran a finger around one nipple while she watched. "You're not a virgin are you Kevin?"


"Your mother was sure you had lost it," she said. She raised her feet up onto the couch with her legs spread wide. "Come down here and show me what you can do."

Kevin dove in between her legs.

"Easy," she said grinning. "Take your time. That's it. Yes stick out your tongue and run it lightly up and down. Mmmmm. Yes that's it. Nice and slow and gentle. Oh that's nice." She settled deeper into the couch as Kevin, on his knees between her legs, licked up and down her pussy. She was so wet juices had seeped onto her legs and around her hole.

"Now when you get to the top. My clit. Yes that's it. Stay there for a moment. Yes circle it a bit. Yes tease it." She shivered slightly. "Now up and down again along the surface. Yes like that. Then each time you reach the top, spend a little more time there. Yes. Right there. Yes." Mrs. Willis reached out and grabbed his hair and pulled his face into her. "Yes right there. Don't move. Press it. Suck it. Yes. Oh yes." Her body shuddered and she closed her eyes, pressing his head into her clit. "Yes. Yes. Oh yes. Mmmmmm. Seems like you weren't the only one a little over eager." She grinned, let go of his hair and stroked it instead.

"Come up here beside me," she said. He got up on the couch. On one knee, he was turned towards her, and she reached out and began stroking his half hard cock. It soon became fully erect. "You can touch me here." She took his hand and put it on her pussy. "Yes that's it. Yes push a finger in. Yes that's it Kevin."

Reaching through his legs and grabbing his ass, she pulled him closer and closer unto she had his cock pulled into her mouth. He rocked gently back and forth.

Kevin tried to concentrate on fingering her wet pussy. He fingered it then used the palm of his hand to rub into her clit which caused her to thrust her hips up, pressing against his hand. His cock so hard now, blood pulsing through his veins. She writhed and bucked against his hand and sucked hard on his cock.

He stopped. Looking down at her, their eyes locked, and then he pulled at her far leg, turning her sideways on the couch. Kevin moved in between her spread legs. They never lost eye contact.

Mrs. Willis was flushed and breathing deeply. It felt so good as Keven rubbed his cock along her pussy. The rubbing stopped. They held their breath in expectancy, he pushed, he pushed inside her.

"Oh yes."

He pulled back a little and then pushed in even more. It felt so good. Kevin shifted his knees and then pushed all the way inside her. He groaned and moved his hands on each side of her hips. He gripped her firmly and began moving his cock in and out in a slow rhythm.

No complaints. No warnings to take it slow. No hand reaching down pushing back at him, telling him to stop, it hurts. He buried it and she loved it all.

"Yes, yes, yes," she whispered under her breath on every stroke. She kept her eyes locked on his as they built up. Faster and faster he pumped. She bucked her hips into him on every stroke. Bucking harder and harder as the tempo increased.

"Fuck me," she said louder and louder every time he plunged in balls deep.

Kevin gained a surge of energy and turned his pumping into a fierce pounding. He used his arms, his legs, everything he had to thrust inside her.

"Fuck me, oh god fuck me, fuck me," she screamed. She fucked back and matched his intensity. Sweat poured off their bodies. Losing all sense of anything else, they attacked each other with animal ferocity. She continued to scream, "Fuck! Fuck me! Fuck me! Harder! Fuck me!"

The words got lost in a pure scream as she bucked and shook and came on his cock. Her pussy squeezing down on it over and over, shooting a hard stream of clear juice down his stiff rod and running down his balls. Kevin roared, drove deep inside her, and came hard. He kept roaring and holding and jerking into her on each ejaculation. They gripped each other to the point of bruising and the spasms jolted their entire bodies.

Finally, his strength died and he collapsed on top of her, dripping sweat, panting, and almost passing out. She held onto him, fighting to catch her own breath, his hard cock still inside her. Slowly, their breathing slowed, their heart rates lowered, and they laid there together, tired, and so satisfied.

She stroked the back of his hair while they rested. His cock now soft inside her. They could feel each other's heart beats.

"I'm sure now," she said.

He took a while to respond. "Sure of what?"

"That I made the right decision."

Still exhausted, he wondered if she was uncomfortable with all his weight laying on her. "Am I crushing you?"

"Not at all."

"I did all right didn't I?"

She moved a bit so he would move as well and she kissed him. "I so needed that. Thank you."

"Thank you Mrs. Willis."


"Farrah. Thank you Farrah."

"Let's have something to drink," she said. He eased himself off her. His legs felt wobbly when he first tried to stand up. "Hit's you in the legs doesn't it. But what strong young energetic legs." She smiled and stood up carefully.

He felt rather self-conscious now standing naked in front of her. She moved over to a table beside the couch. He had not noticed the pitcher of juice, glasses, and platter of sliced fruit there before. He also noticed a number of picture frames turned face down.

She poured two glasses of juice. Kevin downed one glass in one go and she refilled it. They sat back down on the couch with the juice and the platter of prepared fruit.

"Good heavens, where did the time go?" she said.

Kevin was not sure when they had started but she seemed to think a lot of time had passed. They drank and ate fresh fruit as his eyes roved all over her body. So beautiful. His cock grew hard.

Farrah saw it and grinned. "Like goats," she said.


"Young men," she could not stop grinning. "I'm not complaining."

He put his glass down and then leaned in and kissed her awkwardly. Almost tipping the fruit tray over, she recovered it just in time and he backed off. "It's O.K. I got it." She stood up and returned the tray to the table and returned to him and stood close. "It seems I'm not going to escape your wants," she smirked. "Let's try it a bit different."

Slowly and seductively, she turned away from him, maintaining eye contact by looking over her shoulder, and then lowered herself to her hands and knees. Pushing her ass out, she wiggled it, and lowered her head closer to the floor.

"Fuck me some more please Kevin."

Quickly, Kevin moved in behind her. His was cock already throbbing hard and without any further ceremony he pushed inside her pussy. She moaned.

"Fuck me Kevin. Show me what a healthy young man can do. Make me feel. Make me feel like, mmmm."

Kevin hastily built up a strong rhythm. He gripped her hips with his hands. The initial tiredness in his legs soon disappeared. "I love fucking you so much Farrah."

"Call me Mrs. Willis. Yes. Say it like that. Slap it and say it."

Kevin pounded into her hard. Fucking her. Fucking Mrs. Willis.

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