tagCelebrities & Fan FictionCutting Room Floor: Face/Off Ch. 1

Cutting Room Floor: Face/Off Ch. 1


The beginning of this story was in the movie Face/Off. Then comes the deleted scenes.

Caster Troy as Sean Archer puts down Eve's diary as he hears the music coming from another room in the newly acquired house.

"Pappa's got a brand new bag," the music blared on as Caster walked toward it's source down the hallway. The face he looked through belonged to his long time nemesis Sean Archer, but his eyes were his. The music was coming from the bedroom door of Archer's 18 year old daughter. Caster's curiosity always got the best of him when it came to young ladies so he slowly pushed open the door to find the most exquisitely, incredible ass he had ever laid eyes on. This wonderful body was clad only in a tight green tee-shirt and white cotton panties and was talking on a cordless phone. She also had a lit cigarette in her hand. Caster's groin stirred at the sight. For some reason a fine woman with a cigarette always got Caster Troy's heart racing. My new little girl.

She spoke to her boyfriend Carl, "I got your email Carl...the poem you sent me was pretty kinky."

As the door came to a stop, "Hmmm, the plot thickens."

Just as he voiced it, his cock started to thicken as well.

The young, hot teen turned to see her father looking at her with her door swung open. "Hang on a second," annoyed that her Dad was in her room she slammed the door on her father's face.

Caster startled Sean's little baby by shoving the door back at her quickly. The girl was taken back but still a little annoyed by the invasion of her privacy.

"I'll have to call you back," she hung up, "You're not respecting my boundaries."

Caster looked at her lustfully, "I'm coming in Janie."

Confused, "Janie?"

That's not her name, but Caster Troy didn't panic. He just carefully glanced around the room for some sort of memento that would spark his memory. He spots a pillow with her name embroidered on it.

"I don't think you heard me, Jamie."

Jamie didn't understand the look in her Dad's eyes. It was unlike anything she'd ever seen before. But she let it go.

Caster looked up and down her perfectly sleek frame, "You have something I crave." He walked closer to her and pressed his body up against hers. He inhaled her scent and it, not surprisingly, smelled like peaches. Everything was peaches to Caster Troy.

"Aawh," Jamie gasped as her Dad pressed his groin into belly button. She had to lean back into her dresser as her father pushed his huge chest into hers.

Caster sighed at the contact with virile, young creature. She was definitely in better shape than Sean's wife Eve. But that's not to say that Eve didn't have an ass to kill for. Leaning into Jamie, Caster couldn't help but cop a feel of the younger version's warm, silky ass. He continue to grind his ever hardening prick into her well toned abs. He looked down over her shoulder and grabbed a pack of cigarettes from atop the dresser.

Jamie quickly made an excuse, "Clarrisa left those here."

Caster simply replied, "I won't tell Mom if you don't."

Jamie couldn't believe it. Her straight arrow father was smoking right in the doorway of her room. She asked, "When did you start smoking?"

"You'll be seeing a lot of changes around here...Papa's got a brand new bag...Owwwwe!"

Jamie couldn't help but smile and laugh at her Dad's behavior. It was so unlike him. He did change a lot since Mikey was killed, but that was 6 years ago.

Caster took another look at Jamie. Her tits were no more than little mounds of flesh with hard nipples sticking out of her green tee-shirt. He sighed again and walked out of the room.

(This half of the Scene was cut out of the release of the film.)

Jamie turned and looked at herself in the mirror. She smirked one more time thinking about how her father was behaving.


Jamie didn't need to turn to see her Dad standing behind her closing the door to her room with the both of them inside. She looked up at him and rolled her eyes, "Forget something Dad?"

Caster moved his eyes back down to Jamie's finely toned, cotton clad behind. "As a matter of fact I did Jamie dear. Daddy forgot to punish his little girl for smoking."

Shocked, Jamie looked at her Dad in disbelief, "What?"

Caster Troy grabbed the young girl by the shoulders and leaned her over her own dresser. She had to throw her hands up to the mirror to keep her face from smashing into it.

"Oooohh," Jamie gasped as her father's strong hands shoved her over. Her shirt was riding up into the small of her back and her ass was pointed up staring her father in the face.

"Daddy? You're scaring me."

With one hand holding her down to the dresser, his other hand began his exploring. He started feeling her up. It was most definitely one of Caster's favorite types of foreplay. He caressed down the nice warm curve of her thighs and back around to her shivering ass cheeks.

He groaned with lust. He stroked her down her nicely tanned legs and back up between them. His fingers rested on her panty covered pussy and his thumb on her asshole. He slowly rubbed her like this while massaged her neck and back as he held her down.

Jamie started sobbing, "Daddy please, stop. What are you doing?"

Caster slid his fingers up under her panties and pulled on them tightly. He pulled them up into the air, lifting Jamie onto the dresser into a doggie style position. He spread her legs.

"Owwh shit. Ughh," Jamie moaned.

"You watch your fucking mouth. I'm punishing my little bitch for smoking in the house that I provide for her. I might as well punish you for language as well."

Jamie started breathing quicker, "I'm-sorry-please-Daddy-sorry-"

Caster only listened with more lust. He roughly ripped the fabric that contained the hot teen's perfectly round buttocks and the tightest pair of pussy lips he had ever seen. And Caster had seen a lot. He couldn't wait any longer. Caster spanked her about five times making her squeal and shake and caused her ass to turn beet red.

Caster said, "You better hang onto something daughter dear. Daddy's coming in."

"Daddy?" Jamie shook with fear as her father grabbed the sides of her hips and lifted her back end up off the dresser and into his face. Jamie could feel the warmth of his breath breezing her back. She suddenly squirmed as she felt a soft, warm, long moisture penetrate her pussy. Her jaw dropped and her eyes shut tightly as she let out a gutteral moan to the likes she had never uttered, "OOOOooohhh. Ughhhh. Uh. Uh. Uh. Oh god," Her Dad's enormous tongue was deep in her vagina. The only thing she could do was grip the sides of the dresser harder and harder as her Dad Frenched her virgin pussy.

She continued to moan and whimper in fear, "OH. AH. OHHH. SHIT. UGH. DADDY. FUCK. STOP. AWWE. WHAT ARE YOU DOING? OHH-UGH-DADDY."

Caster was in the pleasure zone. He hadn't tasted a pussy this sweet since the young choir girl at the L.A. Convention Center. He wrapped his lips around Jamie's pussy lips and sucked them hard into his mouth. His cock was gaining strength. It was bursting out of his pants. He had to release it. He brought her legs down from the dresser so once again she was leaning over it with her hands and face in the mirror. Only now her face was flushed and sweaty. She was breathing heavily.

Jamie whimpered, "Daddy...I...want...to go...now...Daddy...please..." She gazed longingly into her fathers lust ridden face.

Caster took one hand and started stroking her damp hair, "It's okay baby girl. It's okay. You wanna go baby daughter?"

Jamie let out a little sob, "Yes."

Caster kept one hand reached around massaging her pussy and another hand stroking her hair. Caster kept her body close and facing away, except turning her head to face his.

"How about a little kiss first darling."

Jamie's tears streamed down her face as her father leaned his face into hers. She closed her eyes as their lips met. She was so out of breath from crying that her mouth was already open, so Caster stuck his tongue right in. Jamie couldn't help but kiss him back, "Hmmmm. Hmmmm. Hmmmm."

They kissed for minutes, swapping each other's tongues and Jamie's juices. While they were making out, Caster's tented pants pressed between Jamie's ass cheeks. He began to dry hump her. Rocking her against the dresser making it bang into the wall repeatedly.

Caster took his hands and started feeling around her hips and raising them up her waist to her midriff. As he continued to kiss and dry hump her ass, his hands raised up under her tight green tee-shirt and cupped her tiny mounds. He held on tight as he relished in the pleasure, squeezing them tightly as he sucked Jaime's tongue into his mouth. He took her hard nipples and rolled them between his finger tips. He pinched them and pulled on them making her whimper even more into his face.

Once they finished kissing, Jamie could just look up at her Dad and cry, "Daddy."

Caster pulled her close and released one of her tits. One hand disappeared between the two of them.


They stared at each other in the mirror. Caster looked sympathetically at his newly obtained daughter. He made a puppy dog face at her bright red cheeks. Tears and sweat dripped down her face and on her neck, dripping into her green shirt. The sweat left wet marks making the tight shirt cling even more to her chest and back.

Caster asked, "You wanna go baby girl?"

Gasping, "Yes." Crying, "Yes Daddy please."

Caster looked at her, "Awwwwe...too bad."

Jamie sobbed, "Noooo."

Caster firmly pulled her back away from the dresser. They both fell on her bed with Jaime on top of him. She suddenly felt something hard and long sticking into her back. Her fear was realized. Her loving father had released his raging, stiff cock.

Caster quickly and roughly pushed up on her back putting her into a sitting position on his thighs. He grabbed her hips and pulled her back a little.

Jaime's only instinct was to grab his knees to keep from falling over completely. Her bent legs fell on either side of his hips, and unfortunately this gave Caster the leverage he needed. She had pushed her pussy lips right above his pulsating penis.

Jamie whined, "Daddy...please...oh my...oh shit..."

Caster wrapped his big hands around her petite waist and shoved her down onto his cock.

"OOOooohhh fuck!" Jamie gasped as she was slowly impaled on her father's hard shaft.

Caster winced as the tightest pussy lips wrapped around his prick like a glove and slowly slid down till he was completely engulfed in her warm vagina. Their bodies had become one.

Jaime's mouth was open as wide as it could go and her eyes were shut tighter than ever before. She could feel her shaven pussy rub her Dad's sack. She gripped tighter onto her father's knees.

"Ooh Daddy. What are you doing?"

Caster instructed her, "Bounce...now."

Jaime was out of breath and couldn't believe what was happening to her, "Daddy please."

"Bounce Damn it!" he shouted at the slick backside which gripped his shaft. He grabbed her hips and started lifting her up and down on his throbbing erection.

Jamie bounced as best she could with the help of her father's hands shifting her up and down on his fuck tool.

Fifteen minutes have passed and both Caster and Jaime were still in a rhythmic fucking session. Their position hadn't changed except one of Jaime's hands was now on her Dad's chest. She was doing her best to keep her balance as she was continually pistoned up into the air and back down again on an iron rod.

She was still moaning and whimpering, "OH. OH. AW. UGH. DADDY. OH. FUCK. I'M. SORRY. OH. UH. I. WON'T. SMOKE. AGAIN. SHIT. OH. DADDY."

Her hair was so damp from her own perspiration that it was matted down to her head and neck. Her tight green tee-shirt was soaked all the way through and clung to her body like wet toilet paper. Her tiny tits bounced with each thrust, her nipples jiggled, and her chest heaved up and down with each breath.

Caster did his best to keep his hands in contact with her radiantly hot body. Because of her sweat her entire body was very slick. His hands started on her waist, then slipped down to her hips, then down to red hot ass, then back up again. She was like a warm, vibrating piece of wet soap.

"You're my peach. I could eat a peach for hours."

Jaime could just moan and go with the flow of her bouncing and thrusts. She just whimpered and fucked for all she was worth. Maybe soon he'll let her go. Her pussy slipped up and down his shaft thanks to her juices and perspiration. She used all her leg, stomach, and ass muscles to keep a steady tempo in their fucking.

Caster kept thrusting into his new blonde bombshell of a daughter. This had to be one of the best fucks he's ever had. What could be better than this?

The door swings open.

"Oh my God!" came the voice from the doorway.

It was Eve. Sean's wife and Jaime's Mother.

Jaime and Caster stopped their fucking to look up at the doorway.

Jaime was so exhausted and frightened, yet she had to start balling at her stunned mother.

"Mommy...please...please help...me...Mommy..." Jamie cried.

Caster closed his eyes and smirked. Oh yeah...this will get a lot better.


(If anyone has any scenes from movie's that they would like to see more of...email me, and I'll consider finishing it.)

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