tagCelebrities & Fan FictionCutting Room Floor: Face/Off Ch. 2

Cutting Room Floor: Face/Off Ch. 2


I Strongly suggest you read Cutting Room Floor : Face/Off first before reading part 2.

* * * * *

Eve stood in the doorway to her daughter's bedroom and gawked at the sight before her. Her baby girl was sitting on top of her father's stiff rigid erection. His hard on was imbedded to the hilt of Jamie's tight pussy. Eve's heart froze and her skin started to tingle. She was experiencing every single emotion a human can possibly experience at one time. Her mind was reeling over the fact that she had walked in on her loving husband, Sean, fucking their daughter. And from the looks of it, a very hard fucking. Eve's eyes dropped to between Jamie's slender legs and saw her tiny pussy lips stretched to the limit by Sean's invading cock.

Eve was furious, but didn't know how to react. How does one act in this situation? It rips the very fabric of a person's universe apart.

Jamie started whimpering at the sight of her mother. The tears running down her face were barely visible because of the perspiration she was producing. The tears coming from her eyes seemed to blend with her glistening skin. They rolled down her face and dropped onto her father's legs.

"Mommy!" Jamie sobbed from her sitting position on the bed. Sean's hands were rubbing all over her sleek, wet frame. He caressed her hips and bottom like he was kneading bread.

Caster was smiling to himself as the luscious Eve stood motionless watching the spectacular sight. It was a little difficult for him to concentrate on the fact that he'd been caught in the act with sweet little Jamie, especially with her warm hole gripping him so tightly. However he was unconcerned with getting into any trouble with Eve. This just meant the stakes have been raised. Many lewd and devious scenarios role-played themselves in Caster's mind.

Eve negotiated her reactions and decided on the best one. "Sean?" She said softly in a frightened tone, "What in God's name are you doing?"

Caster looked up and gazed into the eyes of his fake wife. He gave her a sullen puppy dogface and said, "Forgive me Eve. I know not what I do."

Just the sound of her husband's voice was enough to pull Eve into the Twilight Zone. Her knees became weak and started to buckle. She quickly grabbed the side of the doorframe for support. Her eyes started to roll into the back of her head.

"I can't deal with..." Eve tried to convey, "I don't know what to..."

She stood there like a lost soul who found out that limbo is her home now.

Jamie continued to shiver as her father squeezed her slippery cheeks.

Out of breath, "Mommy...I....help...mommy..."

Caster gave Jamie a good smack on her ass cheek causing her to jump.

"What a Predicament!" Caster stated.

Suddenly without warning Jamie managed to slip out of her father's grip. Her pussy quickly slid off her father's cock and she slid off the bed.

Caster groaned inwardly as her pussy pulled up on his foreskin.

Jamie's knees were as shaky as her mother's was, if not more so from the tremendous fucking session that just took place. She ran to her mother, sweat dripping everywhere. She ran smack dab into her trembling mother and hugged her tightly.

"Mommy thank God!" Jamie cried out through half bated breaths.

In Eve's state of shock she grabbed hold of her half-naked daughter and held her close. Jamie's drenched body mashed into Eve's business suit and she stood there shaking in a cold sweat.

Eve looked over Jamie's shoulder and over to where Sean still lay on his back with his raging hard on pointing at the ceiling. However his eyes were locked onto Jamie's ass with a lustful stare. He licked his lips.

Eve's mouth went agape.

"Sean? This isn't you." Eve said. "What's gotten into you?! The husband I know and love would never to something like this to his own daughter!"

Caster shook his head and looked at Eve playfully.

"Eve...honey. Do me a favor."

Eve squinted at him.

"Reach down and grab hold of Jamie's ass."

Eve stared at him aghast. "No...I will do no such thing."

"Seriously...baby. Feel them. I think there's something wrong."

Jamie continued to wail into her mother's neck.

Still shocked in a zone, Eve's brain started to fail her. She slid her hands down the back of Jamie's green shirt and ran them down Jamie's firm ass cheeks.

Eve could only stare at Sean's smiling face.

Caster was pleased at Eve's confusion. She did what he asked her to do.

Eve's thinking was, 'something wrong?...I have to find out what it is....she's my daughter."

Eve's fingers started squeezing Jamie's flesh. She pulled up pressing her daughter's pelvis into her own.

"Good, good." Caster said wantonly.

Jamie's whining stopped suddenly, "Mom?" Her eyes went wide when she felt her mother's hands on her ass.

Eve's eyes were closing and her breathing started to increase as she rocked her half-naked girl into her own body.

Jamie cried, "Mommy?"

The sound of her name brought her back to reality. She quickly let go of her grip and backed away from Jamie. She looked her daughter's body up and down. After a few seconds, Eve shook her head defiantly.

"Stop." She said to herself.

Eve looked back at Sean who couldn't have been more pleased with himself.

Putting her arm around Jamie's shoulder, she led her little girl to the bathroom.

Caster stretched out on the bed and moaned silently. He smiled to himself and whispered, "Peaches...and cream. Hmm-hmm-good."

He brought his legs up and swooped them down projecting his body upward off the bed. He walked over to the mirror on little Jamie's dresser and grabbed the half-crushed box of cigarettes. He took one out and lit it up. As he turned to go he caught sight of Sean’s reflection in the mirror.

This jolted him and his fist came up and punched the glass so hard that it broke. Shards of mirror fell from the frame and landed on the floor. A piece that still remained stared back at Caster. The piece was only big enough to frame Sean's face.

Caster made a sinister smirk and looked back at his nemesis.

"You're having fun now...aren't ya Sean."

He turned again and headed for the door. His pants came off completely and he unbuttoned his shirt.

On his way to the bathroom, he passed the phone cord that extended along the wall. He promptly wrapped his fingers around it and yanked it out of the wall.

In the bathroom Eve was struggling to keep hold of her senses, and at the same time trying to calm down the sobbing 18 year old that stood before her. Eve tried to say something.


Her daughter hiccupped and gently looked up at her, "Yeah mom?"

"What the hell happened today? How did this happen? Why did this happen?" Eve did her best to play the part of the concerned mother and did a good job pretending that the small episode involving herself didn’t happen.

Jamie's teeth chattered at her coldness and shrugged, "I don't know....I was smok-...smok....smoking mommy. I'm sorry."

Eve grabbed hold of Jamie's green tee shirt and started to pull it up. The fabric was so wet it was like paper mache' being stripped off of skin.

The shirt came up over Jamie's tiny tanned breasts and her hard nipples came into Eve's sight. Eve sighed.

Jamie's breathing became slower and slower now the shirt was taken off and thrown to the floor. It made a sloshing sound like a beach towel would at the city pool. She stood there with her arms carelessly at her sides and her toned body still extremely tense.

Eve tried to be comforting, "It's okay...mommy's here....mommy's here." Eve reached up and moved the matted blonde hair out of Jamie's eyes, and then she wiped away the newly formed tears from her cheeks.

Jamie made eye contact with her mother.

"What's going on mom?" Jamie said sincerely, "What's wrong with dad?" She sniffed again, "Why did he make me have...se...sex....with him?" The words sputtered out between the gasps and hiccups.

Eve hugged her trembling daughter profusely.

"SSssshhhh.....Jamie. I don't have the answers. I wish I did. But the important thing is...you're safe now. You're safe with me. I'll protect you. Okay?" She held her daughter as tightly as she could. However Jamie was still extremely saturated and it was difficult for Eve to hold onto her slippery and delicate skin.

"Step into the shower. We'll get you cleaned up, then call the police." Eve said reassuringly, "I don't know why I didn't do it the second you got away from him. Can you forgive me Jamie?"

Jamie stepped into the shower and looked down at her feet.

"Please Jamie. I'm soooo sorry. I don't fell like I'm handling this correctly." Eve pleaded, "Should I call now or after you shower?"

Jamie continued to stare downwards but softly said, "It's okay mom. It's not your fault. We can call after."

Eve reached into the stand up shower and pushed the sliding door all the way to one side. She turned the hot water knob. The water became hotter and it splashed onto Jamie's naked form. The steam started to fill the bathroom. The hot water streamed down Jamie's chest, cascaded down her breasts and dripped off her erect nipples. It engulfed her like a blanket and Jamie closed her eyes and enjoyed it. She turned around and leaned her head back into the stream. The water rinsed her blonde hair and it fell straight down against her back. She relished in it.

Eve just stood there looking at her naked daughter. A thousand thoughts raced through her head. Why did Sean rape Jamie? She's his daughter. Why didn't I call the police the second I discovered them? Why didn't I attack Sean? Am I a bad mother? Why did I do what he said and squeeze Jamie's bottom. So smooth, so young, so ripe....STOP IT. What the fuck?!

As these thoughts bombarded Eve's brain, her eyes were scanning over Jamie's freshly rinsed body. She examined the tightly toned abs. She examined the flawless curves of her hips and legs. She examined the round ass that seemed to be inviting men to fuck it. It was no surprise that men found Jamie attractive. It seems like since she was twelve Jamie always had the attention of men. Even that stupid nose piercing added a certain sexiness to her that gave her a real fuckable look. Eve remembered back when she was that age. She was nice to look at but nothing compared to the vision that stood before her. She and Sean had created an angel of perfection. Blonde hair and all.

'I wonder what Mikey would've turned out to be like’ Eve thought to herself about her slain son. Eve couldn't help but wonder if his tragic death had some how screwed up Sean so bad that it lead him to rape his only daughter. Maybe, who knows. She remembered the time that Jamie was fifteen and she caught Sean staring at Jamie's small breasts. She had glanced at Sean and gave him a look, but Sean just dismissed it like it was nothing, so she let it go. I should have seen it coming. No, nobody could've seen this coming. It's not my fault.

Eve suddenly realized that Jamie was just standing there with her eyes closed.


"Hmm?" Jamie responded softly.

"You need to wash honey."

"Hmm-hmm." Jamie hummed again without really listening to her mother.

Eve nodded understandingly. She reached into the shower and grabbed the bottle of body soap. She flipped the cap open and squeezed it out into her own hands. After setting the bottle down on the floor she clasped her hands together and started to rub. This caused a nice, thick lather.

Again she looked at Jamie's body that stood there swaying back and forth underneath the spray.

Eve gulped and brought her hands up to Jamie's shoulders.

Jamie jerked slightly at the touch, but didn't open her eyes when she realized that her mother was washing her.

Eve said, "It's okay...I'll do it for you."

"Okay mommy."

Eve's hands began at the shoulder blades and slid her hands down her arms, leaving a fresh trail of suds along Jamie's tanned skin.

Jamie just stood there allowing her mother to lather her up.

Eve then put her hands onto Jamie's' belly and started to make little circles. She circled all around her daughter's midsection and around her tiny waist. Her hands slid around to the small of Jamie's back and they started make tiny circles all around her spine. This washing of her back brought Jamie's tiny tits right in front of Eve's eyes. Against her better judgment, Eve decided not to ask Jamie to turn around in order to wash her back properly. She just continued to stare the hard nipples as her hands continued they're exploring...err...washing. She brought her hands around and up and started to carefully wash Jamie's firm tits. Extremely perky, especially when being fondled.

Eve knelt down on the floor in front of the shower stall. She brought her hands down and slid them all around Jamie's behind. She rubbed in circles making sure to get soap everywhere on her body. Eve's hands spent a little too much time on Jamie's bottom. When she realized it, she quickly took her hand and put them on either side of Jamie's hips. She slipped her hands down the sides of Jamie's thighs and down the back of her calves.

Eve kept her hands on the ankles and looked up at the nude angel.

Jamie's tight tender pussy was directly in front of Eve's face. It was shaven completely so it was easy to see. Not a spec of hair could be seen on the tight mound.

Eve sighed, as she knew what had to be done.

She slowly brought her hands around her ankles and up her inner thighs. With one hand she took it around and rested it on one of Jamie's ass cheeks. The other hand slid up and made contact with the small tender lips between her legs.

Stunned by the contact, Jamie's eyes popped open and her body jerked. Jamie shouted, "NO Daddy!"

She looked down between her legs to see her mother looking back up at her. Her mother's hand rested on her vagina while the other grabbed hold of her butt.

Eve tried to steady her daughter, "It's okay. It's just me, baby."

Jamie's breathing was staggered again and she did her best to calm it down.

"SSshhh, it's okay. It's just me."

Finally Jamie relaxed again and continued her meditation and closed her eyes again.

"Just relax. I'm almost finished."

Eve began to move her hand back and forth against Jamie's pussy. She started slow, working the lather all over between her legs.

Jamie started to whimper softly.

Unconsciously, Eve put her fingers in between her girl's pussy lips and started to rub quicker and quicker.

Jamie's whimpering increased in rhythm.

I must clean her vagina carefully, Eve convinced herself.

The movement of the hand and the gripping sensation of her ass caused Jamie to hold a hand out to the shower stall door to steady herself.

Eve's hand began moving faster back and forth between the young girl's legs.

"Almost finished baby girl." Eve said paternally.

"Uh-huh...uh-huh..." Jamie moaned as each swipe of her mother's fingers caused her to tremble.

"Almost done, baby"


"Almost clean."

"Uh-huh...uh-huh...uh-huh...uh-huh..." Jamie kept repeating with every rub of her mom's hand.

Eve began to feel warm and tingly between her own legs at the sound of her only daughter's groaning. Her mouth fell open and began breathing heavily in between Jamie's Uh-huh's. Her hand became a saw, sliding across Jamie's grain.

Eve gasped, "Cleaner..."


"Almost finished baby..." Eve gasped for breath again.

"Uh-huh...uh-huh...uh-huh..." Jamie's eyes closed tighter and her teeth chattered loudly.

"I'll...protect...you..." said Eve as her arm tired but she kept up her rubbing motion.


Suddenly Eve stopped. Once again the sound of her daughter saying 'mommy' brought her back from whatever universe she was temporarily abducted to.

Eve slumped back onto her knees and took her hands away from her wet naked daughter. Her breathing was just as quick and just as staggering as her daughter's was. She looked up at the girl in the shower and breathed in sync with her.

Jamie continued to stare at the back of her eyelids and enjoyed the water cascading down her tight body.

Eve closed her own eyes and tried desperately to calm her hormones and nerves.

It suddenly dawned on her that she hadn't washed Jamie's hair yet.

Eve composed herself and stood up. Her business pantsuit was now wet from the shower and it clung nicely to her body.

"I still need to wash your hair."

"All right mom." Jamie said nonchalantly.

Eve bent over at the waist and reached for the bottle of shampoo.

Caster had been standing in the doorway observing the mother and daughter duet for a while now. He watched as the temporarily insane Eve rubbed her daughter’s pussy like a mad woman. Whatever loss in erection he had from Jamie's bedroom to the bathroom was quickly re-erected by that little show of affection. He stood there waiting for the right moment to enter.

Low and behold, mommy Eve stood up from the floor and bent over to reach into the shower. And once again, Eve's "To Kill For" ass was staring Caster right in the face. Like every other man in the world, Caster loved it when a woman would bend straight over with out bending her knees. It's like an invitation.

Caster pushed open the door and walked up behind the waist-bent Eve. He was already naked so he just stood behind her, about an inch away and waited. He looked up and saw the fine-tight body of the dish he just had the pleasure of fucking. Jamie didn't see him approach her mother because her eyes were closed like she was sleeping standing up.

Eve grabbed the shampoo bottle and began to straighten up. In half descent she backed up and the center of her ass bumped into Caster's naked cock. It poked into the soft fabric of her pantsuit. The sudden poke startled Eve.

"UUhhh!" She gasped aloud, "What the-" Eve tried to stand up all the way.

Caster immediately put his hand in the middle of Eve's back and held her in this bent over position.

"Ouch!" Eve couldn't get her body up and her knees were locked. Her ass was standing straight out. The only thing she could do was to turn her head, which was getting wet from the showerhead.

Eve turned to look, "SEAN!"

The word suddenly brought Jamie out of her meditation and she immediately put her hands in front of her vagina protectively. Her face contorted into fear and she backed up into the corner of the shower. Her lips started quivering again and she started to cry.

"M-mm-mmm-mommy...don't let....let him...touch me...please...Daddy don't...please..." Jamie cried for her life.

Caster smiled at Jamie's reaction and grabbed onto Eve's blouse and pulled on it. The collar of her shirt was yanked into her throat as Caster held onto it like reigns. He pushed his cock harshly into Eve's pants and started to grind into her. The fabric pressed between Eve's ass giving her a tremendous weggie.

Eve grabbed onto the wall and the sliding glass door of the shower.

Caster pushed into her harder and grunted.

Eve winced and grunted, "UUuuhhh!...UUuuhhh!...UUuuhhh!..."

"Please...stop it Daddy...please..." Jamie pleaded.

"Sean...UUuuhhh!...What are...UUuuhhh!...you...doing...UUuuhhh!..." Eve demanded in between grunts. Her eyes shut and her teeth clenched.

Caster smacked Eve harshly on her pant covered thigh.


Caster pulled harder on her blouse but continued to hold her over. The shirt pulled tightly on Eve's throat and began ripping. Finally the shirt ripped completely off and Caster swung it over his head like a lasso.

"WWHHoooo--WWEEE!!" Caster whooped and threw it behind him.

Eve was now in a black silk bra that only covered half her tits, right up to her nipples. A bra she usually wore for low cut fronts.

Caster pressed so hard into Eve's ass that Eve screamed.

"AAAaaaahhhh!...Sean...UUuuhhh!...stop...stop...please Sean...just...UUh!!...let me...Uuhh!...just take it....UUuuhh!...off..."

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