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Cutting Room Floor: Return of the Jedi


(The first and last sections of this scene appeared in the movie Star Wars : Return of the Jedi. The middle section was cut out for different reasons, one of which was time issues.)

* * * * *

Luke Skywalker stood on the top deck of Jabba the Hutt's Sail Barge overlooking the large Sarlac Pit. He was wielding his light saber and fighting off the horde of goons that Jabba had in his employ.

Suddenly Leia appeared on deck and was standing next to the Barge's main gun array. Luke took a second from the battle and looked Leia up and down. He had to fight the thoughts that invaded his mind and get back to the situation at hand. He saw her in Jabba's throne room when he first arrived. The golden outfit she wore was definitely not designed for the faint of heart. He would have admired her longer, but his mind was on other matters at the time. Like for instance, saving his pal Han Solo from the Carbonite he'd been frozen in by Darth Vader. That whole incident with Vader still had his brain in a whirlwind of confusion. 'Vader my...father? No, couldn't be.' He thought to himself. Anyways, speaking of other things, Luke should've been keeping his thoughts on the here and now. He was in the middle of a battle that appeared to be thirty to one, only Luke couldn't tear his eyes away from the gold bikini that Leia was wearing.

Luke swiped his saber at a man who was trying to shoot at him. The man was struck down and Luke followed through in his swipe leaving his arm raised in the air. He turned his attention back to Leia. He looked at the deck gun and saw a potential remedy for this unfair fight. He shouted to Leia.

"Get in the gun!" Luke stared at her long legs, "Point it at the deck!"

Leia did as she was instructed and ran over to the controls of the large weapon.

Another guard pulled out a blaster and shot Luke in the back of his artificial hand, leaving a hole and big scorch mark.

"AAAHHH!" Luke screamed at the pain.

His head turned sharply to the guard that shot him and immediately brought his light saber down and ended his life.

Over on the other side of the Barge, Threepio was walking around blind as his eye was hanging out of his head. Artoo was urging him forward to an opening in the railing.

"No, I can't possibly ju-" Threepio stated as Artoo bumped into him and caused him to fall off into the sand. Artoo beeped and whistled and fell behind his droid friend.

Luke grabbed onto a cable that was hanging down from one of the canopies on the upper part of Jabba's ship.

"Come on!" He motioned for Leia to come to him. He about lost control of his bodily functions when the almost nude woman approached him, and wrapped her silky arms around his body. She pressed up against him and he held her tight to his body. He groaned inwardly and looked over to the large gun.

He hit the trigger button with his foot, which shot a huge blast into the main engine room of the Barge.

Luke held onto Leia tightly and jumped off the deck. He swung over to the Skiff that held his friends onboard. Once he landed, he hesitated in letting go of the soft skin under his fingers. He didn't want to let go. Leia didn't seem to notice. Luke's fingers dug into Leia's firm side right underneath her breast. He glanced over to Lando who was working on the controls.

"Let's go, and don't forget the droids!" Luke commanded.

Lando looked at him with a big stupid grin, "We're on our way!"

The small Skiff glided over top of the buried droids and sent down some magnets and picked them up out of the sand.

The Sand Skiff was off like a shot.

As they zoomed away, the bulky Sail Barge that belonged to Jabba the Hutt burst into a large explosion, sending fire and debris every which way. In a blink of an eye, the Barge was reduced to a big fireball. The remains of the vile gangster Jabba the Hutt and his criminal entourage were reduced to sprinkles on the sandy landscape.

(This next part was cut from the original release and failed to see the light of day in the Special Edition.)

Lando held on tightly to the controls of the Sand-Skiff and piloted it across the Dune Sea. Their escape from Jabba's clasp and his own weary escape from the Sarlac pit was still weighing heavily on his mind. He made a left next to a herd of Dewbacks and headed for their ships, which were securely placed near Mos Eisley. He wiped the sweat from his brow. This part of Tattooine was much hotter than the rest due to the fact it was near the equator. The sun beat down upon the sand, heating it up to a warmth worthy of an oven. Lando squinted at the sky and took a deep breath of exhaustion. The Skiff shook as his hand slipped from controls.

"AARRrgh!" Chewbacca howled toward the front consol at Lando.

"All right, all right!" said Lando, who was attempting to regain control of the glider, "I'm doing the best I can."

Chewbacca was frustrated. After Threepio was pulled from the sand, Chewy was doing his best to remove as much sand as possible from the droid's joints and circuits. It was difficult for him to do any such cleaning with the Skiff shaking and jolting from the turbulence. The Wookie snuffed and went back to the gold chatterbox lying on the floor in front of him. He took Threepio's eye, which was hanging out due to Jabba's lackey messing with it, and pushed it securely back into place.

Threepio's eye lit up again, "I can see! Artoo, where are you?"

Artoo stood next to him leaning his bucket body down toward the floor. He beeped at his friend.

"There you are, you worthless excuse for a counterpart. I see you don't have any damage."

Artoo beeped and whistled assumingly.

"Humph." Threepio looked away from Artoo, "I don't know why I put up with you."

Artoo whistled sadly.

Chewy took Threepio's arm and started to bend it at the elbow. It was very stiff and sand fell from the joints. The Wookie grunted and bent the difficult joint as hard as he could. Threepio's arm broke off.

"AAahh! Careful you overgrown Mop head! You're making it worse!"

Chewy howled, "AAARRRrrrgghh-AARrrgh-Arphhh!"

"You watch your language. It's against my programming to interpret profanity." Threepio stated.

The large Wookie reached into his chest belt and pulled out a canister of pressurized air. He held the severed arm up and began to spray the joints with a stiff spray of pure air. Sand flew out of the elbow and landed on Threepio's face.

The droid's head swiveled awkwardly.

"Careful you Wookie!"

Artoo made a whir and beeping sound that rivaled a good laugh.

Threepio, "Laugh all you want Artoo. It's not my fault the creature doesn't have a descent bedside manor. I don't have to -" he kept jabbering.

Chewbacca reached under Threepio's chin and flipped a small switch.

Suddenly, mid-sentence, Threepio's voice stopped making sound. He was still functional. His eyes were still lit up and at this new predicament he started to flail his remaining body parts wildly.

Chewy chuckled under his breath. He resumed cleaning.

Artoo beeped in a satisfied way. He rotated the top portion of his body and looked towards the back of the Skiff.

Sitting on the back ledge of the transport was Luke Skywalker, Leia, and Han Solo.

Luke was on one side, while Han was on the other. In between the two men, lying down, was the lovely Leia. She was lying on her side with her head on top of her arms in Han's lap. Her exposed legs were crossed and laying across Luke's lap. She was asleep. After the fatal bout with Jabba the Hutt on his Sail Barge and the battle that ensued, then being swung on a cable in the arms of Luke across the Sarlac pit had a exhausting effect on her. Han had one hand on her shoulder and the other stroked her hair, which was still up in the style that Jabba's Gamorian guards had done her up in. Luke massaged her ankles and the tops of her feet. The attention she was getting was having an unconscious affect on her body. Although she was still asleep, she groaned tiredly.

The explosion of Jabba's Sail Barge was still ringing in Luke's ears. Although most of the people on board were criminals, their deaths still gave Luke a headache. Their screams of agony rang thoroughly through his head by the power of the force. He turned his head back towards the Sarlac pit, which was far off in the horizon now. However he could still see the smoke billowing. He turned his attention back to his friends on the captured transport.

Han's vision had not completely recovered from the after effects of the Carbonite freezing. He blinked and occasionally rubbed his eyes in attempt to focus. He was able to see enough in order to save Lando from the tentacle, but everything still looked blurry, and full of black splotches. However, he did see something that he did not expect to see. Back before the explosion, back before they zoomed away, and in between the rapid black splotches that kept popping up...he witnessed his buddy Luke swinging on a cable onto the Skiff. But the most exquisite sight was that of his only love dressed in an extremely revealing outfit. He recalled the sight in slow motion. Leia...princess...beautiful...unbelievable...gold...tight...Leia...bikini. The vision of her swinging with the cloth that swooped in front and behind her was like something out of a dream. He came back to real time and looked at her sleeping form. He rubbed her arm and did the best he could to stare down at her chest. Encapsulated in two small triangles were Leia's firm and now, very tan breasts. Han closed his eyes and concentrated hard on repairing his vision. When he opened them nothing had changed. Everything he saw was still very foggy. Much like a mist was covering everything. Which was quite ironic considering they were on a planet of desert. Moisture had to be harvested on this terrain.

His hand moved from her hair and stroked the side of her cheek.

Leia hummed at this.

Han remembered the kiss he shared with her when she rescued him from the Carbonite. He remembered her soft, wet lips touching his own. He remembered how her tongue entered his mouth. The memory played out in his brain like some erotic fantasy in which he was a blindfolded submissive. When he looked down at his hand touching her face, he noticed that Leia looked just slightly older than he remembered. Not old, still very young and delicate, but just more mature than before.

When Han was in Jabba's prison cell with Chewy, he forgot to ask how long he'd been out of it. It didn't feel like a long time. It couldn't have been too long. The memory of that fateful day was fresh in his head. The last kiss he shared with Leia was one for the books. Even though it was in front of Darth Vader and the Bounty Hunter Boba Fett, it was the most passionate kiss he'd ever experienced. The look on Leia's face as he was being lowered into the freezing chamber made Han want to pick her up and do several nasty things to her. Of course it was difficult for Han to think about much of anything at that time. But the fact that her kiss had given him an erection was most prominent in his thoughts. He was frozen in the Carbonite with an erection. Han had a permanent hard on for the duration of his entrapment.

Han closed his eyes again and remembered the frightening experience of what was almost his death.

Luke sensed anxiety and arousal coming from his friend. It was odd to feel both those things at the same time in a person. He sensed Han's overwhelming feel of helplessness and fear, and Luke guessed what his friend might be recalling. Luke still kicked himself for not making it in time to save him. To a certain extent he felt it was all his fault. Luke took his regret and shoved it to the back of his mind. Regret was not something that a Jedi should carry with him. Master Yoda taught him that. Luke knew he wasn't really a Jedi yet, but he tried his best to stick to the ways of his teachers Obi-Wan and Yoda.

Luke brought himself back to the here and now. His fingertips were still caressing Leia's skin around her ankles. Luke couldn't help but glance up and down Leia's smooth body. Especially her long legs that were right there, rubbing into his lap. Cautiously he took his hands and ran them up her calves and back down to her feet. Her tiny body was perfect with the sun reflecting off it.

Leia hummed in her sleep again.

The sound that escaped her closed lips was electrifying. It was like the time that she kissed him on Hoth after his near death experience with the snow creature. Her lips were small and wet. Luke was so surprised by her sudden movement that he didn't know what to do except kiss her back. It was so brief, but the exchange of tongues and her soft humming was enough to drive him insane. He knew she did it to make Han jealous, and it worked, but Luke decided to enjoy it while it lasted. He remembered Han, Chewy, and the droids left him there in the medical bay with annoyed looks and comments. Luke just put his arms behind his head and began to gloat. He wasn't able to stand up after that for at least fifteen minutes.

Luke's eyes started to trace Leia's curves. It was not difficult to see them thanks to Jabba's slave garments that she was wearing. She might as well have been naked. Luke pondered that a moment and wondered why Jabba actually had his slave girls wear clothing. It seemed strange that a Hutt would do that. It's a little out of character. His gaze traveled up her calves, around to her knees, and back around her thighs and ended up on her exposed ass cheek. The pieces of brown cloth that came down her middle on both sides of her body were tucked between her legs. She obviously knew how exposed she was and wanted to cover up her most intimate areas.

Luke panted to himself. He really wanted to see more of her. Even though Luke found Leia to be absolutely hot to look at, something deep down inside of him was telling him not too. And it wasn't the usual part of a person's conscience that was warding him away. It was the force that was silently telling him that Leia was forbidden. He couldn't tell what was so forbidden about her, except in the erotic sense. But that was exactly what Luke found most appealing. Leia was a purified sexual creature. Especially in this golden brown lingerie.

His hand started to rub her flawless legs again, when the force again popped into his head telling him not to do anything indecent with Leia. He closed his eyes tightly and concentrated very hard for an answer. He asked, 'Why not?' The will of the force made Luke sense something about Leia that would be revealed in due time. Luke was quite unhappy with the answer he received. And he concentrated, 'What will be revealed?' And again the force came to him with something about their unique relationship and how it should be honored in a sacred way. At this he rolled his eyes. He could only think of one way in which to honor this gorgeous creature of flesh before him. Of course that is to say, if she would have him. And with the thought of how her and Han have been getting along lately, his flights of fancy would have to be put of hold.

Leia squirmed in her sleep. Her legs rocked against Luke's hardening pants.

Luke's eyes widened at her movement and he gently moved his hand up to her naked thigh. Han didn't notice. And if he did, Luke would make the excuse that he was steadying her so she wouldn't fall off his lap, or out of the Skiff. His hand softly squeezed her thigh and he groaned inwardly. He had never had his fingers on something so soft, tight, and smooth all at the same time before. The feelings he was having became extremely difficult to control. Finally after a little negotiating with his thoughts and feelings he settled on a decision. He would just peek. Since Leia would never give herself to him, he decided to just get a little look of what he'd be missing.

He turned his head to Han. Han was still stroking her hair and his eyes remained shut. Luke then turned to the brown cloth that covered Leia's ass. With a wave of his hand, the brown cloth slipped from between her legs and flew back into the wind. It flapped silently as the Skiff traveled along the sandy landscape. Luke's attention shot back to the other passengers to see if anyone had noticed.

Chewy was still facing away from them and cleaning the muffled droid. Lando was far up front and busy piloting them towards the landing sight of the Falcon and his X-Wing. Artoo however was looking straight at the three of them.

Luke looked directly into the one black eye of his droid companion. Artoo whistled so quietly that nobody noticed. Luke winked at the blue and white figure and nodded.

Artoo took that as a signal to start recording.

Luke had many times to chat with Artoo about his long time lust for Leia. And Artoo was very encouraging. In fact, Artoo had once stated to him in a chant of whirrs, beeps, and whistles that if he were a human, he'd have the hots for the Princess as well. Luke always found it funny when Artoo would divulge information like that. He was definitely a good friend to talk to, especially on long trips in his X-Wing when they were the only company they had.

Once the droid started recording, Luke became a little bolder. He waved his hand again and the front cloth flew out from between Leia's legs and floated out of view of Artoo's lens. The R2 unit recorded closes up at the small triangle that covered Leia's private part.

Luke turned his head back to Leia's behind and saw something that almost knocked him out of the speeding transport. The only thing that held the gold panties to her body was a tiny string that stretched from her waist, down between her ass cheeks, and then clipped to the small triangle of fabric in front of her pussy. He small, rounded butt was out in plain sight. Luke gripped Leia's naked thigh harder and gulped making his throat feel heavy.

Leia groaned silently as Luke lightened the firm grip on her leg. Han still hadn't noticed anything and continued his meditation.

When he was satisfied that his friends were still out of it, Luke stroked his hand up her thigh and came right up and cupped her bottom. Luke was in heaven. He rubbed her on both cheeks and slid his hand in and out of the crevice with the string in it. He softly groped her skin and squeezed as lightly and as firmly as he possibly could, doing his absolute best not to wake the sleeping beauty.

Leia hummed some more.

He dug his fingers between her cheeks and wrapped the string in his fingertips. He gently pulled up on it, which in turn applied pressure onto her pussy lips.

"UUuuhhh..." Leia suddenly moaned.

Quickly, Luke let go of the string and brought his hand back to her ankles. At her sound, Han opened his eyes and looked down at her face. Artoo continued to remain quiet and kept recording.

Leia yawned and stirred between the two men. She rolled onto her back and stretched her arms straight up. She extended her legs and stretched them across Luke's lap. Her calves slid right across the tip of Luke's hardening cock still locked away in his pants. Then she relaxed and her arms came down to her sides and her legs again rested on top of Luke's hard on. Leia didn't seem to notice.

Luke's heart was racing a million miles a parsec as her legs stopped their stretching and rested atop his tented pants. His penis was holding one of her legs up in the air like a pillar holding up a building.

She yawned again and looked up from Han's lap and into his eyes. He held her face and smiled down at her.

"Welcome back," Han said teasingly.

"I should be telling you that," Leia interjected.

"So tell me."

Leia smiled at the smuggler, "With words?"


Han put his hand behind Leia's head and pulled her up from his lap. Their lips touched, and in a split second were kissing like hungry Gamorians. Both sets of eyes were shut and their tongues quickly darted in and out of each other's mouths. Their lips wrenched and devoured one another in a groaning flash of sexual tension.

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