Cutting Room Floor: Return of the Jedi


Luke looked down at the cloth in front of him and closed his eyes.

The cloth suddenly flipped up into the air and fell over Leia's shoulder. The only thing that was between his cock and her pussy was that small string that held the gold triangle over her goods.

Again he closed his eyes and this time the string came undone causing the triangle to hang loosely from her waist belt.

Leia looked down at him with a look that could melt Carbonite.

"Are you ready Luke?" Leia asked him with absolutely no intention of backing out if he said no.

Luke just nodded.

Leia closed her eyes and leaned her head back. She brought her knees up onto the ledge, on which Luke was sitting and straddled him. She positioned herself over his tall standing erection.

Luke held tightly to her moving body. He felt her ass spread as she lowered herself down.

Her pussy lips touched the tip of his cock. Luke groaned.


"HHhhmmmm..." Leia replied back.

Just like her lips engulfing his prick, so did her other lips. Her pussy opened and she lowered herself farther and farther down his shaft. The heat and moisture that wrapped around his cock was hotter than anything here on Tattooine.

"AAaahhh...Aahh..." She sighed at the penetration.

Finally her pussy touched down on his base. She sat there and squeezed him with her pussy muscles.

They both moaned together as they waited, enjoying each other's body parts.

This position put Leia's perky tits in front of his face and he didn't hesitate to lean over and start exploring. He opened his mouth and took turns in taking in a nipple and sucking it to the back of his mouth. He went to the other nipple and flicked it with his tongue rapidly.

"Ooh...OH!...OHhh...shit...Luke..." Leia cooed and whined deliciously.

Without saying anything, Leia started to rise off his prick. And then she dropped back down sending a wave of titillation through her spine. Luke let go of her nipples and groaned.

Again she rose slowly, then just as slowly slid back down. Luke gripped her butt tightly.

She started to pick up the pace a little and Luke helped by lifting her up and down with his strong hands. Luke's eyes shut tightly.

Without realizing it, Luke used the force accidentally and raised the Skiff in altitude. Lando was noticing the rise and looked down at the controls with a confused expression. Lando held the controls down and Skiff leveled out.

Soon, the two friends were fucking each other madly. Leia was bouncing up and down on Luke's cock like a mad Wookie in heat. Her pussy lips wrapped tightly around every single inch of his prick and sent shivers and quakes to her new lover.

Luke's hands were down on her thighs. He held onto them just to feel her rise and fall on his body. Her pushing off of Luke's shoulders magnified the intensity in which she threw herself in the air.

"Ohh..Ahh..Ohh..Ahh.." Leia's voice had started to rise.

"SSsshhh..." Luke told her, "You'"

"AAAaaahh...I....ohhh...can'" Leia panted as she bounced herself up and down at a quickening pace.

Luke had to think quickly. If the others saw what was going on, it would be all over. Either that or Lando would want to join in, and Luke didn't want that happening. He still didn't trust Lando for what happened earlier in Vespin when he sold out his friends to the Empire. And then there was the case of Chewy. He wouldn't join in even if he wanted to, because Wookies didn't have the same anatomy as we did. It wouldn't fit right. Then there was the fact that he was still shy and self-conscious, especially in this crazy situation with Leia humping madly on his stiff cock. He didn't know what to say to the others. Speaking of the others...Han!

Luke jerked his head over to were Han was still sitting enjoying the fuck show he was watching. Han had his prick out and was masturbating wildly as Leia pounded her pussy on Luke's hard on. This gave Luke an idea.

"AAaahh...OOohh...shit...Luke...Uuuhh...God...Luke..." Leia's volume was getting louder.

Quickly, Luke grabbed hold of Leia's waist and turned his body so that he could lay on his back with Leia still on top of him. This caused Leia to lean over his face and move her hands from his shoulders to his chest. This also put Leia in the perfect line of sight for his friend Han.

Leia continued to pounce up and down and began to dig her fingernails into Luke's chest. Her eyes opened at the slight change in position only to find herself staring at Han jerking off before her.

"OH God...Luke...OOoohh...fuck....Luke....AAaahh..." Leia's voice seemed louder in this position.

Luke looked backwards at Han and said, "Hey Han. Help me out here. She's too loud."

At this request, Han got up on his knees and moved over to the orgasmic Princess with her pussy full of stiff prick. He smirked at the moaning girl and held his own prick out and up towards her face.

"OOhhh...shit....AAaahah...fuck....Luke...I...Uughh..." She kept up her increasing volume.

"Ssshhh..." Luke pleaded again.

"I...AAAHhh...can't...OOOoohh...too...good...DAAMmn...UUhh..." she practically shouted.

Han reached up to Leia's head and forced it down to eye level with his cock.

"I'll take care of this kid." Han said as he forced his prick into Leia's open, babbling mouth.

"I..can't...UGhh..." Leia gagged as her mouth was filled with Han's raging cock.

Han held her head and sighed inwardly, "Ohhhh yeah...this is what I've been waiting for." He was about to start moving in and out of her mouth when she sunk her face all the way to his belly like she had done to Luke earlier. Again she clamped her lips around his base and started to suck exceptionally hard. Han didn't have to move at all, because Leia was doing all the moving. She bounced and humped Luke so wildly that Han didn't have to exert any force whatsoever. He just held steady on his knees and enjoyed her warm mouth.

Leia sucked hard, then started taking deep breaths through her nose, then sucked harder, then breathed through her nose, then again sucked extremely hard.

Han was warped with pleasure streaming in and out of body like the Falcon making record breaking speeds. His hands reached up and started to smooth down Leia's sweaty back and drug his fingernails back up to her shoulders. This act made Leia squeal again over Han's prick. The squeal vibrated Han's penis so hard that he thought he might come right then. Luckily it was not enough to push him over the edge because there was a few more things he'd like to do with Leia before he came for the first time in her body.

"Hhhmm...hhmmm...hhhmmm..." Leia continued jolting up and down on Luke like his prick was a spring. Her head kept busy sucking and licking up and down Han's huge cock with every stroke. Her tits jiggled and flopped down in Luke's face, so he simply opened his mouth and let them fall in. He'd stick his tongue out and flick her nipples on the fly and try to suck them in his throat when she went back up.

Han held the back of her head and just beamed with delight as the soft, wet lips of Leia engulfed him in what seemed to be an unending Skiff ride.

Artoo was still recording the three fucking people. He beeped softly to himself, wishing he were a human.

Threepio on the other hand could hear the throes of passion coming from the back of the transport, but thanks to the huge Wookie in front of him, he couldn't see anything. And he obviously couldn't say anything seeing how his voice was still switched off.

Later in the ride, the three lovers had switched positions. Han was now on his back. Leia was laying on her back, top facing away from him, his stiff pole buried deep into her tight asshole. Luke was laying over top of them with his cock still banging away at her pussy.

"Ooohh...God...AAAaaahh...fuck...Han...oh shit....UUhhh...Luke...sooo good....oh Yeesss...uuhhHH..." Leia's double penetration had her in a dazed and delirious state. She wasn't really sure of where she was, but she could certainly figure out what she was doing.

Han reached up and turned her head to face him.

"Kiss me Leia." Han commanded her.

Leia's dazed face looked at him and moaned at the sensation of being fucked in both holes, "OOOooohhhh......huhhh...huh..what?"

"I said..." Han didn't finish his sentence. Leia's mouth was open because she was gasping for air. Han took that chance and placed his mouth over hers. He traded tongues with her as she instinctively kissed him back. She moaned and panted the whole time.

As they kissed passionately, Han reached around and held Leia's swollen tits and ravished them . He squeezed them together as if he were attempting to make a single breast in the middle of her chest.

Leia moaned and sighed, "Hhhmmmm...hmmmmm.....Uhhhhh...ohhhh...hmmmmm..."

Luke had his hands on the ledge and shifted his weight forward, penetrating the nearly naked Leia over and over again. With each thrust of his hips, with every slide of her pussy over his cock, and with every moan of her voice, Luke felt like he was getting closer and closer to coming. In fact, looking down at her head turned to the side with her lips swishing around with Han's, Luke felt the surge coming from deep within.

"I...I...I think I'm coming!" Luke said softly into Leia's closest ear.

Leia broke her kiss away from Han and looked stupefied into Luke's eyes. She was obviously in absolute pleasure, but now it was to the point of being completely intoxicated.

She looked up at the lust crazed face of her new lover Luke and said in between breaths, "" she sighed and took a deep breath again, "Sooo....good....OH GOD!..." Leia about screamed as her twentieth orgasm racked her tender body.

Han quickly interjected, "Hold it Luke!"

Luke looked at his friend stunned, "What?!"

"Luke please...let me go first." Han looked into his friend's eyes with a pleading expression.

"Are you kidding, Han?!" came back Luke.

"Luke...I'm begging you...Uh..." Han said as Leia's asshole gripped his shaft tightly, "Please let me be...the her pussy..."

Luke's thrusting slowed down a little. He looked at Han and started to understand. Leia was basically, for all intents and purposes, Han's girl. He should be lucky that Han had allowed this session of fucking to happen at all. Luke should be grateful for this moment with Leia. He knew that it probably would never happen again, so he had to be completely within Han's debt.

Leia whimpered and whined, "Come on...fellas...UUhhh...make...up...your...OHHh UHghh...minds!"

Luke quickly pulled out of Leia's tight pussy with a pop, "UUhhh.." Luke groaned.

Leia 's sweaty body was again exposed to the sunlight, and her skin looked sooo extremely hot and bothered with her freshly fucked pussy and a stiff cock imbedded in her ass.

As quickly as he could, Han stood up with Leia still in his arms. He flipped her over onto her stomach and she slapped against the metal ledge with a small smack. Han held her down on her back, pushing her into the hot metal. With his other hand he reached down and rubbed all over her ass cheeks. He squeezed them and slowly started to remove his exploding cock from her tight asshole. It slid out and gripped Han's cock tightly all the way out.

Han almost yelled at the sensation, "AAhhh.."

Leia whimpered and turned her head back to him, "Ooohhhhh...Han...sooo gooodd...."

Encouraged by her whining, Han immediately took his cock, aimed it for her pussy, and shoved it in to the hilt. Leia's head shot upwards, her eyes shut tightly and her teeth clenched tight.

Without delay he started to pound into Leia's tight pussy with reckless abandon. Her body squeaked and shimmied across the sweat-covered metal of the Skiff ledge and she held her mouth shut tight to keep from screaming Han's name.

"Hhhm!...Hmphh!...UHhh!...HHmmhph!..." Leia tried with all her might not to scream with pleasure.

Luke noticed the trouble the little sex creature was having, and went over to her face to help. He leaned his cock down to her mouth and pressed it against her clenched teeth.

The sudden knowledge that someone was right in front of her, startled her that she let out a squeak.


Her eyes opened in mid thrust and saw that it was Luke's still stiff cock aching to be released.

"Ohhh, God LUke...Uhhgh!...Give it...OHhgh!...Ahh! me..." Leia's lips opened again to her trade mark "O" face and Luke stuck it right in.

Han's thrusting into her pussy was enough rhythm to keep Leia's mouth tightly around Luke's staff. She sucked and licked the sensitive areas, and sucked harder than before.

Han slapped Leia's ass and she jumped. Her jumping caused Luke's cock to go half way down her throat. It went slightly farther down than she has ever gotten anyone before. She closed her eyes and just sucked him like she was enjoying the best shake she had ever had the pleasure of eating.


Han began to whisper violently, "Here it is.......oooooooohhhhhhh......fuck.................Leia...................aaaahhhhhh..."

Leia felt Han's cum filling up her tremendously fucked pussy and she began to cum herself. The feeling of her own orgasm and the feel of Han filling her, sent more shivers up her body and were translated into screams.

Her screams were muffled however by the occupation of Luke's long stiff pole halfway down her throat. These screams were then turned into vibrations and buzzing that immediately sent Luke spurting everything he had into Leia's mouth.

"HHHHhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmzzzzzzzzzz......" the vibrations were beyond any amount of describing.

Luke's cock spurted and spurted cum between the hot lips of Leia. Han's cum was leaking out of her pussy and he breathed heavily as he caressed her firm ass cheeks.

Leia swallowed about as much come as she could from Luke's draining and deflating erection. He tasted so good.

Once the boys had deflated completely and put their pants back on, Leia just rolled over onto her back and stared up at the sky. Her gold slave bikini was still somewhat attached to her body, but hanging loosely in different places. The gold bra with the snake type design was still hanging from the chain around her neck and the gold triangle hiding her pussy from the sky was still hanging from her waist. The brown pieces of cloth were practically ripped to shreds but still clung to pieces of thread. The string that slipped between her ass was lying on the ground having been pulled out by one of the horny men that just gave her a fucking session worthy of a Republic Medal of Honor.

She would have to remember to give them another one some day. Men loved medals.

Soon the Sand Skiff was pulling into Mos Eisley to were they had landed their ships earlier that week. They all said their goodbyes as Luke went to X-Wing with Artoo, and Han, Leia, Chewy, Lando, and Threepio took off for the stars in the Millennium Falcon.

(The rest concludes the scene that was originally released.)

As the ships took off in different directions, Luke sent a transmission to the Falcon, "Meetcha back at the fleet."

Leia responded, "Hurry, The alliance should be assembled by now."

Luke smirked, enjoying her voice, "I will."

Suddenly, Han spoke, "Hey Luke..."

Luke's ears opened up for his good friend.

Han continued, "Thanks...thanks for Cumming after me. I owe you one."

Luke smiled and laughed to himself.

(Hopefully this will be on the DVD when Lucas finally releases it.)

EMAIL ME. Tell me what you think of the deleted scenes. If you have any suggestions of movies or particular scenes that you would like to see completed, please tell me. I'll have to do some looking around and find what was left on the Cutting Room Floor. And please Vote!

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