Cutting the Grass


"Oh yes," she hissed and Gary watched her feet curl up as she came hard.

Oh, yeah," Jimmy agreed as he pounded her pussy hard.

"Uh!" He cried out as he pumped his come into her.

"You too?" she asked, still in that dream like state as Gary approached.

"Uh uh!" she cried out as he pried her luscious ass cheeks apart. She began trying to climb down from the chaise lounge, but Gary put his weight down on top of her.

""Wagging that fucking ass around all the time like that; you're getting it up the ass, bitch," he hissed in her ear, deep voice hardened by anger.

She grunted and cried and sobbed as he jammed himself into her protesting bowels.

"Fuck, Gary, use some suntan oil, huh?" Jimmy said and Gary barbed her bottle and slathered it on his cock.

"Here, ought to shut you up," Jimmy said and pushed his cock into her mouth.

Gary pumped into and out of her struggling bowels for only a moment before he blew his load. She coughed in humiliation as she farted as he pulled his slimy cock out of her bowels.

"Money's on the table," she sobbed out and got to unsteady feet and walked toward the sliding glass door.

Gary picked up the two ten dollar bills and smiled as he saw an angry Lenny and Beth engaging in a silent argument behind the glass doors.

"Too fucking sweet," Jimmy crowed. "Pussy and pay!"


An angry Lenny waved them over the following Wednesday.

"Beth is not to pay you two any more, hear?" he demanded.

"Fuck you, queen," Jimmy laughed. "That bitch wants to pay us, that's just fine with us!"

"No, it's not!" Lenny shrilly demanded.

"Look, cock sucker," Jimmy said, eyes clouding over into the deadly stare he'd perfected in Stockton. "I said it is, got it?"

Lenny knew better than to say anything more and turned around and stomped off.


It was Beth who waved them over as they pushed the lawnmower down the street. Silently, she pointed to how long the grass had gotten since the last time they'd cut it. They pushed the lawnmower over, started it and she smiled, winked and let herself into the house.

When they let themselves into the backyard, she was waiting for them. Two ice cold beers and a twenty waited for them on the table, and she lay on her belly, bottle of sunning lotion in hand.

"Up the ass?" Gary asked and she nodded her head yes.

"I want that sweet pussy of yours," Jimmy demanded and lay down on the other chaise lounge, cock sticking straight up in the air.

Beth scrambled over, squatted down and took Jimmy in to the hilt. Gary liberally coated his cock and knelt down behind her.

"Not both at the same time!" Beth exclaimed, but Jimmy roughly gripped her by the back of her head and forced his tongue into her mouth.

"You fucking talk too much, cunt," he said.

"Don't use that word," she said. "Oh! Oh, God!"

Gary pushed himself into her anus and Jimmy again sucked kisses from her protesting mouth.

"Uh! Oh, God that hurts!" she gasped. "I hate that word, okay? Don't use that word again."

"Fuck you, cunt," Jimmy said and began to hunch upward. "I'll fucking use any word I fucking want to, stupid fucking bitch."

Gary mauled her breasts and used them to pull himself into her clenched rectum.

"Uh, oh please, please, uh, oh shit!" Beth keened out and Gary felt slightly sacked, as he could smell her feces leaking out along his cock.

"I, oh God, I'm so sorry," she sobbed and came again as Jimmy pumped his come into her pussy. "Didn't mean to shit on your dick."

Gary used her towel to wipe his cock clean, lip curled in disgust. She would not look at him, and daintily tossed the soiled towel toward the sliding glass doors.

After Jimmy and Gary drank the beers, they cut the grass, raked it up and bagged the clippings.

"You, you um didn't take the money," she said, holding out the twenty-dollar bill.

"On us, okay?" Jimmy said and she smiled.

"I'll keep this for next time, she said and rolled up the bill and made a grand displayed of sticking it into her gaping, slimy pussy.

"On second thought," Jimmy said and walked around to the stairs leading up to the deck.

"No, you said it was on you," she giggled and tried to run to the house.

"Changed my mind," Jimmy said and easily grabbed her and pulled her back to the chaise lounge.

"No, no!" she laughed as he reached into her pussy and pulled out the now sticky bill.

"Oh, yes," she sided as he eased his hard cock into her pussy and began to pound her hard and fast.

She didn't move when Jimmy got off of her, just lay there waiting for Gary to use her too.

Gary and Jimmy smiled as they watched another silent argument through the sliding glass doors.

"Fucking A Right!" Gary laughed when Beth reached into her pussy, scooped out a fingerful of their juices and smeared it onto Lenny's stupid looking mustache.


Three months later, Gary and Jimmy earned an extra hundred when they helped Lenny and Beth pack up their few belongings and load up the U-Haul. Beth kept bursting into tears and Lenny had a stoic expression throughout. When the last of the boxes were on the U-Haul, the four of them stood in the middle of the living room and looked at each other.

"One last beer?" Lenny offered and got four bottles from the refrigerator.

"One last fuck?" Gary asked Beth and she smiled through her tears and stripped out of her sweaty clothes.

"Hey!" Lenny protested, but Jimmy silenced him with an almost gentle slap to his face.

"Let you suck my dick," Jimmy offered, but Lenny insisted on getting it up his ass.

"Damn, going to miss her," Gary said as they watched Beth drive off in the Lincoln.

"Yeah, she was a great fuck," Jimmy agreed and burst out laughing as Lenny struggled to drive the box truck managing, just barely, to miss the mailbox at the end of the driveway.

"Was getting kind of thick in the middle there," Gary said as they started walking back to his house to get their lawnmower.

"Must bee all the dick juice she's been swallowing," Jimmy said.

"Nah, she never swallowed," Gary said. "It was that faggot husband of hers."


"Hello Gary," Beth smiled from behind her daughter.

"Mrs. Warren?" Gary asked, mouth open in surprise.

She looked almost the same as she had twenty-four years ago. The hair was still the same rich chestnut brown, the eyes were still the hazel color. Her thirty-eight double d breasts may have lost some of their youthful perkiness, but they were still impressive. The waist did not tuck in as much as before, but the hips still flared out nicely, and her rear end looked very good in the denim shorts she wore. The legs were still nice and long and still nicely tanned.

"Oh, come on, Gary," she laughed. "You can call me Beth."

"You two know each other?" Theresa asked, frowning slightly.

"Gary and his little friend used to cut my grass years ago," Beth smiled at the young woman.

"Uh, yeah, Jimmy," Gary, said, regaining his composure. "You remember Jimmy, huh, Honey? I told you about him."

"Yeah," Theresa agreed. "Hi, I'm Theresa, Theresa Breedlove, Gary's wife."

"Hi, Theresa," Beth smiled widely. "'M Beth Warren, my daughter Jamie Warren."

She turned and smiled at Gary.

"I was just telling Jamie, she needs to find some neighborhood kids to come and cut her grass. You wouldn't happen to know who does that in this neck of the woods, would you?" Beth asked, the amusement evident in her hazel eyes.

"That is just too funny!" Theresa laughed and clapped her hands. "Gary's the one that does that! Breedlove Landscaping? You've heard of it, huh He used to cut your grass, and now he'd cut the daughter's grass too!"

"I don't do it," Gary smiled. "I'm the one that points and tells others what to do."

"How much would you charge me?" Beth asked, smile wide on her lips.

"What was it back then? Twenty?" Gary asked, smile also wide on his lips.

"Yeah, twenty and a beer," Beth said.

"The gate's got a lock on it," Jamie said. "Would you need it unlocked, or should I get you a key or what?"

"I'll take care of that," Beth said. "What day's good for you, Gary?"

"Tomorrow?" Gary asked.

"Perfect," Beth agreed.


Gary let himself into the back yard and groaned; the weeds had really taken over back here. He started the electric mower and began to wrestle with it.

"Ready for that beer?" Beth asked from the back porch and Gary looked over.

The breasts were just as impressive as he remembered, even if there was more than just a little sag to them. The pussy was no longer shaved smooth, but she kept the brown bush neatly trimmed.

"Hey, Beer would be good," he agreed. "But I am married now so I'll have to say 'no' to anything else."

"Yes, lovely little girl," Beth said dismissively. "She's what? Nineteen? Twenty? And it didn't seem to bother you that I was married, now did it?"

"The ring wasn't on my finger back then. And she's twenty four," Gary smiled. "If my calculations are right, just a year older than jimmy's daughter.

"I don't know what you're talking about," Beth smiled and rolled over onto her belly and spread her ass cheeks apart with one hand. "Jimmy's daughter? Her father's name is Leonard Warren. Unless Jimmy had a daughter with some other woman..."

"Come on, Beth," Gary laughed and playfully slapped Beth's ass cheek. "You're a brunette, and Lenny was a brunette. And a pretty short little fucker too. Jamie's got blond hair and is tall and slender, just like Jimmy."

"And whatever happened to Mr. Smith?" Beth asked, running a finger up and down her wet slit.

"Died," Gary said, losing his smile. "Got shot breaking into someone's house."

"Oh, my goodness," Beth said and quit playing with herself. "That's a real shame."

"Yeah, it was," Gary, said. "I was willing to keep him on as a full partner, but he said he was tired of working so damned hard."

"How long ago?" Beth asked and reached for her denim shorts.

"It'll be nineteen years on the thirteenth of this month," Gary said and finished his beer.

"Real sorry to hear that," Beth said and pulled her halter-top back on.

"How's the fruit loop doing?" Gary asked.

"If you mean my husband," Beth said, smiling. "Doing quite well, we just celebrated twenty five years."

"You're still married to him?" Gary asked, surprised.

"Why not? I get to fuck whoever I want, whenever I want, so does he, and neither one of us has to worry about 'waking up married' to some drunk stranger," she said and got to her feet.

"Good to see you again, Gary," she smiled and let herself into the house.

The End.

**Author's note: I write these stories for my enjoyment. I poster them for your enjoyment.

If 'Nonconsent' isn't your cup of tea, don't read it.

If you want to leave feedback, that is more than fine. I do not mind negative feedback; sometimes it is warranted and sometimes it is helpful.

But if you're pissed off at the world, find someone else to take it out on. Especially if you don't have the balls to use your screen name.

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