I brushed her perfect so-very-sexy feet and the length of her showgirl legs. I patted that flat tummy that may or may not soon swell with child. I bent over and kissed her pliant lips, then her forehead. I saw with pride that my mother had the same gaping open pussy as my beloved cousin. It had been expanded by my big hard cock, with a thick flow of cum seeping out.

Taking my packed bags, I looked back at what was warmth, security, home. I turned to get into my tried and true old Mazda Miata sports car. Somehow I fit everything into that tiny trunk. I drove off, not knowing what would happen thereafter. Well, two hours after our little love session, my mother conceived.

So, when I returned the next summer, I found a very sexy mommy, her belly beautifully swollen over eight months. She'd convinced the impotent old man of hers that he had 'done the deed'; he couldn't have been prouder. 'He' had finally gotten it done again, and triplets at that! Triplets? Well, good things do come in threes...

I was probably the only guy at that college who had two homes raising my children. Best of all, there weren't any child support worries. Joel and her sterile hubby were perfectly happy to have my offspring. The guy had a fantastic babe of a wife and didn't have to worry that she would be out trying to get pregnant.

As for my own beautiful mother and her 'old man', he accepted those three babies so easily that we just had to push the envelope. Making up for lost time, mom bore me two more babies while I was still an undergrad.

Talk about clever: we did it at a local motel, my visits home from college unannounced (to him) so that he couldn't match the conception dates with my scheduled school holidays.

My life would never be the same again after these two women. Being on my own, I had entered adulthood.

Talk about sweet: I could look with pride at a family of seven children, and I wasn't out one dime. I felt like an NBA all-star...

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