CvsN 01: Convenience Vs. Need

byTx Tall Tales©

"C'mon Karen, I'll be nice to her. Hell she's a beautiful girl; you know my weaknesses for pretty blondes. I'll be nice," I told her, as I climbed into my 924. The poor man's Porsche.

She leaned into the car and looked surprisingly sober. "Ok, but I'm serious. She's really insecure and could use some support. Try hard. Believe me, I'll make it worth your while," she made her meaning abundantly clear by reaching in and giving my latest erection, well into it's 5th hour now, a squeeze. (Ok, maybe not quite a continuous erection, but it sure as hell seemed like it.)

I decided I could play the gentleman, so I stopped for some gifts, a bouquet of mixed flowers, and two perfect roses, one red and one yellow. I also bought an expensive bottle of champagne, which was pretty extravagant. Ok, so it was on the verge of stupid, a bottle of Dom Perignon, my first.

Even though it was my house, I decided to knock on the door. I had seen Karen's car downstairs so I knew she had beaten me there. I had expected as much.

The door opened a crack, allowing me a momentary view of deep blue eyes, and platinum blonde hair, and little else. The door closed and the chain was removed. When the door reopened I was rewarded with one of the most exciting views I had every seen in my life.

Debbie stood there, her long hair swept to one side, dressed in an apron, with a white teddy underneath it. Debbie was a fan of the tanning beds, and her skin was a warm bronze. The contrast between the white hair and teddy, and her incredible tanned figure, tantalizingly hidden by the apron, was breathtaking.

I stood spellbound for several seconds. Finally I could breathe. "My God! You are the most beautiful thing I have ever seen." Her makeup, which normally seemed to come from the Tammy Baker School of Beauty, was subtle and enhancing. She smelled intoxicating. She looked a little scared and nervous.

"Is that him?" Karen yelled from the back.

"It's me." I answered, louder than necessary as she entered the room, in a black teddy with red trim, and a matching camisole. "Well, if you don't look gorgeous!" I told her as she stood next to her friend.

"Flowers? How sweet," Karen added, taking the bouquet from my hand.

"Yep, that's for the table, and these," I pulled the two individual roses from the bag with the champagne, "are for you lovely ladies."

I held the yellow rose out to Karen, "Yellow for friendship?" she asked as she took the offered gift.

"Yep. And red for the lovely Debbie." Debbie flushed prettily, and Karen arched her eyebrows at the implication. Debbie had not spoken a word since I'd arrived. I was wondering just how nervous she was.

"There's no thorns on this one..." Debbie noted, observing that I had broken off each and every one.

"Of course not. Would I take a chance that anything I did hurt you?" I smiled my best disarming, charming smile.

"What smells so delicious?" I asked, sniffing the air, as I stepped inside, headed for the kitchen. I was going to place the bottle in the fridge.

The kitchen was spotless. The counters were clear; the dishes all put away. My usual clutter was all set aside. I opened the refrigerator to see it had been cleaned as well. Someone had been hard at work. I removed the bottle from the bag and surreptitiously placed in on its side on the bottom shelf.

"I... I'm not much of a fancy cook, I just made a roast," Debbie answered, apologetically.

"Did Karen tell you that's my favorite? I just love a good roast. It smells incredible. Man I'm starved." I really was, I had skipped lunch, too busy in the men's room.

Karen took me by the arm, "You have to see what this crazy girl has done," she said leading me to the living room. Debbie followed closely on our heels.

I was given a tour of my own place. Every room was immaculate, the bathroom was the cleanest it had been in the 18 months I'd lived there. The bedroom was organized, things put away, and the bed was made with new sheets, turned down on both sides. The sheets were not mine. Someone had gone to a lot of trouble.

Karen talked incessantly praising Debbie's work, while we did the tour. Debbie hung back; I believe she was embarrassed by the attention.

There was still a huge amount of tension in the place, and I wanted to do something about that. I lead the ladies back to the living room, and then I guided Debbie to the couch, where I sat beside her.

"Debbie. You have done a wonderful job here. I can't believe how nice you've made it look so fast." I waited for her to comment but she just looked down.

"Debbie, are you afraid of me?" I asked her.

"She's not afraid she's..." Karen butted in.

"Karen, do me a favor. Pour us all some drinks, and please be quiet for just a few minutes. If Debbie and I are going to be roommates some day, we've got to work something out." Karen took the hint, and stepped to my makeshift bar in the dining room.

"Debbie, are you afraid of me?" I asked her again.

"No. I'm just... I don't know," she was whispering.

I reached out and tilted her head up to look at me. "Debbie, you are one of the most beautiful girls I've ever seen. I want this to work out so bad it makes my teeth ache. If I can buy the house, and get it livable, I'm going to invite Karen and Ashley to live with me. You'll be welcome as well."

I reached across and gave her a small kiss on the lips. Her eyes teared up. "Debbie, I'm not going to make you do anything. If we're going to be living together, we have to be comfortable together. Karen and I have this already. Do you understand?"

"Yes, I'll do whatever you want," she said so softly I could barely make out the words.

"Please relax, and let's just enjoy a dinner together, we can talk about anything except sex. Tonight I'll be sleeping with Karen. You I won't touch. You can stay with us, here tonight, and in the house when we move in. We'll all have our responsibilities around the house. But yours will not include being my sex slave. I will not touch you unless you want me to. Not because I don't want to, I do, I mean I really, REALLY do. But I want us all to be happy. Not just me."

She leaned against my hand, holding it to her face. "I can make you happy. I can," she told me anxiously, with a frightened little girl look on her face, scared to death of rejection.

I don't know who had hurt this girl, or how. I was afraid she was seriously damaged goods. This could be a really bad situation. But as great as the challenge seemed, to a 23-year-old young man, the reward seemed far greater. Not understanding failure, I was going to try to make this work.

"I know you can." I told her, pulling her close and stroking her hair. She shivered under my touch. Karen had seated herself on the far side of Debbie, and placed three drinks in front of us. Looked like gin and tonics.

"The best way you can make me happy is serving me up some dinner. I am famished, and everything smells so good."

It was like I had hit a switch. Debbie jumped up and went to the kitchen. Now she was finally talkative. "It's going to take at least five minutes. You guys enjoy your drinks while I ready the meal. Just give me a sec." It seemed like her homebody persona was a comfortable one for her. That, I was guessing, would be the bridge to everything else if this were to work out.

"That was nice," Karen told me softly, as she scooted over next to me.

"Baby, I've had a hard-on since I got up this morning. Seeing you two in these outfits hasn't helped," I reached out and touched the exposed side of her breast. "I'll tell you what would be nice. Helping me relax before dinner."

Karen already knew where this was going. She took me by the hand, and led me to the bedroom. "Get out of those clothes. We'll dress you in something comfortable afterwards. In the meantime, will a blowjob do for now, or do you want something else?"

"No, I think a blowjob will do just fine." I laughed, removing my shirt and stepping out of my pants.

"DEB, GIVE US A FEW EXTRA MINUTES, I'M BLOWING Jack BEFORE DINNER," Karen shouted across the apartment.

I sat down, naked except for my socks, my cock standing straight up. "Did you have to shout that out? She's nervous enough."

"No socks. Naked means no socks. If you want a quickie somewhere, just a quick zip and suck or fuck that's one thing. But in bed, 100% naked. Is that fair?" She dictated, ignoring my comment, and bending down to remove the offending articles of clothing.

"Yeah, that's ok. I think we can live with that." I answered.

Karen reached down and grasped my cock in one hand while cupping my balls in the other. "God Jack, you really do have a great cock. DEBBIE, COME HERE A SEC!" she leaned over and took my cock in her mouth slowly moving her head in circles, allowing my cock to travel all around her mouth.

Debbie stood in the doorway. She looked to me, "Do you want me too?" she asked timidly.

Karen pulled up, "No, I just wanted to show you this nice cock. Isn't it delicious? Look how thick it is. How big are you Jack?"

"Uhmmm, I'm not sure..." I dissembled.

"Bullshit. Like you haven't measured that thing a hundred times." She was stroking me firmly, pulling me up to my fullest length. "How big?"

"Well, normally just a little more than seven inches. But the size varies by the occasion."

"I'm pretty sure you're bigger than that now." She answered, going back down on me.

"That's probably because I'm a whole lot more excited than usual." I answered, watching Debbie watch us. "How's dinner coming?"

"Oh, I better check on the gravy!" and she was gone, leaving a lingering memory of freshness in her wake. Whatever perfume she was wearing, it was heady stuff.

Karen, in the meantime, was demonstrating her considerable oral technique. She would massage my balls, stroke my cock, and suck the top 3 inches or so. Every so often, she would stop to let her exploring tongue wander up and down my shaft, then gobble up one or the other of my balls while fisting the shaft. After this delightful interlude she would return to sucking.

"God Karen, I've wanted to be in your mouth for so long. It is so nice." It was also incredibly nice that she was completely silent for pretty much the entire duration.

"I'm there, baby, I'm gonna come." I told her.

"You can come in my mouth. You've earned it," she declared, stroking me fast and hard into her mouth.

I looked up to see Debbie watching us. It was too much. I came with a groan, filling her mouth with a huge load. She swallowed it all. I knew from our previous conversations that she normally didn't like to.

She sucked me clean for several seconds, then finally pulled back. "There. Feeling better now? Poor baby, all worked up like that."

"Much better thank you." I looked over to Debbie. "Dinner ready?"

"Yes, I just put it on the table," she turned and headed back to the dining area.

"Oh, did we have an audience?" She looked to me inquisitively while I tossed on some loose shorts and a t-shirt.

"Just for the money-shot." I kidded her.

"Damn, I would have made a better show; next time tell me," she laughed, heading in to dinner.

Dinner was delicious, and Debbie was the consummate hostess. Refilling glasses, replenishing dishes from the kitchen, clearing the table.

I tried to help her clean up, but Karen pulled me back. "Don't, this makes her happy."

It was funny. She did seem happy. The conversation at dinner was not too strained, and we talked about TV shows, about travel to New York. We discussed 1st grade, which the little girls would be entering, and rehashed school days. We talked about things we wanted to do, and places we wanted to go. We all wanted to see the pyramids. We all wanted to party for Mardi Gras in New Orleans.

When Debbie brought out a homemade apple pie, with coffee, we were as relaxed as we were likely to be. Karen brought up the arrangement.

"Did I hear you say you were going to buy the house?" She asked me finally.

"I've got a contract on it. I can take possession in three weeks. But it's still not livable."

"Will it be livable in 6 weeks?" I understood her concern. That was when her lease expired.

"I think so. Most important is the roofing and electrical. Joe and Randy will help me re-roof the place. And Jim has his master electrician's license. He said he'd fix up the wiring at cost. I have to replace three windows, and the back door. That all has to get done in 3 weeks. Then we can live in it, but we won't have a laundry, only one bathroom, and only one bedroom. At least the kitchen and living room will be done."

"The kids can sleep in the living room, and we can share the bedroom, to start." Karen volunteered.

"I don't mind going to a laundromat, I'm used to it," Debbie interjected.

"I think we can do better than that. The workshop on the back of the property has power and is in pretty good shape. It even has a 220 feed. I can put a washer and dryer back there. It'll just require a little walk." I told her.

"That would be great! Can we see the house?" she asked, tentatively.

"I figure we could go out for breakfast tomorrow, and then stop by the place so you could both get a better look."

"I can cook breakfast. Really. I make nice omelets. Or I can make pancakes, whatever you like." Debbie sounded incredibly anxious again.

"That would be really nice, I love ham and cheese omelets. And biscuits. Could we have that?" I asked, trying to recover lost ground.

"Of course, silly! Then we can go right after I clean up tomorrow."

"Sounds like a plan to me," Karen piped in.

We were sitting around, enjoying our coffee. I had retired to the couch, and Karen was trying to help Debbie clean up. I sat back, listening to their chatter, with a self-satisfied smirk on my face. It was comforting and relaxing. I had eaten a delicious dinner and dessert, and had my sexual needs taken care of. I felt a slight breeze and the familiar fresh scent as Debbie walked past me, behind the couch, and headed to the bathroom.

Karen sat down beside me, resting her head on my shoulder, and softly rubbing my growing cock through my shorts. "Isn't this nice?"

"Very." I concurred.

We just sat their, enjoying life, while she slowly worked me up to a full erection. I felt like I was in a damn beer commercial - 'It just doesn't get any better than this'.

I felt the couch give beside me, indicating that Debbie had seated herself as well.

"Debbie, that was the best dinner I've had since I left home. Thank you so much." I opened my eyes and looked over to her smiling.

Nervously she responded. "Is there anything else you need me for? Anything?" She was back in her shell. She couldn't raise her eyes and her voice was a whisper again. This time she had managed to place one hand on my thigh. And she had removed her apron.

She had wonderful breasts, full and firm. They were fighting their way loose of her teddy. Her waist was small and lead to a gentle swelling of her delightful hips. She was seated with one leg cocked up on the couch, and her legs were spread enough that I could see the snap in her crotch. No tell tale signs of whether she was a true blonde or not.

Karen reached across and took Debbie's hand and placed it on my cock. It sat there, with just a hint of life in the form of a gentle squeeze now and then.

Fuck. I had tried to be nice. But if she was going to make herself available, I had to have some of this.

I reached out, and put my hand on the side and back of her head. I tilted her head up a little to look at me. "What did you say?"

"Anything. Anything you want." It was more of a statement this time.

"Everything." I told her. "I want you every way conceivable. Do you want me to?" I asked her urgently.

She lowered her eyes and nodded.

That was all I needed. I stood up, took her in my arms and carried her to my bedroom. Amazingly, she had already been in here since dinner, picked up my clothing, and made the bed. Karen pulled the sheets down, as I placed Debbie in the middle of the bed.

My cock was hard as a rock, and I was done playing around. I reached down and unsnapped her teddy at the crotch. She was completely shaven down there and she looked incredibly sexy. I had to have this beauty. Now.

I climbed between her legs, which she lifted invitingly. Her head was turned to one side, and her eyes were closed. I placed the head of my cock in her tight little opening, and rubbed up and down, finally resting with the head well lodged in her opening. She was very ready for me, moist and warm.

Karen was unusually quiet, lying beside us, and stroking Debbie's brow. I could hear her talking to her softly. "God, you have him so excited, he's huge right now. His big cock looks so good entering you. Debbie, he wants you so bad he's trembling."

It was all true. She looked inhumanly sexy, lying underneath me. I pushed into her, slowly, firmly until I was fully sheathed.

I stayed that way. I laid down on her, resting my weight on my elbows. I turned her face to mine. Her eyes were wet again. But her breath was coming fast. "Can you feel how hard I am. What you do to me?" I asked her softly. No reply.

"You are so hot, you know I'm going to do this every day if you'll let me." I slowly pulled out, until just the head remained in her. I allowed the head to escape, just far enough for her to start to close, then I reentered her firmly and completely.

I stroked her like this several times, looking into her deep blue eyes for some hint of desire, beyond her simple submission.

I finally asked her, "Will you keep my house for me?"

Her eyes opened wider, and she looked directly at me. And nodded.

"Will you cook me breakfast before I go to work?" I continued, while I slowly and continuously pumped in and out of her pussy.

"Yes." She answered me, looking into my eyes.

"Will you have my dinner for me every evening? A wonderful dinner like tonight, no carryout."

"Every night," she affirmed, confidently.

"Will you wash my clothes, and keep me looking good?" I asked her with a little tease in my voice, screwing her a little more deliberately, a bit faster.

"Every day, I'll wash every day," she assured me.

I reached down and kissed her lips, long and tender, softly probing with my tongue. "Will you send me off to work with a kiss, and welcome me home with another?"

"If you want," she answered, kissing me back. Her kiss was warm and though it started out tentative, she allowed her silken tongue to enter my mouth and dance with my own.

Karen had completely slipped my mind. I looked to the side, where she was watching out interplay intently. She smiled at me, then scooted close. She put her head next to Debbie's, so I leaned over and kissed her as well. She was running her hand over my side and back.

"Do you have any idea how sexy you two look. I almost creamed just watching you guys." She turned and kissed Debbie on the side of her face, tenderly, almost sisterly.

My heart was racing like a freight train. I raised up on my arms, one hand on each side of Debbie's head. Karen's chin rested on my wrist. I fucked Debbie hard, desperately, possessively. I was clutching the sheets tightly, so that when her shoulders banged against my arms on each stroke, she didn't go sliding up the bed.

Harder and harder, faster and firmer, I plunged into her. I never tore my eyes from her pretty face. Her eyes were wide, looking at me almost uncomprehendingly. I allowed my countenance to reflect the full heat of my desire. Her mouth opened, and released a silent scream, as she trembled underneath my body. Now I did see something that looked almost like fear in her eyes, as she continued the gasping silent cry, and surrendered to my lust.

I could hold back no longer; with a cry, I claimed her for my own, depositing my seed deep inside her. The exquisite release was so overwhelming, a series of continuous orgasms, that it brought tears to my eyes.

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