tagGroup SexCvsN 02: Celebration

CvsN 02: Celebration

byTx Tall Tales©

I woke, a little disoriented, to the aroma of bacon cooking.

I slowly recalled the events of the previous evening. I was lying in my own bed, with a delightfully warm female body pressed against mine. A situation that I was really not too accustomed to but I wasn't about to complain.

I snuggled up to Karen, who guided my head down to her breast. I accepted the guidance, and relaxed, eyes closed, in that half-dream state between full alertness and deep sleep. Her breast was warm and comforting in my mouth, her nipple soft against my teasing tongue.

I could hear the dulcet sound of singing drifting into the room from the living area. Debbie was up and about early, and her voice sounded as if she didn't have a care in the world.

"Mmmm." Karen moaned, in response to my attentions. Her hand reached down to find my morning wood, which was pressed against her hip. "Not too worn out from last night, I see. Poor baby, we need to take care of this." She turned her back to me and lifted a leg up over mine. I was still on my side, and she was guiding my hard-on into her ready moistness.

"You know, I'm a little cross with you. After chasing me so hard for so long, when I finally give you the green light, you spend the whole night screwing Debbie. It's about time I got my hole filled." Her tone was teasing, but I'm sure there was more than a little truth to the sting.

"You silly minx; you and I are already like old familiar lovers. You know me far too well. Hell the only thing missing from our relationship was the actual penetration. Speaking of which..." She had helped me get the head to where it needed to be, and with a steady push, I entered her. She wasn't real wet, but with a little probing, I managed to get fully lodged.

I groaned softly, then maneuvered so I was perpendicular to her, lying across the bed sideways. I squeezed my lower leg under her bottom leg, so I held her leg between mine. Grasping her top leg for added leverage, I worked my way in and out of her, enjoying the sensation. She was surprisingly tight, and then I remembered her comment about her previous lover being a 'needle dick'.

"Oh, that's delicious, sweetie," Karen purred, stretching, then leaning back and closing her eyes, reveling in the sensuality.

As I was continuing to enjoy her, Debbie's voice broke in from the doorway. "Breakfast orders. Ham and Cheese for Jack, how do you want your omelet, Karen?"

"Just one egg for me, over-easy please." She answered readily.

I didn't even slow down; but I watched Debbie watch us from the doorway, for a long moment, then she turned back to the kitchen. "Coming right up. Breakfast will be ready in about 5 minutes," she hesitated, just outside the doorway, "unless you want me to wait."

"No, five minutes should be fine," I answered. From the feeling I was having, my guess was that about two minutes would be more than enough.

"Damn, Debbie got a full two hours of screwing last night, and all I get is a wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am, huh?" Karen teased.

"You know better than that. I'm so excited by just the thought of being in you, it's a miracle I've lasted this long." I gasped, still maintaining pace.

"You're so sweet. Now cum in me, sugar, so we can eat. I'm famished." She was tightening her twat, on each outstroke, and the feeling was incredible.

"That is soooo nice," I told her, "I am right on the edge."

"Good, cum for me. Fill me with your seed. I want to feel you finish deep inside me." Again her tone was more affectionate than lustful.

I exploded in her, thrusting deep and hard, groaning with each additional thrust.

"Yes, baby, I can feel it so nice, your thick cock filling me, and your cum entering my belly. God, I love how it feels." She reached down and ran her hand through my hair, brushing it back.

As my breathing slowed, she disentangled our legs, leaned down and gave me a kiss on the forehead. "You are such a sweet lover," she told me. "But I have to pee like a racehorse!" She jumped out of bed and ran to the bathroom.

I threw on a t-shirt and some boxers, and headed to the kitchen. Seeing Debbie flipping an omelet, I slid up behind her, wrapping my arms around her waist and burying my face in her hair. She smelled of fresh flowers.

"Smells delicious," I told her. Both the breakfast and the girl, I couldn't help but think.

She tensed up a little for a second, at my touch. Then she relaxed a bit.

"Breakfast is just about done. Sit and I'll bring it in." I could see the oven was cracked open, and plates of food were covered with kitchen towels.

She slid the omelet from the pan, turning off the stove burner. I took the opportunity of that moment to turn her towards me.

"Thank you for all you've done around here. Everything looks great." I tilted her face to mine, kissing her lips lightly. She blushed and shooed me from the room. I returned to the dining area and sat at the head of the table.

I had been about to tell her how wonderful the previous night had been, but something had made me change tact at the last moment. I still felt a distance between us, and didn't want to damage any progress we'd made.

Karen wandered in, clad in a shirt of mine that reached to her knees. She joined Debbie in the kitchen and shortly reappeared with a plate in each hand.

Breakfast was delicious, and there was enough to feed a small army. After the workout of the previous night, I polished off enough for three grown men. Any time my plate would start to empty, Debbie would be at my side, trying to refill it.

We talked about the house I would be buying in three weeks. I described the area it was in, and the problems with the house. I knew my words couldn't convey the amount of work we had ahead of us. Once I couldn't eat another bite, I announced we would be leaving in 30 minutes, and it was time to clean up.

Karen and I showered; she kicked me out when I tried to join her, so we bathed separately. By the time I was cleaned up and dressed, the apartment was once again immaculate, and Debbie was pulling shirts from my closet. For ironing she told me.

* * * *

My 924 might look nice, but it was never meant to hold three people. The back seat has zero, repeat zero, legroom. The bench is pressed tight against the back of the front seats.

This didn't faze Debbie. She was excited; she'd never been inside a Porsche. She sat sideways across the back, while Karen took her accustomed place next to me. I opened the sunroof, under a bright blue sky, and drove off to see our future.

* * * *

A widowed octogenarian had occupied the property. When she had passed away, it had passed to her son who lived somewhere out west. The house was old, but well built, sitting on a huge lot with streets on three sides. We turned up the long, overgrown gravel loop driveway in front of the house.

From the outside it was kind of scary. The grass was knee-high, with junk scattered around the yard, including a rusted-out car and boat. Windows were boarded, and the front porch was cracked where it met the house. The front of the porch had settled, and the entire thing was leaning forward about twenty degrees. The door was new, but unpainted. Peeling paint and a clearly decrepit roof completed the 'curb-appeal'.

The outside was the good view.

"It's big," was Debbie's first comment.

"About 3200 square feet. Good size on the inside. The land is almost an acre and a half."

"It looks pretty ratty," Karen added.

I chuckled. "It's worse than it looks."

"How do we get in?" she asked, ever the pragmatist.

"That's not a problem." I took them around the side to the double carport. Telling them to wait there, I climbed up the carport and entered the upstairs through a huge hole in the steeply slanted 'cape-cod' roof.

Coming down the stairs, I opened the back door off the kitchen, letting the ladies see the inside for the first time.

"Wow! I thought it was supposed to be in horrible shape. This is nice!" Debbie gushed.

I almost laughed out loud. "The owners were going to fix the place up, then decided they couldn't afford to, so they sold it as is. This side of the house is all that was fixed. The kitchen is almost brand new. New floor, cabinets, sinks and paint, just no appliances. The master bedroom and bathroom are fixed up, but that's it.

I swung open the door to the living room, and exposed them to reality.

"Oh my god - what happened?" Karen cried, walking through the opening, with a dumbstruck Debbie at her side.

Most of the drywall was missing or kicked in. The hardwood floors had been charred through in several places to the underlying foundation. Holes in the ceiling showed daylight through distant holes in the roof. The broken out windows showed the need for boarding them up. Graffiti covered the walls. It smelled. Bad.

"I guess kids were using it for parties and stuff when it was empty. They trashed the place. Most of the walls and structure are still sound, but the repairs needed are not just cosmetic. In some places they pulled the wiring and plumbing out of the walls. There's a lot of work to be done here. You should have seen the place before they cleaned it up for sale."

The living room was huge, running most of one side of the house. Near the front door, another door stood closed to one side. Debbie opened it and stepped in.

"This is so weird!" she exclaimed.

She was in the master bedroom. It was large, in nice shape, with a new bay window in the front, and doors exiting to a walk in closet and a big new bathroom.

"I thought the bedroom would be tiny, being so old," Karen commented.

"It was. Notice anything else weird about this level?" I asked.

"There's nowhere to eat!" Debbie had noticed immediately. "It's just a kitchen, a pantry, utility room, living room and bedroom suite."

"Yep. The old dining room is now the walk in closet, the big bathroom and the kitchen walk in pantry. The realtor claims the living room could be used as living/dining room. I personally think the owner intended to add a dining room and garage on the side of the house. They had cleared some dirt on that side."

The stairs going up were in good shape. Their original location had been beside the dining room and during the repairs they had been widened and replaced. The girls spent a few minutes carefully walking around the four bedrooms upstairs and the big central open space. There were the shattered remains of a bathroom in the middle. The upstairs was in worse shape than downstairs, with holes in the flooring, and in the ceiling. One corner was missing a chunk of roofing about four feet square.

They came down the stairs quietly.

"There's a lot to do, isn't there?" Debbie asked, voicing everyone's thoughts.

The answer was so obvious no one replied.

We took a quick tour of the property, and I showed them the workshop in the back. It had survived most of the vandalism, and was in effect an office and half-bath, plus a two-car garage and a workshop. There was a driveway to the workshop; it entered the property from a different street than the main drive.

The drive back to the apartment was rather quiet. The girls talked about the kitchen and master bedroom but avoided too much comment on the rest of the house.

Once we had entered my apartment, I thought it was time to get some things straight, and started to establish ground rules.

"I hope you guys are still excited because I know I am. We are going to have a lot of fun rebuilding this place to be just what we want."

Karen, normally the eternal optimist voiced her fears. "There's so much to do. Do you really think we can fix that place up?"

"If I didn't, I wouldn't have sunk everything I own into this. And I wouldn't have allowed you two to be here now under false pretenses. I'm not that much of a dick."

"But where do we start?" Debbie asked hesitantly.

"A bigger question is where do we stand. We must be committed. I'm on a month to month lease, and I'm giving my notice. I'll be out next month. I'm also putting up my life savings, including a loan on my 401K. I'm all in. Karen, how about you, are you still in?"

"My lease is gone next month. I have to stay someplace. Do you really think it will be livable?"

No time for waffling. "Absolutely. I guarantee it. I just need to know you're behind this."

"Ok. I'm in. Let's do this." The words sounded sure, the tone much less so.

I turned to Debbie. "Debbie, without you, I'm not sure we can do this. Are you still willing to live with me and Karen?"

"What do you mean without me? How much help can I be?" she responded incredulously.

"You're essential! You will be running this operation. Under my guidance of course, but for you it will be your full-time job." I told her.

"I can't do that. I don't know what to do. I know nothing about this stuff..."

I stepped to her and took her hands in mine.

"Stop it. I need you to do this. You can. When I ask you to find prices, you call around. When I ask you to get licenses, you go to the city offices. You make phone calls, you follow up. Without you I can't do this in 6 weeks. I can't do this in 6 months. You can do this. Will you?" She looked up into my eyes. She was scared, I could feel it in her trembling hands. I could hear it in her breathing. It was yet another commitment.

"I... if you think..." Her eyes darted from side to side, from me to Karen, to the door. It was if she was cornered and searching for escape.

Karen stepped to her side, and reached her arm around her. "You can do this," she whispered, "you can."

"Ok. I'm in." she finally answered. The effort it cost her was frightening, her lip was white where she'd been biting it, and tears had formed in the corners of her eyes.

"Great!" Karen shouted, laughing and hugging Debbie. "We'll be the three musketeers!"

"This calls for a celebration! Debbie, can you get out the champagne glasses?" I retrieved the bottle of Dom I had brought the night before from the refrigerator. Debbie was just setting out three champagne flutes she'd found under the bar when I returned.

I popped the cork carefully, and filled the glasses, then set the bottle aside and proposed a toast. "To a new home for all of us, filled with happiness, and good times."

"I know this will be great. Jack, you and I alone, our numbers say we'll be too materialistic, and you and Debbie, well, you'll be too self-focused, but together we're a perfect 5, allowing us to live our lives together in harmony. And still the influences of our underlying partnerships will allow materialistic success and the soul relationships. With Jacks protective 33 in his name I know we'll be happy together!"

Debbie and I exchanged conspiratorial tolerant glances, having been the subject of Karen's numerology and astrology studies before. It was a moment. We had something together. I smiled.

"Ladies, do you suppose we might move this party to the bedroom? To celebrate a little more intimately." I asked, reaching my arms around each girl, and guiding them back towards the bedroom. When we reached the door, I realized I'd forgotten something, and rushed back to the living room to return with the half-full bottle of champagne.

Karen already had her shirt off, and was removing her bra. Debbie was standing to one side of the bed, anxiously. I placed the bottle of champagne on the nightstand, and walking to Debbie, I stood before her and unbuttoned her shirt, exposing her simple white bra, and flawless tanned skin. Allowing my wandering hands to caress her skin, as she stood there motionless, I moved behind her. I lowered the shirt off her shoulders and arms, kissing the back of her neck, and softly fondling her front.

"So Karen, doesn't this look like the perfect vessel from which to drink our celebratory champagne?" I asked teasingly.

"And what do you have in mind?"

In response, I scooped Debbie into my arms, and placed her in the middle of the bed. "That adorable little belly button could hold just a taste of the bubbly." I took the bottle, and poured out a bit onto Debbie's stomach. Karen, dressed only in her panties, drank the offering, and licked the area clean.

"Mmmm, you were right. Your turn."

I poured some more into her navel, and loudly slurped it out. Then I probed her belly button with my tongue, getting the first response out of Debbie, a little wiggle and squirm.

We drank a couple more shots this way, complimenting our gorgeous champagne holder. Then Karen pointed out that Debbie must have been getting thirsty.

"Really? And how do you think we should quench her thirst?" I asked.

"Has she tasted your cock yet?"

"Come to think of it, no. I couldn't get nearly enough of her sweet tight twat last night. I didn't even think of anything else."

"Well there's no time like the present." Karen concluded, moving around the bed to be beside me.

It had been entertaining to watch Debbie throughout our interplay. She just lay there, never making a peep. Her head and eyes moving from side to side, like she was watching a tennis match.

As I started to remove my own clothing, Karen slapped away my hands good naturedly, and started unbuttoning my shirt. I stood before her, enjoying the sensation. After two buttons, Karen turned to Debbie, who was still stretched out on the bed and with a raise of her eyebrow coaxed her, "Well?"

Debbie sat up, with my belt buckle at eye level, and unfastened my belt. Karen slid around behind me, unbuttoning my buttons from behind, while peeking around my shoulder.

Her eyes locked for the moment on the task before her, and upon the obvious bulge beneath her hands, Debbie, slowly unbuttoned the brass buttons running down the front of my jeans. By the time she was done, Karen had removed my shirt, and helped Debbie work the pants down my legs. I lifted each leg, and Karen pulled the pants out from under me.

Debbie was hesitating now. My boxers were stretched to the front and the fly opening was gaping, providing an unobscured view of my readiness. Her big blue eyes lifted to catch mine. She leaned forward turning her head sideways, and rested her cheek against my hardness. Almost imperceptibly, she rocked her head side to side, brushing her cheek against me.

Karen on the other hand, was less patient. After watching Debbie for a moment, she grabbed my shorts from the side, and pulled them down. As my cock burst free from its confines, Debbie pulled her head back a bit. Again she looked up to me with those huge eyes, then she slowly opened her mouth, her face about 6 inches in front of me, and waited.

Karen held a glass of champagne out to me, waist high, then helped me dip my cock into it, while trying to avoid spilling too much. From the glass, I moved my cock to Debbie's lips where she accepted my offering, allowing me to guide about half it's length inside.

"Go ahead." I encouraged.

Her lips closed tightly around my cock, and she sucked it clean.

We repeated this scenario several times, teasingly. She took my offered gift, and each time sucked firmly while holding her head still, and I pulled out of her mouth.

"I don't think this is doing much for quenching her thirst," Karen announced after a minute or so.

"Maybe not, but it's helping quench my lust." I quipped back, this time rocking back and forth in Debbie's mouth, fucking her face with short strokes.

"God. She looks so hot Jack. Is that what I look like with a big cock in my mouth. Isn't she pretty? I bet that gets you so hot, watching that pretty face and that little mouth stretching wide to take you in. I bet you'd like to see up both down there, sucking your cock, wouldn't you?"

Taking my grunts for assent, Karen took up position beside Debbie, grasping my cock in her hand, locking her other hand in Debbie's hair. She pulled Debbie back off my cock. For the first time since she'd opened her mouth, Debbie looked away from my face, and turned her head to see Karen.

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